The Strangest Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle

  • Опубликовано:  5 месяцев назад
  • What’s really going on in the Bermuda Triangle?


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    1940s THREE WORLD WAR II...
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    Portrait of legendary Lost Squadron & plane 'Flight 19' that supposedly vanished into Bermuda Triangle shortly after WWII.
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    Boat USS Cyclops which disapeared in Bermuda when it came back from a trip to Brazil in march 1918
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  • Ash Taylor
    Ash Taylor 30 минут назад

    "black hole" ryan its a wormhole get ur facts straight

  • Proud Liberal Dad
    Proud Liberal Dad 2 часа назад

    There are two different types of people these whom Hate Shane and those whom love Ryan.....

  • Cafe Cutie
    Cafe Cutie 8 часов назад

    best way to spend a monday AMIRITE

  • Rehak Mate
    Rehak Mate 12 часов назад

    Bruh, THEORY 6 that I read somewhere, there is a type of weed or don't know what type of underwater plant that creates gas and that's why boats sink. (due to the high amount of gas in water there is just not enough thing to float on) Btw this theory doesn't explain the airplane dissapearances.

  • Abdul Jaljalani
    Abdul Jaljalani 14 часов назад

    Shane's cockyness save me from being nervous af
    However, Sometimes I wanna believe something then here's that cockyness makes me don't believe it. >_<

  • Sarah Olaciregui
    Sarah Olaciregui 17 часов назад

    I read something about the Bermuda Triangle that said that the reason ships are prone to sinking and the color of the water has a different color is because of an increased amount of methane. I think it was methane but I might be wrong. My point is that an increased amount of a chemical in the water makes the color lighter and it affects how ships operate.

  • Abby_Gamer
    Abby_Gamer 18 часов назад

    Apparently I heard the ships sink because there is a massive mountain under the sea and it catches the bottom of the boat and it completely obliterates it

  • Swapnila praharaj
    Swapnila praharaj День назад

    Just for super chilled Shane. Can anyone tell me his full name?
    ILY Shane❣️

  • penfur 48
    penfur 48 День назад

    I swear to God Ryan's voice telling the story always gives me chills

  • Peter Fus
    Peter Fus День назад

    I have one question what is life right now

  • PKOHighlights
    PKOHighlights День назад

    The guy reading all the info his voice is makes it fucking not scary

  • dasy Plata Osorio,
    dasy Plata Osorio, День назад

    I went to a cruze to Bahamas and it's basically In bahamas

  • Stephanie Chantelle Gomez
    Stephanie Chantelle Gomez День назад

    Im to chicken to watch these at night who agrees?😂

  • janelle mandal
    janelle mandal День назад

    how bout putting a submarine inside the bermuda triangle because the ships and planes that are sailing and flying went missing. how about a submarine? it would not sink anymore

  • KenoxProductions
    KenoxProductions День назад

    Everyone should watch Lemmino's video on the Bermuda Triangle. He explains everything. After watching it, the triangle is just like any part of the ocean.

    MR. BELIEVER День назад

    Mabye it's SpongeBob

  • msvick66
    msvick66 День назад

    Okay, now you guys have to do some cruise ship disappearances for the unsolved series. Amy Bradley, George Smith, Rebecca Coriam for starters...those are fascinating.

  • Jade Blyton
    Jade Blyton День назад

    Most of those stories have been made up by the press

  • GadGof_bye xx
    GadGof_bye xx День назад +1


  • n/a n/a
    n/a n/a 2 дня назад

    When you guys say "the boys are here"... I always imagine it in Fred Gwynne's voice...😂😂😂

  • Ben Meyer
    Ben Meyer 2 дня назад +1

    Issa triangle, fucking illuminate

  • Dino Dragon
    Dino Dragon 2 дня назад

    THEORY THEORY!! WHAT IF the iron birds went back in time, like the Bermuda triangle is somewhere where time is distorted. So, if the iron birds went back in time, what if the 'fireball' Columbus saw was a light from a plane??

