Top 10 Things You Missed in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • It's awfully easy to miss a lot of key easter eggs when it comes to giant monsters fighting, but we've decided to compile a list of the things you missed in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so we've got you covered. In this new movie, we saw references to Destroy All Monsters, Monster Zero, the expedition of Infant Island and another Mothra, not to mention the head of King Ghidorah. What cool easter eggs did you see in this new Godzilla movie?
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Comments • 937

  • Nick Theory
    Nick Theory 19 hours ago

    Spoiler alert for Godzilla vs Destroya
    I hope Destroya makes an appearance in the monsterverse. I never read the comics but Godzilla has never actually beaten Destroya in the movies.

  • Leo 2001 lion king simba king August

    Omg Godzilla king of the monsters was so awesome bruh god dam

  • JurassicKaiju14
    JurassicKaiju14 2 days ago

    Some viewers missed this stuff.
    But not us.

  • Tokyo Drift express
    Tokyo Drift express 3 days ago

    Can I have that suit for Halloween plz *wait maybe my mom can make Godzilla 2019 suit for me*

  • Xenofilms productions

    You know bringing up Godzilla’s new design have you noticed the tail
    It has a blunt end instead of a sharper end from the first movie

  • Flame Shot
    Flame Shot 6 days ago

    I actually caught the “Destroy all Monsters” reference while in the theater, didn’t catch much of the rest.

  • CuddlestheBear
    CuddlestheBear 8 days ago

    When I saw the movie and seen and heard the references of the old films....I was balling out! Chills everywhere man!

  • Vindictive Cataclysm
    Vindictive Cataclysm 10 days ago

    The only one that I missed was the part where I forgot the Oxygen Destroyer created Destroyah, and now I'm REALLY excited for the future of Godzilla.

  • Maister N
    Maister N 11 days ago

    the first 10 minutes,i already know who will fvck things up, who will die, and how it ends..

  • Mark St. John Erickson

    Also I’m thinking mecha king ghidorah

  • Mark St. John Erickson

    Me vs you Godzilla test I would win I have watched every movie twice

  • SkulleverSweetz
    SkulleverSweetz 12 days ago

    I have a theory that might interest you, if you watched the movie, those people said that Godzilla is saving them, but then Dr. Chen replied “just for now”, so what my theory is about is that Godzilla might become the evil guy in Godzilla vs kong. Because good doesn’t fight good! One of them has to be evil, and Godzilla has the high chance to be the one.

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 13 days ago

    I assure you, i didn't miss anything.

  • H3liX Lazar
    H3liX Lazar 14 days ago

    I caught all these ester eggs

  • ZaGGiToriuz Gamez
    ZaGGiToriuz Gamez 14 days ago

    Fuck the Critics,THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME

  • Benjamin Webster
    Benjamin Webster 15 days ago

    5:29. Loki and Captain Marvel just having. A casual conversation

  • Jay patel
    Jay patel 16 days ago

    Rebecca really has the best voice doesn't she

  • TrackMaster844
    TrackMaster844 17 days ago

    There's plenty of possibilities for future films, classic monsters set up or hinted towards. The skeleton of an older Godzilla found in the 2014 film could be used as a base for MechaGodzilla, a creature which also used a Gidorah head in one of the interpretations. Desteroyah set up from the O2 Bomb, another Mothra egg, Kong, this is definitely an exciting time to be a monster fan! ^_^

  • Jack TheRaven81
    Jack TheRaven81 18 days ago

    Long live...the king

    Did anybody hear that in the movie
    EDIT: Lion King reference

  • Jackie Santos
    Jackie Santos 18 days ago

    Yeah I believe destroy I will Kong versus Godzilla

  • goodfellabeats
    goodfellabeats 18 days ago

    This movie was not good. Waaay too much human story. Not enough monsters fighting.

  • Andre studios
    Andre studios 19 days ago +1

    God what's with her face (in the thumbnail)

  • Zhengkang Vijaya
    Zhengkang Vijaya 21 day ago

    That Ghidora head is Kevin right?

