The Flash 3x17 John Barrowman Interview "Duet" (HD) Musical Crossover with Supergirl

John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) discusses his role in The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover "Duet" airing tomorrow on The CW.. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Flash season 3 promos in HD!

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The Flash 3x17 Interview/Preview "John Barrowman"
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 Interview
The Flash 3x17 Interview "John Barrowman" (HD)

» Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh

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Автор Ramon Smith ( назад)
I like the cross-over, in fact I love the cross-over ideas but this last musical garbage was just that, GARBAGE!!! Get your heads out of your dumb asses, unless of course you just plan to LOSE all your loyal fans. WTF!!!!!

Автор Lana Golightly ( назад)
It amazes me how different he is from malcom

Автор KittyGirl99 ( назад)
Omg Carlos and John

(I'm totally not screaming.)

Автор John Jones ( назад)
Merlyn likes to sing? He's even more psychotic than I thought.

Автор Crunkboy415 ( назад)
He did sing as a Nazi in the Producers movie. The one made in 2005.

Автор fianle ( назад)
I'm happy for him. He seems really excited about doing this.

Автор Havok Zak ( назад)
dark archer in this musical episode? this is will be a great musical crossover..

Автор KathrynMerteuil29 ( назад)
Oh Barrowman! Love him. :D

Автор CarVie16 ( назад)
Everyone should feel as excited as Barrowman.

Автор Mirelis Veguilla ( назад)
Awww, he's so excited 😊 😄

Автор OUMZ DABBZ ( назад)
John Barrowman the guy is very talented

Автор HeathenGeek ( назад)
Dude, he's like maniacally happy. He should use some of that in the Merlyn character.

Автор IcecreamDF ( назад)
Yes! I was hoping he'd be in this.

Автор Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!) ( назад)
This little bit of Barrowman just being exited like a little kid makes me wanna hit the replay button until the actual episode comes on. He just seems so happy and exited. Which makes me happy and exited ^^

Автор Kenrick Bautista ( назад)
I'm really excited to see this episode. Anybody who complains about the plot of this episode or how it's a musical in general, SHUT UP. I think this episode will be great.

Автор Giuliano Merelli ( назад)
creo que voy a odiar este episodio con todas mis fuerzas.

Автор Machuw ( назад)
what the frick happened to Malcolm on Legends, like, he's just gone

Автор alola form raichu ( назад)
Where the hell is malcolm merlyn on legend of tomorrow? We haven't seen him since episode 10, what is he doing?(on the flash to check out what eobard Thrawe used to do before legend of tomorrow?) malcolm: so eobard just do musical? Last time I was on flash, it was a mix of arrow. (Meanwhile) eobard: WHERE THE HELL IS MALCOLM!

Автор grand inquisitor4321 ( назад)
Malcolm is in this. Ugh. I love his character and they do this with him

Автор mt productions ( назад)
WTF!! is merylen in this anyway?!? HAHAha this shit is staight up for glee fans and saying f u to the flash fans faces.😂

Автор Jack Waterhouse ( назад)
I wonder if these actors would feel the same about musicals if they grew up in the north of England?

Автор DCF ( назад)
I'm sure it's gonna be a fun little episode, but I'm afraid I can't look at Malcolm Merlyn the same after this

Автор Daisy hernandez ( назад)
Minuto 16 modo gey

Автор Dare - wait for it - Devil ( назад)
You just gotta love John.

Автор Oliver Jonas Queen ( назад)
John Barrowman is an excellent actor, acts as well as Malcolm Merlyn !!!! I do not know why he left Arrow !!! Unbelievable, the best characters of Arrow always go away: Sara, Ray, Malcom, Damien, Nyssa, Huntress, Slade and now Laurel also left !!! And that asshole from Felicity is still there !!!!

Автор Enda McNabola ( назад)
it's strange how one of the most dangerous assasins and jerkass villains in the Arrowverse gets to perform in a musical.

Автор Deltatiger ( назад)
Barrowman is such a great guy ^^

Автор Red Roses ( назад)

Автор PantherKing 13 ( назад)
This crossover is getting better and better! I don't understand why people are hating on this. So what if its fun

Автор Ian Knights ( назад)
Barrowman!! must've been loving it

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