Crushing Uk Socket with Hydraulic Press

  • Published on Jun 14, 2016
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Comments • 65

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 2 years ago +1

    Crush an 80s brick cellphone

  • fireman18629
    fireman18629 3 years ago

    I wanna send you something to crush what items don't you accept?

  • Paul Hicks
    Paul Hicks 3 years ago +1

    It's a plug not a socket

  • i have anxiety
    i have anxiety 3 years ago

    You guys should try snap on sockets vs other brand sockets

  • MatthewW
    MatthewW 3 years ago +1

    cool, btw its a plug not a socket :)

  • Leo Šefčík
    Leo Šefčík 3 years ago

    The yellow irons were like bullets from a gun falling

  • julie veillon
    julie veillon 3 years ago

    je suis entrain de me faire toutes tes vidéos c'est génial, je suis accro. ouais je parle français et alors? blc que je suis sur une chaine anglaise mdr

  • hazelamym
    hazelamym 3 years ago

    did you ever find that earth prong?
    the way it went pinging off there, it looks like it could have gone anywhere. ^_^

  • Michael Grinshtat
    Michael Grinshtat 3 years ago

    you should try a loaded gun

  • Ella W
    Ella W 3 years ago

    Payback for hurting my foot when i stood on you

  • John HI
    John HI 3 years ago

    Crush a big piece of wood

  • Leanne Donnellan
    Leanne Donnellan 3 years ago

    They're aren't only British plugs they're in Ireland as well 😒😑

  • DaiSoul
    DaiSoul 3 years ago


  • jcelldogs
    jcelldogs 3 years ago

    i think theres a short lol

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson 3 years ago

    don't u have a vice that you can attatch the base to the table?

  • Max Bellido Alfaro Bellido

    crush a Omar Mateen

  • Will John
    Will John 3 years ago

    its going to take weeks for that poor hyfrolic press to recover from that

  • ThePersonWithoutAName
    ThePersonWithoutAName 3 years ago

    Why the uk is using plugs like this? I'm from Germany btw.

    • davidpar2
      davidpar2 3 years ago

      South Africa uses the UK's old 15A standard, and it's an even bigger plug than this. It's huge

    • ThePersonWithoutAName
      ThePersonWithoutAName 3 years ago

      @Joel H Okay. Thank you!

    • Joel H
      Joel H 3 years ago

      The top pin is the Earth, the bottom two pins are the Live and Neutral pins. The earth extends slightly further out than the other two, this is because UK sockets are designed so that the earth has to be plugged in before the current flows. It helps stop accidents if something like a fork is plugged into the socket.

    • ThePersonWithoutAName
      ThePersonWithoutAName 3 years ago

      @rjs198585 Interesting. Thanks

  • Koul Cid
    Koul Cid 3 years ago

    What if you did a hydraulic press vs hydraulic press? Would it explode?

  • Koul Cid
    Koul Cid 3 years ago

    Crushit can you crush a snow globe?

  • xaiy jubu
    xaiy jubu 3 years ago

    can you crush a pencil

    HDXFH 3 years ago

    A flat one

    HDXFH 3 years ago

    Thats a Plugtop

  • Max Lister
    Max Lister 3 years ago

    i dont know why but i really want you to crush a Babybell, haven't seen anyone else do one so if you could that would be great :)

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff 3 years ago

    What specs on this press?
    put it in "about chanel" section

  • Bader 505
    Bader 505 3 years ago

    اللايك : ١١٩

  • The titan destroyer
    The titan destroyer 3 years ago

    galf club

  • deans6571
    deans6571 3 years ago

    I know something that nobody has crushed - a TV !!!! That would would awesome 📺👍🏼

  • Hola171773772717716663278281873

    How much tons does it have?

  • Meg and Lyss beauty
    Meg and Lyss beauty 3 years ago

    can you crush a glass vase?

  • Meg and Lyss beauty
    Meg and Lyss beauty 3 years ago +1

    crush a mug full of coffee

  • aNNdYXxX3D
    aNNdYXxX3D 3 years ago

    Press a LED , just for fun :P

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 3 years ago

    This is not just a British plug.Its the same plug used in Ireland also.

    CHAAC 3 years ago

    diss like

  • Zain Salim
    Zain Salim 3 years ago

    Hydraulic Pressing a Pillow!!

  • TemmieIz2Cool4Cooleg
    TemmieIz2Cool4Cooleg 3 years ago +1

    Crushit can you crush an old Nokia phone?

    • Derpy 1109
      Derpy 1109 3 years ago

      Pretty sure Hydraulic Press Channel actually did that. Sadly, it didn't form any weird universe-defying anomalies, just a broken Nokia.

    • Damn son where'd you find this.
      Damn son where'd you find this. 3 years ago

      Nokia 3310 XD hydraulic press will break not nokia XD. It was a joke obviously nokia will be destroyed.

    • TemmieIz2Cool4Cooleg
      TemmieIz2Cool4Cooleg 3 years ago

      @Crushit thank you :3

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago

      Good idea

  • Ilia Vakhitov
    Ilia Vakhitov 3 years ago +1

    Yeah fuck uk

  • nimifi702
    nimifi702 3 years ago +2

    Crush a dildo

  • Roel Soetewey
    Roel Soetewey 3 years ago +1

    Crush a rubber duck XD

    • Kiros
      Kiros 3 years ago +2

      isn't that every video?

    • Bobbymc Bobkins
      Bobbymc Bobkins 3 years ago

      +Crushit can u do something that the press can't crush very well plz :)

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago +1

      I have crushed, filmed and edited a rubber ducks video but I'll probably won't post it as it is not very exciting... The duck just gets squished flat.

  • Danielle X
    Danielle X 3 years ago +5

    Thise plugs hurt so much when standing on one 😁😁😁

    • Sir Percival Smallcock-Jones
      Sir Percival Smallcock-Jones 3 years ago

      I did that recently. I was carrying an unplugged laptop with the A/C cord still attached, and the plug was dragging across the floor. Then I stood on it. Next day I had a lovely purple bruise on the sole of my foot.
      I was lucky I didn't drop the laptop when it happened.

    • Danielle X
      Danielle X 3 years ago

      +joebro76 dont play truth or dare around plugs

    • Joey W.
      Joey W. 3 years ago +2

      No it's standing, she said standing and I'm repeating what she said don't act all smart

    • kool a
      kool a 3 years ago +1


    • Joey W.
      Joey W. 3 years ago +3

      Why are you standing on them

  • Nikola Spalevic
    Nikola Spalevic 3 years ago +5

    Could you try crushing soap?

  • Dewi Kingdon
    Dewi Kingdon 3 years ago