Meet The Ladies Of The US Olympic Figure Skating Team Heading To South Korea | TODAY

  • Published on Jan 7, 2018
  • Mirai Nagasu, Bradie Tennell and Karen Chen skated their hearts out on Friday for a chance to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea - and all their hard work paid off. In an exclusive interview on TODAY, the women talk about what they’re looking forward to next month.
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    Meet The Ladies Of The US Olympic Figure Skating Team Heading To South Korea | TODAY

Comments • 184

  • Larvitar Dratini
    Larvitar Dratini Year ago +4

    The one in the middle seems really really dumb

  • Larvitar Dratini
    Larvitar Dratini Year ago

    65 Ashley wagners disliked this

  • CarkodMusic
    CarkodMusic Year ago

    Nice blondie

  • Pudgy Pudge
    Pudgy Pudge Year ago

    nasty asian losers

  • Erik Charles
    Erik Charles Year ago +3


  • Artem Shevy
    Artem Shevy Year ago


  • Katelyn Lapid
    Katelyn Lapid Year ago

    It's so awkward I love it

  • Jennifer Meade
    Jennifer Meade Year ago

    these type of interviews are always so awkward

  • eren mori
    eren mori Year ago +1

    What's with the tough questions by the African American, e sounds like the former state Attorney General for California Senator Kalala Harris when she questioned the current AG J.Sessions during his confirmation hearings last year!

  • eren mori
    eren mori Year ago +1

    Third place finisher should show some class and put their country first,not their ambitions! Step aside for U know who, so obvious AW is the best,at a higher level than these 3! and of course, in the looks dept too.

  • Yeonju Song
    Yeonju Song Year ago

    I am from south korea and I watched the olympics and they were amazing

  • luli lopez
    luli lopez Year ago

    Where are the blacks or the spanish,i guess they not good enough.

    • l\
      l\ Year ago

      I agree you don't see blacks nor Mexicans much, but I think that is economic mostly. Mexicans have short, stocky bodies which don't lend themselves to sports nor finesse, so it's both economic and genetic with them.
      You never see the East Indians. Ever. It's not economics with them, they have the money to skate.They are uncoordinated as h*ll and don't have a feel for their legs. Don't know what it is, but very few can even stand up in skates. I've been an ice skate instructor for many years, and teach all ages. None of the Indian kids can stand up. It's like their legs can't hold them. It must be genetic with Indians. I'd bet money on that one.

  • joy Better
    joy Better Year ago

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  • Rhiannon
    Rhiannon Year ago +1

    Oh snap....Mirai was the skater that got dissed at the last Olympic Trial after coming in third she was replaced by a fourth place finisher. I didn't recognize her at first. Oh snap I am SOOOOO glad to see her. This girl came back as a BEAST!!!! Man, I hope she gets gold FR!!!!! GOOD JOB MIRAI......get it girl!!!

  • LJ Jordan
    LJ Jordan Year ago


  • welovetofloat
    welovetofloat Year ago +1


  • Eileen
    Eileen Year ago

    Marai is so pretty!

  • Changer 5302
    Changer 5302 Year ago +3

    A lot of Asians representing the US. LETS GO!

  • UniquelyMade
    UniquelyMade Year ago +1

    The blond needs a personality transplant jesus🤦🏻‍♂️

    • l\
      l\ Year ago +1

      They're all just being polite.

  • gummi3are
    gummi3are Year ago

    Lol this is hilarious. I think the anchormen and women are trying hard not to laugh.

  • BoA Yoon
    BoA Yoon Year ago +4

    Yea let’s start with the “white” one deliberately placed in the middle.

    MARLEN CRUZ Year ago

    Bradie Tennell is amazing.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger Year ago

    She is just darling! To qualify for the Olympics 8 years later is just amazing! I hope she brings home the gold,

  • Susie K
    Susie K Year ago

    Good luck, ladies! We're so proud of you and rooting hard for you!

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape Year ago

    wish all 3 of you the best

  • Patricia Vasquez
    Patricia Vasquez Year ago


  • Dee Zyre
    Dee Zyre Year ago +1

    Oh gosh this years team is as dry as a sponge. They have the the personalities of a doorknob.

    • l\
      l\ Year ago

      Oh well. They are just girls, after all.

