The Demonic Goatman's Bridge

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Does a demonic entity actually reside near Alton Bridge?
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    In BuzzFeed’s hit paranormal docuseries Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan, ever the believer in supernatural phenomena, embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, investigating the chillingly real evidence around some of the most notorious and disturbing supernatural folklore.
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    Be Afraid
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    End of the World
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Comments • 47 351

  • slugger bomb
    slugger bomb 21 minute ago

    I would use ravaged and chodori combine make a charigan and kill goat man

  • For The Love Of Pudding
    For The Love Of Pudding 53 minutes ago

    *"Give....Give me a heads up if you start to feel murderous...I would appreciate that.."*

  • Britne Swanson
    Britne Swanson Hour ago

    Christ's name is supposed to repel them..... Try to not say it

  • Best Girl
    Best Girl Hour ago

    Thank you to the arcana for giving new meaning to goatman

  • you know
    you know 2 hours ago

    Calls out- "were here for the cult stuff we seen the ad on Craigslist" lmao

  • Tbager
    Tbager 3 hours ago

    I saw the goat man in Idaho twice

  • CrazyUnicornLover Xxx
    CrazyUnicornLover Xxx 3 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder why Shane doesn’t get scared or I didn’t see him get scared but i just want to scare him sooo bad

  • Lemon Shark
    Lemon Shark 3 hours ago

    I live pretty close to Denton, pretty creepy. But, hey, come at me Goatman! Me and my fuckin cattle gonna charge right at ya! yEe hAWwWW!

  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia 4 hours ago

    I never know you hired Palpatine to do the dialogue for the ghost stories.

  • Critikal Beats
    Critikal Beats 4 hours ago

    Helens Bridge

  • Little Onion
    Little Onion 4 hours ago

    Could the goatman be a skin walker?

  • Diploproblem
    Diploproblem 5 hours ago

    "Its Goatman entrapment."

  • Insane Lifetime
    Insane Lifetime 5 hours ago

    Is there the possibility that shane ain’t human? What if he is a being that scares even the most terrifying of demons-

  • isabella Dominguez
    isabella Dominguez 6 hours ago

    Sorry it's son God and the holy spirit

  • isabella Dominguez
    isabella Dominguez 6 hours ago

    Be careful

  • isabella Dominguez
    isabella Dominguez 6 hours ago

    Demons always comes in threes or knocks three times to mimic God his favorite number number 3 so God son holy spirit =number 3

  • Tanner 9905
    Tanner 9905 6 hours ago

    This is how horror movies start

  • Jeff the killer
    Jeff the killer 6 hours ago

    Why is it always the cats??!!?
    Fucking humanity 🖕🖕

  • Gacha_ Mermaid
    Gacha_ Mermaid 6 hours ago

    Me: I walk on bridge.
    *Goatman appears*
    Me: I take out a whip *hits him*.

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 6 hours ago

    Still Ryan's and Shane's bridge.

  • TheDukeof AllSaiyans
    TheDukeof AllSaiyans 7 hours ago

    Guess what else screams at night in wooded areas, fucking mountain lions.

  • Yt Ian18gamer
    Yt Ian18gamer 7 hours ago

    😂 they just did a seance
    God bless both of them
    Nothing happened

  • Jeto
    Jeto 7 hours ago

    This is so crazy I live in Denton I didn’t know about this bridge

  • Accedeli 00
    Accedeli 00 7 hours ago

    "People report hearing hooves" Lil Wayne just trying to take a nightly walk.

  • Maddox Siuda
    Maddox Siuda 8 hours ago

    My NaMe Is ShAne! ThE BRidgE iS mInE NoW

  • OpticLegend 210
    OpticLegend 210 8 hours ago +2

    Plz do The black swan inn in texas San Antonio

    RIDICULOUS CHRIS 8 hours ago +2

    Well I'm calling Doomguy

  • Pouncing Panther
    Pouncing Panther 8 hours ago +3

    The screams In the video were from foxes. You could hear Vixen screams and alert -warning barks.

    • Diploproblem
      Diploproblem 4 hours ago

      So that's what the fox says. "Get off my lawn!"

