Apple iPhone X first look

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  • JustAdames
    JustAdames 42 минуты назад

    I rather spend those $1000 on a down payment for a car or rent.

    It mimicked galaxy phones and Snapchat filters. Nothing new, just combination of things.

  • Wayne Jayne
    Wayne Jayne Час назад

    Pooh I'll stay with my s4

  • Matas _
    Matas _ 2 часа назад

    It looks retro for sure.
    Some ppl will really appreciate

  • Droid Explorer
    Droid Explorer 3 часа назад

    The iPhone X is so beautiful! It's a hottest one.

  • Shivan Bawa
    Shivan Bawa 3 часа назад

    What happen in china..they all look same..

  • Adam Blister
    Adam Blister 4 часа назад

    Why is that stupid black thing at the top invading the screen???????? Looks like an eye sore!

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 5 часов назад +1

    What about Siri?

  • Kingsley Schofield
    Kingsley Schofield 6 часов назад

    A talking poop, that's what I call a breakthrough

  • Faith Norris
    Faith Norris 9 часов назад

    You only have 5 seconds to stay alive!! 😬😬🚀👟
    Turn it up nice and loud 🎼🎧🥁😄

  • ime3py41
    ime3py41 11 часов назад

    is there a headphone jack

  • TeaCup
    TeaCup 12 часов назад

    Gotta love new iphone! I even created a music video rapping about it yo

  • typheran1
    typheran1 12 часов назад

    why do we need a new version of an Iphone? Did the landfills get lonely? Did the minerals in Africa overflow and demand to be mined while their local governement decided to exploit them while the people starved.

  • Flower Angel
    Flower Angel 13 часов назад

    There's no touchID, the design is ugly, it has no headphone jack, the new camera mode is useless, it's too thin, and it doesn't even look like an iPhone. Sorry apple, you tried, and you failed.

  • tutubeos
    tutubeos 13 часов назад

    So many haters lol ...

  • WickyX
    WickyX 13 часов назад

    so only face id? how tf are they gonna unlock it during night time when in bed?

  • YEEKEE Kwon
    YEEKEE Kwon 14 часов назад

    who else thinks removing the home button is a big mistake

  • Dumpling MartialArts
    Dumpling MartialArts 14 часов назад

    iPhone 11: Removed camera and introducing iCam, only $500

  • blakeesmith84
    blakeesmith84 15 часов назад

    They off nothing of interest to me. All stolen ideas from Android. I'll take my LeEco Pro 3.

  • Isabel Corte
    Isabel Corte 17 часов назад +1

    How am i supposed to remember all of these things ?! 😂 I can barely remember my locker combo ..... 💀

  • riyan maredia
    riyan maredia 17 часов назад

    Super low brigntness

  • Salsa Aldawiah
    Salsa Aldawiah 18 часов назад


  • michael terry
    michael terry 18 часов назад

    I Phone 10 Reasoning First x-Face ID Phone

  • Kels Blair
    Kels Blair 19 часов назад

    nothing but a Samsung with a apple!. Hasnt been the same since Steve! The phone passed with him!

  • Haze Xu
    Haze Xu 20 часов назад

    alright guys, no phone on Halloween.

  • MarsShaker War *
    MarsShaker War * 21 час назад

    Seriously I don't want a phone hitting my face with 30k dots.... what a lost crowd of tool zombies. It's so prettt... reminds me of the South Park series where the smug cloud of Prius cars perfect example of a bunch of idiots

  • MarsShaker War *
    MarsShaker War * 21 час назад

    A perfect tool propaganda for these sheeple... lost generation

  • OsamaBin NuggetMan
    OsamaBin NuggetMan 22 часа назад


  • OsamaBin NuggetMan
    OsamaBin NuggetMan 22 часа назад


  • OsamaBin NuggetMan
    OsamaBin NuggetMan 22 часа назад


  • Clummpy Lemming
    Clummpy Lemming 22 часа назад

    Get a Samsung

  • Shivam  Rathi
    Shivam Rathi 23 часа назад +1

    Just found an android app that lets you put the iphone x notch on any android phone. And trust me it looks as ugly as the real deal. It just might save you $1000. 👍

  • aris munandar
    aris munandar 23 часа назад

    Ijin untuk ambil videonya y

  • galaxy eyes
    galaxy eyes День назад

    None of these are new features. A new feature would help you take a dump when you really need it.

