2 HOUR LONG Piano Music for Studying, Concentrating, and Focusing Playlist

  • Опубликовано: 28 янв 2014
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    This is the ultimate study music playlist for concentrating, focusing, and thinking. This is a collection of almost all the piano music for studying to help concentration and focus I have written so far. The playlist include study music that I have composed since 2010-2014. This is 4 years in the making. As many of you know, I have also been in medical school for the last 4 years as well. Thus, as I listen to this playlist, I see my experiences, studies, cramming time, tests and exam anxieties, all-nighters, etc. all flash before my eyes.
    For those of you who have been following me through this journey and have kept up with this channel, I would love to hear stories of what these pieces trigger in your memories.
    Thank you for those who have been with me on this incredible ride of music and medicine. I hope that my music has helped you focus, concentrate, or even relax and sleep. If it has benefited you in anyway, then I would consider my efforts worth while.
    And also for those who have inquired about sheet music, I do not have any. Many of these songs were recorded in the midst of my medical school obligations and studies. I barely had enough time to release them. I'm really sorry!
    Thank you once again for your support in every way. Please share this with anyone who you think may need this in any capacity, whether it be studying, concentrating, help focusing and beating distractons, relaxing, drinking coffee, or even sleeping/ battling with insomnia. It is because of you guys- the students, scholars, teachers, professors, mothers, fathers, parents, professors, future doctors, lawyers, and engineers that makes the Study Music Project meaningful.
    Thank you once again!
    God bless,
    DENNIS KUO (Composer, Pianist, Artist, Medical Student)
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    Some of the ARTWORK BY HOWIE JU:
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    • Study Music Project
      Study Music Project  3 дня назад

      haha PLEAAAASE!!!! PUHLEEEAAASE!! it would mean the WORLD. this is the best way to support my work!! thank you!!! xD

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    ashleye poon День назад

    I'm doing a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong essay of a simple book(ーー;)

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    raj kumar 2 дня назад

    Wish me all the best

  • Laura Martvis
    Laura Martvis 2 дня назад

    I've listened to this so much that I know all the notes and pauses of the piano by heart so I can't concentrate anymore!! But hey, this is amazing no mater what. Thx SO much for this <3

  • Fouzia Ranjha
    Fouzia Ranjha 3 дня назад

    Its amazing 😍

  • Fouzia Ranjha
    Fouzia Ranjha 3 дня назад

    I always listen to this at school in big write

  • Coquina Restrepo
    Coquina Restrepo 4 дня назад

    By 1:01 it breaks my heart. Thank you so much

  • ForcE Ethereal
    ForcE Ethereal 5 дней назад

    0:00 - "Almost Remember"
    4:20 - "Piano Ballad"
    8:26 - "Starlight Memories"
    14:03 - "Dream Waltz"
    17:54 - "We'll Meet Again"
    23:33 - "Rain Has Gone"
    29:01 - "Flower"
    32:02 - "Dream of Love"
    36:28 - "Time Castle"
    41:03 - "Once Upon a Time"
    45:12 - "Clarity"
    49:47 - "Winter Story"
    54:50 - "Masquerade"
    58:55 - "I Miss You..."
    1:05:01 - "Autumn Melody"
    1:10:10 - "Music Box"
    1:14:54 - "Snowflake Sonata"
    1:19:23 - "Ètoile Filante"
    1:24:16 - "Save My Dreams"
    1:29:42 - "Crystal Rose"
    1:35:54 - "Waltz Into Love"
    1:40:22 - "Falling Petals"
    1:47:55 - "Water Lily"
    1:52:39 - "Just in a Dream"

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    This is great

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    nice music!

  • ElijusGT Growtopia
    ElijusGT Growtopia 7 дней назад

    wow i this music is pretty emotional{sad],but its good for my brain and to study i rlly like this and good luck with ur hobies;)

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    Ela Bole 7 дней назад

    my toothbrush is blue

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    Time to crank out 2200 words in 18 hours.

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    C Boyer 8 дней назад

    I enjoy listening to your music while I work. Thanks so much for the lovely music.

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    biruk tingirtu 8 дней назад

    you have good understanding of music...

