Top 10 Paranormal Events on Movie Shoots

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Want more on aliens and the paranormal? Need videos that show we're not alone in the universe?? Then check out Unveiled!
    These ghosts, poltergeists, and haunted houses were NOT in the script! These creepy behind-the-scenes stories from horror movie sets are pure nightmare fuel, and we’re not sure how the cast and crew of “The Conjuring” (2013), “The Possession” (2012), “Annabelle” (2014), “The Amityville Horror” (2005), or the other movies on our list slept at night! What’s YOUR scariest true story of paranormal events? Let us know in the comments!
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    List Entries and Rank:
    10) When Life Imitates Art
    9) The Haunted Alarm Clock
    8) A Haunted Studio
    7) From Skeptic to Believer
    6) Demon On Set
    5) The Curse Continues
    4) Ghosts Destroying Cameras
    3, 2 & 1: ?
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  •  Month ago +86

    And it isn't just on movie sets! Has the earth already been invaded by aliens?

    • gulag master
      gulag master 29 days ago

      Yes that girl in the video with irritating voice is surely an alien .

    • The Great White Snark
      The Great White Snark Month ago

      Heather’s bowel obstruction = Shpeelturg’s ghost penis

    • yamasus kelly
      yamasus kelly Month ago

      i would agree on the exorcism of Emily rose after watching this movie my father becomes rent less and died to make it worst our lights starts to turn off and on i am not a believer of ghost but i felt so spook about this incident

    • Sam Brothers
      Sam Brothers Month ago I have had a paranormal experience before and it was when my lights were flickering at night and heard weird footsteps running in the dining room!!!

    • Movie Reviews
      Movie Reviews Month ago

      @Pierre Buie II I'll put something together for you later on my experiences.

  • Gacha_ Nessa
    Gacha_ Nessa 16 hours ago

    I watch watchmojo because Voice is not creepy like the others

  • Cody Evans
    Cody Evans 5 days ago

    I do believe ghosts.

  • Don Gavidia
    Don Gavidia 9 days ago

    Reading the comments, I’m surprised that some of you never knew who was behind the WhatchMojo voice. She did some rare appearances way back in the beginning with this other dude that did voicing for WatchMojo (Games)
    Congrats on your growing success Rebecca Brayton 🙌🏽

  • Ganesh Tanpure
    Ganesh Tanpure 11 days ago

    I witnessed nightmares for 2 days after watching The Exorcist...its true & film deserves number 1

  • mwgreen9
    mwgreen9 13 days ago

    Rebecca is gorgeous. There. I said it.

  • Andre Daniel
    Andre Daniel 25 days ago

    In our country while shooting their new movie ''Eerie'', there's a scene that the woman would walk on a long dark corridor because their location was ''Seminary''. Many times they tried to catch, they didn't do it perfectly, until finally it was already successful scene then the people and the crew started to applaud after the times of making their scene and then suddenly the director said, ''I'm not the one who clap awhile ago.''

  • duckman18007
    duckman18007 25 days ago

    I feel licking my neck when I’m alone and sometimes when I wake up it’s wet my hands also get extremely wet

  • Colin Palmer
    Colin Palmer 25 days ago

    Yup! Saw a demon/shadow person at the foot of my bed with a pointed hood staring at my buddy while sharing a hotel in Uganda. Black orbs moving around on the wall and the TV glowing blue/white snow with no noise. Scary as Hell.

  • Jalon Glover
    Jalon Glover 26 days ago

    It's my hero Rebecca's face.

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino 26 days ago

    Halle Berry was fine as a motherfucker back in the day man damn 🤗😘

  • Snarfsnarf
    Snarfsnarf 26 days ago

    Wow not even an honorable mention for The Passion of the Christ. Didnt 2 guys get hit by lightning while filming? Guess the wrath of god isnt paranormal enough.

  • J Swag
    J Swag 27 days ago

    I always thought her voice was some artificial intelligence lol

  • POYO2800
    POYO2800 27 days ago

    I've experienced something paranormal,

    I draw my power from the demon realm in fact 🔥😈👹😈🔥 the "ghost's" aren't that scary 👌

  • Stephanie Logan
    Stephanie Logan Month ago

    I thought Glitter was the most cursed movie..tied with Ishtar.
    *bah dum cha!* thank sure to tip or not tip the wait staff!

