The Canon EOS-R: 20 Reasons Why I Bought One and 5 Things Canon Messed Up.

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
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    Buy the EOS-R:
    Buy the 50 1.2:
    The $99 EF Adapter:
    My Lights:
    My thoughts on the new EOS-R and why I bought one, also the 5 things Canon screwed up on. I bought this with my own money, and I own it. I did not get sent one to review. ; )
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Comments • 373

  • Ralph Welling
    Ralph Welling 4 days ago

    I would like to sell mine, but nobody wants this toy.

  • G Westerneng
    G Westerneng 6 days ago

    I think people are more attracted to (camera) specs on paper instead of gaining experience and creativity. I'll bet the most iconic pictures taken were not all done by expensive gear with 1000x focus points.

  • Rich Clark Productions

    The Canon RF lenses are NOT equivalent to those 2 lens you showed. Let's be real.

  • Richard Kordts
    Richard Kordts 21 day ago +1

    no reason for that ridiculous intro

  • ns creation Palakkad
    ns creation Palakkad 23 days ago

    105 is a IS2 lens..?

  • Mike Miley
    Mike Miley Month ago

    Very helpful. Makes it difficult to decide on the EOSR or the 5Dmk4

  • wambi patrick
    wambi patrick Month ago +1

    Anyway, I wanna try eos r with 28-70mm.This will be a great combo and I will be walking into space just because am having it.
    I really need this beast combination men!!!

  • Clayton Coffman
    Clayton Coffman 2 months ago

    I'm mainly a videographer, but do shoot stills from time to time. 1080x60p looks SO smooth. I get why people shoot 4K; it's beautiful. But for most people, I'd say they are quite alright with 60P. And it decreases your work flow ;)

  • JermHD
    JermHD 2 months ago

    Intro WAY too long but good review!

  • BB
    BB 2 months ago

    Get a room lol

  • Steve Struthers
    Steve Struthers 2 months ago

    Fantastic review!!

  • Eric Liebe
    Eric Liebe 2 months ago

    Have you updated to the new 1.4.0 firmware? I love the new changes.

  • J N
    J N 2 months ago

    It now has perhaps the best autofocus in the market with firmware 1.40

  • Ívar Gunnarsson
    Ívar Gunnarsson 2 months ago

    Excellent overview, good info, entertaining style!

  • Farid Fakhouri
    Farid Fakhouri 2 months ago

    Amazing Short intro

  • Ahmad Afandi
    Ahmad Afandi 3 months ago

    I have 7D Mark II with EF lenses. I have always been, actually, considering 5D Mark IV. But, after watching this, I am thinking to get EOS R.

  • inclinedce
    inclinedce 3 months ago

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    So where do these dead people get their VOCAL CORDS from ?????
    If this is real, CONTACT NOAH !! where's the Ark?
    ...then hit up Adam n Eve, I got several questions for they're asses.. Constatine,
    Edgar Hoover,
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    WHAT's THE PROBLEM....??
    See, he CAN'T contact the dead..!! If a person could CONTACT the dead, they would try to get paid if full and what better way than to locate the Ark...?? or fooled if y'all want to,... DUMMIES !!

  • José Järnvarg Díaz
    José Järnvarg Díaz 3 months ago +1

    The first in body Image Stabilization was from Minolta, then Pentax...after a long time Olympus, well if you refer mirrorless cameras only, well that is another history

  • Mack Tastic
    Mack Tastic 3 months ago

    Sir, one thing that’s awesome... the manual focus assist works with eye autofocus ( seems only on chipped lenses) if u haven’t noticed that it’s there, I highly recommend u try it. I put the Otus 55 on it, the focus thing goes directly to the eye and you just turn the ring till the box turns green... wonderful stuff... the bummer is it doesn’t seem to work with adapted M mount lenses and other non-chipped lenses =(

  • Muaathe Aziz
    Muaathe Aziz 4 months ago

    This Camera should be equipped with BSI sensor

  • david Unoi
    david Unoi 4 months ago

    The biggest reason i went with the canon? Because of the mirrorless beast coming down the pipeline.

