"The Russian Sleep Experiment" Creepypasta

  • Published on Oct 28, 2014
  • I remember doing this one as one of my first requests. This week gives me the chance to try it again, but this time with all the improvements I carry over on all my new videos!


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    -This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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Comments • 2 012

  • Spooky101 UwU
    Spooky101 UwU 5 hours ago

    In America, you perform an experiment.
    In Soviet Russia, an experiment performs you.

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 4 days ago

    only found in Russia

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 16 days ago +2

    Who's here because of tiktok

  • Evelina G
    Evelina G 18 days ago

    I’m sorry but this is too dramatic to be believed as true lol.

  • Garrett Hastings
    Garrett Hastings 22 days ago

    Ah, yes, one of the classics

  • elena
    elena 24 days ago

    Sounds like Jekyll and Hyde to me . . .

  • yes i would like to greece

    *Why didnt you just attack them in their sleep?*

  • Lauren F.
    Lauren F. Month ago

    The Russian Sleep Experiment, if written better could easily be on the classic SCP level

  • FalloutFan 76
    FalloutFan 76 Month ago

    Dad: it’s time for bed son.
    Kid: BUT WHY!?
    Dad: Because you gotta get to sleep.
    Kid: But I’m not even tired!
    Dad: Ok then...but your going to watch this video.
    Kid: What is it?
    Dad: you’ll see.
    A few minutes later...

    Kid: (scarred for life)

  • Rhina Areli Palacios
    Rhina Areli Palacios 2 months ago

    Movie would be excellent, if it's a true story or a movie about all the experiments they did. Why, what & who is into experiments who put humans in such dangerous experiments???

  • Riolufan224
    Riolufan224 2 months ago +1

    2019 and the nostalgia is great

  • Pokemacho Gaming
    Pokemacho Gaming 2 months ago

    Who’s here in 2019

  • joey joestar
    joey joestar 2 months ago

    i will sleep now and ope i dont wake up :)

  • Logan Flores
    Logan Flores 2 months ago

    By far my all time favorite creepypasta story

  • Totally•Tubular
    Totally•Tubular 3 months ago +1

    hElLo pPl fRom a LonG aGo

  • Lucifer Strange
    Lucifer Strange 3 months ago

    This is a good story to tell your kids to make them sleep.

  • Reeceh3h3 products
    Reeceh3h3 products 3 months ago

    I love this one I watch it over and over by far my favourite

  • T-Rex9000
    T-Rex9000 3 months ago

    Ahh my first Creepypasta I listened to. This is what led to my obession with them

  • Ruben Herrera
    Ruben Herrera 4 months ago

    Great FICTION! TYVM!

  • Genesis Del Rio
    Genesis Del Rio 4 months ago

    Wth that’s sick

  • sebastian15405
    sebastian15405 4 months ago

    My friend forced this upon me, and I don't like it.....

  • Meister Rosheel
    Meister Rosheel 4 months ago

    Me when I have have 3 essays due the next morning

  • my cheeto is burmt33
    my cheeto is burmt33 4 months ago +4

    Get mr beast to do this

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 4 months ago

    subject: **WHEEZE**

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 4 months ago

    so they ripped off pieces of their body, but they were able to fight the soldiers?

  • Why Do I Exist
    Why Do I Exist 4 months ago

    I found my spirit animals

  • Kade Daivis
    Kade Daivis 4 months ago

    I like the map of Operation Barbarossa going on during the experiment it really gives the atmosphere to the story
    In fact just the clips in general sets an Erie tone

  • fLoWeR
    fLoWeR 4 months ago +1

    очень страшно .. я не могу спать до н.э. этого ...

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 4 months ago

    -I’m fine-
    I’m not fine

  • slush101 0
    slush101 0 4 months ago

    Imps from doom

  • Illegal Meme Dealer
    Illegal Meme Dealer 5 months ago +1

    The thumbnail is like the inside of my mouth after I eat a family sized bag of salt and vinegar chips.

