[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • [MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "Butterfly"
    LOOΠΔ [X X]
    Coincidence meets coincidence in LOOΠΔ to make each other’s fate.
    HeeJin and HyunJin are real-life friends while HaSeul is like the mother of the team. YeoJin is the youngest sister of all. The team expanded its cells by family-like relationships. The only foreign member and an android ViVi gets introduced to become LOOΠΔ 1/3.
    ODD EYE CIRCLE was born at the opposite end. With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to save the world, under their slogan ‘Girl Front.’
    Born in Eden the utopian land, LOOΠΔ / yyxy chooses to embrace the forbidden and leaves to find their own selves. Yves, the leader of yyxy, had “faith” in being born again with the song ‘new’. Chuu keeps her “hopes" up with her yearning towards Yves. Go Won “loves” her unique self. Olivia Hye shows “anger” towards the taboos of Eden. When all of their emotions gather, a Neoanthropinae genes of yyxy manifests.
    All of the units meet with YeoJin to add to the addition, resulting in their first EP [+ +] to announce the start of LOOΠΔ. At the ‘First full Moon of the LOOΠΔ new Year,’ LOOΠΔ starts their two-two-dimensional fusion with [X X].
    The intro track ‘X X’ foreshadows that the album is completed at the opposite side of where [+ +] is.
    The title track ‘Butterfly’ contains LOOΠΔ’s irreplaceable unique concepts. Mixing softness with dynamics, the track takes LOOΠΔ to another level with new beats and drops never heard in K-pop before, along with electronic sounds and melody.
    Shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, the teasers of [X X] started on first of January to unravel the stories behind the universe of LOOΠΔ. Under the slogan of ‘For All LOOΠΔs Around the World,’ it spread worldwide, to all LOOΠΔs of the world.
    LOOΠΔ causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOOΠΔ.
    LOOΠΔ’s visual director DIGIPEDI toured around 5 countries from 5 continents for LOOΠΔ’s Butterfly effects to capture the freedom and courage of girl worldwide in the music video of ‘Butterfly.’
    ‘Satellite’ starts calmly, but as music flows and orbits, the layers stack to double the listeners’ excitement. ‘Curiosity’ is a dream-pop number that draws you in with its mysterious aesthetics.
    ‘Colors’ has the LOOΠΔ universe dissolved into the track, desiring for each other’s colors and dye each other to become love portrayed with a drop beat. ‘Where you at’ was a previously prepared track along with ‘one way’ of yyxy in LOOΠΔ the Ballad album. It is a pop-ballad song with melodies so powerful that the members of LOOΠΔ memorized the whole song with just one listen.
    Additionally, in the limited edition of LOOΠΔ [X X] CD’s, the very first hints to the next album are hidden in two bonus tracks, to arouse more curiosity and anticipation.
    LOOΠΔ collides fate into destiny to create coincidence.
    #이달의소녀 #LOONA #Butterfly #MV #BlockBerry #BlockBerryCreative
    More about LOOΠΔ/
    iTunes : goo.gl/3fjXiA
    Spotify : goo.gl/d4agbQ
    Amazon Music : goo.gl/LxWZW8
    Google Play Music : goo.gl/BJR9wD
    LOOΠΔ Official : www.loonatheworld.com
    LOOΠΔ Instagram : instagram.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Twitter : twitter.com/loonatheworld
    LOOΠΔ Facebook : facebook.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Official Korean Fan Cafe : cafe.daum.net/loonatheworld
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  • Juliana Wolf
    Juliana Wolf 49 minutes ago +3


  • Leandro
    Leandro Hour ago +3

    Deus disse: Fly like a butterfly

    MARISOL 3 hours ago

    Good but no amazing 😕

  • luz adriana luna arango
    luz adriana luna arango 3 hours ago +5

    Haseul!! we will miss you :,((((

  • Krysta Lunar
    Krysta Lunar 3 hours ago +8

    Orbits pls support Yves in her mew show called ‘Gashinas’!