  • Stephanie Logan
    Stephanie Logan Month ago

    I saw the was pretty good!
    💔 poor Heather O'Rourke. I didn't know the actor that played the older sister was dead too! Holy shit!..those movies might have been cursed after all! Nothing happened during the remake (which was better than I expected -and I saw the original in theaters back in '82)

  • Stephanie Logan
    Stephanie Logan Month ago

    Possessed actors? A bit redundant, isn't it?

  • Franny Granny
    Franny Granny Month ago

    Stop exposing the MsMojo’s

  • Jess Hanks
    Jess Hanks Month ago

    Yes. In early November 1993, some friends of mine and I were working at a regional theatre. One night we were using a Ouija board and talked to someone who was apparently River Phoenix, who had died a couple days prior.
    Some highlights...
    1. Rather than spell out every word, he would substitute the number 2 for the word "to" and things like that; like text speak before it became popular. No one I'd talked to before or since ever communicated like that.
    2. One of the people with us (there were 4 of us, IIRC) said she remembered him from the movie HEATHERS. When she said this, the planchette started going in fast, intense circles to indicate that he was a maybe honked off (River Phoenix wasn't in HEATHERS, it was Christian Slater).
    3. At one point while he was "talking" to us, he stopped mid-sentence and spelled out D, E, B, and then continued talking. In less than 15 seconds, there was a knock at the apartment door and our friend Deb walked in.
    The whole thing was kinda cool. And I understand if people think I'm making it up but it truly happened.

  • ThatGuySky
    ThatGuySky Month ago

    #7 so you mean to tell me that John Winchester has a daughter and doesn't believe in the paranormal thats some BS

  • TJ Devereaux
    TJ Devereaux Month ago

    Yes I have experienced the paranormal, but if I were to tell you everything, I don’t think you would ever sleep again. For some reason when I was born, I was born with my sixth sense turned up to full blast, which apparently the tracks paranormal activity, because every single home I’ve lived in, throughout my 50 years, has been hunted by numerous spirits. I never asked for these abilities and I don’t want them, I try to suppress them but no matter what I do I’m surrounded by spirit, needless to say I had a very terrifying childhood, waking up almost every night seeing a total stranger standing at side of my bed! I actually participated in the study at the University of Toronto many years ago, at the end of the study I was told that I’m not only psychic, but I’m also a medium, to which I kind of laughed, but ever since they told me that, it totally freaked me out, but did explain a lot of things. If I had to guess how many ghosts I’ve encountered? I would say several thousand, and not all of them are nice, although I have to say the majority of them are just lost souls, who are actually completely harmless, they are just looking for a way home so to speak, so I tried my best to guide them. It’s the other ones I hate the most with the red eyes, or the ones that materialize as A red mist or vapor, because that usually indicates a demonic entity, something I refuse to even go near. If ever I encounter them I am mediately called my parish priest and a professional paranormal investigation team I’ve worked with many times in the past you know how to deal with it. I actually know how to deal with it myself, but the more people the safer it is, and I would never attempt to do it on my own, it could literally end up in possession, because that’s a demon’s ultimate goal. Like in the movie the conjuring, actor portraying Ed Warren says he seen it go very wrong, I would have to say the exact same thing, whereby a young girl was possessed by a demon, and the people who were trying to exorcise it, didn’t know what they were doing, and as a result the girl died, and the team trying to get rid of the demon? Let’s just say that none of them have ever been the same sense, the world of the paranormal is not a joke, it’s not Hollywood, it’s reality and something that needs to be respected, and generally left alone, because If you invite it into your home, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get far more than you bargained for, especially people who use Ouija boards, who think it’s a toy because it’s just sold in children’s toys stores, which absolutely boggles my mind! It’s a device that opens a portal to the other side, we are either good or bad entities can enter our world and reek havoc.... take my vice, don’t ever use a Ouija board, and if you still absolutely insist on doing so never do it by yourself, have a minimum of two or more people and if you can have the session recorded so if something goes wrong you can play back the video and see what shows up, because you’ll need to contact the paranormal investigator to get rid of it, it is that serious, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  • Govind Prakash
    Govind Prakash Month ago

    My freinds while watching The Nun:- who will survive if Nun comes here?

    me:- None of Us

    ps_ Nun of us

  • itsyaboi BIGD
    itsyaboi BIGD Month ago

    One time my dog legit turned his head completely and said my name, no joke.
    It was a weird dream.

