After days of flooding and power outages, North Carolinians look for help

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • Across southeast North Carolina, residents are running out of food and patience, after Florence left flooding and power outages in its wake. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUclip:
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  • Kaun Troap
    Kaun Troap 8 months ago

    i feel for you. puerto rico can relate

    SHARON I AM 8 months ago


    SHARON I AM 8 months ago


    SHARON I AM 8 months ago

    It hotter in hell and there is no ice water! REPENT THE LORD IS COMMING SOON!

  • Eliteram
    Eliteram 8 months ago

    It is always the people with less who expect more. Everyone's hands are out in this video saying help me help me, but what are they doing to help? Everyone is doing the best job they can and the fake news is twisting this story into something its not. This is same as any other hurricane there are so many people who have been donating their time and money, it takes time. They should of had a back up plan and planned for no electricity thats obvious, don't be so spoiled expecting everything to be done for you at once. Damn the people in this video complaining are so lazy, wonder what their jobs are and what type of government assistance they are on.

    • Eliteram
      Eliteram 8 months ago

      3:03 is pathetic , girl crying over her privileges taken away. Still has more than a lot some people in this world and finds a reason to cry. How about be thankful for what you have and work on fixing your problems?

  • Tammy Lopez
    Tammy Lopez 8 months ago

    I’ve been through this situation before and they inform you well in advance what is expected to happen to get you prepared!!
    The First Lady that was talking about “this part of town has power and it’s considered the rich part and us we are considered poor and we don’t have power” Its not where you live or how much money you have come on now!! It pisses me off hearing this stupidity!!
    I’m more then sure there is multiple utility company’s from all over the United States that are there working together and are divided up throughout the city to restore power!! So how much money a person does or doesn’t have has nothing to do with the situation!!
    The lady about the ATM you were well informed about things and you should have known the atm wasn’t going to work!!!
    I don’t want to sound rude but it’s going to take time for things to happen!!
    At least the people in this video here all are safe and that’s all that should matter right now!!

  • susana sanchez
    susana sanchez 8 months ago

    Pedro sanchez españa psoe tiene en su partido politico , 9999999999999 casos de corrupcion y es amigo de los terroristas

  • Maryjane Finklea
    Maryjane Finklea 8 months ago

    I pray for my people ~ don’t cry 😢 ~ I pray for them MY GOD MY GOD

  • Maryjane Finklea
    Maryjane Finklea 8 months ago


  • Margo
    Margo 8 months ago

    Poor people always get the shaft, just like Katrina. I'm so disillusioned.

  • the frugal landlord
    the frugal landlord 8 months ago


  • sandra burke
    sandra burke 8 months ago

    Grand solar minimum is upon us, This is JUST THE BEGINNING! PREPARE like your Ancestors lived 150 years ago. They survived by getting off their butts and worked to provide food and shelter. Grow,hunt, build with what is around you. Electric has always been a luxury. The President did not make the earth changes,the sun has! More hardship coming! Famine around the world!

  • Tracy K
    Tracy K 8 months ago

    Agreed. Most of these evil people commenting should be ashamed of themselves. Its OK that the rich have been freeloading off the backs of working folk for centuries, yet you all want to make poor people feel bad for not knowing how to help themselves. How do you sleep at night? Your mom did not teach you how to be a good human being.

  • Ken Brownfield
    Ken Brownfield 8 months ago

    Still waiting for trump to show up and throw paper towels at these people.

    • Savannah Echeverria
      Savannah Echeverria 8 months ago

      First thing he asked was how was his golf course when he got there.
      Close enough.

  • Odilia Gramajo
    Odilia Gramajo 8 months ago

    Could use those 10 million dollars that was took out of FEMA right about now...

  • Emoji Police
    Emoji Police 8 months ago +1


  • hellen paz
    hellen paz 8 months ago

    America America America what have we become?

    RICARDO 8 months ago

    Lost it at 1:30....
    The pain in those eyes...
    My God in heaven....

  • DYR0225
    DYR0225 8 months ago

    It disturbs me that we don't treat people equally in a crisis; in all matters.

  • Ryan Owens
    Ryan Owens 8 months ago

    Ew! She got a beard!

  • Grinning Guise
    Grinning Guise 8 months ago

    Where are the Evangelicals? Oh, ya. They are at the tiki torch rallys.

  • Ricky
    Ricky 8 months ago

    I thought that was a man

  • fuck off
    fuck off 8 months ago

    Entitled blacks. Not my motherfuckin problem. Move..

  • Yasmine Medina
    Yasmine Medina 8 months ago

    Why just why if I were older I would help god bless y'all

  • Truth is the new hate speech

    Washington post is fake news

  • Truth is the new hate speech

    Fat fucks, get off your lazy asses and lose a couple hundred pounds and do something about it.

