Amber Rose Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Amber Rose goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and jokes about the craziest thing she's done for sneakers.

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Автор Eduardo ( назад)
Those Uptempo's tho...

Автор Kareem Lawson ( назад)
Amber lemme eat ur ass please

Автор Guess_who.V1 ( назад)
110 for those 3 danm

Автор Frankie ( назад)
Best Athlete with shoes: Jordan
Best Musician with shoes: Kanye

Автор Axel Gydesen ( назад)

Автор Hari Naseri ( назад)
2450.00 sub total
Pay amount 2670.50
What a fucking ripp off

Автор Jacari Clark ( назад)
Do sneaker shopping with Fabolous

Автор The real mvp ( назад)
Everything amber rose touches, turns into child support

Автор JAY MADDOG ( назад)
I love her.

Автор Lori B ( назад)
He was zoned out on her tits and ass lol

Автор Jonathon Carranza ( назад)
new title: Amber Rose goes sneaker shopping with Whiz Khalifas Money!

Автор timeless sneakers ( назад)
Id fuck the shit outta her

Автор Thor Gudmuns ( назад)
Why is she famous, why is she famous?

Автор che10461 ( назад)
What's Amber's talent?

Автор TJ David ( назад)
She wants to put his dong in or around her mouth.

Автор OfficialMufadzi ( назад)
3:50 you know for sure he bought them

Автор Bass Junky ( назад)
Yo what was them black Jordan's she bought for her "boo"

Автор WavyGravy 69 ( назад)
Why do my uptempos/pippens not have the air tube all the way around the bottom? I know they're not fake bought em from Nike.com. Is it because they're retro?

Автор RedRedMCmusic ( назад)
She a bad bitch

Автор Gwnboefman Aa ( назад)
Every shoe i buy is just White...

Автор Lookie Cookie7 ( назад)
They need Kodak or Lil Yachty

Автор StAtiCK HYdRO ( назад)
I like her hair, oh wait...

Автор A7 Divisor ( назад)
Why is her hair short ?

Автор Leon Wicket ( назад)
when they gonna do sneaker shopping with Wiz Khalifa?

Автор TheFinesseKid ( назад)
"I wasn't paying attention I was In the zone of......" Joe cmon you was day dreaming about smashing lol

Автор shawn Whitworth ( назад)
sneaker shopping with RUSSELL WESTBROOK !!

Автор Schoolgdalz ( назад)
dez legit copped those 12s that is an amazing price. he could resell and make a lot of money

Автор Dr Zoe ( назад)
those rebook red are dope af

Автор Marko Ivanovic ( назад)

Автор YaBoi Troxehhh ( назад)
the tax added is more then ive even spent on one pair

Автор Joshua Reyes ( назад)
She just spent 5 of my paychecks.

Автор Shadyb3376 ( назад)
3:50... You already know 😏


Автор JBAuthentic1 ( назад)
I think I'd smash her still

Автор Kunta Kinte ( назад)
I clicked to look at ASS.

Автор Russ Tate ( назад)
cute bitch

Автор Gabriel Edward ( назад)
Joe like " ey can I holla ? "

Автор ano niem ( назад)
Sweet Yeezus...

Автор NOMIS GAMES ( назад)
What are the shoes that Joe was wearing ?

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
Fuck that snake

Автор Jamie Felix-Toll ( назад)
Damn all of a sudden joe slidin in

Автор Marko Ivanovic ( назад)

Автор Almighty Fries ( назад)
We know he hit

Автор Camo bot ( назад)
Joe fucked right after bruh

Автор PumpkinPie ( назад)
this episode prolly took the longest to shoot

Автор Trivial611 ( назад)
LMFAO He was so out of it staring at her while she was talking he didn't even notice she was talking about a pair of sneakers that he himself had on! She had to point it out 1:29

Автор internet gangsters mob 351 ( назад)
AMBER ROSE :"are you nervious ? "... (what jit wnated to say) JOE : "sorry yea i was just thinking about how that apple jacks character u call ur baby daddy was retarded for leaving you cause id definitly fuck all ur holes " * what he really said * yea. your intimidating 😂😂😂😂😂😂 jit fried was staring at her ass

Автор Jan Nowak ( назад)
Why is her Ass soo BIG!

