How to Read a Doctor's Prescription

Physicians are notorious for poor handwriting, and the Latin abbreviations and medical terminology on prescriptions can make reading a prescription very difficult. Follow these tips to read and understand a doctor's prescription

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Автор Rush Rush ( назад)
It's amazing that physicians are intelligent enough to know medical practice inside and out, and stupid enough to write prescriptions so illegibly.

Автор Christo Harrison ( назад)
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Автор Chels T ( назад)
Sigs are easy. Help me remember all the generics to the brand name and it's purpose.

Автор Saviour86 ( назад)
I rather slap them in the face until they read to write like the rest of us decent human beings, I shoulnt need a PHD to read a fucking sentence

Автор Prasanna Pbopage ( назад)
it was helpful

Автор Regina Obrien ( назад)
Preglabin krka??

Автор Merna Alaa Eldeen ( назад)
As a pharma D studient this video is acctualy gives the most important latin abbreviation so well done :D

ahahah i cannot believe someone did this
just ask the doctor what the hell he or she has just written :)

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