The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

  • Опубликовано: 16 ноя 2018
  • We travel to the O.K. Corral in search of gunslinging ghouls.
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    Big Nose Kate's Saloon on E Allen St in historic Tombstone, Arizona
    csfotoimages/Getty Images
    Village near the Oljato–Monument Valley in Arizona. Ranch house. Aerial view, from above, drone shooting
    AlenaMozhjer/Getty Images
    lump of silver or platinum on a stone floor
    Oat_Phawat/Getty Images
    Close-Up Of Beer Glass Against White Background
    Classen Rafael / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Antique photograph of people from the World: Jay Gould
    ilbusca/Getty Images
    Ouzina desert
    Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images
    Vector wooden Texture
    Julia_Khimich/Getty Images
    Full Frame Texture, old concrete wall
    Ivan/Getty Images
    3D Image of classic old deserted western town
    richard eppedio/Getty Images
    Silhouette of Cowboy couple riding horses at sunset, vector
    kanyakits/Getty Images
    Set of blood splashes isolated on white background. Vector design element
    ioanmasay/Getty Images
    U.S. Army Taking over Western Territories Engraving, 1887
    bauhaus1000/Getty Images
    Antique photo of paintings: Man
    ilbusca/Getty Images
    Scenic View Of Mountains Against Clear Sky
    Arthur Simoes / EyeEm/Getty Images
    EDITORIAL USE: Graves of OK Corral gunfight participants, Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona
    Elizabeth Beard/Getty Images
    Man with handlebar mustache and chin puff
    Holly Harris/Getty Images
    Cowboy in various action
    4x6/Getty Images
    OK Corral, Tombstone
    Mirrorpix/Getty Images
    Barman stood behind the bar of his pub
    JGalione/Getty Images
    Glass and bottle of beer on table
    Lumina Images/Getty Images
    Men Killed by Wyatt Earp
    John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
    Doc Holliday
    John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
    John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
    Tombstone Arizona
    Art Wager/Getty Images
    1900s PORTRAIT WOMAN...
    H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
    Shotgun icon vector
    MrsWilkins/Getty Images
    Modern condo apartment
    Stuart Dee/Getty Images
    Wyatt Earp
    Bettmann/Getty Images
    Evil School Janitor
    inhauscreative/Getty Images
    Silbermine, Westerndorf 'Tombstone Village', Arizona, Nordamerika, Amerika, USA, Rei
    Peter Bischoff/Getty Images
    gravestone set
    koya79/Getty Images
    Court of the Queen's Bench
    duncan1890/Getty Images
    Victorian People
    Man_Half-tube/Getty Images
    Young Black Server or Waiter Holding a Tray
    innovatedcaptures/Getty Images
    Ridin' down the canyon
    Eastview Photography/Getty Images
    Trailer Trash
    vandervelden/Getty Images
    A Stagecoach In Tombstone
    Underwood Archives/Getty Images
    Western style silhouette buildings.
    Klibbor/Getty Images
    Empty pub
    Spaces Images/Getty Images
    Western Cowboy Gunslingers - Gun Fight, Outlaws
    KeithBishop/Getty Images
    A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Paradise Valley, NV.
    Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
    A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Wells, NV.
    Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
    Equestrian Sports: Western
    Gaucho/Getty Images
    cowboy deputy
    treasurephoto/Getty Images
    Grunge background in black and white with a brick pattern
    Angel_1978/Getty Images
    Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
    View from Massai Point at Chiricahua National Monument with Sulphur Spring Valley Dragoon Mountains in far distance.
    Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
    Young cowboy at table in saloon
    Mordolff/Getty Images
    Tombstone county courthouse
    Tashka/Getty Images
    OK Corral Gunfight Site, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
    Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
    OK Corral Gunfight sign, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
    Danita Delimont/Getty Images
    North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
    Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
    Tables in restaurant
    Tetra Images/Getty Images
    Portrait of a cowboy
    Adam Burn/Getty Images
    bartender shaking cocktail mixer in bar.
    RK Studio / Monashee Frantz/Getty Images
    Thinkstock/Getty Images
    Thinkstock/Getty Images
    Colt Peacemaker and a handful of bullets
    Geoff Brightling/Getty Images
    (Slow Motion) Horse Running- Hoof Close Up
    Rocheleau/Getty Images