  • markus firmmansyah
    markus firmmansyah 4 hours ago +1

    loona is overrated

    • Vincent Sion
      Vincent Sion Hour ago +1

      As an OrbiT i will say ...

      YES ! My Loona deserve to be Overrated So ?

    • Shiroyasha
      Shiroyasha 3 hours ago +3

      Coming here to give us your random *irrelevant* opinion is overrated 🤡

    • Krysta Lunar
      Krysta Lunar 3 hours ago +1

      Your nasty ass

    • Indigo MH
      Indigo MH 4 hours ago +4

      and your'e ugly and single

    • minmin
      minmin 4 hours ago +8

      thanks for the view :)

  • Star Chu
    Star Chu 5 hours ago +10

    This is, by far the MOST original K-pop song and MV I ever have seen.

  • Gustavo Villa
    Gustavo Villa 5 hours ago +2

    Can someone tell me the names of the girls?

    • Sophie
      Sophie 4 hours ago +6

      Gustavo Villa
      0:54 Heejin
      2:51 Hyunjin
      2:06 Haseul
      2:12 Yeojin
      0:59 Vivi (shes standing behind jinsoul w red hair)
      0:47 Kim Lip (Brunette)
      0:56 Jinsoul (blonde)
      2:57 Choerry
      0:35 Yves (pronounced eve)
      1:05 Chuu
      2:16 Gowon (blonde, shes on the right)
      3:12 Olivia hye (centre)

  • Danny Cordero
    Danny Cordero 6 hours ago +8

    Do you guys know if there's any official way to watch The Gashinas (Yves drama) on youtube?
    And please remember to watch "Dating Class" Chuu's webdrama

    • blackbetta
      blackbetta 3 hours ago

      MBC entertainment should upload it soon as they also uploaded the trailer. I'm waiting

  • 綾波Eric
    綾波Eric 6 hours ago +4


  • Can't choose a bias
    Can't choose a bias 6 hours ago +8

    Bruh how come this song didn't get any awards. I'm gonna need to have a talk with who Ever is in charge of the mnet countdown, because there's some serious business we need to get on!

    • Can't choose a bias
      Can't choose a bias 5 hours ago

      Luque I actually want to sue mnet

    • Luque
      Luque 5 hours ago +1

      mnet also sabotaged LOONA in many ways so......

    • My Name
      My Name 6 hours ago +1

      Korean still sleep on them

    ELON MUSKOONA 6 hours ago +5


  • Jynyvieve
    Jynyvieve 6 hours ago +4

    Effortless visuals😍😍😍

  • Jynyvieve
    Jynyvieve 6 hours ago

    Stream nga friendsss

  • Park Eun Mi
    Park Eun Mi 6 hours ago +11

    I officially Stan Loona. They are so unique !

    • My Name
      My Name 6 hours ago +3

      Thank u,Welcome to our small family. The fandom called Orbit and please check out their predebut project

  • yves' bitch
    yves' bitch 7 hours ago +13

    Support Yves in the upcoming "The Gashinas" orbits!
    Also please watch "Dating Class" starring Chuu if you haven't yet.

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop 10 minutes ago

      We're getting fed by chuuves content lately 😉

  • senpai noticed you
    senpai noticed you 8 hours ago +12

    I got tired of seeing those stan LOONA comments under almost every post i saw, so i decided to give them a chance and now i write Stan LOONA on every post.