  • Niko Knight Puppet Production

    It should say: Top 10 Paranormal Events on HORROR Movie Shoots.

  • Abhideep Singh
    Abhideep Singh Month ago

    Finally I saw the person behind the voice!

  • Jared Witt
    Jared Witt Month ago

    Me and my wife are paranormal investigators. We have investigated waverly hills sanatorium in Louisville many times we also volunteer there. Many many experiences with ghost

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman Month ago +1

    The Exorcists is one of the most horrifying films of all time. Not a single horror movie can beat The Exorcists. Its the horror at masterpiece. It still gives me chills and goosebumbs even after so many years. 😱😨

  • Gregory House
    Gregory House Month ago

    The Omen should be Number 1 on this list.

  • koy
    koy Month ago

    I dont smile a lot, but I got big smile when I saw your face and heard your voice.
    edit: first time seeing the face of the commentator

  • Emma Marshall
    Emma Marshall Month ago

    Well the perrons are probably still haunted....
    And the exorcism of Emily rose was farkedddd

  • Makinsey Hardcastle

    Why isn’t the shining on this list? They claimed to have seen things on set at the Stanley.

  • Pablo Avila
    Pablo Avila Month ago

    I fEeL a PreSeNcE iT iS a GhOsT

  • Mira Figueira
    Mira Figueira Month ago

    whatever happened to the blond girl from watch mojo? then one from three years ago

  • Taehyung _Guccy
    Taehyung _Guccy Month ago +2

    Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home on a few days.


    Damn she's getting fat

  • Gregory Stevens
    Gregory Stevens Month ago

    Rebecca is a dime

  • Govind Prakash
    Govind Prakash Month ago +2

    Most of the time these controversies are created just to sell the movie tickets.

  • 1morenote
    1morenote Month ago

    KANNA BALOR Month ago

    Hi Rebecca you're the one and only awesome Narrator in the world 👌👌👌

  • Hodhod 82
    Hodhod 82 Month ago

    Wanna hear paranormal activity, put any audio on record,. ..

  • WillBurgify
    WillBurgify Month ago

    Rebecca is so f*cking hot..

  • Anindya Sarkar
    Anindya Sarkar Month ago

    Horror movie monsters: Lets scare and/or these bunch of ppl.
    Thanos: Imma kill half the entire universe with a fingersnap.
    Me: Yeah horror movies dont scare me anymore

  • blukompressor
    blukompressor Month ago

    I want Rebecca to narrate my life bahaha

  • Stayros Paparunas
    Stayros Paparunas Month ago

    When u possest by starvation u ll start to eat ppl...

  • Wicked Liz
    Wicked Liz Month ago

    Started reading aminityville horror when I was 13. Only got in a couple of chapters. Woke at 0315 to something standing over my bed. From 13 to 27 I was woke nightly by three knocks. Could never figure out why it stopped until a few months ago. 3 x 9= 27

    LILkETCHUUP Month ago

    So that’s what she looks like !

  • Abdulqader Fayah
    Abdulqader Fayah Month ago

    Will if you call the Demons thy probably show!

  • Adrianna Gould
    Adrianna Gould Month ago

    Yes. After my mom passed at 3am every night we experienced many paranormal events. My friend was staying with me an niece flew in for funeral. Because the casket was special ordered we had to wait 10 days for it to arrive before burial. Every one then leaves and two cousins spend the weekend. They saw. Her in my SUV. They did not know she passed. Long story call if you want details. 405.465.6615. I am a retired military officer.

