Trim Your Videos with YouTube's New Video Editor

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • It's back!!! RUclip's New Video Editor is out! Learn how to use the editor to trim and slice your videos after you upload them to RUclip. You can trim any part of the video at the beginning, middle, or end.
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  • Vanessa DeBurlet
    Vanessa DeBurlet 12 hours ago

    I have followed this exactly to trim the end of my video and the save button does not show up after i select stays gray . I do get a message in red. "Element must be visible for at least 5 seconds" - Not sure what this means...can anyone help? Thanks

  • sg rbdf
    sg rbdf 13 hours ago


  • Eastern Current
    Eastern Current 23 hours ago

    RUclip Editor Sucks

  • Bells Tv
    Bells Tv 3 days ago

    How to use it on your phone and save it

  • Gastro Guru
    Gastro Guru 3 days ago

    Thanks much! That helped a lot.

  • Travel with Lei
    Travel with Lei 4 days ago

    Can I only trim the video part and leave the audio untouched?

  • Rahul Pawar
    Rahul Pawar 5 days ago

    actual Video Starts at 1:34

  • kml FN
    kml FN 6 days ago

    It takes soo long to be processed

  • The Vegan Bachelor
    The Vegan Bachelor 10 days ago

    Can you add more to a video? Like say a picture or even more video?

  • dripz spamz
    dripz spamz 13 days ago


  • Tony Wellio
    Tony Wellio 14 days ago

    Very helpful thanks!

  • laurawashereⓋ
    laurawashereⓋ 14 days ago

    this is great thank you :)

  • Razorexxon
    Razorexxon 16 days ago

    i want to know how to keep the video but trim the music

  • Love Nature
    Love Nature 16 days ago

    Wonderful 😊

  • edtech
    edtech 16 days ago

    In the audio file can we record narration as well if our published video was without narration?

  • edtech
    edtech 16 days ago

    Great feature...

  • Lea Woooh
    Lea Woooh 17 days ago

    if i cut the middle part only the middle delete? or the side part delete?

  • Kayanne Oliver
    Kayanne Oliver 18 days ago

    I need this for a 20 sub special

  • Raja Bader Vlogs
    Raja Bader Vlogs 18 days ago

    Thanks for nice information

  • Monsterdrumma
    Monsterdrumma 18 days ago

    When you trim a video is the original version still uploaded?

  • Helen Anhkhoa
    Helen Anhkhoa 19 days ago

    Thank you for sharing, Derral Eves.
    I m a new RUclip. I was learning from you how to trim videos after uploading. I did good. I appreciate this. Thanks again

  • Helen Anhkhoa
    Helen Anhkhoa 19 days ago

    Derral Eves

    ROGER WALDMAN 19 days ago

    very helpful thank you

  • Cybersecurity Certification Center

    Derral, thank you. Very, very helpful and greatly appreciated!!! Lawrence Wilson

  • life with aircrafts and trains

    he sounds like tom hanks aka Woody

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs
    Imo and Izzy Vlogs 24 days ago

    Very handy. Thanks, Derral!

  • Hack My Life
    Hack My Life 26 days ago

    Can I make edit or trim the audio only?

  • ThatGuyNorm
    ThatGuyNorm 26 days ago

    Youtuve sucks and is the one company is the one company in the world that seems to devolve technologically.

  • Anivid
    Anivid 27 days ago

    powta bubu mo mag tutoriual

  • Abodi_Gamer
    Abodi_Gamer 28 days ago

    It’s on the way. The feature will be soon available

  • Beardyvlogger
    Beardyvlogger 29 days ago

    Yep this is awesome, totally helped me with taking out some things from my videos that I cannot say any longer as an amazon affiliate.

  • YoungBizWhiz
    YoungBizWhiz Month ago

    Good Video - thanks for the help!

  • TheOilyPenguin XD
    TheOilyPenguin XD Month ago

    This was sooo helpful thank you sooo much!

  • EzRekt_MakeR Tankionline

    Didn't even understand what u said


    look's good Derral going to give this a try my video software is giving me grieve hope this works if not we're going unedited Merry Christmas Bud have a good one

  • Tristan Carland
    Tristan Carland Month ago

    Thanks again for the video, I've had to watch it on two separate occasions, thankfully this pops right up!

  • Dream Reality
    Dream Reality Month ago

    @DerralEves if we trim views likes also removes???? plz reply

  • Get Real - Be Free
    Get Real - Be Free Month ago

    Thank you, total newbie to the process of videoing and posting to youtube/FB, etc.

  • Anil Singh
    Anil Singh Month ago

    Can we also merge video in same clip

  • Creativestar55
    Creativestar55 Month ago +1

    Does anyone think, RUclip will ever bring back the classic old video editor?

  • Mari Berg
    Mari Berg Month ago

    Thanks for information. Is it possible to add a new section to the videos too? I want to change the intro of a video. I think about deleting a section and adding a new one. Is that possible? Thank you so much.

  • Shark TV
    Shark TV Month ago

    can anybody tell me whats wrong with my video if youtube dosent let you save your changes when you try to trim some video out and it just says in red elements can only be placed in the last 20 second of the video can i fix this some how ?

  • Best of the Best
    Best of the Best Month ago

    awesome video, sir I want to learn something about youtube growing channel

  • Vill Nicandro
    Vill Nicandro Month ago

    Really helpfull

  • Dj kay the slider
    Dj kay the slider Month ago

    Still feel like there are some buttons missing

  • Paul Maddox
    Paul Maddox Month ago

    I can dig it!

  • Beau Monde Labradoodles

    I wanted to make multiple edits pushed save on the first one got white screen saying come back in couple hours for edit. Ahhhh Facepalm.

  • Sijo John
    Sijo John Month ago

    Yes, I am so glad that this feature is back. Desperately needed it. Thank you RUclip for bringing it back! :)

  • B'Nspired Services LLC

    I appreciate you so much! I followed your instructions and for the first time I was able to edit out a segment. Thank you so much!

  • linette lovejoy
    linette lovejoy Month ago

    Thank you, Derral! Peace & Blessings to all. :)

  • Franco Fracyon
    Franco Fracyon Month ago

    how can i edit a youtube clip that isnt my own video? I want to clip the highlights of a youtube video on a lacrosse game . It was posted publicly

  • Know It
    Know It Month ago

    I want to trim out an audio that possible?

  • Monte y Agua
    Monte y Agua Month ago

    I do not see or have the "editor" option... what gives?

  • Mizoram Health & Medical Forum

    How long does the processing take?

  • Political Theater
    Political Theater Month ago

    video starts @ 2:46

  • Drum Eagle
    Drum Eagle Month ago

    Thank you very very much for your tutorial

  • MeeLoNeng Channel
    MeeLoNeng Channel Month ago

    Great Info. Thank you!

  • patriot 483
    patriot 483 Month ago


  • Yo-Kai Guy
    Yo-Kai Guy Month ago

    I accidentally Trimed my video in the wrong spot how do i undo that?

  • RRCras RA
    RRCras RA Month ago

    I don't speak Spanish, ayuadame