    • Queen Rose
      Queen Rose 5 hours ago


  • Luque
    Luque 8 hours ago +33

    For the new fans, welcome! Our fandom is called Orbit.
    LOOΠΔ was created by BlockBerry Creative.
    From October/2016 until June/2018, each member of the group was revealed (along with a single album and a music video for the title track).
    LOOΠΔ is composed by 12 members and three sub-units: LOOΠΔ 1/3, LOOΠΔ ODD EYE CIRCLE and LOOΠΔ yyxy.
    The complete group debuted on August/2018.
    0:29 HEEJIN: She was the 1° member to be revealed. She is the face & center of the group. You can distinguish her by her thick voice, and bunny face. She is afraid of pigeons & hates cigarettes. Her solo song is 'Vivid'.
    2:49 HYUNJIN: She was the 2° member to be revealed. Her name is Jeon Heejin. She is the visual of the group. You can distinguish her by her cat eyes, and long face. Her nickname is Aeong. She loves food (especially bread) & she has a really nice voice for R&B songs. Her solo song is 'Around You'.
    2:07 HASEUL: She was the 3° member to be revealed. Her name is Kim Hyunjin. She is the leader of the group. You can distinguish her by her short hair & small eyes. She was a classically trained opera singer before becoming a trainee. Her solo song is 'Let Me In'.
    2:11 YEOJIN: She was the 4° member to be revealed. Her name is Im Yeojin. She is the maknae of the group. You can distinguish her by her husky voice & low height. She likes to watch historical dramas and movies with animals (get her emotional). Her solo song is 'Kiss Later'.
    0:58 VIVI: She was the 5° member to be revealed. She is Chinese. Her Korean name is Hwang Kahei. She is the oldest member of the group. You can distinguish her by her small face & cute dimples. She was a model before becoming a trainee. Her solo song is 'Everyday I Love You'.
    1:44 KIM LIP: She was the 6° member to be revealed. Her name is Kim Jungeun. You can distinguish her by her puppy eyes & short hair. She was Chuu's classmate before becoming a member of LOONA. Her solo song is 'Eclipse'.
    0:55 JINSOUL: She was the 7° member to be revealed. Her name is Jung Jinsol. You can distinguish her by her long blonde hair, and expressive eyebrows. She may look though on the outside but she's a baby girl. Her solo song is 'Singing In The Rain'.
    2:55 CHOERRY: She was the 8° member to be revealed. Her name is Choi Yerim. You can distinguish her by her purple hair, and cute smile. She is a very positive & confident girl. Her solo song is 'Love Cherry Motion'.
    0:35 YVES: She was the 9° member to be revealed. Her name is Ha Sooyoung. You can distinguish her by her long (very long) hair, and apple cheeks. *She's on a new program called 'The Gashinas', you should check it out!* Her solo song is 'New'.
    1:05 CHUU: She was the 10° member to be revealed. Her name is Kim Jiwoo. You can distinguish her by her red hair, and cute personality. *She's on a new web-drama called 'Dating Class' ( with english subs: **ruclip.com/video/VBBHcLeFDm8/video.html** ), you should check it out!* Her solo song is 'Heart Attack'.
    2:15 (right side) GOWON: She was the 11° member to be revealed. Her name is Park Chaewon. You can distinguish her by her blonde hair & fluffy cheeks. She has a tiny-font voice, and always screams "assa" when she wins a game. Her solo song is 'One & Only'.
    3:11 OLIVIA HYE: She was the 12° member to be revealed. Her name is Son Hyeju. You can distinguish her by her wolf eyes & cute tooth. She doesn't like to go to school, and loves to play games. Her solo song is 'Egoist'.
    To get to know the members better you can watch LOONA TV (available on their channel with english subs!), that has episodes that last 1 minute each where you can see the girls travelling, filming MVs, etc.
    That's basically it... sorry for my broken english... feel free to stan LOONA whenever you're ready and don't hesitate to leave questions here, ok? Orbits won't judge you!! ♡
    Love, Luque.