  • Benkolli Nasro
    Benkolli Nasro Month ago

    after seiing your face finally i think i felt my brain doesnt really fit into my head :/ its really weird how i imagined u for the last 2 years :3

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers Month ago

    The Exorcist is such a possessed movie

  • Mallar Chakraborty
    Mallar Chakraborty Month ago

    Fuck... I finally know how the watch mojo female looks like.. I can die in peace now!!

  • L.D.N.T
    L.D.N.T Month ago

    *Cough cough* where's the passion of christ in the middle of all this?

  • GeezShow
    GeezShow Month ago

    I still can’t put the voice with her face! Lol I pictured somebody completely different!

  • Sue Whalen
    Sue Whalen Month ago

    When my friend's 2 girls (C. age 4, & A. age 5) came down the stairs for lunch one day, she & I saw 3 girls on the steps, then the third girl disappeared as we did a double-take. When we asked A., she said that it was her friend that lived in the closet. Creepy!

  • R P
    R P Month ago

    Was that Jennifer carpenter in the thumbnail?

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan Month ago

    haha, love that first beat... strange things started happening. Upon their arrival, A HUGE BREEZE WAS FELT!

  • Sara Engle
    Sara Engle Month ago

    Also in “The Passion of the Christ”-Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning numerous times when filming the crucifixion scene, and large amounts of footage were wiped (supposedly in a paranormal event) more than once so the cast and crew had to re-film over and over again. Caviezel said he believed Satan really didn’t want the film to be shown in theaters because it would draw so many people closer to Christ.

  • TheLegend
    TheLegend Month ago

    One thing I've noticed is that this mostly happens when they try to re enact past events or use real objects or bodies.

  • Israel Escandon
    Israel Escandon Month ago +3

    I had no idea Rebecca was so attractive 👌🏽🙏🏽

  • Mark Cronqvist
    Mark Cronqvist Month ago

    I always wanted to see you.. 😘😘😘

  • Tom Cat
    Tom Cat Month ago

    0:52 starts of the video

    also, this bitch really talks too much

  • South West
    South West Month ago

    Even more cursed is Atuk. So much so that all 4 actors that were given the main role died, including 2 more that were brought into it by main actors.
    This includes John Belushi, Sam Kinison, John Candy, Michael O’Donoghue by recommendation from John Candy, Chris Farley, and Phil Hartman by recommendation from Chris Farley. All deaths occurred between 1982 - 1998. The movie now sits untouched and unmade.

  • ViperFX
    ViperFX Month ago +1

    Don't touch that mouse

  • Alonzo Kau
    Alonzo Kau Month ago

    well there is a popular mexican tv series from the 70s "El chavo del ocho", i was just watching the final credits because the show was still going on while credits are shown in the screen when i noticed the head of a doll like it was watching and slipped off very quickly when the camera focused the corner of one little room in the set. I tried to contact a Mexican "investigador" but he gave a fuck XD i know it could be anybody in the set but i just dont understand why. it is a little creepy ifyou think of it, theres no reason or i dont know
    it is exactly on 21:43

  • Jonathan Ly
    Jonathan Ly Month ago +1

    The ghost must have haunted Halle Berry's career too! everything was just so bad. Makes sense that it was John Wick to save it.

  • Mahir Baksh
    Mahir Baksh Month ago

    I had only one reaction through the entire video: 😨😱😱😨

  • Nina Hylen
    Nina Hylen Month ago +4

    Never forget that one of the radiographers in the Exorcist was a real-life murderer

  • Jai-El Johnson
    Jai-El Johnson Month ago +3

    Amazing voice
    And she's beautiful,
    Like the video

  • Otaku Desuka
    Otaku Desuka Month ago

    Yes but nobody believe me.

  • Sean Durham
    Sean Durham Month ago

    This is stupid.

  • WillVTrent wvt
    WillVTrent wvt Month ago

    Know what....I'm on number 5 aaaaand.....I don't think I'm going to finish this video.....nope...I'm out...

