Eating Popular Vietnamese STREET DISH - Bánh Cuốn

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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Comments • 710

  • Trae Wu
    Trae Wu 21 day ago

    Watching videos for hours now New Sub

  • Trae Wu
    Trae Wu 21 day ago

    You can tell they really love each other😄 so Sweet I love real 💘

  • C U T
    C U T Month ago

    She is getting fat bcoz of quang lol🤣🤣

  • T Q
    T Q Month ago

    Damnnnnnnnn bro

  • Thomas Jang
    Thomas Jang 3 months ago

    Who else remembers in his fried ribs video he said : “I’m a dipper”

  • Mark Mccaffrey
    Mark Mccaffrey 3 months ago

    She needs some makeup and table manners...she's a mess

  • Joe Brescia
    Joe Brescia 4 months ago

    Who is with kitty while you are gone

  • Maria Orellana
    Maria Orellana 5 months ago


  • Thanh Luong
    Thanh Luong 5 months ago

    I think Banh Cuon is very good Vietnamese food best ever!!

  • Cryptoshi
    Cryptoshi 5 months ago

    You guys look arranged

  • Shana Perry
    Shana Perry 6 months ago

    My phone broke so I had to catch up but this so cool he made this on my birthday

  • Trev Mathews
    Trev Mathews 6 months ago

    I'm so into these videos all the way up until he starts eating... So fucking gross...

  • Louii314
    Louii314 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the culture, the love and grown up adult enjoyment 👊🏾👍🏾🔥 #QT!

  • super Seal
    super Seal 6 months ago

    I love her booby

  • Shondee Samatha
    Shondee Samatha 6 months ago

    I can a difference between yall, more relaxed n sharing food... She seems soo sweet. Treat her like a queen ❤👌🙏💯

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black 6 months ago

    She said damn this dude eat a lot please stop feeding me

  • Helen Short
    Helen Short 7 months ago

    She's cute!

  • I'm Ssimple
    I'm Ssimple 7 months ago

    Mực là Squid mà anh

  • Jenny Kor-Spiker
    Jenny Kor-Spiker 7 months ago

    Lol Asians never want to take the last bite it’ll go from one plate to another forever!! So polite we are haha I’m hungry af now

  • Ellen kareem
    Ellen kareem 7 months ago

    She must be very lucky to have you👍😁

  • NancyEllen Woods
    NancyEllen Woods 7 months ago

    Take her Anan for the $100 pho

  • Peter PanJi
    Peter PanJi 7 months ago

    Best channel on RUclip brother I love you and your food and your relationship and your country bro

  • cripsta aluesi
    cripsta aluesi 7 months ago

    When u gonna make more of those goku dinners or something

  • Abigail De souza
    Abigail De souza 7 months ago

    Okay this was a MUCH better video for a change. Going to delete my other comments.

  • Na Yu
    Na Yu 7 months ago

    You eat the wrong way

  • Roxie Vong
    Roxie Vong 7 months ago

    How did you guys meet?

  • LrdRgo
    LrdRgo 7 months ago

    Your gf is yucky

  • The Only *Juan* Cortez
    The Only *Juan* Cortez 7 months ago

    im pumped for This

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar
    Ceerstar Ceerstar 7 months ago +1

    Does anyone know her actual name??
    I know it's not "future wife" or "the girlfriend".

  • greenlizardballs
    greenlizardballs 7 months ago

    i want to see a quang style intro from future wife

  • Mèng Yáo
    Mèng Yáo 7 months ago

    your gf is pretty!

  • Ya boi FBI
    Ya boi FBI 7 months ago

    I love your vids cause they’re so wholesome but the smacking is driving me crazy

  • Y John
    Y John 7 months ago

    Future wifey is really pretty. You seem so happy. So happy for you two

  • Mr Everything
    Mr Everything 7 months ago

    Too much fish sauce is bad for the kidney. Does in vietnam it is healthy made?

  • kelly ng
    kelly ng 7 months ago

    She’s so cute!!

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 7 months ago

    Happy for u bro

  • Natas Nico
    Natas Nico 7 months ago

    Culturally do Vietnamese eat quickly?😬 I’m like QT slow down

  • soul sanctification
    soul sanctification 7 months ago

    I like her ears and freckles

  • Tilden Gold
    Tilden Gold 7 months ago

    13:15 that laugh

  • lady4real75
    lady4real75 7 months ago +2

    That's how you clean a PLATE!!

  • Zachery Carrillo
    Zachery Carrillo 7 months ago

    get out of vietnam already

  • killacuz3
    killacuz3 7 months ago

    i wonder how long before she gets onto him about his smacking lol

    • Shinji D
      Shinji D 7 months ago

      No problems lol smacking is normal in most regions of asia. Plus didnt u hear her smacking as well? XD

  • yeastori
    yeastori 7 months ago

    If I wasn’t on this potato diet I’d tear into my some banh cuong too

  • Mila Tamin
    Mila Tamin 7 months ago

    Be nice to her off camer too

  • Saowalak Sunthorn
    Saowalak Sunthorn 8 months ago

    Omg! My llittle sister will kill someone to have that right now.

  • dēofol
    dēofol 8 months ago +1

    I miss the old cooking you used to do in Canada .

  • tony xaj
    tony xaj 8 months ago

    you’re doing exactly what u said u wouldn’t do

  • loc Nguyen
    loc Nguyen 8 months ago

    I missed rice rowl

  • S Mac
    S Mac 8 months ago +30

    Could you make a video on how you guys met???

  • Rachel Amber Everleigh
    Rachel Amber Everleigh 8 months ago

    Not to be disrespectful for anything, but Quangs girlfriend has taken over the channel. I miss his old videos

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn 8 months ago

    Haha bạn gái anh nói giọng miền Trung cưng ghê

  • TheGamerxx08
    TheGamerxx08 8 months ago

    anyone else disappointed he didnt make her say "super pumped for this" before she took a bite?? lol

  • TheGamerxx08
    TheGamerxx08 8 months ago

    why wasnt this named "with future wife"??

  • Ibrahim Talan
    Ibrahim Talan 8 months ago

    Ur wife is like my shit

  • Mickey
    Mickey 8 months ago

    WTH, I always thought you were gay

    HENRY 8 months ago

    Foo what Vietnamese they talking

  • Oliver Trinh
    Oliver Trinh 8 months ago

    have you never tried banh coun in the past?

  • Slycooper102
    Slycooper102 8 months ago

    I see she taught you how to eat without smacking. She's a keeper!

  • Sam
    Sam 8 months ago

    How long are you staying in vn ?

  • crazy philly
    crazy philly 8 months ago

    Do you eat like that at a Restaurant? Lip smacking and shit.......Throw a Fart while your at it..🤪