  • Kenny Wong
    Kenny Wong Year ago

    yellow fever

  • Divine God
    Divine God Year ago +1

    Go team USA

  • Stone W
    Stone W Year ago +2

    Bradie Tennell has the personality of a slug.

    • l\
      l\ Year ago

      She's just being polite. I bet you couldn't stand there and be charming to all those dumb questions.

    • toodleloo
      toodleloo Year ago

      actually, she's a really cute, genuine girl! :) Love Bradie!!

  • Riadni Joyce
    Riadni Joyce Year ago

    Team USA but not americans

  • Jorge Tiscareno
    Jorge Tiscareno Year ago

    Never Quit Never Give up

  • trackydog
    trackydog Year ago +1

    NBC will get rid of Matt Lauer for chasing a few skirts, but they support the horrific slaughter of dogs by broadcasting the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics in South Korea. How can NBC glorify South Korea during these Olympics when their culture includes eating dogs? Worse yet they are tortured, hung slowly by the neck and burned alive. Over 20,000 restaurants in South Korea serve dog meat, and that just the restaurants! Boycott the winter Olympics starting February 9th. Get off the fence! Have the nerve to watch this one video and that will do it for you.

    • lynn craig
      lynn craig Year ago

      trackydog - It's interesting to me ,that when The De Soto arrived with his War dogs, the Mastiffs....and found the Indians in the Swamps using Red wolves to hunt with......up North at about the same time ,Canadian and Indians around the US border , were using Coyotes to hunt with. The Spanish reported back to their country that they were large foxes , which they were not. Those "tamed" coyotes eventually bred with domesticated dogs , brought over from Europe ,in settling this Country. They became known as Coyote dogs. They are extinct now. But "pure" Coyotes are all over the place. I wonder why the Northern Indians didn't use the Northern Grey Wolf as the Red Wolf was used in the South. Were the Greys harder to tame than the Red Wolves? Were the Coyotes more abundant up North, so they used them? That would be interesting to know. Farmers in Texas have used Coyotes , raised as pups ,on their farms to protect their livestock. The pups grow up with the cattle, and live among them. When predators show up, even wild coyotes ,they chase them away from the herd.

    • lynn craig
      lynn craig Year ago

      trackydog Well , I have a pet Goose, Baby Huey and he rules . Blue ,my Catahoula follows him around and does exactly what Baby Heuy want. Huey says back off and Blue backs off quickly. Baby Huey is a 38 lb German Emden Goose. No one gets pass the gate without his permission.....he rarely gives it.

    • trackydog
      trackydog Year ago

      Interesting, you are really studied on these things! I love akitas, but they can also be very unpredictable and aggressive and make many of the insurance companies lists for bad doggies ))) I have a 30 acre farm on the coast in Maine so I need a dog that is protective, a hunter, a ratter, a companion, so it does sound like the catahoula is all of these. But I will ultimately have several different dogs most likely. As long as they aren't chicken eaters, ha-ha, I love my laying hens.

    • lynn craig
      lynn craig Year ago

      trackydog -I read that breeds like The Japanese Akita ,were bred for so many Centuries for meat ,and hauling ,that they developed a temperment that was slow in bonding. That would be to their survival benefit....not trusting people around them ,especially if they were cooking. Remember the Japanese are descendants of Koreans....or so , DNA studies have shown.

  • Amanda Gittleson
    Amanda Gittleson Year ago +3

    Oh wow...this was hard to watch. Hoping they're better under pressure on the ice. 😬

  • Life Yang
    Life Yang Year ago +9

    These ladies need to show more enthusiasm.

  • Sheree Bee
    Sheree Bee Year ago +2

    personalities of a dead fish. Geez! talk girls!

    • Sheree Bee
      Sheree Bee Year ago

      they maybe be nice girls not disputing that but at least say thanks when someone says congratulations. Need to work on their media social skills lol

    • Me Me
      Me Me Year ago +1

      Sheree Bee
      Keep in mind that this was early in the morning. Besides Mirai is an adorable human being.

  • La Morena
    La Morena Year ago +3

    Karen Chen is adorable

  • argell
    argell Year ago +15

    Why are people complaining about their interviewing skills lmao. First of all, this wasnt done live, so there were techinical differences and issues. Second, wasn't this only a few hours after the competition? Jeez. People say the reason why US can never compare with Russia and other countries when it comes to figure skating is because of difference in discipline and culture, and people in this comment section are proving that lmao

  • Kimberly Atallah
    Kimberly Atallah Year ago +1

    That was so painful to Well, good luck to them next week.

