How to choose a beginner mountain bike - Mountain Biking Explained EP2

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  • In this video we talk mostly about what to look for in a good beginner bike, namely the things that make it affordable, functional, reliable, and easy to upgrade later on. These are the bare bones things a trail worthy mountain bike should have.
    We also talk a bit about helmets, and why you might want to spend a bit more on a better one.
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    Choosing a beginner bike:
    Last time, we set Lisa up with everything she needed to start mountain biking. She now has a bike, a helmet, a hydration pack, gloves, and a multi tool. She also has a floor pump, and a rack to transport her bike with. As Lisa progresses we’ll be looking at all this stuff in more detail, but today we’re going to focus on the two things you need most to get on the trails: A bike, and a helmet.
    Even if you don’t have your own bike-even if you plan on renting a bike, I still recommend you get your own helmet wearing someone else’s helmet kinda freaks me out.
    Lisa is wearing a Kali Protectives Chakra, which would be considered a general purpose mountain biking helmet. It’s lightweight, has good ventilation, fits securely, and looks cool, which are all things you might spend a couple of extra dollars for. Really cheap helmets are usually bulky, uncomfortable, and poorly ventilated, and that’s no fun.
    The Chakra, like most bike helmets is single impact, so it’s only made to protect your head once. If your helmet gets impacted, it should be replaced even if the damage isn’t visible. In my experience, shoes wear out before helmets do, so don’t cheap on a helmet just because you might need to replace it. Even a real good one is under $50.
    For the rest of this video, we’ll be talking about bikes; specifically, what should you look for in a good beginner bike? Well the four ities of course. The four ities are: affordability, reliability, serviceability, and simplicity.
    To find a bike with all four ities, you can go to a bike shop, search online, and even buy used. Rather than tell you exactly what to get and where to get it from, I’d rather help you understand what to look for so you can choose a bike on your own. I’ll be using Lisa’s bike as an example, because I chose it specifically for these reasons.
    At around $650, the Hook is of pretty good value. In the last video I mentioned that this is a hardtail, meaning it only has a suspension fork. This, as opposed to a full suspension bike that squishes down in the rear as well. While full suspension bikes are great, they’re also a lot more complex than hardtails. This complexity adds cost, weight, and additional maintenance, so only go this route if you’re comfortable spending some extra money. Figure on at least 500 for a trailworthy hardtail, and at least 1200 for full suspension. These are just guidelines, and I stress that the first ity might be different for different people.

    Let’s take a look at some other characteristics of Lisa’s bike. First of all it has disc brakes, as opposed to rim brakes. Disc brakes are virtually maintenance free besides changing the pads, and they’ll stop the bike even when it’s covered in dirt and mud. These are activated by cable, but more expensive bikes use hydraulic fluid. While hydraulic is better, any disc brake is better than a rim brake.
    Moving on you can see that Lisa’s wheels have quick release levers, which make removal of the wheels possible without tools. More expensive bikes will come a very similar looking thru axle. On the other hand if a mountain bike wheel is held on with nuts, you are looking at an extreme cost cutting measure which will make the bike difficult to maintain and next to impossible to upgrade. Aside from specialty bikes like dirt jumpers, you want a mountain bike with levers on the axles.
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    Would this be a good beginners bike DiamondBack Sync 3.0 27.5" Mountain Bike 2018 - Hardtail MTB

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    daniel topping 19 дней назад

    I have an 2009 specialized rockhopper Still with all the original parts on it working fine and great beginner mountain bike in my opinion

  • 2dogslide
    2dogslide 20 дней назад

    Well i'd look for a bike with hydro brakes (even the cheapest shimanos m396), any-non-sr-suntrour fork, shimano m6000 2x10 drivetrain, 29inch wheels with some decent hubs and 32 or 36(if the riders heavier, newbies tend to hae problems with being suspension), some decent aluminium frame, aluminium stem, bars and seatpost and GOOD AND WELL CHOOSEN seat. That setup is about 1000 dollars. If you had more money you could go with better wheels. That is a bike you could even race on mtb marathons. For extra 100 bucks you can get m520 pedals and basic shoes, for about 130-140 you can get good shoes ad m520 pedals. I would never buy a 1x8 for newbie, especially with square tappered bottombracket. I killed 3 squaretappered supports within 2k kms. 1x is less versalite, and its quite anoying at either descends or on ascends

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    Plus the disc brakes I will getp are hydraulic.
    Also, everything costs just under $110.

  • TheBlaggert
    TheBlaggert 21 день назад

    I started out and bought a used 2012 Voodoo Hoodoo (with the X1 fork) which had barely been used for £200. Cracking bike for beginners. Only problem is I have arthritis in one knee and hills are killing it

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    1. Replace your helmet if it gets hit, even with no visible damage? Sounds like your typical California dipshit who throws something out if it gets a hair on it.
    2. Really? You are so wrong on the tire and handlebar methods. Who fucking cares if it's a nut tire or handlebar? Those are perfectly fine.

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    many people can't justify a $500 expense for a "beginner" bike, they're supporting a family on one income, young and can't afford that, and many locales even used bikes are 75% of the new price. owners won't haggle, just the way it is.
    We fit into the one income catagory so had to settle for a big bike bike, even his tips work there too, buy the best quality you can find, like i settled on the Schwinn Alumnum Comp has disc front rear, double wall rims, aluminum frame, and alloy cranks, and threadless headset.
    So spend $30 and replace the bars and stem, and it feels like a different bike.
    i think its the best sub $200 bike at a Big Box store. Will it last forever, no, but for someone in the advanced beginner maybe lower intermediate levels its great bike. Weighs in stock at 34#'s and follows the KISS, keep it simple stupid.
    Thanks for all your videos Seth, love watching you rip at warp speed down some of the trails...
    BTW I hate bike snobs.... Just get out there and ride. Enjoy your day.

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