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Dershowitz: Revised travel order should have been upheld

  • Опубликовано: 18 мар 2017
  • Harvard Law professor weighs in on 'Fox & Friends'

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  • rexlunae
    rexlunae Месяц назад

    What was "ambiguous" about a "compete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States"?

  • john smith
    john smith Год назад

    YOU can for4ce us to take them but we wont ever accept them. Go get them Bubba.

  • Burton Matterhorn
    Burton Matterhorn Год назад

    Trump is an islamophobe

  • Phil Mally
    Phil Mally Год назад

    Wow my hed is spinning I cant watch this crap 😵 just drink the Kool Aid

  • patrick flynn
    patrick flynn Год назад

    This guy has his head so far up his ass his nose is tickling his duodenum.

  • 1 Chef 2 Cuties
    1 Chef 2 Cuties Год назад

    This guy is dumber than me.

  • mdav30
    mdav30 Год назад

    Dershowitz is a joke here or has an angle. Did he listen to the 9th circuit case? Huge issued beyond Trump's intent. Obama wouldn't do something this stupidly, so it's totally irrelevant and speculative that would happen in that case.

  • Brynjar The Warrior
    Brynjar The Warrior Год назад

    Didn't Dershowitz get caught up with Prince Edward along with others for having sex with an under girl then threaten the girl to drop the charges? Yeah, it happened and was quickly swept under the rug. Dershowitz is a pedophile.

  • Amarist34
    Amarist34 Год назад


  • Amarist34
    Amarist34 Год назад

    Committee sense idiots. Wow. Really seeing these idiots being so ignorant. Really in life even the dumbest can be on TV.

  • Bill The Baker
    Bill The Baker Год назад

    that guest has weird ass eyebrows...

  • 81OH4Z4RD
    81OH4Z4RD Год назад +1

    trump brought it on himself by specifying personally that he intended to implement a "Muslim ban." Don't blame judges for defending freedom of religion as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

    • 81OH4Z4RD
      81OH4Z4RD Год назад

      foreigners may not be subject to the constitution, but US laws and regulations are, and he can't stop anyone for "whatever reason." if he could, his travel bans would be enacted. that's why we have a judicial system, to rein in xenophobic imbeciles like trump

  • HumbertTheHorse
    HumbertTheHorse Год назад +3

    I consider Dershowitz a top grade villain. I mean he is up there.

  • MrGalaxxy9
    MrGalaxxy9 Год назад

    Well, Fox news. who can believe anything they say.

  • Nick39891
    Nick39891 Год назад +2

    Hawaii is barely even American. Nothing more pathetic than Asian SJWs.

    • TalesofJunior
      TalesofJunior Год назад

      Nick39891 funny thing . they never wanted to be apart of America!!

    • Jaybird J
      Jaybird J Год назад

      Nick39891 what makes them less American than you? Who are you to say they aren't American? Answer: nobody thankfully 😅

  • Ken Brownfield
    Ken Brownfield Год назад +2

    Alan is apparently senile now and incapable of making good decisions. If the WTC was attacked by 15 Saudi terrorists, then why isn't Saudi Arabia on the banned list Alan? I'll tell you why...there is a trump hotel in that country.You're a sellout Alan. Shame on you.

  • EveryCrazyDay
    EveryCrazyDay Год назад +1

    Hahaha this guy is not a dem. Maybe a moderate republican. But no dem here lol.

  • Mathyderabadi
    Mathyderabadi Год назад +3

    Zionist racist pig.

  • oteyokwa
    oteyokwa Год назад +3

    dershowitz....lolita express passenger

  • Tav144
    Tav144 Год назад +3


  • W Lee
    W Lee Год назад

    I thought this list of countries that POTUS Obama had was a list for extreme vetting of citizens in certain countries and not an outright ban? Also if Trump has pulled a "David Duke" during his campaign and said something racist about black people and crime and then banned people from African or Caribbean countries would that have been allowed? Or drugs in the country and then a ban from anyone from certain Central/South America countries? Also Pakistan is not on the list even though they have an operational ISIS and Al Qaida base(s) there? Also since a lot of the recent terrorist attacks in this country have been committed by legal residents of the country and not directly from terrorist agents oversea how will a ban of these six countries stop that from happening?