  • blackbetta
    blackbetta 8 hours ago +5

    Today marks 3 months since we were blessed with this masterpiece. It's aging well

  • blackbetta
    blackbetta 8 hours ago +5

    Watching Loona videos whenever I'm free. This is my life now lol

  • Michelle Huang
    Michelle Huang 8 hours ago +11

    ok so the first thing i already liked is the concept and the way they dressed. Their concept is something i've never seen before and the way they dressed is so differently from other groups. Not sexy, showing or cute but casual and neatly. Love that and stan loona

  • 0221
    0221 10 hours ago +11

    This is only LOONA

  • chaejun
    chaejun 10 hours ago +6

    i'm gonna ask questions throughout the week, just so you don't get bored:
    what's your favorite sub unit and your favorite sub unit song??
    *my favorite subunit is odd eye circle and my favorite song has to be sweet crazy love, it deserved so much better*

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop 9 minutes ago

      Fave Sub-Unit: 1/3
      Fave Sub-Unit Song: Rain 51db/Love & Live

    • LYMER
      LYMER 6 hours ago

      sub-unit: yyxy
      fave sub-unit song: rain 51db

    • Prince Reign
      Prince Reign 8 hours ago

      In terms of sound my favorite unit is yyxy. Cant wait for their repackage! If they ever get one.. "love4eva" has to be my favorite song but i kinda equally like all of yyxy's sound as a whole. I have a bias with new things XD. Because when odd eye circle debuted i liked them better than 1/3. Now "Butterfly" is my #1 fav so...😅

    • Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye
      Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye 8 hours ago

      @chaejun same oec but uncover

    • chaejun
      chaejun 9 hours ago

      Luque hi fellow orbitzen!

  • Yves Saint Chuu
    Yves Saint Chuu 11 hours ago +10

    Orbits do you think we will get a Cherry bomb dance cover?

    • Krysta Lunar
      Krysta Lunar 3 hours ago

      Yves Saint Chuu not sure but I would like to see

    • Luque
      Luque 9 hours ago +3

      i hope so!! ♡

    • blackbetta
      blackbetta 10 hours ago +3

      Personally I don't think so but I hope so

    • chaejun
      chaejun 10 hours ago +3

      Yves Saint Chuu YES!!! orbitzens rise

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 hours ago +4

    24.2 Tonight Fighting :)

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 hours ago +4

    I am thinking of making a video about my favorite songs of loona 1/3 (Including members' albums)
    Should I include yeojin??

    • Luque
      Luque 9 hours ago +1

      of course! hmu when u post the video so i can watch & spread on my social media accs!!

    • blackbetta
      blackbetta 11 hours ago


    • anna
      anna 11 hours ago


    • farata.
      farata. 11 hours ago


  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 hours ago +2

    It starts with a small flap

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 hours ago +3

    650k subscribers soooon!

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 hours ago +1

    430k likes soon

  • Sipsisukka
    Sipsisukka 14 hours ago +7

    Stan Loona~

  • Jomari Escalante
    Jomari Escalante 14 hours ago +5

    loonatheballad????? anuna

    • Luque
      Luque 8 hours ago +1

      +Prince Reign yes, next month!!

    • Prince Reign
      Prince Reign 8 hours ago

      I read somewhere (I think insta?) That the cb is delayed to June.

    • Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye
      Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye 8 hours ago

      Ano ba sugurin naten bbc? 😂char

    • Luque
      Luque 9 hours ago +2

      'burn' comes out next month!! olivia's mother said that LOONA will have their japanese debut in july tho... i think that loonatheballad will happen only in 2020 ♡

    • blackbetta
      blackbetta 11 hours ago +2

      No idea

    YG STAN 14 hours ago +6

    I can't stop listening to loona.
    It's so freaking good.

    FΔΖΙΞ ΚΔFLΨ 15 hours ago +2

    641K subs🙆💕

  • Sm Town
    Sm Town 17 hours ago +3


  • Tiana LOOΠΔ
    Tiana LOOΠΔ 17 hours ago +4

    i'm in loveeeee

  • Urso Polar
    Urso Polar 17 hours ago +5


  • Kapua 4
    Kapua 4 17 hours ago +6

    I love this song and the dance and the lyrics this is ART

  • Billie Joe
    Billie Joe 18 hours ago +2

    Cholo que regenial son

  • Ab Sáyago
    Ab Sáyago 18 hours ago +14

    Beyond kpop and what it means in terms of the entertainment industry, these girls are already establishing themselves as an institution. All my respect to them and kudos to BBC.