  • Sami
    Sami День назад +1

    $1000? This phone better be taking me on holiday when i turn it on airplane mode smh

  • SyanR33pr/ /Redcr33per
    SyanR33pr/ /Redcr33per День назад

    "Sees IPhone X" *FACEPALM*

  • Marc
    Marc День назад

    The Iphone X : The Porsche 918 of phones.

  • yuchan
    yuchan День назад

    Why iphone design always copy samsung phone?

  • Justin Pascarella
    Justin Pascarella День назад

    Whoop Dee Doo...'Innovating" features and technology that's already been implemented on other phones by other companies by at least a couple years, way to catch up Apple, bravo.!

  • Sunmay
    Sunmay День назад IPhone 4 is better than this, what the hell?

  • Yuval S
    Yuval S День назад

    You are creating what Samsung already made . lol

  • Budi Santoso
    Budi Santoso День назад

    Its so elegant

  • Dox Cox
    Dox Cox День назад

    All for the design but who the heck thought putting the earpiece basically over the display would be a good idea have fun watching Netflix

  • Marius Kincy
    Marius Kincy День назад

    IPhone 10. Right

  • Marko Kraljević
    Marko Kraljević День назад

  • Brony Artist
    Brony Artist День назад

    Just imagine what you can do with $1000 dollars if you don't buy the iPhone x

    So much you can do and buy then buying some phone that does one thing this year and then the other the next. Hell the iPhone 7 is barely a year old! But hey whatever, it's your money , if you feel the need to buy a phone that's the same as the last one, and the last one , and the last one then go right ahead.

    • Brony Artist
      Brony Artist 20 часов назад

      roblox fever Broz says the guy with the Roblox emblem

    • roblox fever Broz
      roblox fever Broz 21 час назад

      ur a brony ur life doesnt matter

  • I dOnT kNoW
    I dOnT kNoW День назад

    1:21 yeah blacked out the whole background...

  • NotVinnie0
    NotVinnie0 День назад

    They took out the headphone jack and now they took out the home button

  • Peter Spalding
    Peter Spalding День назад

    It still doesn't address listening to music and charging at the same time problem and I wouldn't want apple to have a scan of my face, first finger prints now scans of your face this is taking the piss and going to far

  • OlympianFilms
    OlympianFilms День назад

    Haha he still said it unlocked when it didnt

  • LOl LOl
    LOl LOl День назад

    The first smartphone, IBM Simon Personal Communicator, came out in 1994. A wild touchable screen, no keypad, and multiple capabilities in one are the unique selling point of Simon. However, most of the people get the concept of smartphone was when the first iPhone came out. Due to its slogan “Apple reinvents the phone”, the first generation iPhone is a revolutionary device, people can listen music, play video games, browsing internet with it. Everything with a simple touch is what iPhone can bring people, and iPhone is just an example of the smartphone. People are getting more comfort through this new technology, because now instead of walk to a desktop and do all those complicated steps, they can just type the small screen, then they just send an email through their smartphone. People can use their smartphone to control the temperature of the room, or put some camera in their house, and by connecting to their smartphone, now they can see through their smartphone if any stranger went in their house while they are out for working or playing.
    Through all those advantages and comfort that from the first generation to the latest smartphone, there are also are disadvantages, and the biggest disadvantage is the smartphone actually cannot compete itself to those specific functional device, such as the graphic of smartphone’s videogame is just not as good as the graphic of X-box or PlayStation and the most famous videogame will only appear on them or a PC, Most of the smartphone’s GPU is also part of its CPU such as Apple’s A10 chip, the concept of its GPU is like the integrated graphics card on PC which is just not a competition to the dedicated graphics card which is the most gamer are using. Due to its lower quality graphics card, most of its games selling point is not the graphic part, but it is the virtual items, which is the more money you put in this game, the more powerful you going to be in the game which just separate its original purpose as a game.
    The quality of the camera on smartphones is also not as good as those single-lens reflex cameras. Most of the smartphones’ camera have average 10 megapixels, but a SLR camera have a at least 15 megapixels, and some of them can do more than 100 megapixels, also the SLR camera can add extended lenses which are capable to do more things than a smartphone’s camera, moreover a professional photographer will not use a smartphone to capture an important moment, and also those world famous photographer just prefers a camera, a real camera, for their profession.
    In school, a calculator (no matter it capable to graph or not) is a necessary tool to use, and the teacher probably would not want to see the student pulls a smartphone out in the class no matter the student is trying to calculate with the smartphone or doing something else, neither the parents wants to see their kids have a smartphone out while they are doing their homework. The problem in this is no matter if they are using as a calculator or as something else, people will still affect by their subconscious such as when you pull out your smartphone during a test, then the teach will think you are looking answer on the internet. Another simple example is smartphone must be turned off during the test (ACT, SAT, GED, etc.), a smartphone without power is less value than a brick. So the issues are not only just technological, there is also the society problem which is the smartphone cannot bring people trust due to its multiple in one features which is you can do something else besides use it to calculate numbers which it can also reflect the trust issue between human. If people trust each other, then smartphone would be totally okay to use on those biggest exams in the world, but essentially not.
    Smartphones can make people’s life easier, and it also let us live in a comfort life, but is this the comfort that people want, does the people approves this “unfinished device” which it does everything, but not the best of everything. People may say that the technology is just not there yet, just compare the different between the first generation smartphone and the latest smartphone, it is getting better. The problem is those bigger devices are also getting better or evolving, this could be a loop which is the smartphone is always one step behind. People may start thinking smartphone is just small mobile device, you cannot compare them, size matters. Either those two professional gaming device or a PC is way bigger than a pocket size iPhone, but if the purpose is to making people live more comfort, than why it is not the best? Does not the best give people the most comfort? Is this smartphone really the result of people trying to live in a comfort life, or it is the result of the laziness of people because it simplifies all those functions, and we all know that the simple version is not as good as the full version.

