Does The Quicksand Mouse Trap Actually Work?

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • Does The Quicksand Mouse Trap Actually Work?
    This is Matt Williams youtube channel where I first saw this trap:
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  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods  2 years ago +386

    You can purchase Perlite through my Amazon Affiliate link:

    • PepeFrog
      PepeFrog 11 months ago

      I would use gloves when removing dead animals. But it's up to you lol.

    • I am a Ballerina
      I am a Ballerina Year ago

      WoW the mice were so cautious !! 3 is not so good to me

    • as65801
      as65801 Year ago

      @dasun13 I would think he would make more money if he did show it uncensored.

    • D. R.
      D. R. Year ago

      No sale. You are allowed to show on RUclip.

    • Matlockization
      Matlockization Year ago


  • ViceN53X
    ViceN53X 5 hours ago

    Need rat traps

  • Shao Yu Mai Wang

    3:00 I'll bet (s)he dropped a turd in the pool.

  • Air BC
    Air BC 4 days ago


  • Sel Randolph
    Sel Randolph 8 days ago

    2:50 that’s a fuckin hog

  • TheTwo Trollers
    TheTwo Trollers 8 days ago +1


  • Hastelloy X
    Hastelloy X 9 days ago

    RUclip has multiple copies of JFK getting his head blown off by a psychopath, but Shawn Woods can't demonstrate tools and machines designed to control pest populations.
    You lose again RUclip, Idiots!

  • Tomm C
    Tomm C 9 days ago

    Gloves?...Gloves! He don't got to show you no stinkin' gloves! He's Shawn-of-the-Dead.

  • Alec Little
    Alec Little 11 days ago

    I get why you cant show certain things. It sucks!!! But I understand

  • Hikari
    Hikari 13 days ago

    Nah, after seeing the 'not allowed to show on youtube' bullshit, i'm clickin off... can't really have a channel about mouse traps n such, if you can't actually show how it works/what it does. soooo bye..

  • Sapper
    Sapper 13 days ago

    If I saw a Rat that size in my Barn I’d call the Police!

  • Sapper
    Sapper 13 days ago

    02:23 it’s a trap GTF!!

  • Stephen Antonicelli
    Stephen Antonicelli 15 days ago

    Good idea,I ll try this

  • better soc
    better soc 15 days ago

    why not show? pass,

  • Bob Sherry
    Bob Sherry 16 days ago

    I've seen a version of this trap that uses cornmeal on top of the water, nothing else.
    The cornmeal is the bait and quicksand at the same time.

  • none urbusiness
    none urbusiness 18 days ago

    So it works but maybe not efficiently for a barn you said was filled with mice. Maybe because the bait wasn't being kept more to the center of the trap and so mice could even pick out some food and then too leery to try going all the way in the bucket to get the rest. If the food was at the center where they couldn't possibly reach it from the rim of the bucket, that may insight their eagerness to get at it

  • Angel Arroyo
    Angel Arroyo 19 days ago

    You never run out of mice/rats.

  • Mr. Redd
    Mr. Redd 20 days ago

    I support you no matter what you chose to and not to show, keep making this important content

  • mic jam
    mic jam 21 day ago

    i half fill the bucket and dump only a bag of sunflower seeds in... i get all the chipmunks around my shop

  • QuietStorm Holt
    QuietStorm Holt 22 days ago

    Why isn't he wearing gloves when he was scooping the dead mice out???🤢🤮

  • Dana Horton
    Dana Horton 24 days ago

    Would using a piece of small pvc pipe to make a peanut butter bait spot in the center of the water trap with hot glue to the hold the pipe at the bottom of the bucket and use an end cap to place the peanut butter on above the perlite level do the trick? It would make baiting a bit easier and mice like peanut butter. Since perlite is whiteish the mouse should be the none wiser. Also making a standard setting marks for the water level and the perlite level so the bait sits above the perlite line like a floor and it will help with reloading water and perlite. Would that work?