  • Truth is the new hate speech

    Washington post is fake news and quickly dying.

  • CrispyCake Productions
    CrispyCake Productions 8 months ago

    Losers should fix it themselves. There us plenty of flex tape out there

    VNTG VNTG VNTG 8 months ago

    Y'all know how to make bread?

  • Jill Hollon
    Jill Hollon 8 months ago +1

    I gave up all meats, dairy and eggs after researching the disgusting and vile truth about the US (and other countrys') animal agriculture abuse and torture secrets and industry habits of what ALL poor and helpless animals have to silently suffer and endure just to satisfy "human taste buds". The FDA allows 750,000 particles of INFECTIOUS PUSS per ONE CC of MILK!! INFECTIONS PUSS is in every single drop of milk and cheese and any dairy product. Plus those poor cows are CONSTANTLY RAPED in order to stay pregnant and produce PUSS MILK. Then their babies are ripped out of them and killed within 72 hours if he is a male baby calf. Cows are mammals. We are mammals. A cow's gestation period is 9 months. A human's gestation period is 9 months. A cow calls for her dead killed baby calf for weeks and weeks and weeks NONSTOP. And this happens to ALL FEMALE COWS YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR until they drop from exhaustion from being OVER-MILKED AND OVER-IMPREGNANTED AND THEN they are dragged to the slaughterhouse to have a bolt gun shoot a bolt between their trembling, scared, tear-filled eyes, then hung upside down, still alive while having their limbs sawed off while still alive and feeling every single bit of that pain then having their throats sliced open while being upside down and alive and then turned into MCDONALDS HAMBURGERS. HUMAN BEINGS ARE MONSTERS for doing this to other species! We have GOT TO STOP THIS vicious cycle of cruelty, violence and inhumane treatment of sentient animals!! The egg industry is just as tortuous and disgusting. Baby male chicks go down a conveyor belt and are ground up alive while chickens live 2 years in a small crowded cage never being released, standing on painful metal cages until they die of infections or being eaten alive by maggots and other chickens in the same cage. Nursing pigs are confined to metal indoor crates their whole lives too, never able to move or protect their precious little babies who die helplessly. Please help stop this insanity and be a voice for the voiceless. Peace and love to you all.. 💕

  • Steve
    Steve 8 months ago

    Might be more assistance available if Trump didn't transfer the funding towards ICE catching people over-staying their visas...

  • Computer User
    Computer User 8 months ago

    The donald trump response.just remember in november.

  • Adam Jackson
    Adam Jackson 8 months ago

    yeah y'all got a good president good luck people

  • D Empress Hair Season
    D Empress Hair Season 8 months ago

    😮😮😮LORD THANK YOU FOR SENDING them all the help they need, AMENNNNNN 🙌 🙌 We thanking you in advance.💖

  • Unfree Speech
    Unfree Speech 9 months ago +1

    My power was out for 2 weeks after Hurricane Ike. It was out for another week during Hurricane Harvey. I never cried about it, and I definitely didn't blame others.

  • permify
    permify 9 months ago

    according to this video hurricanes are racist

  • likaboss7654
    likaboss7654 9 months ago

    Living in Florida, this is us every other year

  • Sooner Science Nerd
    Sooner Science Nerd 9 months ago

    The thugs and troublemakers will enter, begin looting, stealing/robbing. God bless the good people, the helpers.

  • MilkCap
    MilkCap 9 months ago

    Take a vacation.

  • SePrit
    SePrit 9 months ago

    It really makes me uncomfortable that the power in that flooded building was still turnt on...

  • Poison Gang
    Poison Gang 9 months ago

    Just turn the comments off. Some of you are disgusting towards another!

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 9 months ago

    My parents are elderly and take medicine and it breaks my heart to see America not doing more for those people in need over by north and south Carolina

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 9 months ago

    This is why i dnt trust the government and the police to help those that actually need it. You heard the lady in the beginning of the video say they would help the rich areas but the poor areas are not getting any help. But this is America so sad 😭😒😣😣😣😡😠😠😠😡

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 9 months ago

    Its crazy how Trump literally took out $29 million of FEMA aid and other social programs to then separate 5K children from their parents. I'm not saying anything bad about our administration. I am just noting that I believe our ALWAYS BEEN GREAT country has their priorities mishandled. Forgot to mention that we waste approx. 25% of our produce because we like our produce to be aesthetically pleasing to purchase or that restaurants around the country throw out food past their misguided "best by date". It can also take as much as 30 gallons of water a day to hydrate a cow. Maybe we can stop eating meat for the week so that more water can be sent to the people to survive. Sorry I'm on medication and I just rambled my thoughts...
    Goodnight and peace

  • april s
    april s 9 months ago

    After Hurricane Katrina we half to do better!!

