How to Apply Your Mask

And this is how to apply your mask

Place the elastic bands around your ears like so

Pinch just above the nose for a snug fit

And now you're ready to go show off your new mask

You look great

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Directed by: Titanic Sinclair
Fashion by: Samantha Burkhart

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Автор Ani Alajajian ( назад)
How come she doesn't show how many subscribers she has

Автор Ani Alajajian ( назад)

Автор Ani Alajajian ( назад)
It looms like she is getting ready to kill someone

Автор Jen B ( назад)
Maybe Poppy is big in Japan?

Автор ✪ Björn - DerVLogger ✪ ( назад)
Give that girl an All you can eat menu.

Автор aesthetic skeleton ( назад)
I feel like this is some kind of warning I'm a little worried

Автор Itz_ Audrey ツ ( назад)
oml she's thin..I just noticed it right now..

Автор Win Ospa ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Leslie Aguirre ( назад)
I still think howtobasic would do better

Автор Daniel Delarosa ( назад)
After all these years...I CAN NOW PUT ON A MASK!

Автор Manuel Essewein ( назад)
Wer bist du poppy die echte oder bist du ein puppe

Автор Meow Ueva ( назад)
i dont get it that aint no mask and also ppl aready know how to put it on and your vocie scared me man

Автор Regina Diana ( назад)
666 dislikes...huh

Автор studdy hester ( назад)
I love your videos poppy

Автор aia Ocampo ( назад)
i dont get the whole point of her videos.. is she up to something... i dont really understand.... really her videos is so bothersome. ... pls .. can some body explain it to me... i go straight here from the terry youtube channell ... thinking that shes really weird... but as i watch her short videos... sees the whole bunch of peaple so exited about her video... and see their comments that... every video she made has deep meanings... .. but some are really absurd.. can somebody... make me understand...

Автор Makenzie Hall ( назад)
The mask represents how people make you think you need makeup to be beautiful.

Автор missknru ( назад)
the thing bout the mask is that u can put any color u want ;)

Автор Dunno Or maybe yes ( назад)
Top 10 best tutorials on all Youtube

Автор CryBaby Pebble ( назад)
She knows The nuclear war is coming,

oh my

Автор Stormwatcher ( назад)
I wear those when I clean my cat's litter box.

Автор Rosie Wolf ( назад)
the first letters in the description spell pappey

Автор Sparkle Bieber ( назад)
I need to apply a mask to not smell Charlotte's fart

Автор Betin Yujina ( назад)
and that wouldn't be fun to take off xD

Автор S. Claire ( назад)
instructions too hard, dick caught in ceiling fan

Автор panic! at the twenty fall øut crybaby ceremony ( назад)
why have a few of her videos in a row been where thingy go over her nose mouth and chin? its a bit suspicious...

Автор Trent Conner ( назад)
If what people

Автор Boxx Trot ( назад)
instructions unclear dick stuck in ceiling fan

Автор DeinLabyModCape ( назад)
You Are a creepy motherfucker

Автор jh jh ( назад)

Автор Silver Charm MSP ( назад)
Umm, Okay.....? masks don't look "great"

Автор The_One_You Didn't_See ( назад)
Why isn't her subs visible?

Автор SikMikk ( назад)
No this wld obstruct me gillz

Автор Hanamiyaa ( назад)
It's got something to do with how people are silenced and shiz - i really cba to do these theories anymore

Автор Tatiana 4realz ( назад)
i bet you guys got irritated. lmao
(subscribe to me)

Автор Guloona pazir ( назад)
tf are these videos her channels filled with these I need an eplanation

Автор gaming with shifa. ( назад)
she is so creepy. she scare when here talking

Автор KawaiiClover ( назад)
Why do I need a mask poppy are you a flight attendant

Автор TigresUANLfan ( назад)
Kill myself!!!!!!!!

Автор zyrach anthony arroyo ( назад)
i dont see your subscribers and poppy why

Автор Kayla Correale ( назад)
Woah I didn't know I had to pinch the nose, legitimately tho

Автор zednemsirA ( назад)
This is showing how people change and mess with they're face to fit in

Автор Ruby D ( назад)
just a theory, but notice how the title says "how to apply your mask" and not "how to apply a mask." it's like something terrible happened and now everyone needs masks to protect themselves.

Автор Michellwolf :l ( назад)
is she warning us about a virus?

Автор i have no name ( назад)

Автор Cez305 ( назад)
fuck it mask off

Автор Shalivious Has Vlogs ( назад)
I have this weird fantasy that mankind will go into a nuclear war and this video will teach young children how to put on their mask to go outside of the bunker and actually talk to people

Автор Tethor ( назад)
Dude i wanna put things inside of her...