Автор PlayBoi Teyshawn ( назад)
man i wanna fuck Amber so bad

she ran her boyfriend's check up

Автор jakov bekavac ( назад)
the MUVA on her shirt in my language means fly (like the animal)

Автор micheal Knight ( назад)
wiz alimony/ child support payment well spent lmao 😂🤣

Автор Edson Lopes ( назад)
I just came to see her fine ass

Автор Billy Mays ( назад)
Amber Rose is hot🔥🔥🔥

Автор Ole Helsper ( назад)
It is very gold you habe shown the sneakers she likes and buys in the video. Plesse do that more often 😋

Автор SOZZYLAND ( назад)
I'm Wearing my Hoodies Like T Shirts From now On :)

Автор D I O ( назад)
I wanna fuck her and smack her bald ass head

Автор Calvin Thomas ( назад)
I love 3 ' s like I love her

Автор tracy ferguson ( назад)
blowjobs for sneakers

Автор Spades ( назад)
3:54. My nigga 😂😂😂

Автор Kamal Hassan ( назад)
When my mom heard when she said "I thwough I waz ballin" she beat the shit out of me and said boy didn't I warn you about those thots

Автор Katherine Aina ( назад)
3:40 I got them green kyries ( the ones under the blue ones)😚

Автор Luntana ( назад)
she looks like the girl from stranger things

Автор XCS ( назад)
Don't know how Ye ended up with such a thot.. fucked up shit is he ended with another shot. doubt that shit would last

Автор a wild elmo ( назад)
you can tell they smashed after this

Автор A.G S.G ( назад)
Since when is wiz ambers husband

Автор ItsMinarmy ( назад)
Vile creature

Автор Jerry R. ( назад)
Ass like a whale tail!!!

Автор Mr. Porter ( назад)
Bruh...she so fuckin bad !! And them leggins got her lookin thicker than racial tension at a Trump Rally.

Sheesh !

Автор Elie Baliss ( назад)
Was expecting Joe to make a move after she spotted the Pippen's. Disappointed.

Автор Jasmine Martinez ( назад)
Everybody's quick to call her a hoe 💆🏽 ctfu y'all worried about that and all she doin is raising Sebastian and makin her money

Автор G Ganz ( назад)
That camera man only lookin at her butt.

Автор Na Stanley ( назад)
she a lil thottie

Автор Charissa Davis ( назад)
WIZZZZ SO MAD AMBER'S NEW NIGGA DROPPED A SONG 😂😂😂😂https://soundcloud.com/itsmeceecee/gold-prod-by-mt-fujitive

Автор Adrian Knight ( назад)
I literally knew she'd say the 3 because Ye put her on. "Yeezy taught me" headass

Автор Jorge Barragan ( назад)
my parents were the same lmao

Автор Sean Laurent ( назад)
Holy fuck

Автор Archive Gaming Lounge ( назад)
I imagine all these chickenhead celebrities have no voices

Автор I'm Nino ( назад)
I don't find her attractive at all

Автор Fayed Uddin ( назад)
Shes seems mad chill

Автор boigitgud 224 ( назад)
dat ass though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Dyanda Hijam ( назад)
She look awesome in this video

Автор La Flame ( назад)
Finna go get me some pink foams fuck you mean boy

Автор Ibe_ boomin ( назад)
3:49 he probably got the shoes after the video

Автор RichieRich ( назад)
She real af yo

Автор Albert Wright ( назад)
Where the next slut walk is going to be ?

Автор haigclub man ( назад)
soul in the hole #royalfam

Автор Ayanna English ( назад)
I'd rather buy Payless instead of Filas

Автор OneManShow ( назад)
If I was on this show, I'd be like "ok thx for letting me try those on... gimmie a call if those $400 sneakers ever go on sale for about 85 bucks."

Автор Positive vibes ( назад)
Who else was hard while watching this

Автор Zlatan Torres ( назад)
hey when she talking i see some like gold and black jordans uhh can some tell what number is that or watt are they called

Автор Beto Gods ( назад)
Amber makes niggas nervous asf lmaoo

Автор Daniel Calderas ( назад)
Get Travis Scott on here now

Автор FaZe Name ( назад)
damn,I was having a boner,while watching this

Автор Josh Deandre ( назад)
What this bitch know about shoes, maybe if they went condom and plan b shopping

Автор Spinning Wenis ( назад)
When she knows more about sneakers than rappers on this 😂

Автор KING SAVGE ( назад)
Shit give me some pink shoes so me and amber can have sex

Автор Gustavo Cerati ( назад)
i wonder if amber rose is down for anal

Автор Ethan ( назад)
We'll Terence Ross got traded

Автор Ricky Margarito ( назад)
this sucks dont ever do it again

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