The Demonic Goatman's Bridge

  • Опубликовано: 3 ноя 2017
  • Does a demonic entity actually reside near Alton Bridge?
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    In BuzzFeed’s hit paranormal docuseries Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan, ever the believer in supernatural phenomena, embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, investigating the chillingly real evidence around some of the most notorious and disturbing supernatural folklore.
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    Be Afraid
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  • Ryan Bergara
    Ryan Bergara Год назад +15778

    For more on this demonic entity, peep our research notes at the link below and discuss when you get there!

    • Pidam Sorang
      Pidam Sorang 21 день назад

      Try Anabelle doll please

    • shay raye1
      shay raye1 3 месяца назад

      Ryan Bergara you're so cute!!!! 😍😍

    • Subject 002
      Subject 002 4 месяца назад

      Ryan Bergara last comment

    • G - MAX4U
      G - MAX4U 4 месяца назад


  • Emre Ozcelik
    Emre Ozcelik 51 минуту назад

    When they tried to talk to the sphirits u can see a thing staring at the white guy srry i dont know his name

  • Josh Vidal
    Josh Vidal 54 минуты назад

    At 20:02 random dots appear

  • Dante Bushman
    Dante Bushman 59 минут назад

    Steve goatman is my striper name

  • rafi sarhan
    rafi sarhan 2 часа назад

    Their combination is perfect one believes in myths and open mind to very strange ideas or opinion . The other one believe on science who thinks everything have an explanation.

  • Vella Falco
    Vella Falco 2 часа назад

    Other names: Lucifer, Lilith. I know someone who’s named Lilith

  • Queen_Kaetfree
    Queen_Kaetfree 8 часов назад

    "you fucking wimp" xDD

  • Cade Anderson
    Cade Anderson 9 часов назад

    that steve name has come up on other shows as well as local investigators if i remember correctly, thats really interesting

  • ss josh
    ss josh 12 часов назад

    6:23 has me dead

  • G LL
    G LL 12 часов назад

    D e m o n i c S h a n e ‘ s B r i d g e .

  • Jack Dozier
    Jack Dozier 14 часов назад

    Demons!!!!!! Are my friends...... I should see a doctor.

  • Shen Hoong Choo
    Shen Hoong Choo 15 часов назад

    Shan is to funny for me

  • Gio Demarco
    Gio Demarco 15 часов назад

    What if the Demon can't fucking read or spell?

  • Shadow Mask
    Shadow Mask 18 часов назад

    5:27 who else saw that light in the background

  • Liam Sharp
    Liam Sharp 19 часов назад

    Dude throuout the video you can see yellow eyes that move really fast

  • Jeremy Camacho
    Jeremy Camacho 19 часов назад

    U said Steve Rong is S TEA AVV

  • Jeremy Camacho
    Jeremy Camacho 20 часов назад


  • Hello There
    Hello There 20 часов назад +1

    I generally extremely dislike anything buzzfeed because they tend to be leftist sjw vids but Ryan and Shane are amazing and the only buzzfeed thing I watch

  • Madison Page
    Madison Page 21 час назад

    into the ongoing question: are goats real

  • Katherine Schultz
    Katherine Schultz 21 час назад +1

    "Sir, you can't do any of that occult stuff today; it's a weeknight!"

  • Katherine Schultz
    Katherine Schultz 21 час назад +1

    his holywater guns tho

  • Izzy Pattillo
    Izzy Pattillo 23 часа назад

    I HAVE A THEORY... maybe nothing really supernatural happens because of the fact that Shane isn’t scared? So the thing can’t feed off of Shane’s energy? So it isn’t as powerful? Idk. The thought popped up in my head.

  • Mediocre Caleb
    Mediocre Caleb 23 часа назад

    Perfect place to kill an associate...Just blame it on the goat man then if the cops call BS and charge you plead insanity

  • Phinesser
    Phinesser День назад

    20:03 2 eyes

  • Jade4995
    Jade4995 День назад

    A bush moving in the woods !! What is this tomfoolery?!?

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith День назад +1

    Correct spelling lesson:
    Correct: Sally.
    Incorrect: Sallie.
    My mama's name is Sally.

  • Little Queen
    Little Queen День назад

    12:09 EYES, in the right corner, can you see it??????

  • Emme Bivens
    Emme Bivens День назад

    I live 2 hours away from Denton.... spooky

  • memeheck
    memeheck День назад

    i watched this with my cat and i feel kinda bad about it now

  • Tom Jeffy
    Tom Jeffy День назад

    Omg I watching this when toys r us closed= R.i.p

  • aryan mishra
    aryan mishra День назад

    it will be soo funny if u left the ouija board setting just like that !