  • Ruben
    Ruben 9 hours ago +3

    Level 101 Greater demon
    *Shane out in the wild*
    Pker: let me get that

  • Asia
    Asia 9 hours ago +4

    *wind blows* replay: scream

  • Wolfbat 10
    Wolfbat 10 9 hours ago +4

    Me at night: I’ll watch this in the morning
    My brain: lets watch it now
    Me at night: good idea brain!

  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover 9 hours ago +1

    Your supposed to knock on the wood

  • Random Somebody
    Random Somebody 9 hours ago +2

    Spirits in the woods: LET’S GET PHYSICAL PHYSICAL~~~
    I’m sorry. I just had to do that 😂

  • Allison MacRae
    Allison MacRae 10 hours ago

    Not smart, to taunt demons

  • tea
    tea 10 hours ago

    at 11:42, when he says “i did see that bush move” , you can’t hear a scream at all. when they “replay it”, it sounds like a scream. they had to have added that in because you can’t hear anything at 11:42.
    also, it’s the fucking woods. there.are.animals. all the “snaps” and “movements” are probably animals. and, when they do the replays you can’t hear anything w/o the replays.
    edit 2:
    nothing probably happened on the bridge because they haven’t even realized that the people telling those crazy stories could be lying...

  • BurnCity
    BurnCity 11 hours ago +1

    The only good content buzzfeed has

  • 99fruitbat
    99fruitbat 11 hours ago +1

    One thing I noticed , lots of bug life ! We just don't seem to have that anymore in the UK 😕 That kinda worries me more than Goatman . Where have all our bugs gone ? 😞

  • MegaMax600
    MegaMax600 11 hours ago

    Why are they a duo if one believes in the supernatural and other one doesn’t is Shane just there to lighten things up and some jokes?

  • Ho Soon Kang
    Ho Soon Kang 12 hours ago

    You know there will be no demons because if there was one this vid won't be on youtube

  • Proxy VI
    Proxy VI 13 hours ago

    Glowing eyes in 12:7 to the right

  • ._. ur something
    ._. ur something 13 hours ago

    Shane : what are you prepared with?
    Ryan : Oh you'll see man
    Shane : Why are you unbuttoning your pants?

  • Ak24 Official
    Ak24 Official 13 hours ago

    I dont know... Bt the way the demon replied to the question "whts ur name?".... He seemed like a pretty chill guy

  • Leo DeVardinho
    Leo DeVardinho 13 hours ago +1

    The camera man is the braviest one

  • Myra Broussard
    Myra Broussard 13 hours ago

    The board moved

  • mickey mouse
    mickey mouse 13 hours ago

    The perfect investigators duo ever,who believe in ghost and the one who don't.

  • Gold Jo
    Gold Jo 14 hours ago

    Shane:look at me look at me...........This is my bridge now

  • Kaitlyn The Unicorn Lover


    did anyone actually see the thing moving in the dark or was that just me?

  • Josh nyman
    Josh nyman 17 hours ago

    8:19 silhouette YIKES

  • Grizzly bear
    Grizzly bear 18 hours ago

    You guys really didn't see that?! It's right behind you

  • SavageCheetah Gaming
    SavageCheetah Gaming 18 hours ago +1

    Tbh it would have been better if you checked under the bridge

  • DARTH Potatosoru
    DARTH Potatosoru 18 hours ago

    i dont think it is possible, but try Singapore's Most Haunted place, Changi Hospital

  • Sarah Fuentes
    Sarah Fuentes 19 hours ago

    the audio from the spirit box sounded like those radio transmission channels for truck drivers lol

  • Omar Andres
    Omar Andres 20 hours ago

    anyone else see that light at 5:31???

  • celery. durian
    celery. durian 20 hours ago

    My mom walked in to my room and I yelled GOATMAN NO and my mom just left.

  • Jackson Yearwood
    Jackson Yearwood 21 hour ago

    *Ryan says lucky for us*
    *Ryan thinking progress* Lucky for us were going to a demonic place with a demon that stay's here and can kill us we are super lucky to be on this bridge

  • Ogla Googa
    Ogla Googa 22 hours ago

    So day your gonna meet a demon with hardly any restraint from God.

  • Stephen Saravia
    Stephen Saravia 22 hours ago

    Father thomas disliked this video

  • Jay Sahota
    Jay Sahota 22 hours ago

    O hell no 5:27 when it shows both of them sitting a weird light just flashes by

  • no homo
    no homo 23 hours ago

    He's much braver than I am.

