Ghost Loft - Seconds

  • Published on Feb 11, 2013
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    The video for "Seconds" was put together by Ends (Daniel Iglesias Jr & Zack Sekuler)

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  • Gunter
    Gunter 7 days ago

    Me: I give like"

  • Mel Mango
    Mel Mango 2 months ago

    Go on tour pleeaassseee 🥺

  • Alexis harris
    Alexis harris 2 months ago

    Idiotas a las personas que no le gustaron esta musica, es expectacular

  • Kiki Tillmon
    Kiki Tillmon 3 months ago +1

    I first heard this song in 2014 I still love listening to this and I watched the movie . That was shown in the vid before seeing this video . I was pleasantly surprised . The name of the movie 🎥 is called “Chungking Express “ it’s a 1994 film.

  • Han Han
    Han Han 6 months ago

    Can't believe it was 3 years ago. Fkin beef. Wtf

  • j G
    j G 9 months ago

    Well done kin! Nice... Jus Dope

  • eduardo fernandes
    eduardo fernandes 10 months ago

    It's awesome and the band is great! 👏👍

  • David Albert
    David Albert 10 months ago

    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby oh.
    Be there seconds flat,
    Just tell me where you at,
    Everywhere you wanna go,
    I will gladly follow.
    That mean's he don't need to know,
    No one will ever know,
    No one will have to know.
    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby oh.
    Give me a second chance,
    Just let go of the past,
    Weaving through the high and low,
    See the ebb and flow.
    That mean's he don't need to know,
    No one will ever know,
    No one will have to know.
    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby I love you,
    Baby oh,
    Baby oh.

  • Kaffrin Honey
    Kaffrin Honey 10 months ago


  • Edward K.
    Edward K. Year ago

    Most underrated song ever

  • TheMuflonship42
    TheMuflonship42 Year ago

    I've just seen this movie, awesome I'd say

  • Rhonda Mitchell
    Rhonda Mitchell Year ago

    This song is still great. Makes me feel like driving down the PCH.

  • icreatedlag 8
    icreatedlag 8 Year ago

    Such a chill song, anyone else in 2018?

  • Jon Yu
    Jon Yu Year ago

    There's a non-vocal version i keep hearing while i'm at work... or some version with the same lead synth melody that starts at 0:43.. It's the same exact synth, but the bassline has a different rhythm i think and theres no vocals in it. Anyone know what version that is? i cant find it on youtube, but i heard it at work and they use pandora, but i cant check the song because only the managers can open the ipad thats playing pandora.

  • Rick and Rygel
    Rick and Rygel Year ago +1

    Found you on Pandora, a little high and drunk, can't help but to love you.

  • Darkshooter108
    Darkshooter108 Year ago

    okay i'll be honest i was here when it was 233k views so awesome to be one of the first before the huge crowd came in :)))

  • Bedis Lotter
    Bedis Lotter Year ago

    Baby I love feet

  • christian calhoun
    christian calhoun 2 years ago

    Just realized wiz loves to sample ghostlofts songs. This song isn't the first one hes done.

  • Fit DJ's Flex Factory
    Fit DJ's Flex Factory 2 years ago

    In Love!! Ghost Loft is the bomb diggity!! They are like a breath of fresh air!! More please!! More!

  • Antti The Internet Guy

    and suddenly nostalgia and memories from 2012 hit my face like thousand backhands all at once

  • Iris Lune
    Iris Lune 2 years ago

    One of my fav song.

  • Ariana Holguin
    Ariana Holguin 2 years ago

    I will never get tired of this song, it makes me feel the most, so calm and sad at the same time.

  • S S B
    S S B 2 years ago

    The beat has such a feel to it, it's hard to explain

  • Ghetto F
    Ghetto F 2 years ago

    cause we the last free soul...

  • XRxxIceMan
    XRxxIceMan 2 years ago


  • Nate Brouillette
    Nate Brouillette 2 years ago +3

    Zeds Dead Catching Zzz's Vol II. brought me here.

  • 은
     2 years ago +2

    Chung king!!

  • Oshanii
    Oshanii 2 years ago +2

    we broke up on april fool's so i took it as a joke

  • blurryface
    blurryface 2 years ago

    I used to listen to them so much even though they had only 3 songs out back then😭

  • WonderLust
    WonderLust 2 years ago +7

    1:14 my face when i receive my report card and it says I've passed

  • Pao Hrdz Lic. Comercio Internacional

    Jajaja te orgasmean? Es muy buen arreglo músical y es en realidad lo que puede suceder cuando conoces a una chica...

  • Jorge Sugaste
    Jorge Sugaste 2 years ago

    quien es ghost loft especificamente? y porque sus canciones me orgasmean?

  • Mich Ols
    Mich Ols 2 years ago +4

    takeshi kaneshiro???!!!....could it be?!

  • N
    N 2 years ago +2


  • niche
    niche 2 years ago +4

    Congrats I love this

  • Edgy teen with memes
    Edgy teen with memes 2 years ago +13

    Finally reached 1M! You guys deserve it ❤️ love this when I'm high

  • 1776 Yankee Doodle
    1776 Yankee Doodle 3 years ago +11

    I walked into a store for raves and festival products and this song was playing on the Flat screen TV from RUclip. I asked the girls in there what was the name of the band and saved it to my phone and here I am. What a smooth song! Awesome! I rarely ever ask about a song playing but this one caught my attention.

