Show Champion EP.319 BVNDIT - Dramatic

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • [Show Champion]
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Comments • 33

  • Ian Nuri
    Ian Nuri 2 days ago

    I want to buy a CD album with "Dramatic" on it, plus other BVDNIT songs. Please please come out with an album, and include this on the CD. I want a real CD with photobook. I would buy it immediately! This is a great great great group. Every one sings great and different, everyone dances well,, the choreography is great. Wow! Wow! Wow!

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund Month ago +3

    I like these denim outfits. Dramatic is a bop. 😍

  • ilia
    ilia Month ago +2

    They promoted this song so long dramatic and hocus pocus are amazing I cant believe they didn’t get a win yet theyre working so hard and THEYRE SO TALENTED

  • N X J
    N X J Month ago +2

    Love their stage outfits for this stage performnace!💙

  • Leesleth
    Leesleth Month ago +14

    THEIR LIVE SINGING OMG you can hear it so clearly here

    • Kx
      Kx Month ago

      @Leesleth yes that's exactly what i said, a pre-recorded live

    • Leesleth
      Leesleth Month ago

      @Kx it is live, except the fact that they recorded it prior to the show's airing .

    • Kx
      Kx Month ago

      this is not live, it's pre-recorded live :)

  • Nana Trash
    Nana Trash Month ago +3

    I feel like they'll take rest when Chungha come back

    RG CARD Month ago

    Stan BVNDIT!❤ 밴디트 파이팅🙈!

  • Loy Calvert
    Loy Calvert Month ago +3

    My bias Songhee steals my heart but the outfit looks so unfinished and not good. Stylist you need to make a new outfit cause this by far was the worst one.

  • vitória
    vitória Month ago +4

    yiyeon looks absolutely gorgeous w this outfit

  • Elena Galliani
    Elena Galliani Month ago +12

    their facials expression were really on point in this perf ;)
    Bonus point for 0:44 and 2:27 that was some nice move :)

  • Andrea Z
    Andrea Z Month ago +13

    My 2019 queens keep giving amazing performances ❤️

  • May Be
    May Be Month ago +11

    I'm not much into girl crush tough version - but BVNDIT makes that concept in a joyful style! I love these smiles - especially Jungwoo!! 😊👍❤️️

  • Uae Na
    Uae Na Month ago +14

    Songhee 💞

  • Ara-mon
    Ara-mon Month ago +46

    My hardworking queens, is this their last week?
    Anyway, my girls snapped with those vocals and outfits

  • louise roby
    louise roby Month ago +8

    so good Girls 😍😊😄 fighting 😘😙😊😍

  • samu10esc
    samu10esc Month ago +17

    Live singing queens!

    • Fazlin Hamzah
      Fazlin Hamzah Month ago +2

      Human Noid lol they singing live i think something wrong with your ear btw if u don't like bvndit no need to watch their videos.

    • Feline Tempo
      Feline Tempo Month ago +2

      @Human Noid everytime I see you in the comment section, you always put something bad, what is your problem?

    • Human Noid
      Human Noid Month ago +1

      Theyre lipsync partly. look at clc stage they singing live

  • jeba blessy salomi
    jeba blessy salomi Month ago +3

    who is BTS?

  • HappyFace's Manager
    HappyFace's Manager Month ago +24

    Haeyoon and Jungwoo both on thumbnail 😂

    • ilia
      ilia Month ago

      Human Noid On the video for cherry bullet’s really really the girl in the thumbnail is haeyoon

    • Human Noid
      Human Noid Month ago +1

      What theres only one person on the thumbnail

    • Uae Na
      Uae Na Month ago

      Yep 😂😂

    • Reus phiên bản lỗi
      Reus phiên bản lỗi Month ago

      Are they sisters ??