  • Johnathan Rexroad


  • Peggy Kyle
    Peggy Kyle Day ago


  • Caitie Roberts
    Caitie Roberts Day ago

    "Satan has practiced rituals on the bridge"
    Me: *AW HELL NAW*

  • Elizabeth Dunn
    Elizabeth Dunn Day ago

    Da Boy said put da cat down kmsl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Satanen Perkele
    Satanen Perkele Day ago

    Fake youtube brats pretending to be ghost hunters to boost their channel views.

  • morgan cano
    morgan cano Day ago

    ryan: I came prepared.
    Shane: what did you come prepared with
    ryan: *starts unbuckling pants*
    me: this is the scariest part of the video

  • Zom-boy 03
    Zom-boy 03 Day ago

    Bobcat screams sound like a woman scream they usually make that type of sound whenever they feel threatened and you are in their area that was probably just a bobcat

  • Goatman
    Goatman Day ago

    Still waiting for your return to Denton .

  • Rexryan Kilpatrick

    OMG Shane had me so weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • toast_that_is_toasted •_•

    When your home alone and it's dark and you see eyes

    20 minutes later *fireman sirens*

  • Fritz’s Raccoon

    Me: “So who wants to go to Shane’s Bridge?”
    Friend: “What?”
    Me: “Shane’s bridge.”

  • Hayden Hamlin the Youtuber

    8:51 firefly got me for a sec

  • Lucy Zoe
    Lucy Zoe Day ago


  • Outtaken Aiden isn't a good name

    goatman: appears
    Shane: look at that cute goat

  • Satan
    Satan Day ago


  • Gonçalo Sousa
    Gonçalo Sousa Day ago

    In 1:19 and 1:22 appeared three white dots

  • spoopy creppy
    spoopy creppy Day ago +1

    When they entered the bridge I forgot my dog was behind me so she shook and I almost had a Heart Attack

    YUNG SEAWEED Day ago

    At 12:09 you can see goatmans eyes in the top right

  • Giovani Franco
    Giovani Franco Day ago

    Plot twist: Ryan’s dad is goat man and is getting paid

  • Jason Palmier
    Jason Palmier Day ago

    "Put that cat down!"

  • AnimeFreakazoid11117

    13:10 me as a ghost

  • tá shá said watch Mason

    10 million views of two lads videoing nothing with tense music?
    Have they ever found anything of interest? Genuinely asking... For a friend

  • Desiree Florez
    Desiree Florez Day ago +1

    My grandma said once to me "Your not supposed to look at a goat straight in the eyes" because they are evil they are demons

  • Claudia C.
    Claudia C. Day ago +1

    the way ryan was like “horrrrny bois?” 😂

  • LiLShorty502 '
    LiLShorty502 ' Day ago

    there is 2 goatman bridges apparently. I never knew about this one. The one I know is in taylorsville kentucky

  • Carys Thater
    Carys Thater Day ago

    Couldn't the glowing eyes be eyes of the cats from the satanic ritual stuff?

  • Bella Manor
    Bella Manor Day ago

    The pentagram for worshiping Satan has the tip pointing down not up

  • Becca Weaver
    Becca Weaver Day ago

    father thomas would be disappointed lmao

  • Sparier Caribou
    Sparier Caribou Day ago

    Literally in a forest with hundreds of animals, *hears a noise*. ITS A GHOST

  • wiki jab
    wiki jab Day ago

    The scream was a help

  • tea time with Ava


  • Charlie Martinez

    Chill out man have a cat!!!

  • olive_ 257
    olive_ 257 Day ago

    *_fInDeRs KeEpErS aNd aLl ThAt_*

  • 214huesos
    214huesos Day ago

    Crazy thing about it is its in Texas
    I live in Texas

  • ttv joesiah1234
    ttv joesiah1234 Day ago

    8:51 you can see the eyes

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez Day ago

    Not that scary I live 15 min away from there. Close to a busy st

  • Magma George6409

    Its just the editing that makes it scary

  • Maks Horak
    Maks Horak Day ago

    i think the DEMON is filming them

  • sunwaves 47
    sunwaves 47 Day ago

    Then the goatman is a cenobite?

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Day ago

    These people are amateurs

  • Leila Sprinkle
    Leila Sprinkle Day ago

    shane: i think there´s a hirearchy lol
    the hirearhy: FRICK