• Published on Apr 12, 2017
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Comments • 11 386

  • BOMBER bg
    BOMBER bg 2 months ago

    You are fool

  • Cat Diys
    Cat Diys 3 months ago

    Wheres my 2019 squad😢

  • vv LovelyxHaleigh
    vv LovelyxHaleigh 4 months ago +1

    Okay. So number 1. The first clip is showing us how to not let your chips spill. Yet the title of the video is like 35 things we been eating wrong. How does that make any sense to the ‘hack’ you told us?

  • Sabrina's Vlog
    Sabrina's Vlog 5 months ago +1

    We are not eating wrong anything this hacks are useless

  • skrt skrt
    skrt skrt 5 months ago

    Honestly it don't matter how u eat it. As long as UR EATING

  • squele1
    squele1 5 months ago

    Part 2.
    Uses a didlo to mash potatoes

  • MoñIShà NaRayAñ
    MoñIShà NaRayAñ 5 months ago

    Am i breaking correct??? 😑😂

  • Lynne TMB
    Lynne TMB 5 months ago


  • VJ
    VJ 5 months ago

    I'm here because of Troublerone.

  • Aesthetic
    Aesthetic 5 months ago +1

    Wait wait wait who the heck cuts pizza????!!?

  • Food&Beauty widme
    Food&Beauty widme 6 months ago +1

    It's interesting and entertaining to watch your vids, but I have to bring it to ya, that I am always going to do things my way, sorry you can't tell people right or wrong. You guys are wrong for making this video. Change the title, please!!🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Marco  Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez 6 months ago +1

    Ummm.. so im here in 2019.. but i just wanted to say you copied the youtube channel Top 10s thumbnail. No hate but you copy every youtube channels thumbnails.

  • Parker Hein
    Parker Hein 6 months ago

    I’m gonna hardcore critique the toblerone one... first of all what’s the advantage of breaking it off a different direction anyway if the first way works perfectly fine and even if you somehow struggle to break of two cuz ur to dumb then eat both. And even in the video they struggle to purposefully do it wrong then when they do it inwards (supposedly the right way) thy break off One piece but if u look closely they still broke 2 off it’s just that the other one is covered by the box

  • Pranav Swarna
    Pranav Swarna 6 months ago

    Video is not even about eating stuff the wrong way

  • lindsay jones
    lindsay jones 6 months ago

    I can eat how I want

  • Davenom_1
    Davenom_1 7 months ago +1


  • Nyzel Venice
    Nyzel Venice 7 months ago

    Kakainin din nmn dba puro kaartihan png nalalaman

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 7 months ago

    Like how top 10s and 5 minute crafts have the same thumbnail

  • Aggelina's Video World
    Aggelina's Video World 8 months ago +1


  • AnnA Banana
    AnnA Banana 8 months ago

    5:05 who the heck cuts open a clementine i mean they’re tiny

  • Hmad Mohamad
    Hmad Mohamad 9 months ago

    Xcxxçxoo a

  • Lola Shine
    Lola Shine 9 months ago

    Me Estes judiando

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace 10 months ago

    What are the tools used on the zucchini?

  • Rafhael Brito Santos Viana

    Quem ai veio pelo um comentário de um cara

  • Apurva Dwivedi
    Apurva Dwivedi 10 months ago

    tomato ka juce bill gya

  • Amarjit Lal Chawla
    Amarjit Lal Chawla 10 months ago


  • Mongoose’s World of Randomness

    **shows us the hair pick trick**
    **doesnt use it for the next clips**

  • Emily pie productions
    Emily pie productions 10 months ago

    There is a character in dragon Ball super that is named Bazil.

  • Filip Jeglic
    Filip Jeglic 10 months ago

    "Different ways of eating food" (or something like that) would be more appropriate title.

  • Gandara15 _
    Gandara15 _ 10 months ago

    You don’t cut the core on the onions. That’s how you make it bleed and start to cry 😂

  • pahvi laatikko
    pahvi laatikko 10 months ago

    I dont have food

  • Firal Alvi
    Firal Alvi 10 months ago

    Dont tell us what us wrong or right

  • Firal Alvi
    Firal Alvi 10 months ago

    The first one wasnt really an eating hack

  • TheDareck F1
    TheDareck F1 10 months ago

    You are russia

  • Emma Draws
    Emma Draws 10 months ago

    8:33 ur welcome

  • Baniaineh Dkhar
    Baniaineh Dkhar 10 months ago

    Soo idiot

  • Daniel Plesko
    Daniel Plesko 10 months ago

    This vid is useless

  • Daniel Plesko
    Daniel Plesko 10 months ago

    I think people know how to cut a mango

  • Nyla Noel
    Nyla Noel 10 months ago

    Who else thinks of spraying that lemon to someone's eyes?

  • Ashwini Rabidas
    Ashwini Rabidas 10 months ago

    Is it the right way?

  • Final Flash Art
    Final Flash Art 11 months ago


  • Cookie Reilly
    Cookie Reilly 11 months ago


  • Michael Flack
    Michael Flack 11 months ago

    Congratulations click bate you win yet another battle :-P
    Also just like i expected i brought my preconceptions about how petty these "life hacks" are and I was right, in that every "life hack" i saw appeared very petty and more involved then the real life solutions which involve simply buying the end product (often cheaper and less time consuming)

  • u don't know but
    u don't know but 11 months ago

    Exact same thumb mail as top 10s 😂

  • Biscoff
    Biscoff 11 months ago

    25 ways to waste your time
    #1: watch 5 minute crafts

  • Ebony Ayesigye
    Ebony Ayesigye 11 months ago

    who else has wasted his data

  • FlexFasting
    FlexFasting 11 months ago

    The only one I actually found useful was the beginning where you stick a spray thingie in the lemon to spray the lemon juice!

  • Mina 6
    Mina 6 11 months ago

    1:48 hadi arkadaşlar bit tarağı ile hıyar keselim 🕷️ 🥒

  • Navine Gareeb
    Navine Gareeb 11 months ago

    I think they put the wrong title ☺

  • vincent rappold
    vincent rappold Year ago

    This is lame.. any cook knows these tactics.. and whats this got to do with eating? This is just cooking tactics

  • animeXpro
    animeXpro Year ago

    So your saying if my egg isn't in a heart shape in eating it wrong does that make sence to anyone?

  • Yazmin Murillo
    Yazmin Murillo Year ago

    1 end wrold hunger
    2end wrold prvertiy
    3END RUclip CLCKBATE. 👋

  • East Ender
    East Ender Year ago

    Some poor buggers have no food ....why worry how you eat it if your lucky enough to have any.👀

  • Le Bitch
    Le Bitch Year ago

    1:44 wich idiot toutches a union? Eye itch, people.

  • Rohan Gopinath
    Rohan Gopinath Year ago

    See now what is the use of posting videos on RUclip because they say 25 foods you've been eating wrong;but they show something else................very angry 😈👿😡😠😖 with this channel

  • Jen H.
    Jen H. Year ago

    What are the 25 food s I been eating wrong

  • GalaxianoNegão
    GalaxianoNegão Year ago

    10:53 *cursed audio*

  • Vijay Sanja
    Vijay Sanja Year ago

    it is brilliant

  • Momena Akhtar
    Momena Akhtar Year ago

    now ya tell me how to cut fruits and veggies...right?!

  • Being Human
    Being Human Year ago