Eating Popular Vietnamese STREET DISH - Bánh Cuốn

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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Comments • 706

  • Trev Mathews
    Trev Mathews 7 days ago

    I'm so into these videos all the way up until he starts eating... So fucking gross...

  • Louii314
    Louii314 8 days ago

    Thanks for sharing the culture, the love and grown up adult enjoyment 👊🏾👍🏾🔥 #QT!

  • super Seal
    super Seal 9 days ago

    I love her booby

  • Shondee Samatha
    Shondee Samatha 16 days ago

    I can a difference between yall, more relaxed n sharing food... She seems soo sweet. Treat her like a queen ❤👌🙏💯

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black 19 days ago

    She said damn this dude eat a lot please stop feeding me

  • Helen Short
    Helen Short 26 days ago

    She's cute!

  • I'm Ssimple
    I'm Ssimple Month ago

    Mực là Squid mà anh

  • Jenny Kor-Spiker
    Jenny Kor-Spiker Month ago

    Lol Asians never want to take the last bite it’ll go from one plate to another forever!! So polite we are haha I’m hungry af now

  • Ellen kareem
    Ellen kareem Month ago

    She must be very lucky to have you👍😁

  • NancyEllen Woods
    NancyEllen Woods Month ago

    Take her Anan for the $100 pho

  • Peter PanJi
    Peter PanJi Month ago

    Best channel on RUclip brother I love you and your food and your relationship and your country bro

  • cripsta aluesi
    cripsta aluesi Month ago

    When u gonna make more of those goku dinners or something

  • Abigail De souza
    Abigail De souza Month ago

    Okay this was a MUCH better video for a change. Going to delete my other comments.

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim Month ago

    How did you two meet??

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim Month ago

    Fiss sauce

  • chinh nguyễn
    chinh nguyễn Month ago

    You eat the wrong way

  • Roxie Vong
    Roxie Vong Month ago

    How did you guys meet?

  • LrdRgo
    LrdRgo Month ago

    Your gf is yucky

  • The Only *Juan* Cortez

    im pumped for This

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar
    Ceerstar Ceerstar Month ago

    Does anyone know her actual name??
    I know it's not "future wife" or "the girlfriend".

  • greenlizardballs
    greenlizardballs Month ago

    i want to see a quang style intro from future wife

  • meng yao
    meng yao Month ago

    your gf is pretty!

  • Mr Flow
    Mr Flow Month ago

    I love your vids cause they’re so wholesome but the smacking is driving me crazy

  • Y Taylor
    Y Taylor Month ago

    Future wifey is really pretty. You seem so happy. So happy for you two

  • Mr. Everything
    Mr. Everything Month ago

    Too much fish sauce is bad for the kidney. Does in vietnam it is healthy made?

  • kelly ng
    kelly ng Month ago

    She’s so cute!!

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee Month ago

    Happy for u bro

  • Natas Nico
    Natas Nico Month ago

    Culturally do Vietnamese eat quickly?😬 I’m like QT slow down

  • soul sanctification

    I like her ears and freckles

  • Tilden Gold
    Tilden Gold Month ago

    13:15 that laugh

  • lady4real75
    lady4real75 Month ago +2

    That's how you clean a PLATE!!

  • Zachery Carrillo
    Zachery Carrillo Month ago

    get out of vietnam already

  • killacuz3
    killacuz3 Month ago

    i wonder how long before she gets onto him about his smacking lol

    • Shinji D
      Shinji D Month ago

      No problems lol smacking is normal in most regions of asia. Plus didnt u hear her smacking as well? XD

  • yeastori
    yeastori Month ago

    If I wasn’t on this potato diet I’d tear into my some banh cuong too

  • Mila Tamin
    Mila Tamin Month ago

    Be nice to her off camer too

  • Saowalak Sunthorn
    Saowalak Sunthorn Month ago

    Omg! My llittle sister will kill someone to have that right now.

  • dēofol
    dēofol Month ago +1

    I miss the old cooking you used to do in Canada .

  • tony xaj
    tony xaj Month ago

    you’re doing exactly what u said u wouldn’t do

  • loc Nguyen
    loc Nguyen Month ago

    I missed rice rowl

  • S Mac
    S Mac Month ago +25

    Could you make a video on how you guys met???

  • Rachel Amber Everleigh

    Not to be disrespectful for anything, but Quangs girlfriend has taken over the channel. I miss his old videos

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn Month ago

    Haha bạn gái anh nói giọng miền Trung cưng ghê

  • TheGamerxx08
    TheGamerxx08 Month ago

    anyone else disappointed he didnt make her say "super pumped for this" before she took a bite?? lol

  • TheGamerxx08
    TheGamerxx08 Month ago

    why wasnt this named "with future wife"??

  • Ibrahim Talan
    Ibrahim Talan Month ago

    Ur wife is like my shit

  • Mickey
    Mickey Month ago

    WTH, I always thought you were gay

    HENRY Month ago

    Foo what Vietnamese they talking

  • Oliver Trinh
    Oliver Trinh Month ago

    have you never tried banh coun in the past?

  • Slycooper102
    Slycooper102 Month ago

    I see she taught you how to eat without smacking. She's a keeper!

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    How long are you staying in vn ?

  • crazy philly
    crazy philly Month ago

    Do you eat like that at a Restaurant? Lip smacking and shit.......Throw a Fart while your at it..🤪

  • 0021548700
    0021548700 Month ago

    Quang.. Set the camera up so you're both on there. Its not fun just seeing one person while you're both talking and interacting.

    HBGxGRM Month ago

    To cute brody.

  • B
    B Month ago

    Vietnamese food looks so good! Great video.