  • Calvin Hu
    Calvin Hu Year ago


  • Jay Petrova
    Jay Petrova Year ago +5

    This is like an SNL skit

  • Joo
    Joo Year ago +3

    They are just practicing how to fit in in Korea as young ladies. I like these girls. No need to show off to be loud and proud Americans all the time.

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G Year ago

    This is very awkward but they’re in California and the today show is in New York so the communication is a little delayed. I think the people at the today show and the ladies did the best they could’ve

  • jbrunnez
    jbrunnez Year ago +4

    man they are so freaky

  • Anon. Person
    Anon. Person Year ago +3


  • E Lindig
    E Lindig Year ago +4

    So awkward.

  • James Moriarty
    James Moriarty Year ago

    Haha poor Bradie! She's definitely not super social and used to this attention. Don't worry, we're all looking forward to see you in the Olympics! Hopefully you can get some media training in some time pefore then 😂

  • wb5704
    wb5704 Year ago +2

    those are some quiet girls

  • Molly Pavilonis
    Molly Pavilonis Year ago +5

    This was genuinely painful to watch

  • haileyh500
    haileyh500 Year ago +1


  • haileyh500
    haileyh500 Year ago +1

    That was pretty sax.

  • Bianca Jean
    Bianca Jean Year ago +2

    Honestly, these girls are fantastic and I have no doubt that their gonna win it all with the focus they have. I understand they were nervous haha but i'm pretty sure everyone can agree that this interview was very awkward.

    • Blu Sia
      Blu Sia Year ago +1

      Bianca Jean yeah I agree! They probably were nervous or even just a bit exhausted from the competition. But yes, it’s very awkward as well. Wishing them the best.

  • Ken Danieli
    Ken Danieli Year ago +2


  • A Nielson
    A Nielson Year ago +13

    As many have stated it's very early for them, they aren't used to this type of thing, and I'm sure you wouldn't be any better your first time in front of national tv with a five second delay bc it's not even a live interview. Just saying you shouldn't
    be saying things like "omg so awkward" and "wow they have no personality" because you don't even know them
    Y'all need to chill

  • Jeungri Oppa
    Jeungri Oppa Year ago

    Thank god marai made it!

  • lalalalalatechno
    lalalalalatechno Year ago +1

    Bring home the gold!

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K Year ago +2

    LMAO I’m dead

  • Steven Valencia
    Steven Valencia Year ago +5

    With all these russian girls who overloading there 2nd half of there programs. With there tripple tripples. An taking advantage of that 10 percent bonus score . Mirai nagasu is the only one who really has a shot to medal. The other two no chance

  • Audrey Nowatzyk
    Audrey Nowatzyk Year ago +25

    I'm assuming that the girls weren't really hearing the questions being asked live, so they were most likely told to wait a certain number of seconds before saying their previously rehearsed answers. Then the recording of their responses would be overlayed with the interviewer's questions, which inevitably don't perfectly sync up. If I'm right that's probably why it was such an uncomfortable and awkward interview.

  • Paula Cather
    Paula Cather Year ago

    Bet they were glad Matt Lauer wasn't there.

  • Chris M
    Chris M Year ago +1

    America sending OUR Asians because Japan and South Korea are NOT here to play at the Olympic games. We gotta fight Asian with Asian.

    • Me Me
      Me Me Year ago

      Chris M
      seriously? wow... the stupidity of this comment astounds me.

  • Kathy Garrett
    Kathy Garrett Year ago +1

    Yeah.....these girls needs some public speaking training.

  • Apple NYC
    Apple NYC Year ago +6

    Gorgeous beautiful girls!

  • dpodsful
    dpodsful Year ago

    Who is the male interviewer? He's hot.

  • cleoambrosia
    cleoambrosia Year ago +345

    "HELLO CONGRATULATIONS!!!" *dead silence for like 30 seconds* LOL YIKES.

    • Tim Jones
      Tim Jones Year ago +1

      Nairuulagch to 😂😂

    • gomu gomu
      gomu gomu Year ago +8

      Nairuulagch uhh didn’t need to take it that far... and that doctor was for gymnastics

    • Nairuulagch
      Nairuulagch Year ago +4

      Because the olympic doctor has massaged them inappropriately just before so they are little bit shell shocked.