  • Roy Barrows
    Roy Barrows 22 days ago

    Nope, I didn't miss those.

  • Nick g
    Nick g 22 days ago

    I didn’t know the lion on top the rock was among the titans

  • Leica jaye Francisco
    Leica jaye Francisco 22 days ago

    4:53 can someone tell me her name?

  • TheHummingBirdJaiye
    TheHummingBirdJaiye 23 days ago

    The theme had me so HYPED!!!! I was like YESSSSSSS

  • Michael McAnally
    Michael McAnally 23 days ago

    1998's Godzilla was the only one, I liked, because it is something that is explained by science, not superstition and hocus pocus. So, it didn't have the look of the original, guess what, things change, men in monster costumes, should be replaced by modern filming techniques.

    NICOLE DAVILA PEREZ 24 days ago

    The oxygen destroyer leaves the book open for a Destoroyah movie in the future just like the old ones

  • AugustDipper
    AugustDipper 24 days ago

    With how popular Destoroyah is with gfans it would be a huge missed opportunity if Legendary didn't even plan on bringing him in.

  • idanos 1611
    idanos 1611 24 days ago

    What about mothra’s wings in the nuclear explosion Godzilla made to kill Ghidorah?

  • S. Mullins
    S. Mullins 24 days ago


  • Woodstock69
    Woodstock69 24 days ago

    I’m really hoping for Godzillas entrance in kong vs Godzilla to have the original blue oyster cult Godzilla playing! It would be Epic af!!!!

  • Catalino Jr Caminade
    Catalino Jr Caminade 24 days ago

    Ten things I might have missed!?!?!? Fuck! I missed everything about this movie! Hahahaha

  • constipated in sin city

    9:40 great KISS album!

  • GUNDAM00745
    GUNDAM00745 25 days ago

    honestly the music would be by no.1. Bear rly did an amazing job bringing new life to the classics

  • TheSunEagle
    TheSunEagle 25 days ago +1

    True thing:there are 2 godzillas

  • Slendy.EXE. Demon Tubbie
    Slendy.EXE. Demon Tubbie 25 days ago +1

    i hope if they'll make a movie about Godzilla VS King Kong, King Kong will BURN on the ground by the way, Godzilla's much bigger then him, so......Bitch Kong

  • Xikun Gao
    Xikun Gao 26 days ago

    If you missed the classic themes, you deserve to be kicked out of the damn theater!
    Ok that might be an overstatement...cuz 70% of the people in my theater will be kicked out lol.

  • GrandMasterJago2
    GrandMasterJago2 26 days ago

    I'm surprised nobody noticed the opening reference to Tokyo SOS. Where Mothra's color changes with her mood; like how in Tokyo SOS where the larvae eyes change from blue to red when Godzilla kills the adult.

  • Andrew Dembouski
    Andrew Dembouski 26 days ago

    Destroyah would be legitimately terrifying in this universe

  • Johnny Gil
    Johnny Gil 26 days ago +1

    King of the Monsters was a great Godzilla movie. Many people missed the greatness of the movie 🍿

  • Emiliano Merendino
    Emiliano Merendino 26 days ago

    Put also a 'Top 10 reasons Kong will lost to Godzilla'

  • S V
    S V 27 days ago

    Godzilla Fans: I did not miss any of these ten things.

  • Adam Hoffman
    Adam Hoffman 27 days ago

    One thing I liked that I'm not sure is an Easter egg is how you hear sonic booms a couple times during the air battle with Rodan. The original Rodan movie, like the original Godzilla, was responding to developments in military technology (albeit, less heart-wrenching ones for the Japanese). Specifically, the drive to fly faster than the speed of sound. The thing with Rodan was that he could actually do it, making him a hard monster for 1950s militaries to fight. Not many of the later movies acknowledge it, but Rodan can fly at a speed of at least Mach-1.

