Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Travel To

Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Travel To. There are many places to travel for vacation. However, these places that we will be talking about in this video, is the most expensive places to visit. So here is the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Travel To.

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Автор Grace Maika Rose ( назад)
i want to go in DUBAI to see the BURJ KHALIFA

Автор Emma Woodcock ( назад)
I badly want to go to bora bora

Автор Joel Games ( назад)
I've been to pretty much all of them once or twice

Автор Madison Raelynn ( назад)
Going to Paris next year

Автор Berglín mist Kristinsdóttir ( назад)
welcome to iceland

Автор Gregory Moody ( назад)
I've been to Kruger national park lol

Автор DanTDM556789 ( назад)
I went to Paris and I stayed at a hotel for 350 per person per night (and I stayed there for 2 nights)
I used to live at manhattan and I spent 100 bucks per day so far :P

Автор awsomeswagirlSS Power ( назад)
I went to all of these countries except for the Arctic

because I'm rich lol

Автор Shipi ( назад)
The Disney land hotel in Anaheim is 400 dollars a night expensive

Автор Loopylaserlad ( назад)
I have been to Kruger 3 Times lol

Автор Streekygamer hd ( назад)
I live in Denmark copenhagen

Автор Coco Play ( назад)
WOW😲l only have $5😞

Автор Yamini Verma ( назад)
I have lived in Dubai and now I am living in the US I think it wasn't that expensive

Автор Gemma Worthington ( назад)
Rebecca I love to go Greese Kos again

Автор Jules0221 ( назад)
Rebecca Felgate I live in New York City

Автор Ember1654 ( назад)
I'd rather go to Tasmania or Broome (Both in Australia) Broome is a bit pricey but has great beaches. Tas is small but has alot of history. ^_^ Or just travel around the state where i live.... lol

Автор saffy taffy ( назад)
You forgot the MOON

Автор MO PAPERMAKER 4 ( назад)
I live in Dubai

Автор TheKrakenMan ( назад)

Автор TheKrakenMan ( назад)
I went to Maldives 3 years ago

Автор Logan Wilson ( назад)
Accomplish yourself area grand campaign vs help.

Автор Åsmund Glærum ( назад)

Автор The Reptile Man 17759 ( назад)
I live in dubai its so beutiful

Автор The Happy Sister Channel ( назад)
I've been to Manhattan

Автор RCirious ( назад)
24 comments, rlly

Автор Ryan Carroll ( назад)
no, Sporting events in NYC are about $250 a piece

Автор Sarah Erani ( назад)
Hamilton tickets are more like 3,000 than 300 lol

Автор AnikaTD /TDeena ( назад)
The first thing I can go to

Автор Cassandra Olivier ( назад)
I live in in South Africa and its worth coming to the Kruger National Park.

Автор Joanie Taljaard ( назад)
I live in South Afrika and ive been to Kruger National Park.

Автор Fatsack 02 ( назад)
Kruger national park is only R900 per month

Автор Jack Heaton ( назад)
Forgot the moon

Автор MARK-44PRIME ( назад)

Автор Get TURKINAZIED ( назад)
I went london

Автор Get TURKINAZIED ( назад)
Yay yay I'm going Paris!!!

Автор Get TURKINAZIED ( назад)

Автор Maddison Vickery ( назад)
london is not expensive I took £200 and I came home with 30 and that is for food and shopping

Автор Nicholas Sporleder ( назад)
you forgot the the museum with the mona lisa in paris

Автор Danial el jamal ( назад)
i live in n.y and new yourk is lit 😎😎😎

Автор R Shevit ( назад)
What about Miami or Disney (super expensive!!)

Автор R Shevit ( назад)
I wish you mentioned that in Paris, there are the catacombs under the city

Автор sana adwan ( назад)
So horrible that Syrians arent allowed to go to probably any of these.

Автор Jan Rekusz ( назад)
I bought scoop of ice cream For 50zł in dubai.

Автор sara863g ( назад)
I know that Denmark is expensive, but that's because we pay so many taxes (sugar tax etc.). But then again, we get free healthcare, free school, and many other things.

Автор Lily Emma Lindsay ( назад)
There's a French restaurant in Utah called "La Caille" means the quail costs $100 to eat there unless u go on a field trip there it costs $28 if u have French class or a cooking class in high school. Copenhagen does look pretty but those places are very expensive. Paris can be very expensive but I would like to visit. U have to be very rich to stay at those expensive hotels.

Автор The Budgeteers ( назад)
We would wanna Budgeteers these destinations!

If you need inspiration to travel : check our SERIES around SE ASIA and CENTRAL AMERICA :)

Автор A horde of Pokemon appeared ( назад)
I've been to mannhatan a few times and been to base ball games and movies there. Am I still poor?

Автор A horde of Pokemon appeared ( назад)
I've been to mannhatan a few times and been to base ball games and movies there. Am I still poor?

Автор axel mårderyd ( назад)
Yo Stockholm is not even expensive when you live in sweden

Автор Starspeed20 ( назад)
I really want to go to Dubai.