    DOCUMENTED 5 months ago

    Hey. Is it true that when you use EF lenses adapted that the option for 1080 720 and 1080 60p is not available and greyed out?

  • Teddy Abraham
    Teddy Abraham 5 months ago

    Hows the low light performance of this camera?

    • Fiammetta Pizzi
      Fiammetta Pizzi 4 months ago

      Autofocus in low light is the best in the market with the f4 kit zoom it can lock focus in the dark in a fraction of a second. ISO handling is good, almost on par with other full frame sensors. Clean images up to 3200iso, a bit of noise at 6400 and usable 12800 and 16000 iso

  • mpactdesignmedia
    mpactdesignmedia 5 months ago

    Great vid - thank you! Does DPAF work in 4K on the EOS R? I assume so, but not sure.

  • Sucko 78
    Sucko 78 5 months ago

    Could you say me if canon eos r have full compatibility with sigma 70-200 ex dg apo os hsm? i want to buy canon eos r, but this objetive is my favorite and i cant see information .

  • Abstracterr
    Abstracterr 5 months ago


  • Shells Adventure
    Shells Adventure 5 months ago +1

    This is the best review for canon eos R. Thanks

  • Giorgos Milonakis
    Giorgos Milonakis 6 months ago

    can i see the focus distance in meters?

  • Suite16 Media Group
    Suite16 Media Group 6 months ago

    Into way too long I'm leaving

  • Henrik N. Jensen
    Henrik N. Jensen 6 months ago +2

    I bought the adaptor with ND-filter, the circular polarizer and the clear filter. I need some kind of pouch for the two filtes that's not in use.
    I think it's sad that you can't use the ND and polarizer for native RF lenses but only for EF and EF-S lenses. So i will keep using only EF/EF-S lenses.

  • Jake
    Jake 6 months ago +1

    Sure you’re close enough in the frame?

  • CHRL Mlln
    CHRL Mlln 6 months ago

    Hi, dear, sir! I wish to give you a very big THANK for a very good and nice and balanced review with many good points! Wishing you all the Best and happy photographing occasions in future with your Canon EOS R! Best Regards from Sweden!

  • Dennis Cernosia
    Dennis Cernosia 6 months ago +1

    Loving the reviews .... I think my next camera will be that EOS R.

  • Mark Shirley
    Mark Shirley 6 months ago +3

    Set the slide bar to mic level.

  • Darrin Lalla
    Darrin Lalla 6 months ago +3

    I agree with your 5 cons but I'm upgrading from a T5i so these are not deal breakers for me. It doesn't seem too unfair given the price.

  • Darrin Lalla
    Darrin Lalla 6 months ago +3

    Finally, a review that doesn't state opinions as facts. This really helps. Thanks

  • godasor
    godasor 6 months ago

    and all that smack about haw great this camera is he sells the whole lot!

  • Vincent Manuel
    Vincent Manuel 7 months ago +1

    Awesome review, thumbs up

  • Shelly A
    Shelly A 7 months ago

    How loud is the clicking noise when using the adapter and the lenses’ control ring? Since it is $60-80 to remove/put it back

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega 8 months ago +1

    I'm tempted by the change to replace my Canon 6d (version 1) but what else pulls me back is the adapter, because I have my EF lens kit that I do not want to replace with the new ones, I would like your advice; I have a 24-70 f2.8 L (version 1) that I refuse to stop using. Thank you very much for your contribution. Sorry for my English (I'm still studying) Greetings from Entre Ríos, Argentina.

    • Timotei Afanasie
      Timotei Afanasie 3 months ago

      Ef lenses with adaptor works like native R lenses - no difference. 1 adapter fits all. But you'll have a camera way ahead 6D.