  • Matthew Wayer
    Matthew Wayer 28 days ago

    You should spray the bucket above the waterline with cooking spray.

  • to G
    to G 29 days ago

    I bet that rat eats mice

  • Robert LaRoque
    Robert LaRoque Month ago

    Funny! Bloke-tube does not allow you to show dead mice, yet allows those forgien vids too. You-tube like assholebook love the enemies of the Constitution and the American people.

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy Month ago

    Water is too high....two inches lower and you would have had a bunch.

  • STOCKBOY7254
    STOCKBOY7254 Month ago

    Shawn do you think this would work with squirrels if you bought a barrel and filled with water and that rock?

  • LongBinh70
    LongBinh70 Month ago

    I'm surprised nobody else mentioned this yet. Your water level was too high. The mice could just reach down and grab a sunflower seed, losing any reason to jump down on the perlite! Had the level been an inch lower you would have caught a lot more.

  • Sam Chouista
    Sam Chouista Month ago

    Make water level lower so they have to jump in not hang on

  • Skatin 6z
    Skatin 6z Month ago

    Show it unsubscribed

  • jonny test
    jonny test Month ago

    you’d have a lot more subscribers if you showed the deaths bro

  • Justin O
    Justin O Month ago

    2:50 is that the neighbors cat?

  • Ikapoti Taui
    Ikapoti Taui Month ago

    Holy that is a MaSsIvE rAt

  • flying wombat
    flying wombat Month ago

    that's a jumbo rat

  • Apple pie 🥧
    Apple pie 🥧 Month ago

    I’m gonna echo what I know has already been said a thousand times “Ugh!! Wear Gloves Shawn!” 😆

  • Coating Creations
    Coating Creations Month ago


  • I Fucked your mom
    I Fucked your mom Month ago

    The comments about the rat got me dying 😂

  • Airplane Towards the Sky

    Whenever a rat shows up in a mouse video all I can think of is that’s the giant rat that makes all of the rules

  • Gonun
    Gonun Month ago

    Put some vaseline on the rim of the bucket so they slip

  • Kaleb Fernandes
    Kaleb Fernandes 2 months ago

    not allowed to show on you-tube -_- that's literally the best part you cutting out mate.

  • TheMrTTT
    TheMrTTT 2 months ago +1

    Consider trying again with less water in the bucket and a few leaves in there. I think they were super suspicious because they hung on to the top lip while they tested the (lack of) firmness of the perlite. It the water is lower they might be forced to commit and jump: especially if there's some nice-smelling peanut butter in there tempting them. Great channel..

  • BabyChris
    BabyChris 2 months ago

    Crazy how u just scooped them out of the bucket 🤯😫

  • T
    T 2 months ago

    might be more effective if the water level was lower so they have to jump in without testing it

  • RJ Idea
    RJ Idea 2 months ago +1

    *Mickey Mouse has left the server*

  • NotAMethDealer
    NotAMethDealer 2 months ago

    Poor mouse :c

  • NotAMethDealer
    NotAMethDealer 2 months ago



    Can't see it but we can hear it 😂

  • Knott Reel
    Knott Reel 2 months ago

    RUclip needs to realize that cutting edge videos are what made their media so popular.

  • cotteeskid
    cotteeskid 2 months ago

    vermiculite is a similar substance that you could use (also found in the garden section), but what about Bean Bag filler - Styrofoam/polystyrene balls.

  • Юджин Фернандоз

    Why is it censored? Or I don't understand how it works?

  • slinger777
    slinger777 2 months ago

    The only thing That should be censored Is you putting your hand in that water 💦. Nice job man!!

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 3 months ago

    Lmao a rat

  • Chili Jam
    Chili Jam 3 months ago

    I don’t need a rat trap when I’ve got my Jack Russell around

  • Augie Stockinger
    Augie Stockinger 3 months ago

    Can mice or rats even swim?