  • Snake's Outpost Blanca Colorado

    Many American coast lines are going under water just move at all costs

  • Randy B
    Randy B 9 months ago

    Just curious. Are there any poor white people in that town? Or hispanic? or asian? why did they choose to only interview black people? What were their motives for doing that?

  • Perplex Alot
    Perplex Alot 9 months ago

    So many people in this country with so much excess. Why can’t we just help these folks?

  • slotvideos
    slotvideos 9 months ago

    Hurricanes are crae!

  • Ari G
    Ari G 9 months ago

    Climate change is real .... we’re just going to see more of this. I feel so bad for these people I wish I could help.

  • Logan Cook
    Logan Cook 9 months ago +1

    Pushing such an emotional narrative right now.

  • chris65645
    chris65645 9 months ago

    Help these people you sick fucks

  • Juleen Forbes
    Juleen Forbes 9 months ago

    One of the a scariest thing to go through

  • Mau
    Mau 9 months ago

    I used to live in North Carolinia. Never thought something like this could ever happen

  • Paige Lilly
    Paige Lilly 9 months ago

    2:17 I was so happy to see someome brought their pets.

  • flighter 88
    flighter 88 9 months ago

    These people are morons.

  • Shaniqua Murrell
    Shaniqua Murrell 9 months ago

    Damn, where the white folks...

  • B Beautiful Hair Co.
    B Beautiful Hair Co. 9 months ago

    My heart. Makes me think about a lot. Past hurricane impacts, how so unprepared our costal states government are for these disasters and why the hell the lady living in poverty hasn’t had lights but the good part of towns power is restored. This is sickening

  • smelldirt
    smelldirt 9 months ago

    The only thing dumber than people staying in the hurricane is WashPoo feeling sorry for them.

  • John Smalldridge
    John Smalldridge 9 months ago

    Where's the white people? This is such a piece of obvious liberal propaganda!

  • nati truth
    nati truth 9 months ago

    We can't sell drugs in this condition.. we broke

  • Smoothie Queen
    Smoothie Queen 9 months ago

    1:39 mamasita Linda, I just want to give her a huge hug. You will through this sweet lady.

  • Stumpy Stump
    Stumpy Stump 9 months ago

    Man i wish i had enough money to offer help to these people. This kills my soul seeing people struggle like this knowing theres people on this planet that could really help these people but choose not to

  • Xander G
    Xander G 9 months ago

    After all the warnings, they still dont know what to or where to go, I mean it should be common knowledge to gtfo of there. And don't give me bullshit about, people who don't have cars, if they cared about their safety or their children's safety they'd get out of there

  • Brook Roberson
    Brook Roberson 9 months ago

    The sad thing is when this sort of thing happens the only video you really see is black impoverished communities.

  • Stellarspace
    Stellarspace 9 months ago

    Poor people are low priority. :(

  • Malyah Moore
    Malyah Moore 9 months ago +1


  • Malyah Moore
    Malyah Moore 9 months ago +1

    Where is the money going that the State received for this Natural Disaster? Bad oart if towns' people need HELP TOO!!!

  • Knc Delivery
    Knc Delivery 9 months ago

    Girl u can come to my house until u get power. God bless u

  • Old Chingu
    Old Chingu 9 months ago

    Wow. Prayers for the east coast bruh 🙏 If only one person sees this it will make my day. I am a Korean American Rapper from Baltimore, MD currently focusing on music and my faith. Yes I'm very aware that people make these comments every day, but I honestly believe that you'll be excited to have found me. I'm a new artist and my monthly listeners are expanding. If just ONE PERSON could give this a thumbs up, you'll be much closer to helping me share my passion and art with those that need to hear it. I promise I actually make pretty good music and you'll be mad surprised. All I need is one chance (3 min). I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Teresa Martinez
    Teresa Martinez 9 months ago

    And thats how it was in Puerto Rico with Maria...
    6 or more months without power. 3 or more without water.
    Lines of 5hours or more for fuel.
    Food limits... and Americans where fighting over if they should drop the Jones Act.
    Thank you for making our lives worse

  • Cerrone Samuel
    Cerrone Samuel 9 months ago +2

    As human beings, we fail, we make mistakes. Maybe they prepared, maybe they didn’t, but we need to have compassion not judge and criticize them. We are truly living in the last days.

  • sara Regato
    sara Regato 9 months ago

    WHERE IS THE MONEY TO HELP THIS PEOPLE . the especial disaster programs to help.

  • blake
    blake 9 months ago

    2:44 why not just do it yourself? :/

  • Jungle_Twist
    Jungle_Twist 9 months ago

    Dont say anything about the bearded woman, dont say anything about the bearded woman

  • I Design
    I Design 9 months ago

    Democrats want to know why Trump did not order these same power trucks to drive to Puerto Rico.