  • The king of Doggo community
    The king of Doggo community День назад +1

    More like IPhone XD get it because of XD.......... it’s a bad joke

  • Joshua Edwards
    Joshua Edwards День назад

    It's better than I thought it would be

  • rapping crew
    rapping crew День назад

    So pretty much if my bf is sleeping

  • anand budhu
    anand budhu День назад

    iPhone just can't keep up with Galaxy

    PEDROJELLO День назад

    jus wait the iPhone come up saying sorry we missed counted it Iphone 9 not X

  • Veksell
    Veksell День назад


  • zanzabar exe
    zanzabar exe День назад

    welcome to the year 2015 the galaxy s6 has the same specs

  • Dat Nibba
    Dat Nibba День назад

    Still no regular ear phone input 0:37

  • Derogatory Name
    Derogatory Name День назад

    We are witnessing the last phone apple will ever release, $1000 starting for a phone? Only a tard would spend that.

  • Rod G
    Rod G День назад

    Iphone copied Amazon fire phone on the slide up features and cameras. And also copied Samsung on Camera features. Iphone is still behind.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith День назад

    1000 dollars is this dude serious?

  • lilmikefosho
    lilmikefosho День назад

    Illuminati mind control.

  • Ronnie Pickering
    Ronnie Pickering День назад

    At 1:37 * looks at phone with eyes closed so it doesnt unlock *
    1:40 * eyes still closed and it unlocks * - magic!!

  • lavendermizu
    lavendermizu День назад

    *Glass Back:* gonna break in less than a week

    *No Home Button:* so im supposed to remember all the swiping motions like

    *Dual Camera with Modes:* but what if I want to normal picture

    *Face Unlock:* some random garlic bread looking dude bout to steal it, put it all up in my face and look at all my stuff no thanks

    *Apple Pay:* that same garlic bread looking man gonna max my card too

    *Price:* i could go to cracker barrel and get fat off the whole menu for less than this

    no earbud jack

    earbuds probably gonna be starting at $150

    is there even a charger jack

    tf paying another $300 just to get some juice in my own phone


  • Martyn Grace
    Martyn Grace День назад

    i HATE the design on the top of the phone. Stupid! Buying a LG V30 instead!

  • LowkeySpiritAnimal
    LowkeySpiritAnimal День назад

    I don't care what anybody says I'm not spending $1000 on a phone that doesn't even have a headphone jack.

  • xLeanerx
    xLeanerx День назад

    iPhone 7: no earphones
    iPhone X: no home button,
    yeah, we can all agree that the next apple phone product is gonna be super complicated.