Автор Shaun Phillips ( назад)
Rebecca Felgate if i go to Denmark, I don't have to worry about the hotel my uncle lives in Copenhagen or Copenhaven a small town outside of Copenhagen. My uncle is also a world wide known hair stylst and worked for chi and is now the head of their europe marketing

Автор Prime ( назад)
Been here since 30k remember when Landon was on the show

Автор Fluffy Sparkles ( назад)

Автор David Silva ( назад)
I have been to Kruger National Park. I have lived in Paris. I have been to Manhattan. I have also been to Galapagos, Amazon Rainforest, Egypt, Madagascar, and many countries in eastern/central Europe. I have also lived in South Africa, Venezuela, Serbia, and Uruguay. I am half American- half Ecuadorian. When people ask me were I am from, It is too complicated to explain so I just say "Im from around the world"

Автор rosemary j ( назад)
Been to Copenhagen Denmark and Manhattan, NY.

Автор clotilde besson ( назад)
I will only speak as a Paris inabitant: it is not that expensive. Yes touristic attractions cost a bit but you can find super cheap food places if you lose yourself in the small streets. And there are many free places to go like Montmarte and the Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower f you take the stairs. Just don't follow the typical tourist pattern otherwise obviously the prices will come with it. The average prices are high because there are very luxurious hotels that make the numbers go up but that doesn't mean there are not very cheap hotels too

Автор Rolo Plays ( назад)
We spent almost 2k pound in London for 2 weeks in a 5.7/10 hotel (according to booking.com)

Автор fortawesome1974 ( назад)
Sweden? Yeah I wont be travelling to any Islamic countries and I'm sure most women wouldn't like to visit the rape capital of the world!!

Автор Oskar M8 ( назад)
I didn't even realise the Copenhagen were that pricy when we were there...

Автор zombie land ( назад)
actually one thousand has 3 0's but only 2 0 was on screen

Автор MH BW ( назад)
Why show a picture of one of Stockholms ugliest hotels? 😑
It can be quite beautyful here in Stockholm.

Автор 871 British boy ( назад)
York and Lincoln in the UK are my best places and Whitby ;)

Автор cant teach an old dog new tricks ( назад)
When Rebecca said there are free things to do in the towns they could easily sleep on the streets

Автор rabin Sapkota ( назад)
i life in copenhagen

Автор MVMshadowWolf ( назад)
How did Norway not make the list❓❓❓❓❓‼️ i has to be more expensive than Swaden an Dannmark👍😋

Автор 20 Arteaga Dayana ( назад)
TBH BBQ is really good in NY and it's not that expensive

Автор Mikayla Smith ( назад)
On time squad

Автор Blood Moon Kitten ( назад)
make a part 2 :)

Автор miterca ( назад)
What about Tahiti? its super expensive

Автор Lucas Conrad ( назад)
Rebecca, if you ever visit Copenhagen, Let me know. We could meet up!

Автор NoHaxJustSkill ( назад)
I've been to Dubai it is amazing

Автор Little Bad Wolf ( назад)
Yeah, I would love to visit some places in the southern England. But I would certainly rent a house from outside of London and use public transportation to get to London and back rather than pay for a hotel room. And would get my food from a store and cook my dinners in my rented house's kitchen...There's no sense in paying ridiculous amounts of money for hotel and dining outside when you don't have to. ^^

Автор Maraish Gomez ( назад)
i soooo want to go to the maldives and to dubai

Автор Yūko Konoe ( назад)
What about Tokyo?

Автор Madison Herd ( назад)
what!!??? I always go to the Kruger park! I didn't know that it was number 2!!!!!

Автор Carys Forevervlogs ( назад)
What about dubai 😂

Автор Aurora Eline Haugen ( назад)
I can drive to copenhagen because I live in Norway 🇳🇴

Автор Venessa and Christine ( назад)
I live in South Africa cwite close to the Kruger

Автор Nathan Adams ( назад)
Well the most expensive thing is the plane ticket to most of these places

Автор Savannah Dixon ( назад)
Hello and welcome back to google glass human

Автор Bonnie Stuffer ( назад)
I want to go to Paris

Автор Annebeth Wisdom Godess ( назад)
Brooklyn and Bailey went to Dubai and they went up the tallest building all the tallest thing there

Автор Annebeth Wisdom Godess ( назад)
like if you found the difference


Автор kieren McKenna ( назад)
i am going to American next year

Автор Aidan Sullivan ( назад)
yes boi south Africa for that 2nd place. #Proudly_SouthAfrican

Автор jenna Chisholm ( назад)
I live in South Africa and I have timeshare in the Kruger park who wants to come 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Mathilde Johnsen ( назад)
What about Norway?

Автор Calizen Cool ( назад)
I live in Stockholm

Автор Camilla Unicorn ( назад)
I am going to Kruger National Park in South Afrika this summer

Автор J20blitz -tehan.D ( назад)
I am going to Stockholm

Автор alessio guglielmi ( назад)
What about iceland?

Автор Oskar Louis Bøggild ( назад)
And I live in Denmark

Автор Oskar Louis Bøggild ( назад)

Автор Yasmin Conrah ( назад)
i live in stockholm lol

Автор John Mysterio ( назад)
Going to Paris is where I want to go

Автор Rayhana Chowdhury ( назад)
You didn't mention space😵

Автор Lexie McCartney ( назад)
My best friend is on a school trip to the alps and it was £1745 just for the hotel

Автор Fire Nerd ( назад)
I went to saint Thomas

Автор FloofyCatGaming ( назад)
I want to go Tokyo and London.

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