  • RayRay
    RayRay 9 months ago

    damn she could have atleast shaved before being on tv

  • Rios Watkins
    Rios Watkins 9 months ago

    Why don't they move if you live below Sea level you should not be living there

  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker 9 months ago

    You guys have Marines out there trying there best to clear the streets, stay strong and help each other out. Good luck, stay safe

  • valleycowgirl95
    valleycowgirl95 9 months ago

    America needs to figure out where to alocate their resources why not turn off electricity where its not needed, and then bring it back gradually as it becomes safe to do so, or even better gradually upgrade systems

  • valleycowgirl95
    valleycowgirl95 9 months ago

    I dont understand what makes it so difficult to get electricity running, i get it takes work and theres problems but the main thing people need besides food and water is electricity, to get their fridges and stoves running to get emergency lines running and AC and many other things

  • Linda Sue Sharma
    Linda Sue Sharma 9 months ago

    A friend of mine has shelves that she stores food on and keeps it stocked with enough canned food for 6 months to feed her family in case of no power . She stocked up little by little and when it’s full she uses the older things and replaces with new . Maybe people in areas where things like this happen need to be taught to do something like that . One can a week for a while will add up . And when bad times come you won’t be so in need . When my kids were small I did this but just had room for a few weeks worth of canned food . During power outage in winter it really helped .

  • Kyle Adams
    Kyle Adams 9 months ago


  • Royal Death
    Royal Death 9 months ago

    my father would have a generator and we bought lots of fuel before the hurricane so we last a while. like 3 days in total limiting the power mostly for the food and ac

    • Royal Death
      Royal Death 9 months ago

      this was back long ago though so idk

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 9 months ago

    Wait a minute CNN said it was waist high

  • neko77025
    neko77025 9 months ago +1

    Heads up it can be a long time ... after Ike .. it took them 3 months to bring power back and I live in upper middle class area

  • Gilbert Witherspoon
    Gilbert Witherspoon 9 months ago

    Throw that fake" last" supper out your house!!

  • KingIzHere
    KingIzHere 9 months ago

    he does he keep his socks on?? This guys a super hero

  • blueangeltony84
    blueangeltony84 9 months ago

    I feel really bad for these people but i bet half of them didn't care about what happened in Puerto Rico. And PR got hit worse and in the long run, people in NC will have received better aid than PR has in a year and a half since the storm on the island. Shoe is on the other foot

    • blueangeltony84
      blueangeltony84 8 months ago

      @I Design How is this racist. I pointed out the difference in how Puerto ricans were treated to how Americans on the inland are being treated. And i say Americans on the inland because Puerto ricans are Americans as well. Never did i say Puerto ricans vs blacks, or whites or any other races. Stop calling out false claims.

    • I Design
      I Design 9 months ago

      What a racist thing to say.

  • Jake VA
    Jake VA 9 months ago +1

    Shave your beard lady Jesus Christ!!!

  • Jake VA
    Jake VA 9 months ago +1

    We need some milk

  • Paul Gomez
    Paul Gomez 9 months ago

    Poor me poor me .... help me , stfu get on your horse and move on people. Or just sit and die

  • Sí Mon
    Sí Mon 9 months ago

    There should be exceptions when the government just creates money. By multiple economic theories, that's more than possible.

  • Kevin Falcao
    Kevin Falcao 9 months ago +1

    Evangelicals , STEP UP and DO YOUR RELIGION. DONT just sing about it. WHERE'S YOUR COMPASSION.

  • Cranium Kryptonite
    Cranium Kryptonite 9 months ago +1

    Aren't we supposed to be one of the best nations in the world,economy/technology/emergency rescue units wise?????.
    A lot of these people don't have relatives to help them out,no extra $ in case of a disaster,& some don't even have a way of transportation to get to safety.
    But yet , you'll hear the ignorant /arrogant individuals say "they should've gotten out when given the warning"!....😒.
    Puerto Rico was left to die by Trump & company ,with no power for about a year!!.
    But yet ,Trump calls his tactics to give Puerto Rico aid as "a great success"...........GTFO!!!😡

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 9 months ago

    Stop blaming your country. America might not be perfect, but it's sure as hell better than anywhere else!

  • B H
    B H 9 months ago

    If they’re old and helpless they should be in a nursing home

  • B H
    B H 9 months ago

    The companies are of course going to protect their larger clients if its an emergency they can call an ambulance there are people trying to help giving water and food

  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith 9 months ago

    Nice house on fixed income ! And a chest freezer ! Middle class don't got it that good !

  • James Meisner
    James Meisner 9 months ago

    Welcome to Florida annually.