  • Brandon Haarp
    Brandon Haarp Год назад

    I would laugh SO goddamn hard if a bunch of Muslim terrorists attacked NYC again killing 10s of millions. The mainstream media would just lie their asses off again saying it was "Homegrown terrorism" and we need to stop all Americas by disarming them. RofLmfao.

  • StalinTheMan0fSteel
    StalinTheMan0fSteel Год назад +2

    Hey, it's the guy who got O.J. off!

  • Vyth Riel
    Vyth Riel Год назад

    Boy look at the conservatives try to undermine the judicial branch. Balance of power anyone? No? Just me? Okay then I'll just nail up a portrait of dear leader dump over my bed.

    • Vyth Riel
      Vyth Riel Год назад

      Dear Leader Trump...sorry auto-correct

  • Gary Witherspoon
    Gary Witherspoon Год назад

    For a stable, sustainable and peaceful world whether in a global context or domestic... this 115th Republican Congress must leave office peacefully and quick

  • Gary Witherspoon
    Gary Witherspoon Год назад +1

    This 115th Republican Congress is fascist, the Executive Cabinet is totalitarian and the Attorneys General is racsist. SOS to all law enforcement and military. Organize with Americans to throw this Congress in the streets. America society can not allow this Congress to legislate

    • Kevin Northington
      Kevin Northington Год назад +1

      Gary Witherspoon what democracy

    • StalinTheMan0fSteel
      StalinTheMan0fSteel Год назад +1

      LOLOLOL! Keep dreaming, fruitcake. Democracy just sucks doesn't it....

  • Rumple Steelskin
    Rumple Steelskin Год назад +1

    Feel like a lot of these videos aren't the most viral some are just videos RUclip wants people to see.

  • MonarchRises
    MonarchRises Год назад

    Do people not watch Bernie Sander town halls.

  • Vamavid
    Vamavid Год назад +1

    Well Dershowitz has always been a douche.

  • noyon25
    noyon25 Год назад +1

    & this coming from a jew funny.

  • Ben G
    Ben G Год назад

    The orange-teeth guy said Iran sends Terrorist out to kill Americans? Oh wow! I thought Trump is stupid.

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook Год назад

    how's the "vibrant center" doing? looks like the lost some seats in the past few years?

  • Greg Venezia
    Greg Venezia Год назад

    Fox News is currupt.

  • Dex Wolfe
    Dex Wolfe Год назад

    howcome not Saudi Arabia the true problem Stop sending billions to Israhell another major problem. stop bombing brown people for profit.

  • TheVicktator
    TheVicktator Год назад +1

    Fucking shut the fuck up

  • Dylan Klebold
    Dylan Klebold Год назад +1

    Logan dies in the end.

  • Zachary Chestnutt
    Zachary Chestnutt Год назад

    Damn...why do conservatives get mad so easily...ya need to chill for real

  • eric131313
    eric131313 Год назад

    Thx to this old retards Titanic will sink even faster ahahaha He want to win mid west with status quo bwahaha I thought mid west just showed middle finger to your status quo candidate didn't they ?

  • Eashan Das
    Eashan Das Год назад

    Remove this non-democrat right now!! Sanders is a real democrat.. We were always a Center-Left Party its because of asses like you that we LOST IN 2016.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Год назад +1

    9,500 views and trending. Seems legit.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Год назад


  • R. m
    R. m Год назад

    Terrorism is the mostly a non-issue, is irrelevant while compared with almost any death causes in the U.S. and yet through some media outlets fearmongering like fox did it became the top issue of America and the bigger cause of expenditures. (sigh)

  • Adam Smash
    Adam Smash Год назад

    Trump has terrorist friends in Saudi Arabia; hence why it's not on the Muslim ban

  • GunClingingPalin
    GunClingingPalin Год назад

    Declare Marshall Law and fuck them all up Trump... You might want to nab Rosie O'Donnell while you have it active.. heh.