  • Bynnah mendes
    Bynnah mendes 19 hours ago +3


  • Loona Kim
    Loona Kim 19 hours ago +11

    Loona should have their own genre

  • Hik Hok
    Hik Hok 20 hours ago +10

    Can we give our girls a 100M??

    • minmin
      minmin 4 hours ago

      someday hopefully !

  • tteo
    tteo 20 hours ago +8

    0:36 who is she?

  • alien galleton
    alien galleton 20 hours ago +5

    Hermosa canción ❤

  • Camila Cano
    Camila Cano 20 hours ago +14

    I finally found the group that makes me happy and relax....
    Thx loona love you from the bottom of my heart 💜

  • oh my angel
    oh my angel 22 hours ago


  • black velvet
    black velvet 22 hours ago +8

    This is cool!

    FΔΖΙΞ ΚΔFLΨ 23 hours ago +17

    " I better be (around you) "
    See what they meant?Stream Around You goddamit!😂

  • Dany miss
    Dany miss 23 hours ago +8


  • y6c 00
    y6c 00 23 hours ago +4

    What's this song about? I just didn't get the lyrics.

    • loona’s comeback guardian
      loona’s comeback guardian 21 hour ago

      y6c 00 yeah no problem! ☺️ the description tells the whole story of their lore so it might be a little confusing~ apologies lol

    • y6c 00
      y6c 00 22 hours ago +1

      +loona’s comeback guardiani didn't even thought about the description. Thanks for answering.

    • loona’s comeback guardian
      loona’s comeback guardian 23 hours ago +9

      y6c 00 it’s open to interpretation but it’s explained briefly in the description! but for me, the lyrics are alluding partly to the butterfly effect but also the ‘you’ being their dreams and goals (and not a specific person). you know like, how they want their dreams of success to keep reaching out to them, pushing them higher so that they won’t give up. or for fans to see it as a call to not give up.

  • vio lavuli
    vio lavuli Day ago +9

    I thought of this video today, I love you girls 🥺 I can’t wait for your next comeback ..

  • fangirl in neverland

    Does Yves do high note at 1:34? I can't find any information who sings that beautiful part..

    • Mai Heart
      Mai Heart 21 hour ago +2

      +fangirl in neverland aaaw i'm glad that you like them ♡♡♡ we will help you :)

    • fangirl in neverland
      fangirl in neverland 21 hour ago

      Mai Heart ooh i am sorry,i did noticed that they are all multitalented❤
      I have read their positions and facts about them on Loona Kpop Profile since I am new to them,and it helped me actualy alot lol.

    • Mai Heart
      Mai Heart 21 hour ago +2

      +fangirl in neverland just remember that in loona, bbc said that no one have an especific position, so everyone can do everything :P
      haseul is a main vocalist too! ♥

    • fangirl in neverland
      fangirl in neverland 22 hours ago

      Mai Heart thank you so much for telling me!❤💛💜
      I saw many color coded lyrisc that said that they all sing I was like no way this is one voice.. however she sounds amazing she gave me chills... i checked out her positions and I knew that she is main vocalist.. omg i love her so much💖💝💞

    • Mai Heart
      Mai Heart 23 hours ago +5

      it was chuu but the producer of monotree said that he mixed her voice just for making it more higher

  • fangirl in neverland

    It wasn't passed even a month since I got to Loona and I think that my bias is either Yves/Vivi/Haseul.

    • eug. / Deafgate
      eug. / Deafgate 11 hours ago

      How do you do that?
      It's been a year and I still don't have a bias in LOONA..
      Well I guess all of them?

    • LYMER
      LYMER 16 hours ago

      Taste 💕

  • Jazmin ed
    Jazmin ed Day ago +16

    They are amazing!!!! The dance is amazing and their voices too. Holy moly. That was incredible ❤️

    • Ayelén Reyes
      Ayelén Reyes 21 hour ago +2

      +Jazmin ed awn so glad you like them! Watch their performance videos and their other music if you have time, they're totally amazing and have such a diverse discography✨💕

    • Jazmin ed
      Jazmin ed Day ago +2

      chaejun yeah!! I totally stan now! They are so talented!