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    Thank you very very much

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    Seon Moon 9 дней назад

    this really helps...thank you

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    My math teacher always puts this music when we are taking a unit test

  • Denyce Dabatos
    Denyce Dabatos 10 дней назад

    Where can I have a copy of the music sheets. I really like you composition specially thr starlight memories♥♥♥♥🌟🌟

  • Ka Kit Lee
    Ka Kit Lee 11 дней назад

    wonderful piano music, good luck for my next 2 exam!

  • M7md Nsour123
    M7md Nsour123 13 дней назад

    Am here because I am studying Maths .. I have an exam tomorrow and am disappointed ..
    Who cares.. Have a nice day random person scrolling down the comments ")

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    19,997,727 views! Nearly 20 million!!!

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      20 MILLION!!! thank you guys!!!!!! GOOD LUCK STUDYING!!!!!

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    It’s too beautiful I can’t concentrate on my studying 😩❤️❤️

  • Unique Life
    Unique Life 14 дней назад

    I have my PTCE and PCAT coming up. Please wish me good luck! This music has helped me in the past especially with courses like Organic Chemistry and Medical Microbiology! I wish the best for you all! :)

  • Liz Garza
    Liz Garza 14 дней назад

    I love your piano😚😚

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    the comments here are the most interesting ones in the world if you are procrastinating over an incredibly boring project due tomorrow

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    i hope i can be relax when i face my final examination in my secondary school life good luck dear u r the best ❤

    KJINH K 14 дней назад

    I'm taking SPM tomorrow, and here I am with this music. Thanks for creating this!

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    I have a physics final exam tomorrow 😫😩 pray for me 💫🌌

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    the greatest success that I have ever had was by using the Turbo Piano Secret (just google it) without a doubt the most useful system that I've tried.

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    Stop reading this comment and get your butt back to studying!

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 16 дней назад

    i've been listening to this music since my first university semester (Bachelor), in the Winter it just adds more warmth. Now i am in my first semester (Master) still come back to this music when i have a lot of studies to do, it just brings too many memories, who knows in 2 years where would i be when i listen to this music.

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    Aelin Winterfrost 17 дней назад

    i want to cry in my pillow now, not study

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    episode at 22:33 really annoying. No way you can work with it in background.

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    I got a mechanics test tomorrow, prepping up with this relaxing music. :)

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  • Rabbiya K
    Rabbiya K 18 дней назад

    i think ive heard the first song as an instrumental in a kdrama.. im probably wrong. but thanks for this. graduating soon :)

  • 私の血汗涙は防弾少年団にあげます

    Is this effective?

  • Raeesa Abdul Rahim
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    Me : scrolling through comments
    You: Stop scrolling and start studying
    Me: Okay! Continues scrolling

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    Thanks! U deserve a like

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    Nur Ayomi Putu 18 дней назад

    Beautiful music!!! Listening to this a lot...Pretending that i play the piano instead of typing ;D

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    Denger musik ini kok malah baper guanya :''

    BRAD GONZALEZ 20 дней назад

    hi i love this song for my figures

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    Bernice Leung 20 дней назад

    I always listen to this music
    It's so good and relaxing, thanks a lot

  • Isaac Lau
    Isaac Lau 21 день назад

    0:00 - "Almost Remember"
    4:20 - "Piano Ballad"
    8:26 - "Starlight Memories"
    14:03 - "Dream Waltz"
    Wait... Did you think I would put all of the time stamps there?

  • fendy handoko
    fendy handoko 21 день назад

    the comment was make me laugh

  • shineshine 123
    shineshine 123 22 дня назад

    Why third song is so emotional? maybe I'm emotional for kind of these things :(

  • a h n
    a h n 22 дня назад

    you write some of the most beautiful pieces of music I have heard. it helps my heart calm down and helps me sleep. thanks man.

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    yingzhen 22 дня назад

    Stop looking at the comments at get back work that you are supposed to do!

  • yingzhen
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    This musics are so nice!it help me with my work.the song is wonderful!

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    23:37 is my favorite song ever!

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    How many likes can i get?