  • Beth
    Beth Month ago


  • Neil Gonzales
    Neil Gonzales Month ago

    Quang finally putting some subtitles! ❤️

  • FeedtheMind ASMR
    FeedtheMind ASMR Month ago

    Ugh, I love banh cuon!!

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    If you pause it at 2:25 and look closely above the food you can see a sad face 😂😂😂

  • Viet PopLove
    Viet PopLove Month ago

    it looks so ssavoryyyyyy

  • rem channel
    rem channel Month ago

    If he was next to me chewing that fast id be slow down it's all yours

  • HiroDoro
    HiroDoro Month ago

    you are so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Secret_PlayzYT
    Secret_PlayzYT Month ago

    hi im thai and sometimes i here you guys say some thai words and i get confuse haha

  • Lil Big Nigga
    Lil Big Nigga Month ago

    This swine has ruined his vids....he was wayyy better with out her...or shall i say him hehehe

  • Rima Ourak
    Rima Ourak Month ago

    she too ugly and boring for you ew... you deserve better

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen Month ago

    i ate Banh cuon for 6 week everyday when i was in vietnam. it taste so much more fresh and delicious cause of the fresh rice batter.

  • Victoria Quynh
    Victoria Quynh Month ago +1

    Who else is also tired of seeing her all the time now ?

  • Pendekar Jub
    Pendekar Jub Month ago

    Dem cleavage is lit af

  • 「aegyo」 paboo
    「aegyo」 paboo Month ago +1

    *anyone else Vietnamese!?*

  • Akira Watari
    Akira Watari Month ago

    She look tired of doing the thumbnail bro

  • Jennifer Friedman
    Jennifer Friedman Month ago


  • Am3rUchiha
    Am3rUchiha Month ago

    When are you leaving Vietnam, I miss the old videos

  • Vanda Dy
    Vanda Dy Month ago

    Quan let himself go.

  • Jay Storms
    Jay Storms Month ago +1

    Show us how to make what your eating it looks good!!! I would love to learn how to make it here in the states.

  • Mikhai Sillpatt
    Mikhai Sillpatt Month ago

    You should kiss her on camera to prove that she is your gf

  • McCool The Asian
    McCool The Asian Month ago +4

    “Vietnamese people always touch my stuff like that”-Quang Tran 2k19 😏

    • Gilang
      Gilang Month ago

      McCool The Asian lmao

  • minji lee
    minji lee Month ago

    So u move to vietnam sir?

  • xXWhillsXxProductions

    I can see you and your future wife going to different countries and trying plenty food makes me wanna eat vietnamese food now lol.

  • Nguyen John
    Nguyen John Month ago

    the sea food "mực" is squid not octopus guys 😂

  • Johnnie Detwyler
    Johnnie Detwyler Month ago

    Am I the only one who heard her say no at 14:58?

  • Kean Teng chan
    Kean Teng chan Month ago

    How about asking your girlfriend to take you for the best bun bo hue in the city. Need more Vietnamese food. No more burgers and fried chicken

  • hải long
    hải long Month ago +3

    For the love of god, Quang, tell your girl that she should have dipped the whole thing into that bowl of fish sauce
    That is Love, my friend

  • Maze The Gamer
    Maze The Gamer Month ago

    When u take fall damage in Minecraft 13:18

  • Maze The Gamer
    Maze The Gamer Month ago

    When u die in Roblox 13:19

  • Señ orito
    Señ orito Month ago

    im drooling to your wifes titties

    • Señ orito
      Señ orito Month ago

      Titty Sprinkles read your name titty boy i know you love tits

    • Titty Sprinkles
      Titty Sprinkles Month ago

      You have 0 respect for women and you need to stop.

  • viper stresser
    viper stresser Month ago +1

    Man your a noizy eater an you talk to much as well I feel sorry for your toilet

  • ASMR Phan
    ASMR Phan Month ago


  • John Dunn
    John Dunn Month ago

    More traditional Viet food bro, it's been amazing lately


    I miss your cooking

  • Shine W
    Shine W Month ago

    This is my first viewing of this channel. The food looks delicious, the couple seems very sweet/adorable... but the one thing I have to get used to is his speed eating and lip smacking. Sometimes it's a cultural thing although I didn't see his GF eating that way. LoL

  • yash mistry
    yash mistry Month ago

    Shitty wife

  • Jay Phung
    Jay Phung Month ago

    Is he still in Vietnam?

  • GodSCulte
    GodSCulte Month ago +1

    these arranged marriage videos just get creepier and creepier

    go back to cooking bro man

  • The Adventurous Food Guy

    Fis sauce? Wtf

  • ruggedfalife
    ruggedfalife Month ago

    When you goi back to Canada to make more cooking vids homie lol. Good to see you having a good time in Viet mane

  • designer dreams
    designer dreams Month ago +4

    13:46 Awwwwwwwww 😭😍🥰❤️

  • ajm923
    ajm923 Month ago

    6:41 That's what she said!!!😂

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran Month ago

    Getting drunk and karaoke, yoo my kinda night lol

  • Winnie Ngo
    Winnie Ngo Month ago

    Octopus sausage?! Crazy. Never heard of that in Vn

    • Grace Kim
      Grace Kim Month ago

      Winnie Ngo like wontons / fishcake

  • Bianca Baptiste
    Bianca Baptiste Month ago +1

    I’m not racist or anything just making an observation 💁🏽‍♀️
    Buuuuuut they have very negroid features 😑
    Like their nose, lips and mannerisms. Very “black” with pretty hair.
    I’m in the nail salon and the lady asked me if my daughters father was Of Asian decent. I looked at her like huh but then I look at her and then my baby and was like oh shit lol 🤭
    We all apart of the Human race I guess

  • Franky Benitez
    Franky Benitez Month ago

    You really need to learn how to chew ur food honestly