  • jason 2410
    jason 2410 Год назад +1

    of course he defends the ban on muslims. he is jewish.

    BLT4LIFE Год назад

    Fox news spreads fake news. Even Trump says so.

  • NursKul
    NursKul Год назад

    Wasn't there a documentary about this guy? I really forgot about the "hero" in the doc but the guy basically prove Dershowitz was full of shit but Derschowitz ruin the hero life by getting him fired by. Shit I wish I could remember.

  • James Werling
    James Werling Год назад +1

    Faux News

  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn Год назад

    Compare "The Case for Israel" with Joan Peters' "From Time Immemorial" for a master class in getting away with unchecked plagiarism.

  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn Год назад

    Can anyone please recall the Dershowitz-Finkelstein affair? This man is not a scholar. He is a plagiarist.

  • Ciaron Smith
    Ciaron Smith Год назад +4

    Why is Iran on that list? Iranian Americans are ridiculously successful and nice people. The Persians are super smart, a class act and this entire ban is a charade to put pressure on Iran. Russia and Iran fight ISIS and are not threats. Laughable since all the "bad" countries are not even ON THE LIST. Sorry folks. This order sucks.

    • Ciaron Smith
      Ciaron Smith Год назад

      I have never heard of a Persian/Iranian terrorist. FACT. I have heard of Arab, Irish, Israeli and Russian ones. Also Pakistani, Norwegian,(Brevik) and Afghans. Iran is just a country that lessens our oil trade so we have to demonize it. Its a joke man.

    • Ciaron Smith
      Ciaron Smith Год назад +1

      None live there. FACT. Its Iran. The most stable country in that region by far. Its a really safe country. Iranian government apparently SPONSORS, (which I doubt). That means they pay people in Lebanon, for example, to do shit. And Hezbollah is elected by the Lebanese people in Lebanon. Iranians didn't have anything to do with that election process in Lebanon. Same with Hamas. Its just propaganda against Russia and Iran by our government. There is no reason to ban Iranian/Persians. Its a joke. Get a clue Ryan.

    • Ryan Leaf
      Ryan Leaf Год назад

      Ciaron Smith That doesn't refute the fact that a lot of home grown terrorists live their.

    • Ciaron Smith
      Ciaron Smith Год назад +4

      Read up on the history of Iran/Persia. Just do it and get back to me. Hezbollah is Lebanese btw and Iran fights ISIS. K? Thanks.

    • Susan Murdock Murdock
      Susan Murdock Murdock Год назад

      +Ciaron Smith At least be aware of who the number one exporter of terror is.

  • Blake Winn
    Blake Winn Год назад


  • Blake Winn
    Blake Winn Год назад

    HA the mexican and muzlims here are as safe as you would be in iran the day the guns come out all this ends picture 20 million patriots coming out shooting just one and going home all done in a day.

  • Henrik V
    Henrik V Год назад

    That Dersh sounds like a Nixonite to me. Is it "extremist" to question what the has US been doing for the past 100 years? A bottomless pit of debt and unprecedented prison population, land nobody can afford, toxic drinking water, opium epidemic, the Bill of Rights effectively obsoleted by the Yentagon and "allies." Pro tip, DC: when the Nazis start looking like the good guys it's because *you fucked up.*
    Go ahead and look at where these "free trade" agreements started and what you find probably won't surprise you if you've been paying any attention at all.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Год назад

    I heard the sound of the whiny Trump Sad Panda in it's natural environment, the RUclip comments section.

  • L. Joseph
    L. Joseph Год назад

    Jesus Christ is a compassionate liberal.

  • GekkanShounen
    GekkanShounen Год назад

    why the fuck is this trending?

  • Hani Salhab
    Hani Salhab Год назад +3

    Zionist piece of Sh*t dershowitz

  • Timothy McCaskey
    Timothy McCaskey Год назад +5

    So Doucheowitz is now a pundit on Faux News. Truth be told, the only true Americans were the Native Americans who lived here before the arrival of Europeans. This country, as we know it today, was founded on immigration. To impose travel bans on certain countries based solely on religion flies in the face of the First Amendment and shows to the world at large that Americans are nothing but a bunch of intolerant rednecks.

