The Demonic Goatman's Bridge

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Does a demonic entity actually reside near Alton Bridge?
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    In BuzzFeed’s hit paranormal docuseries Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan, ever the believer in supernatural phenomena, embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, investigating the chillingly real evidence around some of the most notorious and disturbing supernatural folklore.
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    Be Afraid
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    End of the World
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    Down the Hole
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    Ending It All
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Comments • 50 092

  • Lalfaktlinga Sailo

    Pls Go To The Suicidal Forest

  • Boku No Hero Academia Cosplay

    I have the answer for are demons real?
    No, why? Because when you die you go to the after life and go to hell, or heaven!

  • Rhonda Kuaana
    Rhonda Kuaana 3 hours ago

    I saw 2 lights in the back ground....

  • Rhonda Kuaana
    Rhonda Kuaana 3 hours ago

    Wow did you see the reflection from your was a goat man's face... omg...!!! you wou li d of s*** your pants if you saw that...!!!

  • Miraclous Rammy
    Miraclous Rammy 4 hours ago

    Not a single soul:

  • Miraclous Rammy
    Miraclous Rammy 4 hours ago


  • Miraclous Rammy
    Miraclous Rammy 4 hours ago

    ‘’You think a demon hears the word demon’’
    “Shut up”

  • 감하나.
    감하나. 4 hours ago

    I would just naruto run the bridge (I’m also a weaboo)

  • aquatic Demonomaniac
    aquatic Demonomaniac 4 hours ago

    Lucio didn't like this video

  • Me, myself and I like to be alone.

    Why am I watching this at 2:30 am in the middle of the woods?

  • *Enter witty username here*

    *goatman’s bridge:* exists
    *shane:* it’s free real estate

  • sailer _1
    sailer _1 6 hours ago

    Batman now we have goatman boys

    LX_VEX YT 7 hours ago

    7:08 glowing yellow eyes

  • Annabelle Begin
    Annabelle Begin 9 hours ago

    I live 20 mins from goatmans bridge

  • Scattered Ideas
    Scattered Ideas 11 hours ago

    I feel like shane and ryan should do an episode on suicide forest if they havent yet

  • Jay Jaska
    Jay Jaska 13 hours ago

    Goatman: I am a proud Goatman, my father was a proud Goatman, and there is nothing you can do to break my proud Goatman spirit.
    Shane: This is my bridge now.
    Goatman: Baaaaahh!

  • Michelle Nordquist
    Michelle Nordquist 14 hours ago

    is it bad that when they said that the one guy was like a car thing i could imagine him running threw the woods like that XD

  • ELSoop
    ELSoop 14 hours ago

    you should go to the purple head bridge in Indiana you can hear a baby crying every time you go its scary af

  • Jerry Beckham
    Jerry Beckham 15 hours ago

    Me before whatching this video a goat!!
    Me after watching this video oh noooo

  • Sadie Groner
    Sadie Groner 15 hours ago

    Ryan: What the hell was that?!
    Shane: Sounds like nature.
    Ryan: . . . LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!

  • jz35
    jz35 15 hours ago

    is this series dead now ? the new season is over due , is it not ?

  • Violet Royal
    Violet Royal 15 hours ago +1

    "Why are you unbuttoning your pants? "
    "Don't worry about it"
    "We're in public right now-"

    So........ What if you weren't in public?

  • Azzytothenahnah nahnah
    Azzytothenahnah nahnah 16 hours ago

    5:27 see that flashing light?

  • Eve Jasper
    Eve Jasper 17 hours ago

    Hey guys. Can you please look more into satanist beliefs before just accusing all of us of sacrificing animals. Which like 20 satanist actually do. We don’t believe in Satan. He doesn’t exist and were glorified atheists. I love this channel either way and think it’s fascinating.

  • Aiyanna George
    Aiyanna George 18 hours ago

    Hi bicthghk

  • TehSamuraiGaming
    TehSamuraiGaming 18 hours ago

    Whata bunch of young girls

  • TehSamuraiGaming
    TehSamuraiGaming 18 hours ago

    I can hear there fear in there voice

  • TehSamuraiGaming
    TehSamuraiGaming 18 hours ago

    Who is in the toilet takeing a dump and drinking cola and typing with his toes cus i am

  • TehSamuraiGaming
    TehSamuraiGaming 18 hours ago

    BUT DIO IS!!!

  • Michaya Shepherd
    Michaya Shepherd 19 hours ago

    Shane is a whole 🤡

  • Angelina Red
    Angelina Red 19 hours ago

    The salt circle is so useless due to the gaps between the planks. It has to be closed to protect you

  • Thais Santos
    Thais Santos 23 hours ago

    Do the Amyttyville next!!!!

  • TehRealMrJ
    TehRealMrJ Day ago

    Shane and Ryan: *using spirit box*
    “Bridge” and “Steve”?
    Neighbors on a radio: “yeah some fucking idiots are on the bridge talking about some guy named Steve”

  • CVZ -
    CVZ - Day ago

    "it's goatman entrapment"😂😂 7:08

  • Maniak Maniaka
    Maniak Maniaka Day ago

    All the noises you've heard are caused by animals, wind, nature, and your own working equipment :v

    IRIS QUILOP Day ago +1

    “Put that cat down” HAHAHAHA

  • CeNToN zn
    CeNToN zn Day ago

    Goatman part2?