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  • Kathy Rose
    Kathy Rose 15 часов назад

    Not gonna lie, never thought Ryan could pull off a cowboy hat so well

  • Kassidy Lange
    Kassidy Lange 15 часов назад

    The world may never truly know if Shane met the infamous swamper

  • Just Karina
    Just Karina 15 часов назад

    #postmortem why didn’t you guys Investigate the bird cage theatre it’s super haunted from what I’ve heard in the town they all talk about it

  • Rachel Lauren
    Rachel Lauren 15 часов назад

    For Postmortem:
    Is Ruining History coming back? (please say yes)

  • Paige Peach
    Paige Peach 15 часов назад

    Dean Winchester approves😊

  • Alina Promise
    Alina Promise 15 часов назад

    Post Mortem Okay 16:05 something is moving behind you guys sitting in the chair near the pillar. It appears to be slowly sitting up straight. You can see it again at around 16:23 but it appears to have slouched back down in the chair. Thank you Ryan for being me if I was there and thank you Shane for making all of this less scary. #boogara #love Ryan #loveShane 😗😗

  • Juliana Cromey
    Juliana Cromey 15 часов назад

    Jus an observation... At 13:33 there is a little ball of light (bout the size of a marble) to the top right of the whiskey glass then at 13:34 it moves really fast from top right (moving fast downwards) right next to the glass then disappears. Kinda kool!!
    Idk maybe it's lights from their camera or something, but the other lights reflected on that table are not as pronounced as that ball of light.

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor 16 часов назад

    y'all should investigate the menger hotel in san antonio texas! tons of history there and unrest, its located right across the street from the alamo.

  • brei irvin
    brei irvin 16 часов назад use the URL to earn $5 and start investing towards your future with as little as $5 a week. #getstarted

  • Music_is_Calming
    Music_is_Calming 16 часов назад

    I think I'm blind or something. Everyone's talking about a figure at 16:03 but I see nothin... Am I a shaniac?

  • It’s Zell
    It’s Zell 16 часов назад

    Tombstone is such a badass name for a town

  • nassim
    nassim 16 часов назад

    RDR 2

  • Shan Hussain
    Shan Hussain 16 часов назад

    For the post-mortem: there was something sitting on the table behind you guys in 16:05 IT MOVED!!!

  • Ellen Skipper
    Ellen Skipper 16 часов назад

    Two of the least cowboy-like men of all time and- I mean, maybe it’s just the lighting- yet they actually look pretty damn good in their Stetson cowboy hats!

  • Anahi Ortiz
    Anahi Ortiz 16 часов назад


  • Anger loks
    Anger loks 16 часов назад

    Nothing scary at all 😒😒 u guys need to head over seas and ghost hunt else where please

  • Shelby Croucher
    Shelby Croucher 16 часов назад

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that Wynonna Earp was based off these real people? Love that show lol. Also 16:05... wtf i'd be running if i saw that

    MIGHTYM4RS 16 часов назад

    was there a woman present with earrings and necklace around 13:13 present? or is that like a very very very clear ghost lolol

    ΣMΩ_ҒΩX-CHΔΠ_ΩTΔҜU 16 часов назад

    I was here when it was #1 trending uwu

  • Drawing with Nayeli
    Drawing with Nayeli 16 часов назад

    Number one on trending yah it better be🤩🤠

  • Frankie M
    Frankie M 16 часов назад

    #1 on trending!!!!!

  • Shayanne Peetz
    Shayanne Peetz 16 часов назад

    This show is more of a history lesson than a ghost hunting show, lol

  • Ashley AZ Mom
    Ashley AZ Mom 16 часов назад

    Woohoo! Welcome to AZ!