    • dantemike1
      dantemike1 Год назад +2

      Timothy...quit being an Obama queer and saying stupid things. Hopefully you're not as stupid as remarks imply. But, then you might be that stupid.

  • Tactical Newfie
    Tactical Newfie Год назад +2

    Look at that hook nose, oy vey!

  • thomas bourne
    thomas bourne Год назад +7

    Dershowitz may be a lifelong liberal Democrat but his opinions seem reasoned and backed by constitutional law and not politics.

    • Matt
      Matt Год назад

      I thought so too! Kinda creepy eh?

    • Ryan Leaf
      Ryan Leaf Год назад

      Matt Oh wow.... that means so much!

    • Matt
      Matt Год назад

      Wait a minute... this Alan Dershowitz? www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2922773/Newly-released-flight-logs-reveal-time-trips-Bill-Clinton-Harvard-law-professor-Alan-Dershowitz-took-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Lolita-Express-private-jet-anonymous-women.html

    • dantemike1
      dantemike1 Год назад

      No, Kyle, Dershowitz is NOT paid for his appearances on Fox news. He is paid for travel expenses if he goes to the studio, but not in this instance because no travel was involved. Do not say things like an Obama queer unless you know the facts.

    • Kyle Davis
      Kyle Davis Год назад +3

      thomas bourne He gets paid to be on the show.

  • Mopar Muscle
    Mopar Muscle Год назад +11

    Hawaii has ZERO Islamic immigrants! They want them, let them all move there...
    This is not a Muslim ban... but I will say the Muslim religion is a very dangerous destructive religion.

    • Mopar Muscle
      Mopar Muscle Год назад +2

      Paul Newton: You are "no true Scotsman" sir... yourlogicalfallacyis.com/no-true-scotsman
      I'm done messing with your ignorance as it is exhausting. No more replies from me.... Done

    • Paul Newton
      Paul Newton Год назад

      +The American Superman You made the argument burden is yours yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof but you keep on trying mirror statements.

    • Mopar Muscle
      Mopar Muscle Год назад +1

      Paul Newton:
      I have provided proof. You want to ignore what is front of you. You have provided nothing that supports YOUR statements other than "
      I don't have to prove anything"... You can try and twist, you can play stupid, you can try and insult still and forever the burden is still YOURS to provide actual facts proving me wrong otherwise. Bet that sand stings when it gets in your eyes...

    • Paul Newton
      Paul Newton Год назад

      You have not provided proof you've only provided an overview with no data that specifically supports your statements. You can try and twist you can try and insult still and forever the burden is still yours to provide actual fact.

    • Mopar Muscle
      Mopar Muscle Год назад +1

      Paul Newton: As I thought... given proof and you turn a blind eye to it and claim ignorance. You continually deviate the facts. Keep your head in the sand... just remember your posterior is sticking out.

  • John Space
    John Space Год назад

    Prior to the judge's ruling, Obama made a surprise visit to 48 hours earlier to Hawaii.

  • JJoe
    JJoe Год назад

    Liberals, I'm begging you: hear this man out - he's one of you.

  • Nebur Nynhs
    Nebur Nynhs Год назад +1

    Trending with 3,200 views? Stop pushing your agenda RUclip

  • Kyaw Htat
    Kyaw Htat Год назад +1

    What Alan Dershowitz is a life long democrat? LMAO!!! huhhhh!!! Fox and friends made me laugh so much that they are practically my comedy central at this point.

    • thetrain3000
      thetrain3000 Год назад +1

      i'm confused. are you not aware of dershowitz's history?

  • Igor Davis
    Igor Davis Год назад +3

    Judges in every case always look at the intent of the law or in this case Executive order. Discriminating against a religion is against the law. Guiliani and Tic Tac have on multiple occasions said on camera that it was a Muslim ban. No matter how many times they gussy it up, every judge is always going to go back to the intent. If Tic Tac had kept his mouth shut, the ban would BE in effect.

