All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

  • Опубликовано: 28 июн 2018
  • The first time I went to Japan, I got to experience the A5 Kobe steak, and that flavor still sings with me. I knew that it probably wouldn't be possible to find a Kobe all you can eat restaurant in Tokyo, because, with me, they would be out of business in a day. However, I did find an A5 All you can eat Wagyu beef restaurant, can't beat that(:
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  • rayoloco5000
    rayoloco5000 День назад

    Is this bad or good?

  • Ephers
    Ephers День назад

    This is the place you take your wife when you are not ok with each other since you technically have an hour and you guys would just eat and not talk

  • dreamauroraj
    dreamauroraj 2 дня назад

    this is food porn for a meat lover. drooling

  • ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ
    ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ 2 дня назад

    I would love to live in Japan for a year

  • mann0311
    mann0311 2 дня назад

    5:23 CC on you'll thank me.

  • Folk Canine
    Folk Canine 2 дня назад

    Whoever did the English translations for this video; is not going to heaven in this life. TOO MANY LENNY FACES!

  • Phil Gaerlan
    Phil Gaerlan 2 дня назад

    "How dare you!!!" Hahahahahahaha

  • The Zipp
    The Zipp 2 дня назад

    I need to go to Japan!

  • Jerry Zhang
    Jerry Zhang 3 дня назад

    Mike Chen: I gotta finish everything on my plate! (Plate full of A5 Wagyu)
    Me: I gotta finish everything on my plate! (Plate full of broccoli)

  • BigBagOfFrikenAirFak
    BigBagOfFrikenAirFak 4 дня назад

    Steak ain’t even really that good

  • luke petrey
    luke petrey 4 дня назад

    I keep getting tai Lopez adds on these videos

  • denis
    denis 4 дня назад

    was trying to get to 16hrs fasting and yeah... no.

  • Sortaboring
    Sortaboring 4 дня назад

    cries in poor

  • Jacob Essam
    Jacob Essam 4 дня назад

    Just realized he’s a younger Jackie Chan version.

  • Fred Zeppelin
    Fred Zeppelin 5 дней назад

    I can't even begin to explain how jealous I am right now, I'm speechless

  • xerusama
    xerusama 5 дней назад

    "Holy Cow!" Well.....yeah it is!

  • Louis Kolm
    Louis Kolm 5 дней назад

    Weird question, and you probably won‘t answer, but why do you not eat raw stuff at all? I mean in most places you go to they know how to prepare it correctly so you dont get infected.

  • Selvi Wennars
    Selvi Wennars 5 дней назад

    Does anyone else salivate just by looking at the raw meat??

  • Outside life
    Outside life 7 дней назад

    I had salami, lots of marbling

  • UltimateChoji An
    UltimateChoji An 7 дней назад

    You look like jacky Chan.

  • Alpha Tolentino
    Alpha Tolentino 7 дней назад

    Virtual torture! Drooling intensely while watching this video. Y u do diz to meeeeeee

  • s s
    s s 8 дней назад

    Many reviews suggust that this place is unfriendly towards foreigners. So beware

  • Ana *-*
    Ana *-* 8 дней назад

    pleeease come to Brazil, we have like the best meat in the world, u will love here

  • Gustina Sugiri
    Gustina Sugiri 9 дней назад


  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 9 дней назад

    I'm watching this at 3:30am and now I want wagu steak. 😫

  • Jewpac Shakur
    Jewpac Shakur 10 дней назад

    C'mon Bro, NEVER disrespect the Screechmeister! There's 2 people in this World that u never speak ill of and that's Screech and Chuck Norris! 😅

  • andrea graciel
    andrea graciel 10 дней назад

    Whats the name of the first restaurant? Please infoooooo

  • SL
    SL 11 дней назад

    It went to Hogwarts.🤣 Mike should do stand up.

  • Mista Mase
    Mista Mase 11 дней назад +1

    All the meat was super fatty

  • roxE-
    roxE- 12 дней назад

    cooooooook mantep bgt ini pasti

  • KIM남훈
    KIM남훈 12 дней назад

    Jackie Chan.....

  • Ng Shawn
    Ng Shawn 13 дней назад


  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson 13 дней назад

    We went to Ginza Steak during our trip to Japan after watching your video months ago and we're SO glad we did! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  • Herson Lae
    Herson Lae 14 дней назад

    $60 is probably under priced for that set of meal

  • Gabby Puertollano
    Gabby Puertollano 14 дней назад

    Jackie Chan's mukbang!

  • Mike Gazanchyan
    Mike Gazanchyan 15 дней назад

    Gotta love the Dustin diamond reference

  • David Qi
    David Qi 17 дней назад

    Just ate at Ginza Steak two days ago, great service, great food, great recommendation Mike!

