TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music

Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from 'Piano Lullabies for Babies' by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.

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Автор Samantha Ehresman ( назад)
room full of eleven children 10/11 are out

Автор Dilva Batti ( назад)

Автор Nina Nina ( назад)

Автор Maria Nazar ( назад)
Me and my baby love this music🌹🌹

Автор Rebecca Johnson ( назад)
I am 13 almost 14 and this is helping me fall asleep *yawn*. This is the only lullaby on YouTube that works for me

Автор Gabriella Bittane ( назад)

Автор PricessDowell54321 Araneta ( назад)
My baby sister is giggling while watching this because she just woke up and I want her to fall asleep.

Автор CuteFireKitty 17900 ( назад)
i like how i used this to fall asleep yet i was reading comments the first 5 minutes in XD

Автор HANNAH Gosling ( назад)
my cat fell asleep reply

Автор Dominica Goforth ( назад)
Just put babies to sleep a very easy thank you for making this

Автор Sheba Brown ( назад)
best ever baby went o sleep when it turned on isn't god good

Автор HANNAH Gosling ( назад)
I am 7 but I here the music

Автор Cassandra Joiner ( назад)
trying to get my two month old to bed . usually works but she's fighting her sleep lol

Автор Surenitey Jones ( назад)

Автор Surenitey Jones ( назад)
Also my ant died I miss her so a cry at school some time...Plz don't tell my friends .... XD XD .... ..... Plz Don't ;) ...

Автор Surenitey Jones ( назад)
I'm sl-sleepy an-d Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор Lizzie Plays Rolbolx and more ( назад)
Lol trying to get a baby to sleep

Автор Travis Clark ( назад)
wonderful for overtired babies!
gets my 8 month old to sleep in about 10 minutes or less and I've been using it for months!

Автор Vaida Borodinskiene ( назад)

Автор Avonoj you&me ( назад)
cute song from babe 🙄🙄

Автор Layla layrico Hugley-Phillips ( назад)
mч вαвч ѕíѕtєr lσvєѕ thíѕ ѕσng

Автор pop tot ( назад)

Автор Monica H ( назад)
Thank you!❤🍼👼🏼

Автор Tracey Snape ( назад)
im happy rally happy from you happy

Автор Rachel S ( назад)
Two minutes through the video I started yawning 3 minutes later asleep 😴 best thing ever

Автор Jasmyn White ( назад)
',0Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

Автор Jasmyn White ( назад)
When i couldn't sleep my mom always put this on and i always fell asleep

Автор Morgan Ramirez ( назад)
I Love it

Автор The EnderBeast ( назад)
i love this song it helps me sleep

Автор William Botwinski ( назад)
The lights are so beautiful 😍 and pretty!

Автор Nelson Garcia ( назад)

Автор Chassity Gilliard ( назад)
I couldn't get to sleep right so I put it on look at me I'm 😴😴😴😴😴😴

Автор Jack Batty ( назад)
Put my little lad to sleep only for a f***ing quad bike to fly past firing as many revs out as possible

Автор Rafa Chavez ( назад)
life saver it my niece to sleep in 18 mins

Автор Rafa Chavez ( назад)
life saver it my niece to sleep in 18 mins

Автор Mr Lal ( назад)
Its the same for me TO my grandpa missis me so Much hes dead

Автор Cha Parker ( назад)
I played this for my cat and she went to sleep within 6 minutes

Автор Jessica Lynch ( назад)
gets my very fussy one year old asleep in under 15 mins

Автор Karl-Kaspar Kuleša ( назад)
This some trippy stuff they be showin babys nowadays :D

Автор Cheyenne Walker ( назад)
I was looking for music for my baby when I was still pregnant. I would put it to my belly and she'd stop kicking. Now she's 2 months old and she falls asleep to this every night !

Автор Reitak ( назад)
lol it works perfect

Автор Kendra Schmitt ( назад)
i was looking for music to relax the baby and it's also relaxing me 😂

Автор Tim Laing ( назад)
My bay didn't budge

Автор Great shark Kai ( назад)
This make sleep allllll night

Автор Eleanor Wassenberg MCPE ( назад)
Welp I'm just gonna try not to fall aslee-....😴😴

Автор funkadelian ( назад)
every night i fall asleep p.s I'm 7 lol

Автор Micah Hall ( назад)
Who is watching this vid and reading comments?