  • Lincoln Reichard
    Lincoln Reichard Год назад

    He barely fucking changed it, his aides have said it's the same and he has been quoted saying he wants a full ban on immigration.

    • Henrik V
      Henrik V Год назад

      thetrain3000 Good. If anything exemptions should be made for apostates.

    • Lincoln Reichard
      Lincoln Reichard Год назад

      Except that didn't factor an in his old one as even christians from those countries were banned/ not let in easily. Specifically if they weren't white

    • thetrain3000
      thetrain3000 Год назад +1

      he removed the exemption for christians, thus removing any trace of religion from the order. quite a substantial change, actually.

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor Год назад +3

    in the end trump will win

  • Smith
    Smith Год назад +3

    So this Hawaiian judge went to Harvard with Obama bin laden

  • Analog Human
    Analog Human Год назад

    It's not a good idea to let people come into the country from places we are conducting military operations.

  • dean counts
    dean counts Год назад

    Sanders should have been more specific in his criticism, the status quo Democratic party establishment are completely corrupt, regardless of being left, right or center, they are lying crooks

  • Eisen J Eisen
    Eisen J Eisen Год назад +3

    I don't believe him Iran export the most terrorist, Ron Paul says the US and Israel kill more people together than any other country in the world,

  • Tom B
    Tom B Год назад

    No one gave any state authority in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution nor any lowly federal judge while the SC has ruled for over 100+ years the power belongs to the President and the congress while idiot Dershowitz knows this and makes a total idiot of himself speaking goofy liberal nonsense.Liberals are so DONE while Trump knows he can easily ignore all of these judges.If any interviewer had a brain in their head they would ask Dershowitz how liberal FDR put Japanese American citizens in internment camps which were not illegals nor refugees in WW2 and report to camps within 48 hours and I bet he would look like a RETARD and start making all kinds of nutty excuses.

  • BIG A
    BIG A Год назад

    if the supreme court upholds the 9th circuit court decision, which I don't think they will.
    But if they do, the president by proclamation, can invoke Federal statute, 212F, the president can suspend immigration where he or she deems a threat to national security.
    The president can deny entry of aliens and any class of aliens that he deems necessary and appropriate and are detrimental in the interests of the United States.
    liberals don't care about citizenry protection as long as trump looks bad. The ban will prevail!!!
    Fuck the democratic communist party!!! Fuck Obama.
    Fuck George Soros, Jack Schumer!!!

  • Charlie Blum
    Charlie Blum Год назад +3

    Why does everyone refer to the midwest as the "Rust Belt"? Sounds kind of degrading. Is that what they think of people there?
    Why not call it " America's Bread Basket " like they used to?

    • Paul Newton
      Paul Newton Год назад

      Because lack of proper care has let the culture there get bad and now we're beginning to deal with the fallout.

    • Lupee Ves II
      Lupee Ves II Год назад +1

      Charlie Blum It refers to the factories being torn down.

  • therock343
    therock343 Год назад +19

    - Trump is a globalist cunt. The countries that actually do produce terrorist and have attacked us on our soil, aren't on the list. The ones that aren't...he has businesses in. Also let's not forget he hires foreign workers for his businesses.
    - Trump care is going to increase premiums even more than Obamacare with less insured. A tax cut to the rich, forgetting the middle workng class. The opposite of what he promised.
    - Budget cut will cut meals on wheels which feeds veterans (there goes your "get off your lazy asses poor people!" argument), gets rid of everything researching climate change, cuts on education

    If you're a Trump supporter and you read this far. I'm sorry for offending your God and savior Trump.

    • Ryan Leaf
      Ryan Leaf Год назад

      thetrain3000 Hahahahah. This is quite funny!

    • Cincinnatus of the Republic
      Cincinnatus of the Republic Год назад

      Hey kid, do some research before you post next time 💕

    • Bret H
      Bret H Год назад

      therock343 . . . you are using the c-word you would not be doing this if you were American as it is not slaying in this country here obviously some for an idiot trigger warning you are an idiot or as they say where you're from a wanker

    • Jonathan Appleseed
      Jonathan Appleseed Год назад +2

      Henrik V But, barrack was actually trying to change and solve things for the better? The republican party did everything in their power to stop him and guess what? It worked (for the most part), now the same is being done to trump by the democratic party and rightfully so, bannon is the real threat and no one seems to mention him just look at his past work.