  • Calvin Nguyen
    Calvin Nguyen 19 дней назад

    If Venom and this guy become one, they would eat the earth

  • shmaxo
    shmaxo 21 день назад

    OMG, I'm taking my family to Japan soon to celebrate my son graduating college with not one, but two degrees in business, and we're definitely checking this place out. (Ginzu, not the tourist trap) Thanks Mikey for showing us these places. It's great to experience food venues with you!

  • ytcansmdHD
    ytcansmdHD 21 день назад

    Ginza Steak was awful. Really sad that they are going to get more business because of this video. Not even close to worth ¥9,800. Borderline uneatable appetizers like truffle balls and garlic & almond potage. "A5" was very questionable. Yakiniku M was much better for wagyu. Don't expect "melt-in-your-mouth". No difference between the akami and the shimohuri. Extra cost for the shimohuri is not worth it. You have time for 3 orders of about 3 oz of steak each time. Then they cut you off and you get this weird, bland rice soup. You will not be full nor satisfied.

  • Deimos000
    Deimos000 22 дня назад

    That auto translation is really crap and diminishes the quality of your content. Could you please disable it?

  • SPgetsthebestofme
    SPgetsthebestofme 22 дня назад

    Am i imagining this or why is the title in German? O.o

  • Edgar G.
    Edgar G. 23 дня назад

    Are you any way related to Jackie Chan

  • Uninteresting Bagel
    Uninteresting Bagel 24 дня назад

    Here I am eating my KFC

  • Benji Berigan
    Benji Berigan 24 дня назад

    MArbling is errthang

  • Larry Wong
    Larry Wong 24 дня назад

    Do you need to make reservation for Ginza Steak or just walk in?

  • RidhoBokil
    RidhoBokil 25 дней назад


  • david fanning
    david fanning 26 дней назад

    Let's be honest, you filmed to spare your stomach the pains of expansion lol.
    It looks amazing.
    Hey Mike, if you end up on the west tip of Texas (El Paso), head over to Fabens (10 minutes east of El Paso) and go to Cattlemans. 2 lbs T-bone steak (and you can special order up to 4 lbs). It is the best steak I've ever had. I've not had A5, but I've never been to Japan either. Still, give them a try.

  • DesignGear
    DesignGear 28 дней назад


  • Cobb
    Cobb 29 дней назад

    Adding this to the bucket list

  • Lee S.
    Lee S. 29 дней назад

    Man, i'm surprised you didn't eat the raw items (besides oyster).
    Can't you eat A5 wagyu raw? Like beef tartare?

  • jennifer baby
    jennifer baby 29 дней назад

    I love yakiniku😋😋😋

  • Vincenza N
    Vincenza N 29 дней назад

    When he said the beef may have gone to Hogwarts 😂

  • Adam Ortiz
    Adam Ortiz Месяц назад

    We’re here right now. We avenged you at the first place. We followed your advice and absolutely destroyed the A5 in your honor. Thanks for the pro tips. ❤️

  • s7robe
    s7robe Месяц назад

    What’s the first song

  • Techdailyblog
    Techdailyblog Месяц назад

    That meat looks raw. Gross

  • Techdailyblog
    Techdailyblog Месяц назад

    You are going to be sick one day because you eat very unhealthy.

  • Moses Jonson
    Moses Jonson Месяц назад

    I feel so sorry for the bathroom, he eats this much meat 🤢🤮😷

  • Green Plant
    Green Plant Месяц назад

    I wish I can try a piece....🤤

  • Sarp Kaya
    Sarp Kaya Месяц назад

    Booked my flight to Tokyo :) Now ready for that meal! But where is this restaurant???

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi Месяц назад

    So I never really liked beef but that until my grandparents gave us home grown calf meat....and I tell you I never had meat like that since then, ever, in my life. Calf steaks just melt in your mouth!

  • GunShard
    GunShard Месяц назад

    Good stuff

  • Ms.muffin NonBussines
    Ms.muffin NonBussines Месяц назад

    Whats A5?

  • MiracleTime
    MiracleTime Месяц назад

    Hi Mike, for Ginza Steak (the 2nd restaurant), did you have to make reservations beforehand? Thanks for sharing about these places!

  • drmseeker
    drmseeker Месяц назад

    That looks so yummy

  • carl talbot
    carl talbot Месяц назад

    just looking at beef like that makes feel like my arteries are hardening. even when i was younger i never really liked fatty beef. i guess that's why like buffalo so much.

  • Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo
    Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo Месяц назад

    I think i will eat that all you can eat wagyu after i have my gym.

  • Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo
    Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo Месяц назад

    What is that restuarant name?

  • Tex Iman
    Tex Iman Месяц назад

    poor chicken lol

  • Melissa Lau
    Melissa Lau Месяц назад

    waittt did you pay $60 per pax for a 90 minute entry and you get to eat allllll you can eat meat? so if you finished a specific cut, you can order more?