    • chaejun
      chaejun Day ago

      Jazmin ed is this ur first time seeing them?

  • - -
    - - Day ago +9

    vivi fancam of "colors" from today's performance. I go 2019.

  • chaejun
    chaejun Day ago +8

    stream 'butterfly' and 'around you' guys!!

  • peauchu
    peauchu Day ago +13

    this is the superior “asian girl group”

  • Vicky
    Vicky Day ago +5

    Finally 24M!

  • *sips snapple*
    *sips snapple* Day ago +17

    I don't know what's about them, but I really don't ever want to stop listening to them. 💕

  • Dany miss
    Dany miss Day ago +6


  • Zafrina Noni Muthoni.


  • no name yet
    no name yet Day ago +6

    This song slaps 🔥

  • meen
    meen Day ago +13

    months later and this still gives me a sense of new hope

  • Juliana Wolf
    Juliana Wolf Day ago +10

    We stan Art
    We stan Loona

  • Kyra S
    Kyra S Day ago +12

    Supporting women from all around the world through inclusive beautiful art with a strong lgbtqa+ fanbase? Yeah, I stan Loona. 🦋🏳️‍🌈

  • Tiana LOOΠΔ
    Tiana LOOΠΔ Day ago +4

    what am i doing here... it’s 12am and i can only think of loona

  • Ruho Jin
    Ruho Jin Day ago +4

    "Fly like a butterfly"

    Btw what concept is this?

    • hjnhynjnhslvvyjnkmlpjnslchrryyvschgwnlvhy
      hjnhynjnhslvvyjnkmlpjnslchrryyvschgwnlvhy 19 hours ago

      They have their own concept..for now, i will say LOONA concept
      And it has to do w butterfly effects

    • Ayelén Reyes
      Ayelén Reyes 21 hour ago +1

      Idk if this concept was made before bc loona has such an unique sound. They said they want to be the ultimate girl group who can do perfectly any concept existing and even non-existing. I would call this a "butterfly" concept bc it's new, and bc the music, video, lyrics, story and performance is all connected and the girls become one to fly like a butterfly

    • Danny Cordero
      Danny Cordero 21 hour ago +1

      Yeah they kinda said they don't want to follow any specific concept but to create their own and I think they're doing it

      FΔΖΙΞ ΚΔFLΨ 23 hours ago +1

      Its LOONA concept they said that

    • FN
      FN Day ago +1

      I think this is a new concept in K-Pop

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Day ago +18

    I don't even stan LOONA but i really feel like they're underrated as a group in this generation

    • The Orbit
      The Orbit 4 hours ago +2

      Groups from small agency are always underrated, except if they can go viral in Korea like EXID, Momoland, Gfriend and Mamamoo

    • Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye
      Olivia Colombia don't raise up don't put down Hye 8 hours ago +1

      Yes they are worth stanning but smh kpop entertainment is against them sabotaging this era 😪 but loona will fight

    • Ayelén Reyes
      Ayelén Reyes 21 hour ago +1

      Sadly, just bc they're from a small company the industry doesn't pay them much attention but that's the reason the fans have to work harder to give them what they deserve 😪

      FΔΖΙΞ ΚΔFLΨ 23 hours ago +1

      Hey thanks for watching this vid...Hopefully you will give them a chance someday and will check out their other MV😊

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop Day ago +1

    이달의소녀 화이팅 😉

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop Day ago +4

    Loona Saranghae 😍😘

  • Nik' nm
    Nik' nm Day ago

    ตามมาจากช่อง หนังหน้าโรง

  • nqlamii
    nqlamii Day ago +8

    this mv was so great in every way, from the message to the visuals to the song... 🥺🥺🥺 i’ve stanned loona

  • Maheswara Resendrya

    I'm Blink and I Love This song

  • 지한 Gester Hanz
    지한 Gester Hanz Day ago +15

    Such a concept! I'm crying to this mv the whole time and i'm not kidding. Can i know the fandom name cause i really want to become part of this family. I felt attack, and triggered and cause of that I STAN.

