Five Days in Singapore // Travel Vlog

My first video after my break is a film about my time in Singapore this January. I had an incredible time - it's a city I'd definitely like to visit again.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my new subscribers, I'm over the moon that I'm nearly at 100 already. I'm working on video about advice for anyone who's just about to go on their year abroad, so please leave me comments with any questions that you have!


Singapore Botanic Gardens
Little India
Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Flyer
Raffles Hotel
Sentosa Island
Underwater World
Asian Civilisations Museum
China Town
Chinese and Japanese Gardens
Blu Jaz Cafe


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Ten things I wish I'd known before I moved to Paris: http://bit.ly/1JhwMlP

Coming soon…

- Year Abroad Q+A
- Erasmus in Italy
- Cruise to Norway
and more!


Canon EOS 600D (kit lens + Canon 50mm prime lens)
iPhone 5s


All by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com, licensed under CC attribution 3.0 unless otherwise stated

Meditation (YouTube Audio Library)
Easy Lemon (Link: http://bit.ly/1UxNnYg )
Eastminster (Link: http://bit.ly/1gVF0Ye
Right Place, Right Time (YouTube Audio Library)
Eastern Thought (Link: http://bit.ly/1IY3PNt
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Автор Songyu Goh ( назад)
I'm from Singapore and I didn't even know about Blu Jaz Cafe LOL! I gotta check it out soon! Haha

Автор kalyan kundu ( назад)
Universal Studio??

Автор Photo Shoot ( назад)
Lonely Planet Guide- Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (TRAVEL GUIDE)

For good food here is a guide - http://ieatishootipost.sg/food-directory/

Автор sun light ( назад)
You missed out on the multiple award winning Singapore Zoo / Night Safari.

Автор Holy crap Rider /なんてこったい ( назад)
im going to trip singapore by my self from JPN!!
it's my 1st oversea trip ever:DDD
im really looking forward it!!

Автор KV Sundaram ( назад)
Great video presentation. And what a beautiful face you have,!

Автор Nina Ann ( назад)
Do you travel alone?

Автор KensJourney ( назад)
any plan for taiwan?

Автор Majime Yamato ( назад)
What hotel u stayed at??

Автор Kieran Hedley ( назад)
Dam good video! Great ideas for my own channel (:

Автор vicente damian ( назад)
...Muy bien chica guapa, un saludo desde la capital mundial d e las fresas Irapuato, Gto. mexico. octubre 11 de 2016.

Автор chef heru ( назад)
i love your canon cam :)

Автор n stan ( назад)

Автор Temuujin Jamuh ( назад)
Mongolia can be next Asian tiger.We got a lot resourse

Автор Amit Srivastava ( назад)
Hey which carry on bag did you use? Do they check for dimensions or weight while checking in?
Thank You. :)

Автор Potomacstud ( назад)
your video compilation is top notch , real easy on the eyes , I enjoyed it immensely

Автор Potomacstud ( назад)
So glad that to have you in Singapore and we hope you had a wonderful time , it would be our pleasure to see you back again , we are honoured by your presence with us

Автор noor alam ( назад)
I love this scenario when you were there?

Автор TheDanny88888888 ( назад)
She is very Boring

Автор Priyanka Sethi ( назад)

Автор Priyanka Sethi ( назад)

Автор Alison Toh ( назад)
Say SG50 or 51 if you are watching this before 8 august2016 and Mr Lee Kuan Yew sadly passed on on 29March2016:(

Автор meryl Nievs425 ( назад)
Hi @emily stoker. Just wanna ask how much is the entrance fee for Gardens at the bay, Marina Bay Sands & Resorts World Sentosa? I know I can search it but since I have watched you went to these places for sure you could give me the exact fee :) thanks in advanced.

Автор maud singh ( назад)
hi @emily stoker. i wonder what the hotel name is where you stayed in singapore?

Автор Claire O ( назад)
Starbucks, burgers and toasties... Is this a joke?! 😂

Автор sergeigen1 ( назад)
wow burgers, muffins, starbucks and ceasar salads, wow singaporean food is so unique!