  • pokegaiyui
    pokegaiyui Месяц назад

    We booked the 14,800 yen one, will that be worth it?

  • Ash LDN
    Ash LDN Месяц назад

    What’s with the raw middle. medium rare gives me salmonella nightmares.

  • Ferdi
    Ferdi Месяц назад

    Why is his title in Dutch?😜

  • Gorgon Phone
    Gorgon Phone Месяц назад

    That meat is too damn fatty

  • Monai -.-
    Monai -.- Месяц назад

    Best weapon against vegan🤣

  • L C
    L C Месяц назад

    Can’t stopping watching this, I think I am addicted to it

  • Mark Haines
    Mark Haines Месяц назад +17

    Is there no end to Mike's appetite? He's like the terminator - sent back in time to eliminate all oriental food.

  • Michelle Ji
    Michelle Ji Месяц назад +11

    My husband and I booked our flight to Tokyo after watching this video. Of course we had to check out the teppan steak restaurant. We had high expectations of this restaurant from the video, but were somewhat disappointed. From personal experience, the quality of the steak wasn’t as good as some of the other wagyu bbq restaurant we went. You get to choose between marble steak and lean steak. We liked the marble steak just fine, but the lean steak was way too dry. They tend to stick in a piece of lean steak after a couple of rounds without asking you...the rest of the courses were mediocre. I wouldn’t recommend the all-you-can-eat menu if you are after quality wagyu steak, I would rather pay a little more to order from the regular menu.

    • Nicholas Po
      Nicholas Po 2 дня назад

      I 100% agree with this statement. Was here tonight.

  • Kaimana Colobong
    Kaimana Colobong Месяц назад

    Ha! As soon as the plate comes i'd placing the next. I'd down half the cow in the 2 hours, but hope they have a wheelchair when im done.😅😅

  • Cry Celestial
    Cry Celestial Месяц назад

    “Oh it’s gonna get better”

    *I’m already dead from starvation*

  • nahara takami
    nahara takami Месяц назад

    Quá ngon luôn

  • joits
    joits Месяц назад

    i want to go to there

  • Ady Liu
    Ady Liu Месяц назад

    i cant find a delicious steak anymore after i ate wagyu beef

  • IM1 TV
    IM1 TV Месяц назад +1

    When Mike goes to buffets, they soon after go out of business.

  • huhupang
    huhupang Месяц назад

    I want to make sure you earn a lot from RUclip by watching all of your videos and leaving likes because I want to continue watching!

  • Solomon Tirwomwe
    Solomon Tirwomwe Месяц назад

    Most of All You Can Eat Chinese & Japanese Restaurants in the UK also give you 90 minutes to two hours to eat and leave.. So was not surprised at this

  • Cacti X Boss
    Cacti X Boss Месяц назад

    Jackie chan is that you!?

  • Moana Mariex
    Moana Mariex Месяц назад

    Another goal ! Luv yah mike 😂❣❣❣😆

  • Dave N
    Dave N Месяц назад +2

    For Christmas last year we got a 10lb roast of A5 and were in heaven! Wish we could do that every year!

  • uyu Garden
    uyu Garden Месяц назад +2

    I can't believe I finished a 17 second ad for you.

  • Carlos Griffith
    Carlos Griffith Месяц назад

    OMG you totally put SCREECH on blast! "It's like somebody invited Dustin Diamond to the cast of Avengers party!" SO F'N FUNNY!!!! Thank you!

  • Nai Fong Koh
    Nai Fong Koh Месяц назад

    My kind of buffet definitely!,,

  • Nino Elliott
    Nino Elliott Месяц назад

    I ran into my foodie hero (Mark Chen) while visiting Tokyo a couple days ago. He suggested I check out the "all you can eat wagyu beef restaurant". OMG! the beef was off the chain!. I can't wait to get back to Tokyo for round two. Thanks bredren!!

  • BanyMany !
    BanyMany ! Месяц назад +1

    Love your expressions yo. They are all different and not the same

  • Sam Hung
    Sam Hung Месяц назад

    Imagine someone like Matt Stone going there to eat wagyu

  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan Месяц назад

    MAKE A RESERVATION BEFORE YOU GO!!! Me and my friends tried to walk in for dinner and it was reservations only. We were just there last night.

  • Debb Curry-Millard
    Debb Curry-Millard Месяц назад

    I am a little confused Mikey. You said you don’t eat anything raw however you eat oysters. Xx

  • Mr Chicks Butt
    Mr Chicks Butt Месяц назад +2

    Wagyu do this?

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Месяц назад

    Too fatty

  • Babu Ull
    Babu Ull Месяц назад +1

    Sick but i try to watch ur show