  • Vaibhav Rathore
    Vaibhav Rathore Day ago +8

    Aeong orbits! I created a loona group chat,so if you guys wanna join: youtu.be/join/ct-JP7IPZUEoBo
    Looking forward to greet y'all🤗

  • french Dalgo
    french Dalgo Day ago +5

    Waifus uwu

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop Day ago +11

    24,150,000 is enough for tonight :)

  • Vincent Sion
    Vincent Sion Day ago +9

    Absolute Fine Wine Indeed .

  • Namjoon Is Mine
    Namjoon Is Mine Day ago +9

    I love songs with meaning... 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop Day ago +8

    Loona helps me everytime.
    Thank You :)

  • Babygirl Do Cris
    Babygirl Do Cris Day ago +3

    Primeira coisa q passou pela minha cabeça ao ouvir essa, música:

  • Babygirl Do Cris
    Babygirl Do Cris Day ago +6

    Eu mostrei essa música pro meu professor de balé e ele disse "Acho q eu vou voltar a ouvir kpop..... " Com cara de 😱


    Heejin ❤

  • Ivana Maksimovic
    Ivana Maksimovic Day ago +11

    loona mvs with 5M+ views
    - Hi High
    - Butterfly
    - Eclipse
    - Singing in the Rain
    - Girl Front
    - Heart Attack
    - Egoist
    - love4eva
    - favOriTe

  • métig snv
    métig snv Day ago +7

    loona queens

  • Zulfakar Zuhdi Fadly Bahktiar

    I must report to BLACKPINK 😤

  • Go Won's Healthy Scalp

    Deserves a win.

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop Day ago +1

      Here's a group chat for orbits if you want to join:

  • Emi Lee
    Emi Lee Day ago +10

    Love from India 😍

    • Vaibhav Rathore
      Vaibhav Rathore Day ago

      Aeong Indian orbit! Here's an orbit group chat for you if u wanna join:

  • leeqritiful
    leeqritiful Day ago +13

    months after its released. it still give me the same feelings from the first time i watched it. its powerful. its magical. its perfect. i wish i was more active during this era. 🤧 but i promise ill be here streaming and following loona all throughout b#rn era 👏🏻😫 fighting loona!!

    • blackbetta
      blackbetta Day ago +1

      I hope you str34m around you too. It still hasn't hit 2mil :(

  • leeqritiful
    leeqritiful Day ago +6

    we need a steady views increment for loona videos u especially ot12 mvs uwu we can do this we are a growing fandom (427k ppl have reached this) if we work hard together we'll give loona a steady viewership!!

  • leeqritiful
    leeqritiful Day ago +7

    yves whispered to me: stream butterfly
    so here i am 💗

  • tofu soup
    tofu soup Day ago +10

    please send help they're too LOON∆dorable for this earth.

  • Luque
    Luque Day ago +10

    LOONA ♡

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop Day ago +1

      Here's a group chat for orbits if you want to join:

  • RIIB _
    RIIB _ Day ago +8

    I love this concept 💜

  • chaejun
    chaejun Day ago +9

    the views are slow.... we need something to encourage other orbits to stream butterfly too

    • The Orbit
      The Orbit Day ago +5

      Imo, orbits should focus stream "Around You". It's the only Loona solo that doesn't reach 2M

  • joko saputro
    joko saputro Day ago +6

    Sounds good

  • 420 subscribers with no videos

    LOONA deserves more period

  • Ernie n/a
    Ernie n/a Day ago

    Stfu to the morons talking in the background and die..

  • Diana Marie San Juan


  • kyungsoo wife
    kyungsoo wife Day ago +11

    لقد رايت فتاة محجبة ام ان نظري ليس جيد
    We love you loona from Algeria