"The Beast" - Delta IV Heavy - NROL-37 - 06-11-2016

The 236 ft tall Delta IV Heavy does not look real from a distance. Our minds have trouble processing the orange and white monster machine as it lifts off. It almost looks fake. We talked with the ATK rep. who explained all of the white on the Heavy is made of Carbon Fiber by Orbital ATK. Since the launch was classified we had no trajectory info, thus we lost camera contact as it roared straight up. Thanks to ULA, Thanks to Kyle Brown for launch pad clip and Thanks to all of you for tuning in.We are a US disabled veteran run, non profit video production company who's mission is to bring other disabled US Veterans to witness a launch, experience US Space History and become part of our report. Our nonprofit 501(c)(3) is 100% tax deductible, just go to our webpage www.USLaunchReport.com which is merged with www.VeteransSpaceReport.com and find our Donate button. You can help change the life of a US Veteran. Thank You

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Автор LosAguilasGarden ( назад)

Автор marc80s ( назад)
Liquid fueled boosters rock. Love this rocket.

Автор StereoSpace ( назад)
What a magnificent beast that thing is.

Автор Aelectrician Sebastian ( назад)
I really liked this video. The birds were really nice!

Автор André Conci ( назад)

Автор Mandroid321 ( назад)
4:30 anyone know if they allow boats in the water during launch times?

Автор Eric K ( назад)
Totally awesome. how often do they do a launch of any rocket? never heard one word on any news station.

Автор Colin McEwan ( назад)
Fantastic video! Thanks.

Автор Arguminium Marcelius ( назад)
And...its brain-dead boosters go only one way, and then crash to earth and are destroyed? Pretty piss poor. but thanks to USLaunchReport for covering this. Hope in the future it will not be necessary to witness the stupid waste of boosters.

Автор None_yo_business ( назад)
I always think that the delta iv will explode after ignition for some reason. Excellent work!

Автор jack flew ( назад)
Those flames are huge!! Thought it was funny how they singe the outside of the rocket

Автор Bad Santa ( назад)
good work

Автор Tyler Pyle ( назад)
dem jumbo 64s ;)

Автор Leon Davis ( назад)
A tripod mount would be nice. Or maybe not.
Maybe the rocket jumping out of the top of the frame is a new special effect I haven't heard of. If so, then it was very well done. We need more of this.
Also, reverse the video to show the rocket landing and the engines shutting off. You almost had it in that first clip.

Автор Gleb Rumyantsev ( назад)
Oddly no ice for a hydrogen rocket. Are her tanks heat-insulated?

Автор Jamie Godman ( назад)
keep the videos coming guys!

Автор Media Majors ( назад)
It has been a pleasure working with USLaunchReport over the last year and am proud to see some of my footage from the pad included in our continuing coverage of space exploration off the Space Coast of Florida

Автор Gamer 49 ( назад)
Watching money burn faster than any other video on the internet, why does this get any thumbs up at all?

Автор EinChris75 ( назад)
Great video. I really loved to see all those different camera views.
The one at 2:55 ist the best.

Автор Motokid600 ( назад)
Wow, was the grass set on fire around the pad?

Автор eta2001carl ( назад)
where did they land the first stages ? :)

Автор Hutch5321 ( назад)
"The Beast" is properly named!
Thanks guys! Bravo!

Автор Alandala ( назад)
After seeing this launch, I'm really looking forward to see the falcon heavy in action!

Автор jawbreaker ( назад)
Awesome video keep i up!

Автор roberto samoraes ( назад)
very good !

Автор earFront ( назад)
Nice coverage of the launch guys.

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