  • Red Mello
    Red Mello День назад +1

    Father Thomas: Do Not Connect or communicate with Demons
    BuzzFeed: Today we are connecting with the demon

  • luna's life with spirits
    luna's life with spirits День назад

    When will they go to java island, Indonesia. Where there are like millions of ghosts here. Im Indonesian and I love this series thanks for the scares!.

  • warriorwolfprincess
    warriorwolfprincess День назад

    I like that even though Shane doesn’t believe in demons he still closes the ouija board with Ryan

  • LoudPredator 5180
    LoudPredator 5180 День назад

    feels bad how they have edited in sounds in the audio replays, as there is no sign of those sounds in the original clip

  • lili mae
    lili mae День назад

    “why are you unbuttoning your pants?”-shane
    **takes a step back**
    “don’t worry about it.”-ryan

  • Sharpedeo's Minecraft
    Sharpedeo's Minecraft День назад +5

    Jezz im the smartest person alive


  • The restless Official
    The restless Official День назад +6

    This one is actually pretty scary but Shanes humour helps

  • RedLeader IsMe
    RedLeader IsMe День назад

    Me during 11:30

    wOW SO EXPENSIVE День назад

    any *horny boys*

  • BedsideStereo
    BedsideStereo День назад

    If ya heard something, don't know what it is, and currently at a demon sight, don't go over there... okay I got no room to speak I do that all the time...minus the demons tho

  • Samson Daniel
    Samson Daniel День назад

    DEMON : I have a boyfriend

  • Jassica Nasir
    Jassica Nasir День назад

    21:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jassica Nasir
    Jassica Nasir День назад +1

    I was drinking water and as soon as Shane started dancing on the bridge I choked 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brianna Marie
    Brianna Marie День назад


  • Narnia Dici
    Narnia Dici День назад

    Shane is 100% a demon

  • Supa Sander
    Supa Sander 2 дня назад


  • ligma balls
    ligma balls 2 дня назад

    *Shane gets scratched* wow these sticks are really sharp

  • Christian Tanner
    Christian Tanner 2 дня назад

    I'm subscribing to this channel cuz it has humor and it's funny

  • Deandre
    Deandre 2 дня назад

    lmao any horny boys out toinght

  • Rollercoaster Rider
    Rollercoaster Rider 2 дня назад

    Somehow i found this scary and funny

  • Emma M
    Emma M 2 дня назад

    my wifi keeps shutting off when i watch the ghoul boys and it really bugs me because i wanna watch it without interruptions. i need to get it fixed

  • R. Morgan
    R. Morgan 2 дня назад

    Those poor cats deserved better

  • RapPanda
    RapPanda 2 дня назад

    GUYS LOOK BETWEEN 5:00 en 5:29 there is a light moving in the bush and behind them

  • Ruchi Aggarwal
    Ruchi Aggarwal 2 дня назад

    At 13:17 paranoid as hell
    At 13:18 Shane "put that cat down"
    Now laughing like an idiot 😂

  • Nadia Torres
    Nadia Torres 2 дня назад

    At 8:50 you can see a greenlight behind them

    • Nadia Torres
      Nadia Torres 2 дня назад

      Idk if that is the camera but

  • Charlotte Ncube
    Charlotte Ncube 2 дня назад

    when he said witch lair my opened door started creaking and then slammed shut help meeeeeeeee

  • blind glowstick 467
    blind glowstick 467 2 дня назад

    Shanes a ni🅱🅱a

  • eetee weetee squad
    eetee weetee squad 2 дня назад

    Ryan Shane 12:9 watch that extreme right....u two are saved tbh

  • Dream gary
    Dream gary 2 дня назад

    Whenever they are sitting down on the bridge I imagine "Steve" the goatman running towards them...whilst flalling his arms everywhere like a drunk man

  • TheCybertroniansTF5
    TheCybertroniansTF5 2 дня назад


  • Ceecee
    Ceecee 2 дня назад +1

    I live on the other side of the world but I still feel like the Goatman will find me

  • ARMY Central
    ARMY Central 2 дня назад +2

    Could you NOT with the scary fucking music?!

  • Gamers Journey
    Gamers Journey 2 дня назад +1

    The scream was probably a coyote.

  • Maxy Max
    Maxy Max 2 дня назад

    Who else saw random lights in the background

  • Xavier Lopez
    Xavier Lopez 2 дня назад +2

    You guys should do an eposode on black eyed children.