  • Flower
    Flower 16 часов назад

    You should add, "Hey ghouls, I'm your huckleberry" to your unsolved merch

  • Rachelle F
    Rachelle F 16 часов назад

    Come to old town Sacramento!

  • All About Gaming
    All About Gaming 16 часов назад +1

    You should Make a video on pablo Escobar this is a good topic

  • Swiggity Swoo
    Swiggity Swoo 16 часов назад

    Why do y'all sound like you're doing poor impressions of Matthew McConaughey in the beginning? No shade tree here...maybe a bit but it's refreshing shade.

  • Ukul ava
    Ukul ava 16 часов назад

    don't do accents please

  • Hunter Rosen
    Hunter Rosen 16 часов назад

    *This video is sponsored by Rockstar*

  • robloxer84
    robloxer84 16 часов назад

    Howdy Doody

  • ban this guy
    ban this guy 16 часов назад

    It's me your boi

  • Amartya Roy
    Amartya Roy 16 часов назад

    can you please investigate the ghost of the actress who jumped from the hollywood sign?

  • Maya L
    Maya L 16 часов назад

    investigate the Emily Morgan hotel!!!!!!!

  • SPaZZTiMeSHi
    SPaZZTiMeSHi 16 часов назад

    It's so funny to me that y'all were so excited to go to Tombstone! I live about 15 minutes away in Sierra Vista, and I've stayed overnight in one of the haunted hotels near the theatre. All the mystique and excitement is gone for me since I've been going there my whole life;;

    MIGHTYM4RS 16 часов назад

    parroting everyone else, unless one of your crew was sitting behind you in 16:05, it legit looks like something is beginning to materialize slowly and then when the shot returns back to showing your environment, that space looks back to what it was before the "thing" moved. it's very very interesting and yeah, tell us its one of your crew members i guess cause regardless of what yall decide (basically shane) i believe u actually caught something this time. that moved very smoothly and organically...idk like it was sitting up right or like a ...balloon being filled up with air and taking shape....IDK MAN light tricks dont make sense. it has to be one of your crew members or something

  • Alphonse Weeks
    Alphonse Weeks 16 часов назад

    I love that they are wearing cowboy hats! It's so cute!

  • Gregory Motta
    Gregory Motta 16 часов назад

    Love "The American Werewolf" title card in the closing credits. Spot on.

  • Alec Roberts
    Alec Roberts 16 часов назад

    It looks like someone sat up in a chair to the right of the pole in the clip around 16:03
    You can definitely see something stretching up or someone sitting up though. Really scary tbh

  • Tony Puente
    Tony Puente 16 часов назад

    Chills wanna be
    No one beats Burger King foot lettuce

  • Blue_Butterfly94
    Blue_Butterfly94 16 часов назад

    For #postmortem : 16:05, whats that moving just on right side of the pole, on the last bench?? Is it a crew member? And for the basement, Ryan, did you really hear footsteps or was it your mind playing tricks because we didnt get to hear them.

  • Citrus
    Citrus 16 часов назад

    hey i live in arizona

  • Jessa Mae Pastrana
    Jessa Mae Pastrana 16 часов назад

    Postmortem: Hi Shane. Did Ryan really pay $1.50? What did you do with it?

  • Eric S.
    Eric S. 16 часов назад +1

    Ryan would totally win in a duel against Shane. Shane's giant alien-demon arms would totally delay his draw and would result in Ryan's victory. #boogara #howsthatforsciencebitch #postmortem

  • Tania Martinez
    Tania Martinez 16 часов назад

    Ghoul boys are #1 in trending!!!!!!

  • SeaWitch225
    SeaWitch225 16 часов назад

    This video is giving me flashbacks from when I worked at the Tombstone Courthouse in high school! So upset I didn't get to see you guys in town!!!

