My Ancestry.com DNA Results, Semi Shocking Results

Hey everybody! My ancestry DNA results are in!

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Автор T. J. ( назад)
How interesting!

Автор rankco357 ( назад)
search in google "Great Surprise—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins"

There you go, you do have genetics from Native American ancestors. Native Americans are actually from western asia. Also, I'm Asian, and I know quite a few people (White Americans) who claim to have a small amount of Native American. And I can recognize this pattern and also see this same pattern in you. You can also see it in Winston Churchill and Farrah Fawcett. But you have to look hard and its very subtle

Автор John Smith ( назад)
I'm in Australia and it took 11 days to deliver to my house and 11 days to arrive back at the lab. It arrived back on the 14th of feb. it's now been 35 days (5 weeks) since it arrived and it's still not started processing ffs. Really pis sing me off, plus I'm really impatient.

Автор David Marte ( назад)
check out the site DNAland.dotcomm. it Will flesh out your DNA even further. more precise.

Автор pickin4you ( назад)
Being an American, I could never do one of these tests. You do know these will all be cataloged and saved by our Government? Your DNA will be on file forever now. I know its interesting, and I like watching to see what others come up with, but I could never give mine up for anything. I know only from my grandparents, and one Grandmother was Irish and that Grandfather was German, and on the other side, the Grandmother was German, and the Grandfather was Irish. Thats close enough for me, but as far as where their parents or grandparents were from, I have no idea.

Congrats on the new car...:)

Автор Shavinism ( назад)
Israel! We may be siblings, lol.

Very interesting.

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