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Автор Wyell Chow ( назад)
aaaaaah!!!! Lindsey is so cute in the Mrs Potts costume!!

Автор Karen Herrera ( назад)

Автор ThyEpicFreak ( назад)
ok, im not judging or anything, but I play the trombone in my 10 grade marching band, and, WHY IS HE HOLDING THE TROMBONE LIKE THAT?!?! Omlord I Cringe

Автор Mangpet ! ( назад)
A work of art....isn't it?

Автор Paulette Ivanovic ( назад)
u can see the joy in her face when she plays 😄

Автор Wolfianna Games ( назад)
i just realized my uniform is belle's dress (the casual one) all I need is a blue ribbon for my hair :D

Автор Simmone Landau ( назад)
She's just casually the most talented person in existence.

Автор In ess ( назад)
Why did i cry??? that was fabulous I swear to god my eyes teared up

Автор stingraykatie ( назад)
I love this so much. I really hope I can stream it on Spotify soon, bc it's not on there right now.

Автор NightAngel083 ( назад)
love your music and talent Lindsey!

Автор Laurie C. ( назад)
I cry

Автор Noelle Rothberg ( назад)
Beauty and the Beast is awesome movie! I saw it today here: https://sites.google.com/site/beautyandthebeasts2017/?jds=b

Автор Tom Calsace ( назад)
quelle talent

Автор eikocarol93 ( назад)
It's so beautiful my daughter and I love this movie I haven't seen the new one yet but want to

Автор arturo puebla ( назад)

Автор Erio Touwa ( назад)
she is such a goddess :O

Автор Argj .Hfmk ( назад)
She acta like Belle way better than Emma.

Автор Joanne CY Tang ( назад)
I think the original song of beauty and the best is annoying, too repetitive, but this arrangement makes me fall in love with that song

Автор Salonee Kumar ( назад)
You HAVE to collaborate with Kurt Hugo Schneider! You guys are amazing❤️

Автор AseerX1 ( назад)
Now this is one girl who should've been Belle in the movie!

Автор Kirk Wasson ( назад)
It is hard not to adore this woman. The innocence seems real, and the devious looks from other artists are a major turn off.

Автор Josephine Chloe ( назад)
Does this mean that Lindsey is Emma ?

Автор william amely ( назад)
FANTASTIC!!!!!!! WHAT A TALENT!!! I LOVE LINSEY!!! OH , YEAH, HER MUSIC TOO!! I am glad she did this video on Beauty and the Beast. Bravo, Lindsey, Bravo Disney.

Автор Adam Olszewski ( назад)
Ale ślicznie tu wygląda!

Автор tthinktinker bell ( назад)
should of been in the movie

Автор Olivia Hitchens ( назад)
Can she plz come to Colorado Springs. Like if you agree.🎻🎻🎻

Автор karen diaz ( назад)
Amazing work

Автор FoxPonyShift2013 ( назад)
Can't believe I found out about the new Beauty and the Beast movie after it came out, seems like everyone had a lotta fun.

Автор jonathan perez ( назад)
Lov u Bella 😍🇨🇺

Автор Alexis Rose ( назад)
Love this!!!!

Автор DoubleA Inc. ( назад)
Hey Lindsey can u do another Zelda medley but the songs from breath of the wild? PLEASE!😊

Автор Borcelle Calarini ( назад)
Watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST HD Quality >> https://plus.google.com/+ThoeWilcentMovie/posts/5GnKU9RoKNv

Автор mike198383 ( назад)
These types of videos and performances suit you better than the ones that you did in America's Got talent. These show your good violin skills vs the other ones it sounded choppy and terrible sound doing the hiphop violin stuff.

Автор Polar Bear ( назад)
3k dislikes .....why?

Автор Suzanne ( назад)

Автор boys over flowers ( назад)
i listen to this so i can sleep and it is also good.

Автор richie c ( назад)
that was awesome. loved the comedy mixed in there.

Автор BlueSapphire ( назад)
I thank Nigahiga for having you on i dare you. Because now i can listen to someone play my favourite instrument.

Автор Rachel & Mira Vlogs ( назад)
She looks more like dorathy than belle

Автор MegaCookinggirl ( назад)
that was so amazing and beautiful

Автор Alex Morgan ( назад)
Love it! And Great timing with the new live action movie.

Автор Cherolyn Lexvold ( назад)
How sweet and beautiful

Автор Ophani Stepfaye ( назад)
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Автор Arnel P ( назад)
New sub here.....and it's beautiful!

Автор Edwards Specialists ( назад)
Who shot this video?

Автор 文杰 ( назад)

Автор iWanderLost ••• ( назад)
I just want to see a ballerina or a dancer dance to this 💙

Автор Allyson Lipperini ( назад)
absolutely amazing

Автор valor flame ( назад)

Автор CjP ( назад)
Love you girl.