Автор noone is here ( назад)
Heres a theory:
She is making fun of people who do tutorial videos.

Автор Emlina Korab ( назад)
she's doing drugs!!!!

Автор The Unicorn Gamer ( назад)
No.. No!!! I don't want to put on the mask!!!

Автор Christa the Cat ( назад)
Right as this video started, my YouTube crashed and went it my home screen and when I clicked on YouTube, it restarted...

Автор SeaShell Edits ( назад)
Unclear instructions... I have glitter up my dogs butt now.

Автор Marcus Williams ( назад)
these videos are so creepy

Автор Brandon Trani ( назад)
poopy your weird but pretty hot

Автор Spooky Pumpkin Man ( назад)
"wonder what she's about to do hmmm" (5 seconds later with a knife) "AHHHHHHHHH"

Автор grungequen xx ( назад)
thank u poppy for showing us how to correctly apply mask 😊

Автор israel garza ( назад)
You look great

Автор Hannah Iylia bte Mohamad Azhar ( назад)
Instructions weren't clear... ended up getting tied up in a basement

Автор ugh eww ( назад)
I want a mask

Автор w α f є r z z thє f u r r ч ( назад)
ᴘᴏᴘᴘʏ ɪs ᴏᴜʀ ʟɪғᴇ

Автор w α f є r z z thє f u r r ч ( назад)
ϼϴϼϼϒ ῖs ϴῠr ʟᴏʀᴅ

Автор Conner Emerson ( назад)
your vids are so random

Автор Dakota Masi ( назад)
poppy is thicc

Автор JullianaRocks09 ( назад)
Instructions unclear: noose around my neck

Автор Chloe R ( назад)

Автор ana abreu ( назад)
Thank you, Poppy. Now I can wear a mask correctly.

Автор JJollyLadd ( назад)
what sort of twisted shit is this???

Автор Eva M ( назад)

Автор StarGirl ( назад)

Автор Yves Yoga ( назад)
Dat Adam confirmed

Автор imnotgoodatusernames ( назад)
There are 6 lines of dialogue in this video. Poppy has two eyes that, guess what, are part of the symbol for the illuminati!.. 6/2=3. There are 3 sides on a triangle. Poppy is illuminati confirmed

Автор Click Bait ( назад)
"And now it's time to show off your new mask. You'll look great" idk why but her pose at the end made me laugh

Автор Chucky Gamer_pro ( назад)
Subscribe for more tutorials with poppy

Автор bosnian king of games ( назад)
i thouted it should stick in my asshole,then my asshole will not be sick,bastards

Автор PrincessAleia16 Bestie ( назад)
Why the heck does she need a mask for

Автор Abdullah Alqarni ( назад)

Автор Raxxina ( назад)
And i already hate her.

Автор Lazaro Báez ( назад)
Si voz me da miedo

Автор stay lush msp ( назад)
Why would you need a mask?
Oh yeah, to do surgery/operations.

Автор Adrian Moreno ( назад)
if people think she is a robot ther dumb i saw some pictures on Facebook

Автор InsaneSkwad ( назад)
I think the mask is referring to makeup and how people think women need to wear makeup.

Автор hack 296 ( назад)

Автор blakee bruhh ( назад)
what if it's just a tutorial 😕

Автор Kinky Kitty ( назад)
Poppy kys

Автор FluffyMcFluffleSkin :3 ( назад)
0:29 wow the auto-captions doe

Автор Solomon Wyatt ( назад)
It won't come off

Автор Lps Love Kitty ( назад)
I can use this for cosplay thank you Poppy.

Автор maximumjesus ( назад)
I'll keep that in mind the next time I want to fit in with some Japanese people.

Автор Sophie W ( назад)
I need a tutorial how to show off my new mask please

Автор Brick rebel ( назад)
This really helped me. Thanks.

Автор Inconvenient Consequences ( назад)
I am starting to feel an eerie presence in my room.

Автор Exo_bts Yukii ShanYeong ( назад)
Illuminatie wtf 😨

Автор Beulah Nation ( назад)
first of all, shes tiny omg. second of all I'm pretty sure when janpanese ppl wear masks it bc they r sick and we all know poppy is all bout that Japanese kawaii aesthetic so basically she just made this video to tell us shes sick. Polietly.

Автор JenksthePixy ( назад)
Poppy is warning us of the inevitable apocalypse.

Автор Jacob Vongsakeo ( назад)
You are a fag

Автор Mey ( назад)
When someone smokes in my area.

Автор Golden Bunny Bwii youth eefool ( назад)

Автор Vrushabh Doshi ( назад)
you are so beautiful poppy....I just love your beauty....

Автор MutantEnderlord 515 ( назад)
Well, at least I learned a lot today

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