  • snipers vs murderers
    snipers vs murderers 27 days ago

    Spoiler alert in place if you haven't seen film but the reason his eyes are blue is because the Japanese scientist blows a nuke up in godzillas face which super charges him

  • OhtheSuffering
    OhtheSuffering 27 days ago

    Would've totally loved to see Destroyah, Megalon, or Orga show up.

  • josephreak
    josephreak 27 days ago

    I understood 8/10 references. I didnt know about the "destroy all mosnters" easter egg and neither did I recongnice the scientist from skull island, even when his shoot was so long XD awesome cameo!! But my favourite reference is probably the link to mothra fairies.

  • Sacred Darya
    Sacred Darya 27 days ago

    What if they use the Ghidorah head to not make Mecha KingGhidorah, but Kaiser Ghidorah?

  • phantompherek
    phantompherek 28 days ago +4

    Top 10 Things Godzilla Fans Didn't Miss in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. There fixed the title for you. Top 10 Things Godzilla Fans Loved in Godzilla: King of the Monsters would also work.

  • Noe Gomez Morales
    Noe Gomez Morales 28 days ago

    I hope all these movies happen

  • ligering spirit
    ligering spirit 28 days ago

    But are you guys sure about kong vs godzilla will be in 2020? I mean this movie take a 5 year to make this movie(not including japan version)i mean in just a year? Im not sure🤔

  • ligering spirit
    ligering spirit 28 days ago

    RIP yoshimitsu bano you will be miss thanks for all the godzilla film you give me since my childhood till now😭

  • Nightfury Owner
    Nightfury Owner 29 days ago

    Best monster team up is with out a doubt Zilla and Mothra

  • Truck Drivers Life Kelly L. Patterson

    Their was even a throw back to Godzilla the original animated series.... when Godzilla rises from the depths near the ship you can hear the introduction music. :)

  • dscott 858
    dscott 858 29 days ago

    imagine a destroyrah made by legendary films

  • Yasir Ammarie
    Yasir Ammarie Month ago

    every movies has a flaws and I admit this one has a big flaw on human part, but *I HATE* when they said this movies was a GARBAGE! I really enjoyed this movie and so is other people, even imdb has ton of 10/10 reviews from the audience

  • papajohnloki
    papajohnloki Month ago +2

    Nobody noticed the "Giant Claw" homage?

  • Martha Weasel Bear
    Martha Weasel Bear Month ago

    More legends lost to time and Age R.I.P legends of the King of the Monsters

  • Gail
    Gail Month ago

    Trailer better than the movie.

  • DestinySkycloud
    DestinySkycloud Month ago

    "393 feet, making it biggest live action incarnation"
    Earth Godzilla send it's regard.

  • Imax Junior
    Imax Junior Month ago +1

    Thee Most Intense Godzilla movie to date.

  • alanguages
    alanguages Month ago

    The name Godzilla: King of the Monsters really does not make sense. Godzilla is not king, but god among the monsters. It is in his name for crying out loud.

  • lake porter
    lake porter Month ago

    Mark my words. Godzilla and Kong are gonna team up to fight destroyah in Godzilla vs Kong.

  • Tegugur -
    Tegugur - Month ago

    *a familiar music starting to play on the background and then...

    me and other people in studio : YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

  • Theodoros Kolsouzoglou

    I am sorry MOJO i have to disagree with you on the last observation.
    Godzilla was not on meltdown, he was burning like everyone else said.
    Long live Monsterverse and Godzilla.

    PS. I want the big G to kick Kong ass out of here.

  • Dubstep Ninja
    Dubstep Ninja Month ago

    Ragnarok Hulk:Big monster

  • Bryan Fisher
    Bryan Fisher Month ago

    Saw the movie before seeing this. I picked up on a ton of the Easter eggs and references. Being a life long godzilla fan

    GOKU BLACK Month ago +1

    New fans:oooooooh I see
    True fans:we noticed

  • daniel brownn
    daniel brownn Month ago

    Didnt he go godzilla 2000 in the end??