    • Heavy D Silva
      Heavy D Silva 8 months ago

      I also have 6d 1, and ef L lenses. The price to change is alot.

  • Olegasphoto
    Olegasphoto 8 months ago

    The review about love :)

  • Phil Flannery
    Phil Flannery 8 months ago

    Lost interest with that daft intro

  • Greg R
    Greg R 8 months ago +6

    I absolutely loved your review. For anything that I may have know already, I was able to simply drag my mouse along the play line until your next reason came up ... thank you for doing this so could focus on the parts I needed to do so. You commentary, critique, you are articulate, and communicated this perfectly. I did not find the intro to long in this format because I can drag the mouse to the parts I wished to go to. If we could not, then I would agree with the suggestion of shortening the introduction. Thanks again, fantastic review, and excellent formatting.

  • Gary Grimes
    Gary Grimes 9 months ago +18

    My favorite is the shutter that protects the sensor when the lens is off!

    • Vafa Bartlett
      Vafa Bartlett 6 months ago +2

      wow you called it. I noticed this and thought hey did my other mirrorless have that happen? I instantly thought they must have its so simple, something nice the mirrors did for DSLR’s and realized nope never did the shutter close when the camera was turned off on my Panasonic. Really like this for dust avoidance.

  • TheEditingShop
    TheEditingShop 9 months ago

    Long intro is long.

  • f p
    f p 9 months ago

    After 30 sec...
    Just turn off that noise!

  • Mattias Burling
    Mattias Burling 9 months ago

    That so many comments are people complaining about to much sample footage from the camera being reviewed says a lot about the camera community.

  • stupidfresh305
    stupidfresh305 9 months ago

    you tricked me your link led to a fuji lens not the 50 1.2

  • Ben Hatto
    Ben Hatto 9 months ago +1

    I REALLY want another 50mm f1. Preferably with an 85 f1 to accompany it. That would be excellent.

  • Johnny F Media
    Johnny F Media 9 months ago

    Longest intro on the internet .. Zzzzzzzz

  • Stephen Hagyard
    Stephen Hagyard 10 months ago

    Is the metering biased to the chosen focus point?

  • CatDude
    CatDude 10 months ago

    Hi! Did you test the 50 f1.2 and 24-105 f4? How do you find the in terms on IQ against the SONY alternatives? Thanks

  • Picha Thadaniti
    Picha Thadaniti 10 months ago

    great review and lots​ of optimistics, you made me feel good with this gear and decided to buy the kit set tomorrow 😊
    lots of dramatic about​ this camera in Thailand too, but​ I thought it have​ enough​ good points
    thx you

  • David Silva
    David Silva 10 months ago +1

    Please get rid of the loud, obnoxious music.

  • Ricky Davis
    Ricky Davis 10 months ago

    He’ll get to 4K once they’re shooting 8k. Gotcha.

  • FeedScrn
    FeedScrn 10 months ago +1

    Never buy the first iteration of any new technology.... You can say that the M50 was the first iteration... but that is debatable. In a FF camera.. the EOS R is.....

  • Gino Rigucci
    Gino Rigucci 10 months ago

    I noticed when you where comparing the Fuji against the Canon EOS-R the colors on the Canon where very good much better than the Fuji. Overall a good review. I would hope Canon includes dual cards slot with a CF card and Upgrades the sensor to a higher mega-pixel with a better quality.

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 10 months ago +1

    after 5 seconds of watching the intro, I skipped to the talking part. you should consider shortening it and improving it, good review though.

  • AHS Society
    AHS Society 10 months ago +2

    The Future generations will complain about which cameras auto edited their videos for them. They will never know how to manually focus, pull focus, rack focus. Compose shots (as they will shoot in 10k and compose in post). Where is this going for the arts?

  • AHS Society
    AHS Society 10 months ago

    Almost got it, but I know the DSLR lay out could not get with this. and that viewfinder. Just got the 5D mk 4. Feels more pro also.