  • kayak1969p
    kayak1969p 2 дня назад

    u want to look into the mandella effect.. ive always been taught that there was no land mass within the bermuda triangle yet miami and lots of little islands now within this area??? great video guys keep up the great and awe inspiring work ...regards karl.

  • CrazyAisha101
    CrazyAisha101 2 дня назад


  • Mamasa Dumbuya
    Mamasa Dumbuya 2 дня назад

    The sound effect makes it scary

  • mmiiirra
    mmiiirra 2 дня назад

    That fire ball could’ve been a meteor

  • mmiiirra
    mmiiirra 2 дня назад

    Eating cereal at 1:45pm, in bed, has homework next to me But is binge watching these vids instead.

  • Anfesali123 Anfesali123
    Anfesali123 Anfesali123 2 дня назад


  • KingInferno
    KingInferno 3 дня назад

    5:34 is that idubbz?

  • DoggyStef
    DoggyStef 3 дня назад

    Wait, triangle? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!

  • Vanessa Graves
    Vanessa Graves 3 дня назад

    God ryan is sooooo wrong about black holes

    • Vanessa Graves
      Vanessa Graves 3 дня назад

      what he's thinking about is probably a wormhole, which isn't a real thing as far as we know. but jesus christ when it comes to actual black holes, he could not be further off, and a black hole could never exist on earth

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 4 дня назад +1

    Shame to Shane

  • Shivani Deshpande
    Shivani Deshpande 4 дня назад


  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee 5 дней назад

    Nah Shane, even if our sun were to turn into a black hole (which it won't because the core is not dense enough) Earth would still orbit around it like nothing ever happened. Our solar system would very much still be in tact. As long as we kept a safe distance to it. Which is pretty easy seeing that our solar system is pretty fucking huge

  • Virgian Deswinta
    Virgian Deswinta 5 дней назад

    can you make a video about MH370 dissapearance

  • Ethan Newman
    Ethan Newman 5 дней назад

    Christopher Columbus was a great man

  • Zoaxert
    Zoaxert 5 дней назад

    Jesus fucking christ, when the alien suddenly popped up I almost pissed myself. I was not expecting that

  • GhostZ
    GhostZ 5 дней назад


  • rebecca cook
    rebecca cook 5 дней назад

    The government or the US Navy built to some sort of impenetrable super sub and sent it in to the waters and if they went into one of the trenches what if they find One of the torpedo bombers maybe one of the rescue plans maybe even the oil tanker if they found some wreckage that would be proof they sunk what about the ship called the witchcraft because it was unsinkable even if it was filled with water it would float But they didn't even find as much a cushion and the only evidence is the life preserver that flow to the shore from that ship

  • എന്നെത്തന്നെ
    എന്നെത്തന്നെ 6 дней назад +1

    **dramatic re-enactment**

  • romypony
    romypony 6 дней назад

    i call it on the spaghetti monster

  • Love Me
    Love Me 6 дней назад

    TBF Avenger, no such thing as a "TBM Avenger" dumbasses.

    • Love Me
      Love Me 6 дней назад

      Plus, the plane animations were the SBD Dauntless.

  • Little Fox
    Little Fox 6 дней назад

    missed this? Hexagonal clouds:

  • cookie
    cookie 6 дней назад

    I figured it out. It’s Themyscira. No doubt about it. This case is SOLVED.

  • Nana Hagane
    Nana Hagane 6 дней назад +1

    Everything's a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying things. What do they think UFO stands for?

  • MIn Suga Bias
    MIn Suga Bias 6 дней назад

    i think its a wormhole

  • Rebecca Roten
    Rebecca Roten 6 дней назад

    Atlantis never existed. It was a device Plato created to illustrate his philosophies...

  • Taylynn _the_geek
    Taylynn _the_geek 7 дней назад

    I really wish I was on this show! Oh how would I argue with both of them with everything!

  • Kute Kitty
    Kute Kitty 7 дней назад

    What about Emilia Earhart????