    • Jonathan Appleseed
      Jonathan Appleseed Год назад +2

      Woe Is Me Please explain, why every single point he stated is wrong.

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo Год назад +1


    • Michael Donovan
      Michael Donovan Год назад +3

      Guino Tack russian bot detected, beware

    • connormcguire18
      connormcguire18 Год назад

      MrSumbody69 I imagine that after the court case on the travel plan if it rules that its constitutional and the judge was making baseless claims the judge in question I believe can be impeached

    • MrSumbody69
      MrSumbody69 Год назад +6

      Explain to me how he would go about doing that please?

  • Chris Crawford
    Chris Crawford Год назад +20

    I agree with this man, the Alt Left and Right Extremist are a real fucking problem in this country.

    • Saeivgc
      Saeivgc Год назад +2

      Chris Crawford sorry I commented on the wrong person, it was meant for guy who was far right and was in denial for his ethnic background. I too don't like far lefts like sjw's and extreme fems, same goes with far rights.

    • Chris Crawford
      Chris Crawford Год назад

      I don't consider people with that view as the Alt Right Mitchell ... I have a view like that and I am neither Right or Left... To me the Alt Right is the KKK, Neo Nazi and so on, like the Alt left is La Raza, CAIR and the New Black Panthers ..

    • Mitchell R
      Mitchell R Год назад +1

      "Alt-Right" as people like to call it literally just want to make America strong, independent and safe.
      Yet somehow banning immigration is the most racist thing anyone has ever done in human history!
      It's our right to not allow immigrants, frankly we should have a temporary total ban on ALL IMMIGRATION from EVERYWHERE.

    • Saeivgc
      Saeivgc Год назад

      Cable Summer - Wow you sound like you are on the tip of edge to the right.

  • Castile Summer
    Castile Summer Год назад +9


    • JP
      JP Год назад

      Cable Summer Sure feed into the narrative of fighting amongst the two parties. The establishment loves your ignorance. Ignore the fact that Trump chose openly corrupt establishment such as three Goldman Sachs higher ups that took millions in exit bonuses or the Health Secretary pick that invest in healthcare corporations while receiving money from them and push bills that benefit them and not the American people. Just keep on following your daddy who called for the massacre of civilians and more torture programs.

    • Frolsa84
      Frolsa84 Год назад

      Your subjective assessment of my arguments is irrelevant, the only thing that's relevant is if you can produce counter-arguments, which, as is evident, you're quite incapable of.
      Say thanks to Obama and his policies. You don't think Trump already has policies in place, you naive child? Go take another selfie and watch Russian state propaganda channels, you bot.
      I've already refuted this point, Sweden had 3 times higher rape statistics in 2000 than any other country in Europe, way before the refugee crisis and I demonstrated this via a scientific study of why that is. You have absolutely nothing. Repeating disproved points won't make them any more valid.

      According to what dictionary?
      1. the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.: Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
      Note - "country", "state", nowhere does it say "continent", also you said "NOW THE 2ND RAPE CAPITAL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!", Earth is not a continent, moron
      2. a city regarded as being of special eminence in some field of activity: New York is the dance capital of the world.
      Maybe you're able to understand what's written here... "a city"

    • Frolsa84
      Frolsa84 Год назад

      Trump hasn't done anything yet? But he promised he would defeat ISIS in 30 days. Wow, according to ignorant, delusional Trump cultists such as you, he's not keeping his promises! It's been 60 days and ISIS hasn't been defeated.
      By the way, drone strikes have increased by 432% since Trump is in office.
      Also, Europe isn't a hellhole, I doubt you traveled beyond whatever shithole you live in. Sweden isn't the "rape capital" (Sweden is a country, not a city) of the world, read "Crime Statistics as Constructs: The Case of Swedish Rape Statistics", a scientific study that was written in 2000 (!) why Sweden has such high rape statistics (it's because they classify it differently than other countries and count each instance of rape as a separate case among other things). Immigrants and refugees are less likely to commit crimes, FACT.

