Top 20 Comedy Moments In Football

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Title: Top 20 Comedy Moments In Football

+Tobu - Counting The Last Days (Original Mix)

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Автор Luis Carlos Zarco Rico ( назад)
yo soy del junior de barranquilla

Автор Nsanzimana Aloys ( назад)

Автор Legit Fly ( назад)
these aren't funny at all

Автор Jake A06 ( назад)

Автор iHowie ( назад)
5:27 nate robinson be like

Автор Akram Saleh ( назад)
I think the referee is an actor

Автор harshagoutham P ( назад)
is that referee a gay??

Автор Strajolino Games ( назад)
4:28 hahahahahhaahahahahahha

Автор dawn of justice ( назад)
No 8 definitely rko from Randy Orton 😆😆😆

Автор OB Owen ( назад)
I'm a dick sucker

Автор Irena Neza ( назад)
i like sex

Автор Noble Tenshi ( назад)
no.3 looks liked he was a fish out of water.

Автор Tolga GamerGt ( назад)
lol ıta so comic video

Автор Yousef Al Rawwash ( назад)
3:40 his laugh is funnier than the thing itself!😂😂😂

Автор Siddhant Deodhe ( назад)
referee was funny

Автор Trahman Purnomo ( назад)
3:15 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 need that ref on WORLD CUP 😂😂

Автор Anish Basukar ( назад)
the best video seen till now

Автор LOL M8 ( назад)
Where is Zaza's penalty? xD

Автор Slodo-The-Show ( назад)
Fast so lustig wie meine Fussballclips

Автор bunny Bhatt ( назад)
poor editing

Автор Jordan Mcgeady ( назад)
Wtf ref

Автор Berťa Kučerů ( назад)
3:04 Příbram vs Jablonec

Автор Mathew Maheo ( назад)
1:18. racist referee??

Автор Arun Somasundaram ( назад)
I liked the number 1 mostly😂😂

Автор g bale_1 ( назад)
Neymar wanabe

Автор The spinner45 ( назад)
That referee

Автор Blue Hypergiant ( назад)
second place :)

Автор ryoma. 瘋 ( назад)
The funniest thing about this video is the clickbait.

Автор Anthony Ley-Escalante ( назад)
the referee had me dying

Автор shaun heron ( назад)
Why aren't any of the england games in this compilation?

Автор Abdullahi75 Ciise ( назад)
im not a hater but did this had to be funny?

Автор Adam Miah ( назад)
9 is fake

Автор Andreas Tsaggaris ( назад)
the funniest was 9

Автор jose02reyes ( назад)
#9 was the best

Автор Milan Baert ( назад)
Fatty ronaldo

Автор Alex Esskew ( назад)
all this proves, is that soccer players are pussies

Автор Rif Azam ( назад)
wtf no 2..

Автор Lucian ( назад)
Arturo Vidal deserves his place in this files too ! But OMG this referee ahahahahah

Автор Zax ( назад)
That referee lmao

Автор Saysay Limboo ( назад)

Автор Rith Chan ( назад)

Автор David Carrizalez ( назад)
the goalkeeper es superman but he died

Автор David Carrizalez ( назад)
that goalkeeper es superman
but he died

Автор David Morales ( назад)
que vergüenza este banguera jajajaajjaajaj PERO ORGULLOSO DE SER ECUATORIANO

Автор ModernTek ( назад)
1:42 when you forget to do a fake injury 7 years ago

Автор Jitse Ritskes ( назад)
The ref 😂😂😂

Автор Spy Soldier ( назад)
5:26 "You ain't touching me cracker!!!"

Автор KEVIN ARIAS ( назад)
WTF con el árbitro marica? :v

Автор Ishaan Chaturvedi ( назад)
Omg 5😂😂😂😂

Автор سعيد عثمان ( назад)
acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the power of one's superior or superiors. hh

Автор Very Cross Dog ( назад)
Go home soccer, you're drunk

Автор King Adam ( назад)
1:59 Magyar!

Автор Gentlemen ( назад)
2:10 Magyar kommentár 😀😀😀

Автор Péter Tar ( назад)
The twelfth one is in hungarian

Автор Phillip Meyers ( назад)
Workshop line settlement half.

Автор Wenger Gang ( назад)
This video contains best goalkeeper mistakes,luckiest goals ,best open goal misses

Автор Áron Sofus Vest ( назад)
1ookr plis

Автор Áron Sofus Vest ( назад)
fok tou

Автор pogba dab ( назад)
lol ones like *ZLATEN tall player as tall as ZLATAN holy ZLATANS

Автор Emmanuel Marquez ( назад)
l like

Автор azerdoTV ( назад)

Автор Remigiusz Denda ( назад)
Refere is the best

Автор Janice Owens ( назад)
Just almost wet myself laughing at the camp ott referee

Автор La main d'Eder ( назад)
Le 9 devrait etre numero 1 MDRRRRR

Автор GuilleX ( назад)
como se llama la cancion del minuto 1:37?

Автор Rasmus Nilsson ( назад)
dat ref tho

Автор Mohamed Osman ( назад)
wanna throw hands buddy 0:59

Автор Harry Jones ( назад)
I could watch that ref all day xD

Автор Rasti Salih ( назад)
Follow Georgi Varbanov10 for football videos

Автор Diogo Gomes ( назад)

Автор Yoshi Aki ( назад)
Number 15 was an unfair red card, the player dived

Автор DwarfSroll Freax ( назад)
footballers aren't boxeurs that's sure.

Автор X gaming ( назад)

Like οποίος ειναι απο ελασα

Автор marty friedman ( назад)
just wanna tell u little kid, those 80s and 90s football are so much entertaining than what messi penaldo neymar n co have

Автор Liam Brennan ( назад)

Автор TheGalacticGamer ( назад)
China's defense is good to go for the world cup 2018👌

Автор The Spark ( назад)
Number 2 .... its not something you save to show your grandkids.

Автор Hatake•Toshiro ( назад)
2:01 hungarian Videoton lol :O :D

Автор Eat More Prunes ( назад)
not much, if any of that, was actually funny.

Автор Awful ( назад)
1 bhhhhhhh

Автор Hawiiancanetoad twa ( назад)
Some crackers there. Hahaha

Автор 98,436,654 views ( назад)
I like Basketball....and Soccer:)

Автор Soph ( назад)
That referee is everything I aspire to be

Автор Gabriel C ( назад)
number 12 was in Hungarian and the people were like that is not real

Автор Dani Redex ( назад)
funny this 15 st! :))) Red cards

Автор Matthew Attewell ( назад)
the no. 3 was leeds vs derby County I support derby County

Автор dinesh rana ( назад)

Автор Pop ( назад)
Jorge José Emiliano dos Santos was the ref and he was actually gay and was known for his um *style* . Apparently he died of AIDS-related complications at the age of 41....

Автор MEGAJIM 10 ( назад)

Автор Arima Chezhian ( назад)
2nd was funny

Автор EzPz JayZar ( назад)
Number 5...that player should get kicked from team and never be allowed in by any other team...stupid moron, my grandma could have scored that!

Автор Zackariahplayz ( назад)
wwo lol i menat wow

Автор _idgaf _memes ( назад)

Автор ReqonGo ( назад)
2:48 is that the barca logo?

Автор Game Music ( назад)
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Автор roby roby ( назад)
5:27 ha ha ha

Автор BpTube ( назад)
where is the video that shown is the thumbnail

Автор BpTube ( назад)
where is the video that shown is the thumbnail

Автор Federico Quaglino ( назад)

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