  • Y. Husky
    Y. Husky 7 дней назад

    Next video may it be about aquatic humanoid please lol

  • burnt toast
    burnt toast 7 дней назад

    I heard once that the ships are unable to properly displace the waters in the Triangle due to an incredible amount of bubbles rising from underwater volcanoes, basically there is nothing there to hold them up. This would also explain the choppy waters

  • Ryan Choong
    Ryan Choong 7 дней назад

    I know I'm way too late to the party but:
    I read online that methane vents caused everything. Methane would lower the density of the water causing ships to sink instead of float. The methane would also have caused a glow in the water under light. Methane also rises and scrambles both ship and airplane navigation systems Ghost ships seen in the area could be attributed to the before mentioned glow, and that the refractive properties of the water could change to show the image of sunken ships below. If the vents were active, they could have kicked sea water up giving the impression of rough currents. Some even especially sturdy ships could have been sunk by direct hits from the vents

    What do you think?

  • Banksy
    Banksy 7 дней назад

    Ffs Shane is so sceptical

  • destiny
    destiny 8 дней назад

    I feel like a ghost could chuck a knife at Shane's face and he would be like "hmm that's kinda weird."

  • Sunstone
    Sunstone 8 дней назад

    I Laughed so hard at Atlantis 😂

  • Dominik Dubec
    Dominik Dubec 8 дней назад

    the bermuda triangle is actuly a huge metan deposit which blows huge metan bubbles which absolutelyy demolish surfae tention hich makes the ship sunk

  • Keenan Manampiring
    Keenan Manampiring 8 дней назад

    Go To The Bermuda Triangle

  • DragonAce100
    DragonAce100 8 дней назад

    There was a history channel documentary on it. They suggested methane gas pockets were a major cause.

  • yoojung's girlfriend
    yoojung's girlfriend 9 дней назад


  • Nebula 51
    Nebula 51 9 дней назад

    Obviously the victims of the Bermuda Triangle are sacrifices to our aquatic overlord, Cthulhu.

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 9 дней назад

    Giant Penises are ruling the seas

  • Lily diMonda
    Lily diMonda 9 дней назад


  • taes mole
    taes mole 9 дней назад

    i think the bermuda triangle is a vortex

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 дней назад +1

    It might be undiscovered sea creatures.

  • Pixellia
    Pixellia 9 дней назад


  • Fuyuhiko The memelord
    Fuyuhiko The memelord 9 дней назад

    A L T E R N A T E D I M E N S I O N , S H A N E

  • devilswifi
    devilswifi 9 дней назад

    Can we take a min to bless shane and ryan for everything they do, there so extra with the editing i love it and i would have some major anxiety if they dont make thoses small funny jokes

  • Nachos
    Nachos 9 дней назад

    Shane=Iron Man

  • Dave Tiongco
    Dave Tiongco 9 дней назад

    Area 51 pls

  • Parker
    Parker 9 дней назад

    I think Ryan mixed up Black Hole and Worm Hole.

  • Amazing Informations
    Amazing Informations 9 дней назад

    Do you know that Bermuda triangle has more planes than whole of Zimbabwe?

  • JWBS
    JWBS 10 дней назад

    Do a unsolved mysteries video on the SCP foundation

  • The ETC
    The ETC 10 дней назад

    Oh also, I start the video, and there's Spider-man Homecoming ad, So Mysterious.

  • The ETC
    The ETC 10 дней назад

    I have a theory, The Bermuda Triangle allows you to travel to the future or the past, and back. Or it's a Government space, that doesn't want people to know about it. Like underwater area 51 but, more realistic.

  • Madi
    Madi 10 дней назад

    Actually (correct me I'm wrong) haven't scientists proven that the Bermuda Triangle actually has a completely reasonable rate of disappearances for its extremely large size? As in, if you took any other area of the ocean that was this large and well traveled it would have roughly the same amount of disappearances?

