Long Way Round - puppy & Ewan McGregor

Well, can I be that puppy ? (sorry)

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Автор Ruby Abc ( назад)
I want to be the puppy!😍

Автор Dani Bd ( назад)

Автор Leelz247 ( назад)
I want to be the puppy in this scenario...

Автор GroovyGamerGirl ( назад)
Congratulations, Ewan. You just destroyed my entire reproductive system! ;)

Автор Scar0005 ( назад)
Obi with a puppy! So cute!! 💙

Автор MakiPcr ( назад)
I can see Cody out of camera rather amused at this

Автор Mo Ment ( назад)

Автор Rusklav ( назад)
The Force is strong in this puppy.

Автор ikismename ( назад)
Is this in the original episodes or part of special features? Just watched series on Netflix in US and it looks like they heavily edited the original. 

Автор Claire Frank ( назад)
this vid never fails to make me feel better when im feeling down

Автор Valentina Ortelli ( назад)
I'm melting *.*

Автор Abraham Mirza ( назад)
Louis CK would love this.

Автор Jessy Miller ( назад)
Ewan and a puppy dog oooh adorable <3

Автор abritishsoul ( назад)
this may be the most adorable thing on earth actually

Автор The Real G.O.D., nigga ( назад)
You know how much value is in this one video when you realise the cameraman filmed it, and the editors of the programme decided to keep it in.

We have all fallen sideways for this man.

Автор trinstar71 ( назад)
I'm so in love with this man.

Автор Kaileigh Dilks ( назад)
I'm about to PLAY DEAD!!!!!!

Автор Rane A. ( назад)
Was this an extra?? I don't remember seeing this on Long Way Round. I would have remembered this. It's burned into my brain forever. Sweet Jesus, I love this man.

Автор kazzywaz67 ( назад)
I died from blood loss when my ovaries fuckin exploded

Автор KilljoyKidPL ( назад)
Look at that cutie! And there's the dog, too.

Автор teawithcomics ( назад)

Автор Nunekhiia ( назад)
I melted on the chair, help.

Автор eirianerisdar E ( назад)
So Obi DOES melt for pathetic life forms...

Автор Sempi10 ( назад)
I just turned gay...

Автор hitsujiandcake ( назад)

Автор Sara Mosier ( назад)
I seriously watch this when I need my heart to swell, love this guy

Автор RedBelle Mage ( назад)
9/10 puppies agree to the deliciousness of Ewan McGregor

Автор LiloAngel22 ( назад)
Oh Mylanta! There are no words to describe this video! He is soooooo adorable and sweet! The puppy to cute! Together....oh my....

Автор Snix Rivera ( назад)
That video it's the graphic definition of the word ''Cute'' I'm here probably dying because he's so freaking damn sweet!

Автор Melanie Dockery ( назад)

Автор Nicole Pichardo ( назад)
O M G :'D

Автор ArravisDrugiir ( назад)
My boston terrier Cyllan used to do that all the time to my beard when she was a puppy. I miss her... rest in peace honey.

Автор a6d7r9i8 ( назад)
i wish i was that dog.

Автор vulcanicspice ( назад)
This video is just way too much to deal with as a human being.

Автор YvyCriminal ( назад)
This was too lovely :3

Автор Elisabeth H. ( назад)
cosita linda

Автор crs8705 ( назад)
ok who's the ONE heartless bastard that disliked this i mean HOW

Автор Mariana Duarte ( назад)

Автор dean loveridge ( назад)
i think it sounded like who's my lovely or little puppy dog

Автор TheMiamixbitch ( назад)
Jesus christ almighty.

Автор taborszernagy ( назад)
"it's a funny feeling actually"

Автор MaestraWashu (589 лет назад)

Автор 30vera08 ( назад)
What does Ewan say at 0:20 ?

Автор Anna Guariento ( назад)
a cute puppy and even cuter ewan mcgregor.
my heart is dancing.

Автор kamster518 ( назад)

Автор Ashley S ( назад)
aww so cute hehe :P

Автор GirlFromNippon ( назад)
Aww...CUTE...well, both of them ! Now, I'm going to melt into mushy goo right here and now...

Автор Mallory H ( назад)
I've never wanted to be a puppy so much in my life.

Автор jess Miller ( назад)
ewan and a puppy, your argument is invalid

Автор 14imke ( назад)
someone has to make a 10 hour loop of this

Автор jarvais56 ( назад)
i can't even...no...i just...what...my heart...and brain...EWAN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Автор TheMiamixbitch ( назад)
omg my ovaries!

Автор Lizzie Bottrill ( назад)

Автор ooozeGonnaSubscribe ( назад)
lucky puppy..it will never actually realize who he just touched :/

Автор Ewanicorn99 ( назад)
"that was my face. yes, i got a face under all that hair." so adorable!!<3i love it how he's baby talking the dog.:)))

Автор EmmaMorley90 ( назад)
defentely, I want to be that puppy!

Автор MerjaJ ( назад)
@Sparkkelimonsteri Same here

Автор Manissha Srinanthini ( назад)
The perfect man <3

Автор HaNnAhBhAm ( назад)
Okay may be a really stupid question but does anyone know what type of dog that is? So goddamn adorable!

Автор Michelle H ( назад)
every guy in the world needs to take a couple lessons on how to be like ewan.

Автор JustAKidInTheHall ( назад)
Oh god. I think I died of cuteness. I mean Ewan, of course :D

Автор Alma Reyna ( назад)
Awwwww <3

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