RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • This might be the most EPIC RC Airplane video you'll ever see!
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Comments • 12 742

  • Simon The Gamer
    Simon The Gamer 10 hours ago

    Best rc airplane battle iver ever seen😯🤘🤘

  • Khush Jain
    Khush Jain 10 hours ago

    Tyler to Coby: welcome to the finale
    Coby: you too
    Tyler: no i have been there😅😂😂😂🤣

  • Moshe Polinsky
    Moshe Polinsky 10 hours ago

    lets go team Coby all the way!!!

  • themoos420
    themoos420 10 hours ago

    with the money you made yout video should be longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milo Jones
    Milo Jones 10 hours ago

    I've been team Coby all the way! I knew he could get his second! Congrats Coby!

  • Tejinder kaur
    Tejinder kaur 10 hours ago +1

    Tyler Plz win some battle for us

  • TraPP ECHO
    TraPP ECHO 10 hours ago

    I think Ty's mad he left team Coby now.

  • J Michaels
    J Michaels 10 hours ago

    Do any of you have a part107?

  • charriotsoffire1
    charriotsoffire1 10 hours ago

    OH MY GOSH Yayyyyyyyy Coby won!!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!! Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏. Cheers to all the team Coby!!!! Members

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 10 hours ago +1

    This is how many people were waiting for Coby to win a second battle

  • Rory Lumsden
    Rory Lumsden 10 hours ago

    Wind picking favorites, huh?

  • Hunter Probst
    Hunter Probst 10 hours ago

    Congratulations Coby 🏆

  • Suzanne Eddy
    Suzanne Eddy 10 hours ago

    Do more

  • Captain Krispy
    Captain Krispy 10 hours ago +1

    PUBG weapons, nice touch

  • Sonic is Awesome
    Sonic is Awesome 10 hours ago

    Mother Nature hates Tyler

  • Daddy Tommy
    Daddy Tommy 10 hours ago +1

    They running out of ideas

  • jacob gold
    jacob gold 10 hours ago +2

    Im team coby all the way

  • Mk23swish
    Mk23swish 10 hours ago +1

    First chandler than coby

    KING GAMES 10 hours ago

    Dude perfect=like

    But me pewdiepie sorry..

  • Fabio Balcazar
    Fabio Balcazar 10 hours ago +1

    No entendi lo que decian pero me entretuvo:)

  • Raju Tamang
    Raju Tamang 10 hours ago +1

    jssjywb jssh jsoscn sjsv vsh

  • Howlett Children
    Howlett Children 10 hours ago

    Lets go coby

  • Kati Laapio
    Kati Laapio 10 hours ago

    Yee New video

  • DiamondAnvil Productions

    I guess all it took was us asking the question that could never be answered. Coby finally has a second battle win!

  • TraPP ECHO
    TraPP ECHO 10 hours ago

    You can never have a battle without Dem jelly boys.

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams 10 hours ago +1

    Am i the only one who really can't stand tyler?

  • BDeLuca4444
    BDeLuca4444 10 hours ago

    If Garrett wins before Ty then It will be the first time Ty has the longest active losing streak among dudes

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan 10 hours ago +1

    Dude perfect and Mr.Beaat should collab....🤗😀

  • Thomas Gunner
    Thomas Gunner 10 hours ago

    U see coby in the thumbnail and ur like oh somethings happened

  • kool kid
    kool kid 10 hours ago

    And yes!!!coby won!!

  • Piesełk 3310
    Piesełk 3310 10 hours ago

    This amazing wideo

  • N1kx
    N1kx 10 hours ago

    fk u guys wtf airplane sucks

  • Death Skull
    Death Skull 10 hours ago

    Dude perfect add on dude perfect video okay

  • Rowan M
    Rowan M 10 hours ago

    LESS GOOOOO. OG team coby where u at

  • M H
    M H 10 hours ago +1

    Coby needs a second parade as well😂

  • Zombie Crafter
    Zombie Crafter 10 hours ago +1

    Now Coby has won more than Chandler once again

  • Eric Bonomo
    Eric Bonomo 10 hours ago

    I never thought I’d see another Coby win in my lifetime

  • Firefox 3000
    Firefox 3000 10 hours ago

    Congrats Cody!!!

  • james greensmith
    james greensmith 10 hours ago

    The video is fabulous ,you are the best RUclip's that me and my twin brother have ever seen

  • roblox isagod999
    roblox isagod999 10 hours ago


  • Tanish Kedia
    Tanish Kedia 10 hours ago

    Cobyyyy always waited for it, so proud of you bro.

  • Harrison Baylor
    Harrison Baylor 10 hours ago

    But how many of Garret’s feet away was Ty’s closest army man?

  • Snipers_3D Yt
    Snipers_3D Yt 10 hours ago

    Most awesomest video ever. Clearly not an actual word!🤦‍♂️🥰🔥💯

  • xPokeyyy
    xPokeyyy 10 hours ago

    thank you Tyler for throwing the Final so Coby could win!

  • Sport Lovers
    Sport Lovers 10 hours ago +1

    Let's Go Coby!!! I have always believed that he would win again. Every battle I am there hoping that he wins!

  • TobyIsATiger
    TobyIsATiger 10 hours ago


  • jace alec
    jace alec 10 hours ago


  • Tavey Wilson
    Tavey Wilson 10 hours ago +1

    yes coby

  • Shubham Khandelwal
    Shubham Khandelwal 10 hours ago

    Team Coby fan
    Atlast he wins after soo many hardships

  • Pranav Mucharla
    Pranav Mucharla 10 hours ago

    Congratulations to Coby's second win!

  • WNBA junior kid 25 L
    WNBA junior kid 25 L 10 hours ago

    Let's go COBY OH YES

    • Dinomite 67
      Dinomite 67 10 hours ago

      Sub to my channel and check out my first vid

  • Dinomite 67
    Dinomite 67 10 hours ago

    Sub to my channel

  • The Speerido
    The Speerido 10 hours ago +1

    At 7:20 I thought Gar will say That was UNFORTUNATE..

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller 10 hours ago

    PUN 100

  • Noah Granger
    Noah Granger 10 hours ago

    Team cobes finaly paid off!!

  • CapsHKY10
    CapsHKY10 10 hours ago


  • Sonic is Awesome
    Sonic is Awesome 10 hours ago

    2 out of 46 battle ain't bad

  • Krish13A
    Krish13A 10 hours ago

    First day

  • Aldo Martinez
    Aldo Martinez 10 hours ago

    That was probably one of the most boring battles. But glad that Coby won!

  • Lala Titow
    Lala Titow 10 hours ago

    post notifications is on and i didnt get it, kind of upset

  • crazy wrestler
    crazy wrestler 10 hours ago


  • Fortnite Kid
    Fortnite Kid 10 hours ago

    I got a Dude Perfect ad before the video

  • Mark Steele
    Mark Steele 10 hours ago

    irritating music ruined this video

  • Adedeji Timilehin
    Adedeji Timilehin 10 hours ago


  • Watcharapon Kongwong
    Watcharapon Kongwong 10 hours ago

    I'a fmon Thai

  • CR7 mobile
    CR7 mobile 10 hours ago

    What is wrong with you soldier

  • Mohamed Halabi
    Mohamed Halabi 10 hours ago

    Congrats to coby for his second win

  • BirksterHD
    BirksterHD 10 hours ago +1


  • Cosmic Games
    Cosmic Games 10 hours ago

    Yes I've always been supportive to copy
    And I don't get why on earth Ty ,Cods,Cory and Gar keeps on bullying Coby

  • Rohit kain
    Rohit kain 10 hours ago

    Make a list winner to loser..