  • Eric Downs
    Eric Downs 3 months ago

    RUclip sucks

  • Nurse Bae
    Nurse Bae 3 months ago

    What if you lowered the level of the water so they might acty fall in trying to get the stuff ??

  • Mundo ZLZ
    Mundo ZLZ 3 months ago +1

    Its the white suburban people that get all offended by that so they complain to youtube

  • MilosTV
    MilosTV 3 months ago

    Why you cant show it?
    Is it dangerous?

  • TakeSegi
    TakeSegi 4 months ago

    I see people posting killing animals with guns and then cooking it afterwards. Don’t understand why you don’t show the kill.

    • Mikial Jonas
      Mikial Jonas 3 months ago

      She doesn't want to risk getting content strikes

  • danny1988221
    danny1988221 4 months ago


  • as k
    as k 4 months ago

    Dude aren't you disgusted by touching that bucket? Those rodents walked all over it!!

  • exxodas
    exxodas 4 months ago +1

    Sean, RUclip is an unfair and hypocritical platform. Please also start using freer platforms like bitchute, and others. Your content will help these newer platforms grow and replace RUclip one day.

  • Sophia z
    Sophia z 4 months ago +1

    Do you ever catch rats with the perlite trap instead of small mice?

  • North Guy
    North Guy 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ! You don't play with dead rodents with your bare hands! Go scrub your hands with bleach!!

  • The Dog Tutor
    The Dog Tutor 4 months ago

    2 mice can make 10,000 in a yr

  • Gary Frye
    Gary Frye 4 months ago

    You had the bucket at the four gallon mark. Do the three gallon mark next time.

  • calee4nyaboy
    calee4nyaboy 4 months ago

    I have seen over 100 people shot to death in police activity videos on RUclip. They do not get censored. A little mouse (disease carrying pests) falling in a bucket gets people's channels deleted? It's obvious what and who RUclip cares about, or rather doesn't care about. I weep for the future.

  • freeman1352
    freeman1352 4 months ago

    The size of that rat

  • Vivian Moreland
    Vivian Moreland 4 months ago

    That looks like it works, but I am NOT scooping them out.

  • Mad Scientist
    Mad Scientist 4 months ago

    Y can’t u show us?

  • Ether X
    Ether X 4 months ago

    Hi Shawn. I think you filled the bucket too high with water. If it was a few inches lower, the mice would have no choice but to jump in, instead of "testing" the surface.

  • The Scoop!
    The Scoop! 4 months ago

    I think it would have worked better if you didn't have the water level low so that they just walked into it instead of hanging from the edge.

  • Tactical Bartender
    Tactical Bartender 4 months ago

    Not allowed to show on RUclip? Tons of videos show these traps in action 🧐

  • B F
    B F 4 months ago

    Two points:
    1. It looks like the level of the water is important. Some mice held on with their back feet and tested the Perlite with their front feet. Then they pulled back, probably because they realized it was not a solid surface. Lowering the water level to where they have to let go of the top might increase the catch rate. Also you need the water level lower for the rat.
    2. Would be interesting to have this trap, the "walk the plank" and a roller trap set up side by side and see which catches more mice.

  • Cousin It
    Cousin It 4 months ago

    RUclip SHOWS MICE GETTING KILLED ALL THE TIME so what are you talking about ????

  • John Di Francisco
    John Di Francisco 4 months ago


  • NightLock
    NightLock 4 months ago

    I can watch Rats get electrocuted on RUclip but not them falling In a bucket 😐

  • Timlikestohike
    Timlikestohike 4 months ago

    how did I find this? and 1.2 million subscribers? whaaaaaaaaat

    ONLYHURTSONCE 4 months ago

    About an inch and a half or two inches less water would be more effective. I have done this with a 18 gallon trash can with a foot or so of water, over a weekend I caught 7 rats and dozens of mice in a feed barn.

  • James Foster
    James Foster 5 months ago

    Big Ben

  • AntSwift1
    AntSwift1 5 months ago

    glad that we dont get rats