    • Marc Hauser
      Marc Hauser Year ago +26

      It probably had something to do with the delay.

    • Camille Winton
      Camille Winton Year ago +2

      cleoambrosia 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb Year ago +7

    Yuna Kim gave better interviews in English when she could barely speak it when she first moved to Canada. 😑

  • John McKeon
    John McKeon Year ago +5

    I guess that they got up early so they just have been tired and didn’t have the energy to do the interview, if it was 7am ETS, then it must have been 4am PST

  • Brianne Slamin
    Brianne Slamin Year ago +1

    Embarrassingly dim!

  • annelegato
    annelegato Year ago +10

    lol this is so weird, im relling ya the new girl literally popped out of nowhere and has no profile outside this stupid nationals yet she landed gold but wagner's been everywhere and been good meant nothing lol this system is so messed up nationals= olympics??!?!

    • Ayana Hampton
      Ayana Hampton Year ago +2

      She got a medal at Skate America. Nationals was not her first main competition. Yes, she wasn't a standout as a junior. But Bradie has improved. She may be a rookie, but she's a pretty good one. And Ashely scored 4th place in Nationals in 2014. Yet she still went to the Olympics. After the controversy from that, I wouldn't expect Ashely to get a pass for the second time.

    • Viola Bolik
      Viola Bolik Year ago

      Yes thats how is works. Nationals is supposed to be the qualifying event. It shows who can skate well under pressure when it counts. Canadian Nationals... Larkyn Austman (19 like Bradie) won bronze and is going to the Olympics despite not doing well at Skate Canada. Keegan Messing came out of nowhere and won silver, and they're sending him instead of Nam Nguyen. So yes, as always (except for in the USA apparently, with them kicking Ross Miner off the team) Nationals does equal Olympics.

  • WOWCruiser
    WOWCruiser Year ago +2

    BOO 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • E T
    E T Year ago +45

    They don't seem like themselves in this interview. I have watched interviews/videos with Karen and Mirai, so much different there than here.

  • chris palmby
    chris palmby Year ago +1

    I think its great no matter what they say. People only get one shot when they are young. I really admire them.

  • Pancake 52
    Pancake 52 Year ago +2

    Figure skaters are all like me me me, I, I, I. Me this, me that. They are all boring PR sports psychology babble robots.

    • lily noel
      lily noel Year ago +2

      +Madi Skates thank you for defending them on every comment, its sooo frustrating to read these, as I am a figure skater as well!

    • Madi Skates
      Madi Skates Year ago +4

      Pancake 52 Well, what else are they supposed to talk about?.....they are getting interviewed on THIER lives and THEIR career as skaters. Also....Keep in mind this was shot at 4:30 in the morning

  • alex ad
    alex ad Year ago +8

    imo bradie is so cringy

    • Jan VandeBruik
      Jan VandeBruik Year ago +1

      Yes and she looks so much older and carries herself like an older lady but she cant even speak

  • Maria Trotter
    Maria Trotter Year ago +21

    Ashly was honest. She's a team supporter. She was caught in the mix zone with no time to regroup mentally and emotionally. She was spot on in her remarks. She still one to be admired and a strong US Figure Skating team ambassador. Remember we are all human.

  • S P
    S P Year ago +18

    They need Ashley Wagner

    • S P
      S P Year ago


    • Brenda Blanchard
      Brenda Blanchard Year ago

      Yes Ashley can be their mascot 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    • Aly
      Aly Year ago +8

      Nah, they're fine. They can't give her a free Olympics pass two games in a row.

  • 퀸와그너
    퀸와그너 Year ago +1

    Wagner..... 😂

  • sunshine11931
    sunshine11931 Year ago +4

    This is just awkward to watch...

  • Lennon The Bunny
    Lennon The Bunny Year ago +23

    wow no emotion from these ladies?

    • Guy
      Guy Year ago +9

      Ive seen them in other interviews and they did great. There was something weird about this one

  • Jennyyx316
    Jennyyx316 Year ago +31

    Much awkward..much uncomfortable...strange smiles O.O
    Hope they get some media training before the olympics

    • Rebecca Parsley
      Rebecca Parsley Year ago +3

      Jennyyx316 media isn’t what they should be worried about when they are going to the Olympics.