  • Gabby Lyles
    Gabby Lyles 10 дней назад

    My father went through the Bermuda Triangle, in the late '70s when he was in the Marine Corps. He was on a carrier, and they were other ships with them. As soon as they entered, all of the radar went out and the compasses stopped working. They could not communicate with the other ships. Once they exited the triangle, the radar started working again.

  • That LuckyGuy
    That LuckyGuy 10 дней назад

    I heard bermuda triangle is a natural methane field. Idk if that’s interfering ships or planes tho

  • letmehavanickname
    letmehavanickname 10 дней назад

    I just got freaked out by my own shadow. I''m really not emotionally equipped to watch stuff like this

  • Tassja Stephens
    Tassja Stephens 10 дней назад

    Shane is one of those people who say they would love to find proof, and then will believe, but really never will believe.

  • FlingingAudio
    FlingingAudio 11 дней назад

    The Bermuda Triangle is a hurricane zone. Back then radios can't hold up and weren't waterproofed. Plus it's near the exactly middle of the Capricorn. My last thing I'm going to say that it's also a whirlpool cause whirlpools being down planes and boats.

  • Jay Flowers
    Jay Flowers 11 дней назад

    Burack Obama

  • Mattie Mcclanahan
    Mattie Mcclanahan 11 дней назад

    Please do the manhattan project

  • IDGY
    IDGY 11 дней назад

    ya know, the Bermuda Triangle possibly being an alternate dimension doesn't sound that bad. I mean why not? There's all kinds of weird stuff out there

  • Lostgirlsomewhere
    Lostgirlsomewhere 11 дней назад

    I have more!!!

    Kendrick Johnson
    Maura Murray
    The Alphabet Murders
    Smiley Face Murder Theory
    Hello Kitty murder
    The Walker familys murder

  • Lostgirlsomewhere
    Lostgirlsomewhere 11 дней назад

    Here ya go for suggestions

    1.The Murder of Julia Wallace
    2.The Big Grey Man Of Ben MacDhui
    3.The Hessdalen Lights
    4.The Great Amherst Mystery
    5.The Disappearance Of Benjamin Bathurst ( I love this one)
    6.The Lost Sublett Mine
    7.The Aurora Incident
    8.The Black Mausoleum (YUSSS PLEASE)
    9.The Hornet Spook Light (PLEASEEE)
    10. The Murder Of Geli Raubal (JUST DO IT)

  • Virus 13
    Virus 13 11 дней назад

    The two person are too unserious

  • Luneytunes
    Luneytunes 11 дней назад

    Atlantis is pompeii....

  • Ascending Phoenix
    Ascending Phoenix 12 дней назад +6

    Um... I think Scooby Doo already solved this

  • AgustDisSHOOK
    AgustDisSHOOK 12 дней назад +1

    Someone should take their camera with them on a flight through the Bermuda Triangle and record the whole trip

  • Hannah Lawson
    Hannah Lawson 13 дней назад +1

    The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable too...

  • Magical Galaxy
    Magical Galaxy 13 дней назад +1

    Loch Ness monster.

  • Hanskee Jose
    Hanskee Jose 13 дней назад +1

    come on, these things would not be reported as disapperances if they have seen evidences of crash or something

  • GrassyPlayz
    GrassyPlayz 13 дней назад

    I wonder if mh-370 evolved into a fish and likes living in the bemuda triangle, lol

  • Luna Vega
    Luna Vega 14 дней назад +1

    These unsolved mysteries are fascinating

  • baseballsux
    baseballsux 14 дней назад +1

    ryan has such a cute childish laugh

  • Victoria Baker
    Victoria Baker 14 дней назад

    ayy the witchcraft sank on the same day I was born

  • Олег Бобр
    Олег Бобр 14 дней назад

    Verbal replacement minimum seed population report woman discourse.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 14 дней назад

    Why didn't you mention rogue waves?

  • Alex
    Alex 14 дней назад +1

    Help I've watched every episode

  • Shailey Weathersby
    Shailey Weathersby 15 дней назад

    You guys should investigate other super natural things and footage, , just other weird occurrences that you don't seem to go over often