  • Killer of worlds Yeet
    Killer of worlds Yeet 2 дня назад

    You shouldn’t make us demons mad we will kill you next time you come to are resting place

  • haileythegamer :3
    haileythegamer :3 2 дня назад

    These guys always make me laugh

  • Ian McClain
    Ian McClain 2 дня назад

    The backstory of Goatman is he was a punishment from God on a woman and a man who cheated on their spouses he is not a demon but a physical being

  • Phantom Productions
    Phantom Productions 2 дня назад +1

    I didnt need sleep tonight anyways

  • Im Joselyn
    Im Joselyn 2 дня назад +3

    Where I live we have the donkey lady bridge

  • Greta Althaus
    Greta Althaus 2 дня назад +1

    You better watch out goatman, Shane is coming for ya

  • Rebekah Smith
    Rebekah Smith 2 дня назад

    It’s my bridge now!

  • Drifty
    Drifty 3 дня назад

    When they where in the woods i saw one of the bushes move and i heard the scream

  • The Grace Marie
    The Grace Marie 3 дня назад

    Sat down to watch this and my nose started bleeding... coincidence?

  • Λxulis TM
    Λxulis TM 3 дня назад

    He didn’t come cause he didn’t want to be exposed lol

  • Λxulis TM
    Λxulis TM 3 дня назад +2

    *I have holy water, don’t try me*

  • ødetosleep
    ødetosleep 3 дня назад


  • Faith Fox
    Faith Fox 3 дня назад


  • Ashleigh Ince - Smith
    Ashleigh Ince - Smith 3 дня назад

    Ermmmmm isn’t this the bridge from the movie ‘a quiet place’ ???

  • mea rows
    mea rows 3 дня назад

    Hands down best episode of buttfuck unlubed to date

  • Its Shei Shei
    Its Shei Shei 3 дня назад

    Idk but I want them to go there again and bring those thermal devices ( idk what’s the name of the device), but then I don’t want them to be in danger

  • Ace Of Hearts
    Ace Of Hearts 3 дня назад

    As soon as the board went to "F" I was like, he's paying respects

    MIGUELONMARS 3 дня назад

    *actually spells out goodbye*

  • Francis Arce
    Francis Arce 3 дня назад

    The salt circle though, winchesters are proud of you

  • javon jackson
    javon jackson 3 дня назад

    Put that 🐈 down🏃🏿‍♂️😂☠️

  • Yeti Slick
    Yeti Slick 3 дня назад

    imagine opening gummo on the bridge and shooting a gun in random directions.

  • Kenton Truong
    Kenton Truong 3 дня назад

    with the spirit box thing, the noises it randomly made sounded like beat boxing. DOES THE GOATMAN BEATBOX?!

  • KingHannah03
    KingHannah03 3 дня назад

    “We’ll perform a ritual that I have never done before in my life”
    Yeah good idea

  • KanaKobayashi
    KanaKobayashi 3 дня назад

    21:20 that yellow flashing light trippin me out

  • Casandra Dievendorf
    Casandra Dievendorf 3 дня назад

    if you people really want to see ghosts come to Michigan.

  • Lexi Mcgee
    Lexi Mcgee 3 дня назад

    I thought the goat man was just like Sabrina the teenage witch or riverdale and that stuff 😂 🤦‍♀️

  • kitty Flurf
    kitty Flurf 3 дня назад

    RIP Toys r us

  • Aaron Helvy
    Aaron Helvy 3 дня назад

    Watch out for the monster under ur bed ryan muahahahahaha!!

  • 3mma 1i113y
    3mma 1i113y 4 дня назад

    Y'all are fucking Insane

  • KingHannah03
    KingHannah03 4 дня назад +1

    Hayyy it’s a bridge
    Yeah I can see that

  • Riley Kelley
    Riley Kelley 4 дня назад

    9:08 volume up theirs a growl

  • Amber Hoyt
    Amber Hoyt 4 дня назад

    They need to go threw the film again. In the part where they are walking in the woods I saw the same phenomena that that Ghost Adventures caught. The disembodied eyes.

  • frank zappa
    frank zappa 4 дня назад

    this is the episode that got me into this series hahaha, that goading on the bridge by shane where he sounds like a middle ages noble in Europe haha, my sides hurt all the time i hear it haha

  • Zasha Almazan
    Zasha Almazan 4 дня назад

    How about you do it with a paranormal, the one with the gadgets or a psychic