  • destonis tim
    destonis tim Year ago +1

    this is so funny...they would like to eat...

  • Carine Johnson
    Carine Johnson Year ago +244

    I love how awkward they are. They clearly concentrate more on their skating then on the attention they get. I've watched all 3 of these ladies skate, they are FANTASTIC!!! I'm excited to watch them in the Olympics.

    • toodleloo
      toodleloo Year ago +1

      how adolescent to be jealous of girl skaters?!! Get a hobby or skill, please!-

    • Pudgy Pudge
      Pudgy Pudge Year ago

      three losers and two asian losers lol nasty

    • toodleloo
      toodleloo Year ago +1

      ouch! Yeah, Bradie is totally composed & articulate in an interview when there are no technical delays, but she is NOT kicking a** at both Nationals & the Olympics to impress-- She just truly LOVES Skating!! :) i.e., She really doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks--that's what makes her so cool. :)

    • EnliveningJustice
      EnliveningJustice Year ago

      Carine Johnson & Jan, well said, ladies!

    • Jan VandeBruik
      Jan VandeBruik Year ago +17

      that is probably why they are on the team and the instagram girls are not

  • rachard mcintyre
    rachard mcintyre Year ago

    Is Lindsay Vonn going to the PyeongChang games? If she goes, I hope chaperones protect her from NK soldiers. The border is so close at where the games are at in South Korea. She's one of my favorite athletes. I have a crush on her!!!

  • mimsicle
    mimsicle Year ago +10

    None of those girls seems passionate or exciting.. Come on, America. Raise some powerful figure skaters. I believe in you.

    • Madi Skates
      Madi Skates Year ago +3

      mimsicle I guess your right....they probably should have been more prepared for the interview.....but I wouldn’t go as far to say they are unpassionate

    • mimsicle
      mimsicle Year ago

      I'm sure these girls are adjusted to training at 4:30am, most skaters have to be at some point in their career due to school and other interference. Surely they should have at least some media training or try their best to represent their country in an enthusiastic light, IMO. I wish them the best; they do train hard. But they throw it away when they seem un-amused with the results.

    • Madi Skates
      Madi Skates Year ago +10

      This was shot at 4:30 in the morning and it wasn’t a face to face interview which would be weird if you were not used to it

  • Astromanía
    Astromanía Year ago +38

    WOW!! they are so excited!!! :)


  • Kachiicha Chicago
    Kachiicha Chicago Year ago +4

    So much charisma

  • Stage Aurora
    Stage Aurora Year ago +6

    LET'S GO, Mirai, Bradie, and Karen!

  • Elise
    Elise Year ago +13

    This made me cringe ugh

  • kimberly jordan
    kimberly jordan Year ago +268

    Everyone complaining about their interviewing skills, just remember thats not what they trained for, they're athletes and have been training for the olympics, not for interviews. Now that they're going, they'll probably get some media training.

    • Patricia Bader
      Patricia Bader Year ago

      They are also very young women lacking that assured stance you gain through life experience

    • LM
      LM Year ago +1

      Fair, but look at the US Gymnastics Team, they are athletes and not trained for interviews, but they do fine?

    • Claire Grant
      Claire Grant Year ago +1

      Mirai has good interviewing skills

    • Molly Pavilonis
      Molly Pavilonis Year ago

      I am very familiar with that notion and well aware of that, but this was another level of yikes hopefully they'll get better lol

    • Aly
      Aly Year ago +6

      Lol I don’t think most people here are familiar with figure skaters. Almost all elite skaters have been homeschooled for most of their lives, they practically live at the rink, and their world is completely devoted to skating. Yah, a lot of them are awkward af.

  • Gracie C.
    Gracie C. Year ago +71

    They don't have personality at all LMAO. Especially Bradie. So different from the gymnastics team in Rio.

    • halcyonsandiego
      halcyonsandiego Year ago +1

      That was a poorly handled Today Show interview. The flatness gets laid at the feet of the Today Show.

    • Lucas
      Lucas Year ago +1

      Tara m I'm sorry that you don't find the humour in this interview. That's fine. I find it funny and you don't. I mean that's all there is to say. So I'll continue laughing at nothing and you can continue doing whatever it is you were doing.