  • The Epic Force
    The Epic Force День назад

    The first thing I thought was "why does apple keep making new iPhones? Now I have to get another one?"

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach День назад

    Announced on my bday

  • JONminiminiME
    JONminiminiME День назад

    1:39 ..

  • Ebony Love
    Ebony Love День назад

    I like it, but if I had one, I would be nervous about cracking the screen.

  • LPS Tuber
    LPS Tuber День назад

    I'm sorry to say but I don't like it because why would you take off the fingerprint ID and get rid of the home button and the black like the home buttona And I really liked the fingerprint ID because it was really easy to get on your phone and the new Sangsung 9 still has the fingerprint ID so please think about it I'm very sorry but have a nice day.

  • HENNY 2G
    HENNY 2G День назад

    Hasn't samsung been had face unlock? This just looks like an samsung s8

  • Mak25K
    Mak25K День назад

    Jesus already we've got the iPhone 10

  • Colors
    Colors День назад

    All I know is I'm switching to Samsung

  • tjthekid86
    tjthekid86 День назад

    does it band doe

  • MrPigGamer
    MrPigGamer День назад

    He could have said 1 Terabyte instead of 1,000 Gigabytes

  • monty8008
    monty8008 День назад

    How would you unlock it in the dark?

  • Manuel Vargas
    Manuel Vargas День назад

    What about sir

  • Name Name
    Name Name День назад

    The iPhone X no headphone jack no home button iPhone X the future is now

  • Elite
    Elite День назад

    One question?

    Does it have a headphone jack

    WATER День назад

    Iphone 1...look like

  • GhostDoes
    GhostDoes День назад

    Its just a phone, why is it expensive?

  • daarrkmatter
    daarrkmatter День назад

    Why are recent iPhone designs look like Samsung Galaxy phones?

  • Crazy PandaStudios
    Crazy PandaStudios День назад

    I have an I phone 7 I want this one now

  • Crazy PandaStudios
    Crazy PandaStudios День назад

    Gimme that phone

  • Supa Mane Pryme
    Supa Mane Pryme День назад

    No home button?

  • christian martinez
    christian martinez День назад

    Time to switch to android

  • Wise871
    Wise871 День назад

    You guys will never give an honest review on the iPhone x so not to lose your early access of Apple devices.

  • CashCjay Tv
    CashCjay Tv День назад


  • Nelson Pereira
    Nelson Pereira День назад

    Purchasing the X or even the 8 for that matter is telling Apple that it is OK to continue to outsource labor and push over priced electronics on consumers. Apple continues to manufacture their products overseas, which should reduce the cost of their products yet the prices are higher than ever. Their methodical slow release of tech ensures that consumers continue to purchase devices, expend our our natural resources, pollute our environment sending phones to the landfill sooner than necessary. When did we become such a wasteful society? Ask yourself if you want to continue supporting a pretentious brand who is bent on emptying your pockets while destroying the environment. There is a lot to be said about Apple and not sure much of it is good.

  • Hafizh Al Fajri
    Hafizh Al Fajri День назад

    please make an iPad mini bezzelless like an iPhone X apple

  • omegajbmb
    omegajbmb День назад +5

    So now when you get arrested, cops can now unlock your phone by pointing it at your face while you are in handcuffs, thanks Apple.

  • Aziza Yakhyaeva
    Aziza Yakhyaeva День назад

    If it didnt have that camera in the front that COMPLETELY messes up the straight line, i would Love It. Why didnt they just make it a straight line so i could be calm?

  • Revenge Spork
    Revenge Spork День назад +1

    Some girl's gonna have to wait an hour to put makeup on to use this cool phone

  • Shabot S
    Shabot S День назад

    Why would you buy this apple crap get Samsung galaxy s8+ its way better

  • townrumor
    townrumor День назад

    It's kool if u want to show u got cash 💰🔥 to burn but besides that I. Good

  • Jessi London
    Jessi London День назад

    I've never been interested in an iPhone until now

  • Digital Pyro
    Digital Pyro День назад

    Does it support wifi?

  • Mukhlis Sihombing
    Mukhlis Sihombing 2 дня назад

    Expensive. Just wait couple month.. lenovo will make it