  • Shwayster8
    Shwayster8 16 часов назад

    For the Postmortem: When you two shoot the Postmortem are the books behind both of you indicative of your personalities at all? In the previous one I noticed that the books behind Ryan are all lumped together with the same colors while Shane's are all over the place. Just a random thing I noticed. #boogaraforlife #Iwantto(wheeze)

  • martha flores
    martha flores 16 часов назад

    now that you’ve gone to yuma and tombstone, when are the ghoul boys going to jerome?! #postmortem

  • Exayevie
    Exayevie 16 часов назад

    "You're a very committed ghost hunter."
    "Nah. I just believe."
    Aaaaaaand there's the closing line to your feature presentation #GhoulBoyOutlaws

  • Allison Papp
    Allison Papp 16 часов назад

    you guys should have visited the old morgue!!! if you ever go back to tombstone you should!!!!

  • PARCE93
    PARCE93 16 часов назад

    Go to the Amytiville horror house please

  • Miri Diamandis
    Miri Diamandis 16 часов назад

    The thumbnail has me pushing up daisies, just so cute couple horseback riding on good ole Mt. BB

  • Michael Rukavina
    Michael Rukavina 16 часов назад

    Postmortem: maybe I uhhh lost my mind, but at 20:10, there looks like there's somebody coming out of the wall in the bottom left corner where there is light. It looks like arms and a head hanging out....

  • Lefty Kee
    Lefty Kee 16 часов назад

    TRENDING!!!!! NUMBER 1! YAY (like if you agree if you want or not i don't know k bye)

  • J. Allen
    J. Allen 16 часов назад

    I could only think of RDR2 while watchin this...

  • Jordy Guerrero
    Jordy Guerrero 16 часов назад

    For postmortem, do yall ever think that the gouls just dont show up because you are recording what if after filming every episode you all go back again with no cameras and tell us what you find, so you can get more action with the ghosts because maybe they are camera shine or dont wanna be on footage....anyways love the show #booguara #postmortem #rickygoldsworth

  • Sliced Bread
    Sliced Bread 16 часов назад

    16:05 anyone?

  • Krisna Hidayat
    Krisna Hidayat 16 часов назад

    trending #1

  • taeng makes me question my sexuality
    taeng makes me question my sexuality 16 часов назад

    For postmortem: I JUST WANNA KNOW HOW DID THEY CONCEAL THE SHOTGUN! and if I were in their position, id have flee the town on the same day

  • Alexis B
    Alexis B 16 часов назад

    you guys should do an out of the country season and go to chernobyl

    HOMELESS DOGGO 16 часов назад

    For tge one who cant really spot the ghoulish looking cowboy that reverse back onto a chair look straight behing ryan chair right next to the pole one the right is kinda hard to spot but zoom in on the pole and youle see 16:05

  • bouquetofllamas
    bouquetofllamas 16 часов назад

    I want there when I was 6 lol

  • Fred P
    Fred P 16 часов назад

    Yassssssss I wanted this

  • R.I.P X
    R.I.P X 16 часов назад


  • xoxo. lmonster
    xoxo. lmonster 16 часов назад

    Can you guys please do the nunnery in Logan Utah???

  • May Chelle Eltagunde
    May Chelle Eltagunde 16 часов назад

    POSTMORTEM: I think that place is not haunted at all and maybe the people from that place are just too imaginative that they think they saw things or what so ever. I think Tombstone is clean, i think that place is cleaner that my room. haha! ps. I love it every time shane messes up with ryan! #keepitup

  • Ashlee Hesse
    Ashlee Hesse 16 часов назад

    Number 1 on trending!! Alright ghouligans!! #secretshaniac #oldirtyshane #docholiday #wellbye #tombstonequotesarethebest

  • Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams 16 часов назад

    Postmortem: you guys should go visit Scary Dairy by CSUCI in Southern California. Once went there and heard a constant sweeping noise in the abandon barn where there is no way to enter it.