  • Rogelio Rios
    Rogelio Rios 5 months ago


  • Gabriel Robinson
    Gabriel Robinson 5 months ago

    the numbers mason

  • Mystic Shádøw
    Mystic Shádøw 5 months ago

    He should be medically dead, yet somehow they've achieved surgery on a grape

  • Karma Yagami
    Karma Yagami 5 months ago

    ok, this is starting to piss me off, i have something in my head, a name kind of thing of an organisation, it's about people finding mythical and scary things, there are 3 categories safe, shouldn't toy WITH AND FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK DON'T FUCK IT (for example, not the actual definitions) can someone please help me because it's really bugging me, i remember it but i just can't remember, pls help

  • Red Firefly
    Red Firefly 6 months ago

    Bit of a plot hole when the KGB were mentioned in a story that supposedly takes place in the '40's.

  • Ryger Mortis
    Ryger Mortis 6 months ago

    This one really fucked me up when I was little

  • Celice
    Celice 6 months ago

    3:53 "either dead or vegetables"? 😭😂

  • NLR 1996
    NLR 1996 6 months ago

    This was me on No Nut November

  • MyChemicalPanicAtTheEmo

    I often fall asleep to this

  • Ziam shehzad
    Ziam shehzad 7 months ago

    Pff this is nothing ma hard pp is a million times scarier... :p

  • Grape Fruit
    Grape Fruit 7 months ago

    Did this actually happen or what?

  • Bitch
    Bitch 7 months ago +1

    I was searching for videos about learning Russian and I found this

  • mrknightcore
    mrknightcore 7 months ago

    This is the exact same thing and wording as ireadcreapypastas vid

  • Meowki_
    Meowki_ 7 months ago

    I was once in a sleep experiment, I believe it was last week when my teacher decided to give the news that we had a test and I was placed in my bedroom with my books, seeing how long I could last until I passed out 🤣

  • alexballex_fishing
    alexballex_fishing 7 months ago


  • Oh No
    Oh No 7 months ago

    This is one of my absolute favorite creepypastas

  • Jordan Muhammad
    Jordan Muhammad 8 months ago

    It's not that scary

  • Logan Flores
    Logan Flores 8 months ago

    I love this creepypasta story it's a classic

  • айра выдумщится кв

    Ээээх... Ссср :) люблю его всегда!!! Но я живу в россии)) и не кто из англишов не поймёт что я написала.... потомучто... А русская...

  • memey boi
    memey boi 8 months ago

    goddamn Russia why you so cray cray

  • Seunghwan An
    Seunghwan An 8 months ago

    how is it possible for someone to not sleep

  • - DakotaMedia -
    - DakotaMedia - 8 months ago

    This has to be my favourite creepypasta.

  • Rekha Bn
    Rekha Bn 9 months ago

    oh my God.. terrible.. how cruel they thought to do such experiment to those prisoners.. horrible...

  • Smiler Vlogs and Stuff
    Smiler Vlogs and Stuff 9 months ago

    As much as I love this story, something that bugs me about it is the fact that the person writing this seemed to loose count of how many subjects there were, and how long the experiment was supposed to last

  • Lonely Tea
    Lonely Tea 9 months ago

    All could happen but yet seeming impossible it’s impressive I honestly am amazed how well the voice just makes this all click together,but then again it may just be the story itself...out of 1 threw 10 I would give it 10.9 and I almost began to feel this was right in front of me but I truly do hope that never happened..I would be petrified

  • HaughtyFighter2007
    HaughtyFighter2007 9 months ago

    I found the scariest creepypasta. It is

    School and homework

  • Liz Widner
    Liz Widner 9 months ago

    I've listened to this multiple times now, and I always love it each time! GREAT narration, Creeps, and everything about your content is fantastic! Thank you for the thrills and chills! ^____^

  • DWzomb
    DWzomb 9 months ago

    Drugs are bad, m’kay

  • Orb171us
    Orb171us 9 months ago

    Im suprised this got less than a mil views. One of the best creepypastas ever