  • NIck Zee
    NIck Zee Month ago

    Not as spooky or bad as these but being a film student you get to work on a lot of shoots. A shoot I worked on used an actual Ouija board. Nothing happened during the shoot but after the shoot is what really went wrong. One crew member got an infection on the same hand he used to handle the board, our director got extremely ill after, and my pc died on me after receiving the clips to edit them. We didn’t want to say that it was cause of what was used during the shoot but it was just too much of a coincidence

  • Veyev
    Veyev Month ago

    I saw you Rebecca, in my dreams. I woke up breathing heavily with certain parts of my body stiff. Does this count as a Paranormal Experience?

  • JC 3
    JC 3 Month ago

    Damn got a hot voice and a hot face.

  • Saaransh Kapil
    Saaransh Kapil Month ago

    i always figured she had a broad face and short hair! what do i know! she's pretty!

  • Youcanevent Official

    This video looks so cool! :)

  • Mark Angeles
    Mark Angeles Month ago

    happy to see the face behind the voice

  • Swapnil Togare
    Swapnil Togare Month ago

    Finally saw the face behind the beautiful voice!!

  • mathiasmorqubus
    mathiasmorqubus Month ago

    I love how ghost are fully clothed because fabrics can transcend the grave.

  • sydney fox
    sydney fox Month ago

    Seeing is then believing..

  • mathiasmorqubus
    mathiasmorqubus Month ago

    Prove it,that’s all have to do is prove it. If you can not and you can’t you should not do videos of this nature and receive credibility. So prove it, or shut up!

  • Mel C
    Mel C Month ago

    This is the first time that I saw the narrator's face. Cool! 😊😍

    SARTHAK DEV Month ago

    I don't know about anyone else.... But after watching "the exorcist".... Something literally was going abnormal around me for two nights..... I couldn't sleep and was depressed for no reason...... Even I thought of suicide

  • raj mouli
    raj mouli Month ago

    Great voice I ever heard

  • Milan Kramár
    Milan Kramár Month ago

    Sounds just like free promo for horror movies

  • F. Tyrant
    F. Tyrant Month ago

    well.. when I was watching Insidious (the first one)
    I could hear footsteps near my bedroom even though no one was around during that time of the night

  • Wolverine
    Wolverine Month ago +1

    Nice channel

  • Alison Dennise
    Alison Dennise Month ago

    Before I commented there was exactly 66 6 comments. But I guess mine makes it 667 :v ok 👍🏽

  • Hope Fujimori
    Hope Fujimori Month ago

    I have had many scary things happen to me like when I was young my mother went to a Garage sell got a book on the devil the next day early morning we heard growling in the kitchen we don’t have a dog and we know our Neighbors don’t either . So she tells my grandmother and she’s pissed that she would get a book like that . My mom throws it in our garage that my dad had just cleaned next day there were Maggots just around the book nothing else

  • Death Knight
    Death Knight Month ago

    What would u expect? The conjuring, Annabelle and Amityville house etc, they were real and when u make movies of them it gives the demons attention and when they get attention it gives them energy and they go towards it

  • Hope Fujimori
    Hope Fujimori Month ago

    I can watch any horror movie no problem but the exorcist is one that gives me the creeps I can’t watch that by myself or at night .

  • DoOmEdSuRgeReSn
    DoOmEdSuRgeReSn Month ago

    This and I believe ghosts are real. I was alone at night and was living in a house by a cemetery..i had locked the doors and then all of a sudden the front door swung open and then the kitchen light turned on and off and I could hear the drawers in the kitchen being opened and closed I yelled 'stop it'and whatever it was stopped and I haven't had any scares since. And I don't want another one

  • Ashish khaitan Vlogs

    That's why I watch hentai
    With my Eyes closed

  • Alice Postin
    Alice Postin Month ago +1

    Why do only horror movies have haunted sets? Ever think it might just be paranoia from the subject matter?

  • Bailey Taylor
    Bailey Taylor Month ago

    Omg I didn’t want to see what she looks like! (She’s stunning but she was one of those ubiquitous voices) I’m shook!

  • sanjeev shaw
    sanjeev shaw Month ago

    So only horror movie productions are haunted

  • KlunkerRider
    KlunkerRider Month ago

    #5, The Lutz's admitted they made up the story to make money.

  • Y____ Aku
    Y____ Aku Month ago

    I am glad I saw the women behind the voice

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson Month ago