  • Jade Keil
    Jade Keil 16 часов назад

    this episode gave off a different vibe than usual

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 16 часов назад

    They took #1 trending video

  • Im Mrs Hood
    Im Mrs Hood 16 часов назад


  • Oat lord
    Oat lord 16 часов назад

    You boys need to man up and do some Eastern European haunted sites.

  • Justyn Greniger
    Justyn Greniger 16 часов назад

    buzzfeed tshirt idea....drops the horns!

  • Catherine Lauren
    Catherine Lauren 16 часов назад +1

    #1 on trending!!!👏👏👏👏

  • Carli Phillippi
    Carli Phillippi 16 часов назад

    I love this and you two. I’m TeamRyan though. Sorry Shane.

  • Crystal Lacy
    Crystal Lacy 16 часов назад

    Yay Tombstone! I used to live near there. The O.K. Corral is freaking creepy though.

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 16 часов назад

    No Birdcage theater?
    Stoked yall did Tombstone! It's also one of my favorite historical sites... and my absolute favorite movie ever!

  • Omar Sandoval
    Omar Sandoval 16 часов назад

    Settle it on the switch. there's a duel game to see who is the fastest ghoul boys

  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson 16 часов назад

    I wanna be a cowboyyyyyy baby

  • Fritz Holm
    Fritz Holm 16 часов назад

    For Post Mortem!
    At 9:01 right after Ryan tries to reach out to Morgan Earp I hear what sounds like a knock...
    You guys seem to stand completely still, so could it be your cameraman making a noise? Or could it be a ghost trying to make contact...

  • shadelings
    shadelings 16 часов назад

    Gee, Ryan, the fact that you got nothing on your gibberish box isn't at all due to the fact that even today Tombstone is a very remote location, amirite? So in such a remote location, if there isn't the infrastructure of radio or cell phone towers nearby, well it just kind of makes sense why your giberish box had nada to say as well because there was nothing for it to parse!

  • fortaneli L.
    fortaneli L. 16 часов назад

    Look for the dogman

  • AaronNapier
    AaronNapier 16 часов назад

    Go to the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. We caught a shadow person on camera in the courtyard. Stayed there one night and caught so much stuff not even trying to. Had no idea this was caught til weeks after we got home. Got a lot of strange things in some of the pics we took too!

  • krislyn
    krislyn 16 часов назад

    shane madej u giant loaf if u didn't see @16:04 u're a coward

  • Anchita Potumanchi
    Anchita Potumanchi 16 часов назад

    #postmortem PLEASE bring back Ruining History. I loved that series! I watched each episode 50000 times. Please! 😭

  • dah6412
    dah6412 16 часов назад

    Not even upset about their country accents 😂😂

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  • Something Dreadful
    Something Dreadful 16 часов назад +1

    For the post-mortem, would you smooch a ghost cowboy?

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    Tom Ives 16 часов назад

    You both look absolutely dashing in those cowboy hats!
    Much love from Texas!

  • Little Wanderer
    Little Wanderer 16 часов назад

    The way Ryan says the "DEATH" word makes me cringe 😅

  • Scottyrooo Yep
    Scottyrooo Yep 16 часов назад

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    Tanyah. 16 часов назад

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    Shane: "Oh, it must be Timmy!"
    Ryan: *Waverly hills hospital flashbacks*

  • Devin Mccurry
    Devin Mccurry 16 часов назад

    They should of left the glass or place glasses on the tables and walked off and left it alone, then come back see if anything been moved

  • Marissa Seelye
    Marissa Seelye 16 часов назад

    If there was ever a time for a Shane 'stache, it'd be now 👏🏼

  • Devin Mccurry
    Devin Mccurry 16 часов назад

    What if shane did see a ghost, and deleted footage, we will never know Haha

  • Anjeline Valdecantos
    Anjeline Valdecantos 16 часов назад

    It seems at around 16:25 the guy sitting behind them is trying to turn his head. I'm freaking out.