    • JP
      JP Год назад

      Cable Summer says the guy typing in all caps. Hillary, Bush, Trump, and Obama are all fucking war Hawks who get in bed with Saudi Arabia. Trump's drones strikes like Obama will kill innocents and create more terrorists. If you could get your head out of your ass and realize that both major political parties are screwing us and the world for their own gain. Instead of solely blaming the immigrants for the situation in Europe maybe you could also focus on what military actions, weapon profiteering, and wars bought them there.

    • JP
      JP Год назад

      Cable Summer I CAN TALK IN ALL CAPS TOO!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Northington
    Kevin Northington Год назад +17

    Christianity is more terrorist than any religion.

    • Pontiac Maniac
      Pontiac Maniac Год назад +4

      Kevin Northington you are an idiot

    • Kevin Northington
      Kevin Northington Год назад

      Bullshit and that's all I got to say about that

    • David Masci
      David Masci Год назад +6

      Muslims have continued their Jihad against other religions for over 1400 years, checked only by the ability of non-Muslims to defend themselves. To this day, not a week goes by that Islamic fundamentalists do not attempt to kill Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists explicitly in the name of Allah.
      None of these other religions are at war with each other.

    • TheSocratesian
      TheSocratesian Год назад +9

      Christianity in the 21st century is nowhere near as violent as Islam. No other religious group today kills with the frequency and religious fervor of Islam. You are deluded.

    • dantemike1
      dantemike1 Год назад +2

      Wow, another Obama queer.

  • Lighten Jacksum
    Lighten Jacksum Год назад +4

    Dershowitz hates Muslims.

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson Год назад +2

    Every Jew living in the USA should be made to study the US Constitution until they can understand what it means. Jews want the world run by their invisible sky god that they only can understand. Round up the jews in the USA and send them back where they came from. Drain the synagogue.

    • Michael Donovan
      Michael Donovan Год назад

      Robert Hudson russian bot post detected, beware

    • Henrik V
      Henrik V Год назад +1

      Robert Hudson Sure, if you also count Christians as Jews that might be a pretty smart idea.

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson Год назад +4

    Round up all the jews in the USA and send them back to Poland and Russia and Germany. Get rid of these insane religious cavemen out of your country. Fox Jews is not news.

  • Mak Muk Was Right
    Mak Muk Was Right Год назад +2

    Dershowitz is a joke.

  • 50 Pinkies
    50 Pinkies Год назад +3

    And WHY do we listen to lying jewish cabal parasite members??? Those bloodthirsty jews (Hun/Mongol Ashkenazi) and the illegitimate criminal state of Israel has been supporting and creating terrorists since forever. Thats what zionists do.... design, support and destroy every jewish host country. Send them and their muzzie brothers back to Israel and the middle east, and let them destroy each other.

    • 2764
      2764 Год назад

      50 Pinkies ok I'm Irish and sincerely I'm sad you have such hate in your heart. I believe something tragic must've happened to you to feel such vitriol. I'm very sincere when I say this. You matter very much. Take care.

    • 50 Pinkies
      50 Pinkies Год назад +1

      Only an inbred kike would ask such questions or make such claims. Go troll somewhere else.

    • 2764
      2764 Год назад

      50 Pinkies so why doesn't the Middle East get their own banks. It's a bit tiresome the scapegoating. Israel had over 3,000 patents last year for things like curing cancer and medicines for illnesses.
      How many patents did any country in the region come close to having?
      Basically none, Egypt had 29.
      This anti this and anti that gets old. Maybe people should emulate the Chinese and Israelis that emphasize education and contributing to the advancement of civilization.

    • 50 Pinkies
      50 Pinkies Год назад

      2764rmouradian Usery

    • 2764
      2764 Год назад

      50 Pinkies Jews make up .2% of the population. What are they like marvel comic superheroes? How can .2% of the worlds population have that much power?