  • Doggo chin
    Doggo chin Day ago

    pause the vid at 12:09
    and look at the right

  • Chizuru
    Chizuru Day ago

    Better watch “Mahoutsukai no Yome” There you’ll see a wizard Goat man got a rare girl(?) to marry at the end.

  • Broken Umbrellas
    Broken Umbrellas Day ago +1

    I never thought I’d watch a video made by buzzfeed.

  • Ashllyn D
    Ashllyn D Day ago +1

    Demon machines pick up the name “Steve”
    Ppl: Nah this bridge belongs to the *Goatman*

    Herobrine: Am I a joke to you?

  • dokkan boy
    dokkan boy Day ago

    What people dont realize is if your intentions is to prove a demon is real it's not gonna show its self which means that If it do god is real and satan would not allow of to think that

  • Hdjd Sjjx
    Hdjd Sjjx Day ago


  • Cynthia Nichols
    Cynthia Nichols Day ago

    The scream was a fox at 11:54.

  • dsrtpixie
    dsrtpixie Day ago +2

    Wikipedia actually blocked the page from being vandalized because of this

  • Rylee Breeze
    Rylee Breeze Day ago +1

    The scream sounded like a woman screaming help

  • Colbablast
    Colbablast Day ago

    Shane: "As we snuff these candles, so too do we snuff you from this mortal world." 21:28
    *Blows out candle*

    "You fuckin' wimp."
    I'm dead lol

  • Electric Biscuit
    Electric Biscuit Day ago +6

    The spirit box sounds like someone that's bad at beatboxing.

  • Maddie Davila
    Maddie Davila Day ago

    "Put ur cat down" i died

  • TheWhatYouNeed
    TheWhatYouNeed Day ago

    These are the “ghost” videos i like... making fun of them BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST!

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright Day ago +5

    Wish they actually knew how to use the board it would’ve been very entertaining🤦‍♂️😂

  • SnprOllie
    SnprOllie Day ago

    the legend of the shaneman

  • Ronee Herrin
    Ronee Herrin Day ago

    Did anyone else see the car head lights behind them at 5:29- 5:30
    Didn’t they say there was no car access???

  • Little Sparrow
    Little Sparrow Day ago

    10:53 - Shane coincidentally describing Slenderman.

  • Lisa Wanka
    Lisa Wanka Day ago

    just saying, if the salt falls through the cracks of the bridge, it is not a full circle anymore

  • **Ya Ya**
    **Ya Ya** Day ago

    So basically sagittarius... I feel attacked

  • Rebekah Walsh
    Rebekah Walsh 2 days ago +1

    "*GOATMAN* Im dancin' on your bridge"

  • Charlie -
    Charlie - 2 days ago

    8:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • omar alvarado
    omar alvarado 2 days ago

    I been to this bridge along time ago when i lived in lewisville...we were high af didnt see nothing bt scary af

    HEYNIK 2 days ago

    5:25 I seen behind them a white blur, but as I rewinded the video to go see it again, the white blur never reappeared.

    • HEYNIK
      HEYNIK 2 days ago

      @Gucci_fijiwater ? I was so confused, coz that's why I rewinded it coz I though that's what it was, but that light was before the part I'm talking about, there was no light where I looked, that light literally dissapeared from the footage in front of my eyes😭

    • Gucci_fijiwater ?
      Gucci_fijiwater ? 2 days ago

      HEYNIK It’s a car light

  • Lani Sumagaysay
    Lani Sumagaysay 2 days ago +19

    Your watching like
    1. Minimized screen
    2.low volume
    3. Going to the comments to get distracted

    • UnheritedMyst
      UnheritedMyst 23 hours ago +1

      You’ve just explained everything I’ve done

  • Whitney King
    Whitney King 2 days ago

    The idea of people being in the bushes is still infinitely more frightening than any goatman.

  • Its Elek
    Its Elek 2 days ago +1

    I meant 11:54

  • Its Elek
    Its Elek 2 days ago +1

    11:45 you can see someone moving in the bushes and you can also like see glowing eyes if you look closely enough

  • Christopher Wigfall
    Christopher Wigfall 2 days ago

    Fk you goatman 😀😅😃😃🤣 yeah that pissed him off 😀😃😅😄😁

  • Ragan Armstrong
    Ragan Armstrong 2 days ago

    This place isn’t that scary. I live near here and have been there many times. We jump of the bridge and swim and there’s a rope swing lol. Everyone goes there during the summer

  • Xathenia Chong
    Xathenia Chong 2 days ago

    I am literally shaking

    HDISO YT 2 days ago

    13:15 “put that cat down”

  • xKyle Potato
    xKyle Potato 2 days ago

    11:54 The scream said help

  • xKyle Potato
    xKyle Potato 2 days ago

    8:51 did anyone see green glowing orbs O_O

  • Kiyoko McKay
    Kiyoko McKay 2 days ago +6

    When he said Sasquatch I thought he said Shakespeare lol xD
    I paused and was like:
    “Whoa whoa wait..You caught Shakespeare??”

  • Alteran
    Alteran 2 days ago +5

    Goatman: "I fear no man, but that think... *Sees Shane on his bridge* It scares me."

  • Kristina Lee
    Kristina Lee 2 days ago

    How are you still alive Shane? XD

  • Vainest
    Vainest 2 days ago

    16:47 16:57 me when I’m beat boxing

    AMIA HARRIS 2 days ago

    21:29 Ok that's hilariois 😂