"The Russian Sleep Experiment" Creepypasta

  • Published on Oct 28, 2014
  • I remember doing this one as one of my first requests. This week gives me the chance to try it again, but this time with all the improvements I carry over on all my new videos!


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    -This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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Comments • 2 028

  • Hehedd nnddnd
    Hehedd nnddnd 13 days ago

    Ok, well this is nothing I’ve stayed awake longer living on nothing but my dead skin and monster

  • It’sBasho _
    It’sBasho _ 17 days ago

    This is hands down the best creepypasta of all time

  • Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris 23 days ago

    *I already dont sleep so oop-*

  • Katelyn the White Werewolf

    I'm imagining Jeff being one of the patients himself.

  • v a
    v a Month ago

    you know you've watched too many of these types of thing when a guy describing how a person was mutilated doesn't phase you

  • PudyPipez
    PudyPipez Month ago


  • Republic Commando
    Republic Commando Month ago

    этот эксперимент, к сожалению, был ужасен для нас, но мы привыкли не спать достаточно скоро.

  • Charmatic _YT
    Charmatic _YT Month ago +1

    “Arise comrades, it is time to kill the Capitalist Pigs!!”

  • TheBudderKid321
    TheBudderKid321 2 months ago

    One of the best/scariest creepypastas to this day.

  • Oblivious Mooncake
    Oblivious Mooncake 2 months ago

    Hey I made the comments 2020 which is gonna be the current year

  • Cloud
    Cloud 2 months ago


  • Noice Doggo
    Noice Doggo 2 months ago +1

    USA:So Do u Had creepypasta’s?
    Soviet Union:Yup
    USA:What is it
    Russia:RuSsian SLeEP EXperIMent
    USA:Sounds Legitt

  • Akumu Mapping
    Akumu Mapping 3 months ago

    Is this true

  • Spooky101 UwU
    Spooky101 UwU 3 months ago

    In America, you perform an experiment.
    In Soviet Russia, an experiment performs you.

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 3 months ago

    only found in Russia

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 3 months ago +2

    Who's here because of tiktok

  • Uh UhHuh
    Uh UhHuh 3 months ago

    I’m sorry but this is too dramatic to be believed as true lol.

  • Garrett Hastings
    Garrett Hastings 3 months ago

    Ah, yes, one of the classics

  • elena
    elena 4 months ago

    Sounds like Jekyll and Hyde to me . . .

  • autistic polarbear
    autistic polarbear 4 months ago

    *Why didnt you just attack them in their sleep?*

  • Lauren F.
    Lauren F. 4 months ago

    The Russian Sleep Experiment, if written better could easily be on the classic SCP level

  • FalloutFan 76
    FalloutFan 76 4 months ago

    Dad: it’s time for bed son.
    Kid: BUT WHY!?
    Dad: Because you gotta get to sleep.
    Kid: But I’m not even tired!
    Dad: Ok then...but your going to watch this video.
    Kid: What is it?
    Dad: you’ll see.
    A few minutes later...

    Kid: (scarred for life)

  • Rhina Areli Palacios
    Rhina Areli Palacios 5 months ago

    Movie would be excellent, if it's a true story or a movie about all the experiments they did. Why, what & who is into experiments who put humans in such dangerous experiments???

  • Riolufan224
    Riolufan224 5 months ago +1

    2019 and the nostalgia is great

  • Pokemacho Gaming
    Pokemacho Gaming 5 months ago

    Who’s here in 2019

  • kleppy
    kleppy 5 months ago

    i will sleep now and ope i dont wake up :)

  • Logan Flores
    Logan Flores 5 months ago

    By far my all time favorite creepypasta story

  • drungomulfboy
    drungomulfboy 6 months ago +1

    hElLo pPl fRom a LonG aGo

  • Lucifer Strange
    Lucifer Strange 6 months ago

    This is a good story to tell your kids to make them sleep.

  • Reeceh3h3 products
    Reeceh3h3 products 6 months ago

    I love this one I watch it over and over by far my favourite

  • T-Rex9000
    T-Rex9000 6 months ago

    Ahh my first Creepypasta I listened to. This is what led to my obession with them

  • Ruben Herrera
    Ruben Herrera 7 months ago

    Great FICTION! TYVM!

  • Genesis Del Rio
    Genesis Del Rio 7 months ago

    Wth that’s sick

  • sebastian15405
    sebastian15405 7 months ago

    My friend forced this upon me, and I don't like it.....

  • Meister Rosheel
    Meister Rosheel 7 months ago

    Me when I have have 3 essays due the next morning

  • my cheeto is burmt33
    my cheeto is burmt33 7 months ago +4

    Get mr beast to do this

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 7 months ago

    subject: **WHEEZE**

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 7 months ago

    so they ripped off pieces of their body, but they were able to fight the soldiers?

  • Why Do I Exist
    Why Do I Exist 7 months ago

    I found my spirit animals

  • Kade Daivis
    Kade Daivis 7 months ago

    I like the map of Operation Barbarossa going on during the experiment it really gives the atmosphere to the story
    In fact just the clips in general sets an Erie tone

  • 犬 Roseê
    犬 Roseê 7 months ago +1

    очень страшно .. я не могу спать до н.э. этого ...

  • Mememaster 92
    Mememaster 92 7 months ago

    -I’m fine-
    I’m not fine

  • slush101 0
    slush101 0 8 months ago

    Imps from doom

  • Illegal Meme Dealer
    Illegal Meme Dealer 8 months ago +1

    The thumbnail is like the inside of my mouth after I eat a family sized bag of salt and vinegar chips.

  • Rogelio Rios
    Rogelio Rios 8 months ago


  • Gabriel Robinson
    Gabriel Robinson 8 months ago

    the numbers mason

  • Mystic Shádøw
    Mystic Shádøw 8 months ago

    He should be medically dead, yet somehow they've achieved surgery on a grape

  • Karma Yagami
    Karma Yagami 8 months ago

    ok, this is starting to piss me off, i have something in my head, a name kind of thing of an organisation, it's about people finding mythical and scary things, there are 3 categories safe, shouldn't toy WITH AND FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK DON'T FUCK IT (for example, not the actual definitions) can someone please help me because it's really bugging me, i remember it but i just can't remember, pls help

  • Red Firefly
    Red Firefly 9 months ago

    Bit of a plot hole when the KGB were mentioned in a story that supposedly takes place in the '40's.

  • Ryger Mortis
    Ryger Mortis 9 months ago

    This one really fucked me up when I was little

  • Celice
    Celice 10 months ago

    3:53 "either dead or vegetables"? 😭😂

  • Stormcloak Nord
    Stormcloak Nord 10 months ago

    This was me on No Nut November

  • The Chemical System
    The Chemical System 10 months ago

    I often fall asleep to this

  • Ziam shehzad
    Ziam shehzad 10 months ago

    Pff this is nothing ma hard pp is a million times scarier... :p

  • Grape Fruit
    Grape Fruit 10 months ago

    Did this actually happen or what?

  • Bitch
    Bitch 10 months ago +1

    I was searching for videos about learning Russian and I found this

  • mrknightcore
    mrknightcore 10 months ago

    This is the exact same thing and wording as ireadcreapypastas vid

  • Meowki_
    Meowki_ 10 months ago

    I was once in a sleep experiment, I believe it was last week when my teacher decided to give the news that we had a test and I was placed in my bedroom with my books, seeing how long I could last until I passed out 🤣

  • Din mamma
    Din mamma 10 months ago


  • Oh No
    Oh No 10 months ago

    This is one of my absolute favorite creepypastas