  • Tuxedo Themes Web Services
    Tuxedo Themes Web Services Год назад +3

    dershowitz can go wallow with the pigs with regards to his comments regarding the "alt-right".

  • William Matthews
    William Matthews Год назад +6

    These judges should be impeached for committing treason.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Год назад +5

    That's weird. Now I agree with Dershowitz.

  • Al Fabeech
    Al Fabeech Год назад

    Dershowitz needs to come up on deck from his stateroom.

  • K Bee
    K Bee Год назад +5

    Here ingredients There are rumors Obama was in Hawaii meeting with judge two days for before he blocked.

  • Viking72
    Viking72 Год назад +10

    Ban ALL immigration, PERIOD. Once we fix the problems here in house then we can open up the borders.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes Год назад +65

    According to the FBI, 94% of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States from 1980 to 2005 have been by non-Muslims. Talk amongst yourselves.

    • Ryan Leaf
      Ryan Leaf Год назад +1

      '"1980-2005", those statistics are so outdated that they don't represent what's happening today you idiot! Just another mindless troll.

    • Mitchell R
      Mitchell R Год назад

      Id rather be killed by another American who loves America than by an invader who wants my nation to burn and to create his own religious state in its ashes.

    • DCU&Marvel Champions
      DCU&Marvel Champions Год назад

      OG Tramatize
      Is that sarcasm?

  • machia0705
    machia0705 Год назад +1

    Conservative and moderate Democrats are outcasts in the Democrat Party today as the Party moves to the Left , the far Left .
    It is a Party of Leftist emotional rhetoric now , completely out of the mainstream , being propped up by the Leftist media .

  • DB Cisco
    DB Cisco Год назад +3

    Add Sharia Arabia to the list !!!

  • DB Cisco
    DB Cisco Год назад +49

    How does a single state dictate national law ?

    • Jordan Moser
      Jordan Moser Год назад

      +FanOfAnimation uh how about not giving our troops in Benghazi the tools necessary to keep the ambassador safe, oh yeah first one to die in history under Hilary's watch... And I much rather send in troops than fucking drones. You think because someone died it's a failed mission? Hah, you're hatred blinds you. Obama did nothing , trump is doing something.

    • FanOfAnimation
      FanOfAnimation Год назад

      Jordan Moser You think Hillary put our troops in harm? So you must really hate Trump after his botched up Yemen Raid. Or is that alright because as long as he isn't a Republican, Trump can never do anything wrong?

    • Zero Knight
      Zero Knight Год назад +2

      Duane Brocious any federal judge can stop a presidential order so any state can really stop it

    • Jordan Moser
      Jordan Moser Год назад +1

      +Hi There my point is Bernie is a hypocrite and shouldn't be talking about raising taxes. I didn't do the math but the argument that trump doesn't pay taxes is over because I think the 05 returns show he pays just as much as people with his wealth.

    • Hi There
      Hi There Год назад

      Jordan Moser you realize trump is in a higher tax bracket than Bernie right?

  • David Olinger
    David Olinger Год назад

    The Undemocratic Socialist Party (democrats) are in the process of writing their own epitaph. The subversive and antiamerican elements under the rule of Obama are trying desperately to create civil war, and a Trump assassination. It's not a conspiracy theory, you see the evidence every single day in the news. The only question is how will this all end?

  • laffingduck08
    laffingduck08 Год назад +1

    Great to hear from a REAL American Democrat instead of the moron socialists and far left nut-jobs that appear to be the majority of 2017 Democrats. I was a life-long Democrat until Rush took the time to define "the rich" as being, "anyone who works, holds a job and pays taxes...Like my parents taught me back then, The Democrats are the Robin Hood of the working class and take from the rich to give to the poor...right...very major tax increase in the past 40 years has been implemented by the "now" Socialist Democrat Party" as they are known in states like California...Don't call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, call yourselves, "AMERICANS". Of course opinions are like butts...everyone has one...

  • Cris Yorke
    Cris Yorke Год назад +1

    The blonde is hot!