Автор watericed777 ( назад)
You seen a good amount of Singapore in 5 days. That's quite impressive. The next time you visit again, take time to check out the paths that locals go. (1) East coast beach - eat the the "lagoon" which is a hawker centre with a lot of seafood and variety of great Singaporean food. (2) the business district downtown - check out lao pa sat which is a modern hawker centre with unique architecture. Around that area as well is a store call Grain Traders which serves healthy food like a variety of grains, freshly prepared meats and vegetables. You choose a grain, protein, and two veg with sauce. It's quite an interesting concept. (3) National Stadium - Since you've already gone Eastwards may as well check out something else in the East. This is the national stadium where national day parade takes place if I'm not mistaken. As well, take a good walk to the Old Airport Hawker Centre (arguably where some of the best local foods is)

Автор Ryan dragon ( назад)
using taxi more expensive...if you use mrt or lrt, u just spend 1$-6$

Автор muhd zahiruddin ( назад)
underwaterworld is gona close soon

Автор kanon lim ( назад)
The monitor is so cute XD

Автор Ryan dragon ( назад)
why you don't use mrt from changi airport?

Автор Aiden & Natalie's Adventures ( назад)

Автор Martin Allen ( назад)
heading back for the 5th time in 5 years. Beginning to feel like our second home. Headed over for the F1 for 2 weeks and just kept going back. Absolutely love Singapore.

Автор Johanna Belle ( назад)
Hey!!! I love your travelvlog to Singapore!! It looks like you had lots of fun. I'm a fellow traveller and have recently just gone back to Singapore, I would really love it if you could head over to my channel and tell me what you think! Thank you xxxxx

Автор bonny juta ( назад)
nice video .. keep up for the good work emily

Автор hawk tan ( назад)
Surprised tat u went Chinese garden, it's consider far for me lol

Автор hawk tan ( назад)

Автор Gloria Phua ( назад)
You have visited places in Singapore that i havent visited.. although i lived in Singapore for my whole life. So thank u for letting me experience it through yr vid

Автор gianni kim ( назад)
You ate all the wrong food.

Автор Tiara Amore ( назад)
im frm singapore and i enjoyed watching your video! do come back, i wouldnt mind giving you a tour! cheers!

Автор John Lee ( назад)
'Half-boiled eggs' is Singlish. It should be 'soft-boiled eggs'.  Come to Singapore go Potannic garden. Never see plant before ah?  Saturday evening is the ideal time to visit Little India as you'll have a real feel of its 'ambience'.

Автор Clark Senara ( назад)
hi emily ☺ try to visit philippines too..nice video 👍

Автор Crystal Camper ( назад)
This video was really good. I live in Singapore about a year ago and I was like walking distance from all of those places. It really makes me happy to see you liked it. Loved the vid!

Автор James Orlando ( назад)
The food in that town is amazing.

Автор bushyconn ( назад)
You seem to have missed that part of Singapore which is the most important to the Singaporeans - the hawker food centres.
Singapore lives for food, and so would I if I lined in Singapore.

Автор Athirah Akib ( назад)
What's application do you use to edit and to compile your video?

Автор ES Ahmad ( назад)
I love travel videos. Watching them compensates a bit for not being there myself, I get to see the interesting and wonderful places just by looking at a screen. Although I do wish to travel again one day. Thanks for sharing Emily. Btw, you have a lovely voice. :)

- New subscriber from Brunei.
P/S - Stop by my channel when you have the time.

Автор Anand S ( назад)
Excellent video, i live in Singapore, yet i loved your video.

Автор Anand S ( назад)
Excellent video, i live in Singapore yet i loved your video.

Автор Anand S ( назад)
Excellent video, i live in Singapore yet i loved your video.

Автор Anand S ( назад)
Excellent video, i live in Singapore yet i loved your video.

Автор Bong D ( назад)
one place I'd like to visit someday.

Автор เกรียงไกร ผันผ่อน ( назад)

Автор Ali Tabrizi ( назад)
Nice little edit... I take it you weren't vegan when you made this?

Автор Doug wicz ( назад)
That was a pleasant and refreshing video, thank you for sharing.

Автор Molly Smith ( назад)
My two favorite parts: "That door just closed I think I was supposed to go in there" & "OMG I just jumped out of my skin, is that dangerous" lol Such an awesome video though and it looks like you had an amazing time with your mum!

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