Автор Jubv Fjcjv ( назад)
lee you are funny

Автор Gavin Perkins ( назад)
I love this

Автор Kenia Ordaz ( назад)
It made me sleep

Автор Danny Coyle ( назад)
You rock

Автор Skyler Playz ( назад)
thanks for the music it made my little little sister go to sleep

Автор Pa Kirwan ( назад)
my 3year old son just fell sleep eating a sandwich..... So cute......

Автор Willvames 4567 ( назад)
Do you think you could slow down the dot things

Автор Sue Powell ( назад)
My little granddaughter falls asleep to these beautiful lullabies...I find them very relaxing myself. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout......

Автор Gresyn Lewis ( назад)
this helped my niece go to sleep

Автор Jessie Lum ( назад)
My one day old baby Sister died like this to pray for her in heaven🙍🏻

Автор Kitty Lover ( назад)
This has allowed me to keep my sanity....

Автор Crazy Money ( назад)
its so good love it goodnight or good morning to the ploeple that are raeding this

Автор Samona Gielow ( назад)
It's so calming and lovely and I'm 12 and I fell asleep listening to it💤

Автор Amanda Arias ( назад)
Every time I put this on my son stops crying ! I love you for making this! It's so beautiful

Автор Michael Owens ( назад)
⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅↔⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅ spot the difference

Автор Maggie Ara ( назад)
i subscribed

Автор Karim.6969@hotmail.com ( назад)
Beautiful Music. My baby brother loves it.

Автор Lily coyne ( назад)
I was waiting fo the beat to drop then I felled asleep

Автор Lily coyne ( назад)
I was waitingforthe beat to drop then I felled asleep

Автор Flygerian Curls ( назад)
When my baby wants to stay awake, she'll fight her sleep and stay awake for a long time after. I put this on, she tried to fight the sleep but she couldn't...this had us BOTH asleep in a short time.

Автор KPN ( назад)
this is video this video help me slw

Автор KPN ( назад)
tip: install nightmode app to remove blue lighting and set your screen to even more dark.

Автор KARIM BAKHSH ( назад)

Автор Ashley Sebben ( назад)
My brother feel asleep to this

Автор Violet Kringstad ( назад)
I have to put my 2 sister

Автор Naomi Gray ( назад)
every time I turn this Owen I tell her to watch the light and she falls asleep so fast

Автор experimental gaming fighter ( назад)
my nephew went to sleep very fast

Автор jessica kelli ( назад)
This video works really good for my 1year old

Автор Dallas Tonks ( назад)

Автор Dallas Tonks ( назад)
#sweet lol

Автор Dallas Tonks ( назад)
Sounds so nice I love it.

Автор Roblox Queen ( назад)
its good for my baby brother beacause TWO HOURS that means when they fall asleep you can leave, and then just leave them music on and if they wake up in the two hours they will not cry anymore coz the musics on THANKS ALOT YOU GUYS GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

Автор tobias hartsfield ( назад)
oml i love it XD

Автор tobias hartsfield ( назад)
i listin to it every night

Автор alicia carter ( назад)
Anyone still listening in 2017? I sing every song on here. Well I'm usually sleep before itsy bitsy spider is gone off😂😂 This can't be therapeutic to only me! or is it? 🤔🤔🤔

Автор The Kawaii Gamer ( назад)
this helpped my twin sisters immediatly they were so fussy and i put this on. It put them to sleep immediatly and this is just so amazing. recommending this if you baby is fussy

Автор Miss.Rapley ( назад)
This helped calm a crying baby nephew

Автор lin zhang ( назад)

Автор James Davis ( назад)

Автор xXx Lee X lie xXx ( назад)
erm who else has there siblings dancing to this while your trying it to sleep them? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Автор Kaitlyns awesome ( назад)
I think the reason most siblings use this to put their brother or sister asleeep is because we don't know any other way our parents can get them to sleep with people yelling and vacuuming and everything is silent right now in my house

Автор Brittiany Ricci ( назад)
me two

Автор Tycarrian Moaton ( назад)
this song is perfect it put nephew to sleep in 1 minute.😃😄

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)
YAMH 108 106 YAMH 107 YAMH

Автор Michelle Torres ( назад)
thankyou for making this song

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)
108 306 370 380 390 3040

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)
106 107 108 109 1011

Автор Juan David Montes ( назад)

Автор Tamika Saligari ( назад)
this helped

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