Автор Bethany Yeuong ( назад)
Lindsey, amazing performance! Love the video! Her violin playing is amazing and I think she would be perfect to act belle! She has got me watching this video over and over again. Makes me even more excited to watch the 2017 Beauty and the beast!!!

Автор Helena M ( назад)

Автор rigel tablon ( назад)
it could been so much better if it was her on the movie... she looks like, she acts like the very the same cartoon figure!

Автор Timo Burgard ( назад)
Awesome tea pot costume :))
Funny and beautiful at the same time. I don't understand why people always say that this could be done better and this isn't perfect...
They should do better...
I really love your work.

Автор Spock B ( назад)
Lindsey, You're AWESOME!

Автор jingginger72 ( назад)
seems snow white playing beauty and the beast. her face is magical. and playing a fantastic instrument. so unreal and i love it.

Автор madisoned ( назад)
Please do The Little Mermaid!

Автор Lexi Feldmann ( назад)
Just saw the movie on Tuesday and oh my buddha was it amazing.....

Автор Tanya Dmitrotsa ( назад)
I didn't see the "Beauty and the Beast", but this song and video are beautiful! Lindsey - you are cool :)

Автор Shakti R ( назад)
Lindsey will you do a cover Tale as Old as Time! I absolutely love the way you play it has inspired me to return to violin

Автор Shayla Robins ( назад)
Gorgeous,production loved the passion on this one beauty and beast!

Автор Luccas Pedro ( назад)
I think she could make a movie playing violin, like a musical!!!

Автор Luccas Pedro ( назад)
Beautiful!!! ❤

Автор Veliz Piliyang ( назад)
*Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Available in (HD)*
Watch here >> ( https://plus.google.com/+IvanBanderasSpd/posts/VA7skR1nyq4 )

Автор Mafalda Viana ( назад)
I think it's a pitty she didn't wear that yellow dress. But, no mean to ofend, the teapot looks better on her.

Автор Amygondor ( назад)
0:59 Why are you so happy about PETA taking your beast away?

Автор Felispinoplay Andrade ( назад)
alguém do Brasil

Автор Noshin Nawal Chowdhury ( назад)
Lindsey looks more like Belle then Belle does

Автор Billy Manning ( назад)
love her music

Автор anthony rafter ( назад)
i love her spirit she is so amazing !!

Автор Fitia Ranaivo-Harisoa ( назад)
She's sooooo perfect as Belle! Suits her magically

Автор Log Horizon ( назад)
Very energetic just like the original anamated film

Автор viry atonal ( назад)

Автор Rebeca Sanders ( назад)
This dress is prettier than the one that use Emma lol

Автор Marco Deckel ( назад)
Oh, apparently this was shot in Germany 🇩🇪. :)

Автор Macy P ( назад)
I Got goosebumps it was so good

Автор mpotts1980 ( назад)
really enjoyed this. great fan of what you ahave done so far and hope you continue.

Автор Abigail Bohannon ( назад)
Lindsey can i get the mlusic free somewhere

Автор sasha ( назад)
this is magical.

Автор annabeth lee ( назад)

Автор Ralph Butatoy ( назад)
Why some others dislike this?

Автор Grace G-Jay ( назад)
she's so pretty and soooo talented at the same time..

Автор Tanner Holmgren ( назад)
she shouldve been cast as bell shes perfect for it

Автор Juan Manuel Grave Navarro ( назад)
i love her music❤

Автор Isaias Sosa ( назад)
Love it thank you very much! You are good and excellent! Keep up the good work! God bless you!

Автор YO SOY LA ETERNIDAD ( назад)
Cuando lo màs bello del ser humano se plasma en mùsica...en sonidos y hace vibrar a nuestra alma divina....

Автор Anilicious ( назад)

Автор Gloria Ruiz ( назад)
la perfecta Bella!!👌

Автор Jennabear82 ( назад)
How could you NOT like this?

Автор ohgeorge 75 ( назад)
I like legit cried i dont know why

Автор Laboureux Elodie ( назад)
magnifique j'adore j'arrête pas de la ré ré regarde 💓💓💓💗💗

Автор Megan Aquino ( назад)
lindsey fix your pizza wrist! my violin teacher would get mad if I had my wrist so flat

Автор Margo De Helt ( назад)
your verry verry talented

Автор Mago Sylar ( назад)
eres grande....saludos desde La Paz-Bolivia

Автор McToasty ( назад)
Where was this shot? must have been somewhere in Germany, because it said "Getränke" on the side. (which btw means drinks)

Автор ameera safiya naziri ( назад)
This is definitely one of my fav!!❤

Автор Betty Dennis ( назад)
Yes Yes Yes!!! Thank You Lindsey

Автор Science ( назад)
Fantastic , Amazing , just one thing that i looking for was a sequence with a high performance beast dancing with Lindsey.

Автор Helen Marie H. ( назад)
I think she would actually do a really good job playing Belle

Автор SockBadger 24601 ( назад)
Accurate depiction of male stagehands.

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