    • Lucas
      Lucas Year ago

      Tara m it's nothing against them. It's just a funny interview.

    • Lucas
      Lucas Year ago +2

      LMAO, I know right? I was laughing so hard at the start of the interview ... LMAO ... just sit there and smile. Bradie's answers were so short and it made me laugh out loud. They're athletes first, but it was just funny to see them interview like this. It will be interesting to see their growth in skating as well as interviewing, LOL.

    • Marina Plana
      Marina Plana Year ago +2

      Gosh I see you everywherw 😂
      I think they are all three like Madison Kochian. She was also very shy, if it werent for Simone and Laurie the team wouldnt have had that much personality. Aly had already had plent of experience in 2012 and Dwts...

  • Breaking News
    Breaking News Year ago +12


  • cloudburstlia456
    cloudburstlia456 Year ago +68

    Wow 😳 so much cringe. They didn't seem excited at all for this interview. Rehearsed and forced. At least Karen seemed the most herself.

    • cloudburstlia456
      cloudburstlia456 Year ago

      aw man really that sucks no wonder

    • Ivette Ortega
      Ivette Ortega Year ago +3

      they had this interview at 4:30am would you be all smiles and talking?

    • Ehl
      Ehl Year ago +5

      cloudburstlia456 they just competed press is likely the very last thing they wAnna do please have mercy on these girls they work so hard

  • Nicole Jarel
    Nicole Jarel Year ago +74

    I think it was just awkward because it wants face to face. This is probably the first time they've ever done that.

  • Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson Year ago +169

    Looks like Karen is going to have to be the spokeswoman for the US ladies!!

    • Rhiannon
      Rhiannon Year ago +1

      Sam Henderson
      MIRAI is like,
      "I don't care!".
      After the diss the Olympics did to her last Olympics. I wouldn't care to be the Olympics Spokesperson either.

  • starsinger7400
    starsinger7400 Year ago +171

    Bradie needs some media training :|

    • Ingrid RS
      Ingrid RS Year ago +2

      Seriously. It’s sooooo cringy

    • Bookishhorsegirl
      Bookishhorsegirl Year ago

      Maybe they couldn't hear the reporters well.

    • Maia Gaia
      Maia Gaia Year ago +17

      .... she's 19. And an athlete, not an actor or host.

    • Pamela Copley
      Pamela Copley Year ago +16

      Absolutely, I see this often with young athletes. They are so single minded from training non-stop they are clueless. Deer in headlights when asked a question. She needs to put on her big girl panties and learn how to handle the press!

  • diascrive
    diascrive Year ago +29

    Yeah really bad interview - whoever the guy is he was just horrible - time to let him go. Oh - this is the Today show? How awful is that.

    • Stone W
      Stone W Year ago +2

      Are you kidding? The guy was the only thing that was good about the interview. The girls were downright wooden and he kept trying to get something worthwhile out of them. Poor guy didn't have a chance with those three boring princesses. At least Marai and Karen tried a little more. Bradie stood there with her fake smile and deer in the headlights look the entire time. Boooring!

  • Ron fckn Swanson
    Ron fckn Swanson Year ago +100

    Lol this was painful to watch.

  • Hanna Bennett
    Hanna Bennett Year ago +12

    They were acting like robots

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Year ago +9


  • Jeanette Hoban-Nielsen
    Jeanette Hoban-Nielsen Year ago +124

    This was an awkward and horrible interview. Fake smiles and pretend interest from the hosts and boring answers from the ladies. "This is exciting..." Clearly, a forced statement and one just spoken out loud to fill silence. Why do American interviewers have to be so artificial?

    • risavh
      risavh Year ago

      skype interviews are always awkward on live television. look up others, its not just them and not just americans lol. the delay creates an awkward space

    • Ivette Ortega
      Ivette Ortega Year ago +1

      they are skating athletes wth do you expect from them?

    • christopher corvino
      christopher corvino Year ago +1

      of course he isn't. He's just one of hundreds of different anti American russian troll bots. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it. The moment he started talking about Americans taking drugs was a dead give away considering Russia is not allowed to participate in the 2018 olympics because of just such a thing.

    • christopher corvino
      christopher corvino Year ago +1

      I got news for ya. Ive seen plenty of fake looking interviews which had nothing to do with America.

    • christopher corvino
      christopher corvino Year ago

      kind of like Russia no?