    • 1776 Yankee Doodle
      1776 Yankee Doodle 2 years ago

      That was a fateful day. It caused me to start singing and I haven't stopped since. I had only ever played instrumentals. I go to that store on the way to a haircut for a wedding and come out a singer. Not only did I start singing, but the singing unfolded like a hurricane. I went home that day and played the song on my laptop. I liked the smooth voice and the lyrics. The lyrics resonated with me. So, I sang along. I was a total mute before this. I faked even singing Happy Birthday all through the years. After a few days, I decided to do a serious test. I sang along but recorded my voice and not the song. When I played it back, my voice was so bad I closed my laptop in horror. But, I figured I might improve and if I improved I might continue to improve. That is exactly what happened. My goal is to sing for 2000 hrs before my voice is applied to new songs. No one will hear me till then. It just blows me away. I can take my songs to a whole new level. Singing never even occurred to me and now I'm addicted. My goal is to get two songs on Pandora in or by 2019.

    • Edgy teen with memes
      Edgy teen with memes 3 years ago +1

      The song is awesome, I would've done the same thing 😊

  • deepdark Music
    deepdark Music 3 years ago +1

    if you like content like this, check my chanel, maybe you will find music you will love, or maybe not :).

  • MDY Yang
    MDY Yang 3 years ago

    Awesome how they used Brigitte Lin movie as their MV. Mad Props. I like em even more now. HAHA. Ghost loft = Amazing.

  • Faith Seed
    Faith Seed 3 years ago +8

    Wiz Khalifa - The last bring me here

  • BelovedGiftShop .com
    BelovedGiftShop .com 3 years ago

    Baby I love Feet

  • yoshio nanco
    yoshio nanco 3 years ago +1

    Chungking Express (movie)

  • toria vera
    toria vera 3 years ago


  • Lidallie
    Lidallie 3 years ago +2

    can I use this song without getting marked for copyright claim? I will put the credit.

    • jwst
      jwst 3 years ago +21

      just do it, bruh..

  • J Lux
    J Lux 3 years ago

    so good

  • roberto mata leos
    roberto mata leos 3 years ago

    @kennet Lo. what is that ?

  • roberto mata leos
    roberto mata leos 3 years ago

    First time i heard this i was high as a mtfck ! :)

  • DieHardFanofPEWDIEPIE
    DieHardFanofPEWDIEPIE 3 years ago +4

    can i get the name of the asian guy in this video ??? i searched but i didnt get any good results...if u know reply me the name ??

  • Grizzle G
    Grizzle G 3 years ago

    such a chill vibe. Id always listen to this song cruising up and down the southern cali coast.

  • calvin levy
    calvin levy 3 years ago

    I love this song. Pandora brought me here. I know the girl cheated as an extension of SlowDownTime.. But why does the guy run in the end? Was the girl he slept with just randomly met in the bar or was that the girl he loves?

    • Holly Cardinal
      Holly Cardinal 3 years ago

      I don't think they slept together. I think she passed out , and wanted her, and he knew he could probably have her, but he knew it wasn't right..and he is in love.... so he left her there in the hotel and went to run off his frustration and unrequited love... BAM.... ..I hope this makes sense i am a little stoned hahaha man, first time I listened to it high...even better!

    • PolKrystek Production
      PolKrystek Production 3 years ago

      It's was taken from a movie, but don't know what is called...

  • Rick S
    Rick S 3 years ago +1

    wow this dude could probably have any asian woman he wants.
    and a few others. props bruh
    but hey, so can I # Sly Smirk

  • Samantha Santos
    Samantha Santos 3 years ago +4

    This song reminds me of a lost love and those long summer days Sunset feeling.... song is so transcending ♡♡♡

  • Suz X
    Suz X 3 years ago

    Not sure why this was taken off iTunes 😑

  • Javier Quintana Q.
    Javier Quintana Q. 3 years ago +1

    this is amazing song! ive never known of this, i was watching a video abaut enchroma glases with this song background and i read someone asking the name of this song .....

  • Brandon Minikwu
    Brandon Minikwu 3 years ago +3

    What city is this filmed in? After watching this I must lose my love in it. Top priority.

    • Brandon Minikwu
      Brandon Minikwu 3 years ago

      @Sydney Narciso Wilson looks like I'm taking my talents to Hong Kong 😊

    • Sydney Narciso Wilson
      Sydney Narciso Wilson 3 years ago +1

      The music video is a compilation of scene's from Wong Kar-Wai's film Chungking Express which is set/filmed in Hong Kong

  • stay triggered snowflakes

    Pandora >

  • V. Evolution
    V. Evolution 3 years ago

    Wiz Khalifa bring me here !

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara 3 years ago

    completamente apaixonada!

  • William Lima
    William Lima 3 years ago


  • willy tulyakov
    willy tulyakov 3 years ago

    music bring me here ,to the isle of treasures and mistery to explore