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen Month ago +1

    Why is WatchMojo always so sure we missed so many things? I, in fact, did not miss any of the things listed in the video. Just pay fucking attention, plebs.

  • SkyersDragneel
    SkyersDragneel Month ago +1

    Was definitely #1 movie of 2019

  • Frangky Tjen
    Frangky Tjen Month ago

    Spoiler alert: mothra dies and ghidorah is actually an alien

  • Bobb
    Bobb Month ago +1

    So judging by the thumbnail, i missed seeing mothra in the movie?. Seriously??

  • Ariel Juarez
    Ariel Juarez Month ago

    If anyone has seen 3 movie series of "Mothra", u see that she has many abilities & time manipulating as a last resort.

  • Justin Cameron
    Justin Cameron Month ago

    Godzilla APPROVES

  • Live eviL
    Live eviL Month ago

    Let's hope that in 2020's Godzilla vs Kong will become like Batman vs Superman where they originally fight each other and then team up to defeat Doomsday. What I'm saying is I'm hoping to see kong and godzilla fight and then team up to defeat Destoroyah IF he shows up because of the oxygen destroyer.

  • ONTOE0
    ONTOE0 Month ago

    I hope destroyah shows up he was awesome, he looks like the devil.

  • Gilbert Aquino
    Gilbert Aquino Month ago

    Theres alot of bases. Bases

  • special redd
    special redd Month ago

    One thing I did not miss was the fact that the women was in the bloodline of the twins who summoned mothra

  • micsquzzy106
    micsquzzy106 Month ago

    I’m waiting for it to come out in DVD 🍿

  • Caleb Noah
    Caleb Noah Month ago

    Long live for the queen

  • DragonDino Gaming
    DragonDino Gaming Month ago

    Long live the king.

  • aditya singh
    aditya singh Month ago

    Epic movie

  • Crossover93
    Crossover93 Month ago

    Lol at 0.5 the announcer sounds drunk or retarded 😂😂

  • arbiter690
    arbiter690 Month ago


  • Lisa Gauna
    Lisa Gauna Month ago

    at the end in the post credit scene codorus head was shown and then the old Godzilla movie of King Ghidorah they showed the cador's head Mecca

  • Matthew McCauley
    Matthew McCauley Month ago

    I noticed all of these and more

  • Extended Epic Music
    Extended Epic Music Month ago +9

    You can see the pattern of Mothra’s wings in Godzilla’s Nuclear Pulse if you watch it in slow motion

  • EuRice Queen
    EuRice Queen Month ago

    I could watch this movie over and over and over again!!!!!

  • Neal Patel
    Neal Patel Month ago

    Kong vs Godzilla will be like Batman vs Superman, a third party true antagonist will come into play for the two hero monsters to set aside differences and fight together, and that antagonist is most likely Destroyah as it is made with Ghidorah's regenerative cells

  • TimYoung 69
    TimYoung 69 Month ago +21

    Critics in 2019: too much monsters
    Me: that's why I'm here

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    It pointed out that there was another mother egg

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    Why are you pointing this stuff out this stuff everyone noticed so you think that people who saw kotm is a idiot and never saw a Godzilla movie like come on

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    Everyone one knows Ghidorah’s name was monster zero people saw monster zero and it was a reference to a older movie you morons

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    Everyone knows this stuff on this list your pointing out things people already noticed you lazy crap pile

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    Everyone noticed Godzilla’s new look

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    Number 10 your pointing out things everyone noticed and number 9 you are just pointing out that they died and number 8 everyone knows that there was the classic themes

  • Max Films dot com
    Max Films dot com Month ago

    #10 half the people in the theater are Godzilla fans I mean you can’t go to a Godzilla movie without seeing a Godzilla movie

  • Markphil Diaz
    Markphil Diaz Month ago

    Its sounds like we're going to see 2 more movies of the franchise. Wow.. And will see Mothra.