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    Very nice and relaxing. Thank you

  • Donna Davis [Calvary Student]
    Donna Davis [Calvary Student] 24 дня назад

    My husband and I are in bible college. We literally listen to this nearly every day. This is only only playlist (except like 1 other 4 hour one by you) that we listen to. Thank you so much for the perfect music to write papers to. No other study playlist is as good. I wish I could just get a CD of this lol

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    i happy to hear it... thank you

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    I want a CD of this :D

  • SekaiNoOwari
    SekaiNoOwari 25 дней назад

    "Rain Has Gone" really reminds me of a certain song from a musical, but I don't know the title... Does anyone think they know what I'm talking about? If it helps, I recall that it's sung by a female with a powerful voice...

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    guyx tommorw my maths exam plzzzzz guyz pray for me i love u all

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    Anyone here for ap world history???

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    Im only here for to search where my comments from 2015 is when I comment it while going to sch , ahhh i miss sch

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    I would definitely recommend this on my channel! Great job! I just have one question: can I use this music in my videos?

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    Duong Nguyen 27 дней назад

    Ok now I can't study because the music is so beautiful I have to focus on listening to it :)))

  • ATP Zombie Lord YT
    ATP Zombie Lord YT 27 дней назад

    This is sad music

  • Norron leganda
    Norron leganda 27 дней назад

    I am studying history and i read about people dying and someone lost a war because he fights for his family and the music just turned into a sad music at the same time

  • frondoso09
    frondoso09 27 дней назад

    I came here to study but ended up crying

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    Brittany Warren 28 дней назад

    What's the first song?

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    quran is the best than this very relaxing

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    its really nice.

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    Studying for my math test,wish me luck cause I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail😂😂

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    This just makes me relax and thats why I love this♡

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    kochu Месяц назад

    The music makes me feel like...some really cute dude is gonna confess his feelings to me while I'm sitting
    in a cafe on a rainy day, studying <3
    He's probably like....wow look at how beautiful and hardworking she is hahaa...
    cliche kdrama vibe rip

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    Elena Brown Месяц назад

    The beauty of this left me speechless. Totally unexpected.

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    Rian Tan Месяц назад

    I love music!!!!!!
    Thank you Dennis Kuo

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    alicia fortuin Месяц назад

    why does some of these pieces make me really sad and instantly have tears in my eyes? I'm dead serious. I'd really like to know

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    #studying hahaha

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    i study then i cry. smh

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    HEY YOU!yes you,that person that is in the comments section probaly reading this,GET OUTTA HERE And do your homwork! btw wish yall the best of luck if yall have a test (^-^)

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    I really love this kind of music especially when its slightly raining on cold, dark nights. It feels calming

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    What's the song at 41:05?

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    screw studding and read the comments :>

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    I have a big exam this year which is on 6th November and that is like 2 or 3 weeks starting from now and I'm still studying like a piece of shit.. This piano thing does makes me a bit focused on my studies but at the same time I feel emotional hearing this T^T

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    this helps me alot! thanks

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    this is absolutely beautiful <3 you're really talented, thank you so much!!

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    If you made it to this comment your most likely very deep in the comments, get back to work. That little bit of work can impact your whole life.

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    uhmmmm i would like to thank the composer of the music i had have really a good moment listening to it

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    First few minutes
    im gonna cry
    oh no

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    Some random comment:"Stop reading comments and go back to studying!"
    You (or maybe someone else): What? But you have to study! What about tests and projects? Don't you want to pass Grade 7?
    Me: Yeah, I know that. Last week I got perfect scores on all my tests. I already did my project that was for next week. I reviewed everything already. And all my homework is complete! I'm just enjoying my 20 minute break before I go study again.
    You (or maybe someone else): ...
    That's how you reacted, right?

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    Great work. Thanks alot.

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    Why all the comments say "stop reading comments"
    I mean, if you hadn´t commented I wouldn´t have something to read rigth now.

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    0:20 A ram with his horns curled up. Notice his slanted eye, slanted mouth and that long finger-like nose?...That, or one ugly Princess Leia.

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    you are awesome, you amazing person!

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    Rain has gone is just so *amazing*

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    23분 33초 부터 나오는 Rain has gone 들을 때마다 난 늘 술이야~~~~~ 맨날 술이야~~~~ 생ㅇ각남

    • 최고은
      최고은 Месяц назад

      특히 26분 25초

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    Yo Study Music, keep doing what you do man. These melodies are just so soothing and are so relaxing. Definitely going to ace my Test Tomorrow. Thank you.

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    its not working for me !! i feel like crying and sleeping at the same time smh