Conservatives and Progressives Debate Feminism (Extended Version)

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • Progressive and conservative women hash it out in the VICE office. (Watch a shorter version of this debate here:
    What does it mean to identify as a feminist? How has Me Too impacted women around the world? Where does abortion wrap up into the broader idea of feminism? What about LGBTQ and trans rights? Who voted for Hillary Clinton, and who voted for Donald Trump?
    Watch our previous roundtable discussion between black conservatives and liberals:
    0:57 - Who here identifies as a feminist?
    1:11 - What does feminism mean to you? Why do you or do you not identify as a feminist?
    4:59 - Is the term “feminist” inclusive of all women?
    6:43 - If you aren’t a feminist, are you anti-women?
    7:19 - Are feminists anti-men?
    9:07 - Dissenting opinions on society being “dominated” by men
    10:11 - How are we going to create the future we want?
    11:13 - Women and the GOP
    12:44 - Who here voted for Donald Trump?
    16:12 - Hillary Clinton
    17:55 - How have Trump voters been treated by progressive women?
    19:27 - How does abortion wrap into the idea of feminism?
    24:53 - Shaming moms and motherhood
    26:43 - “Do you support the Me Too movement?”
    27:36 - “Believe all women” debate and Me Too
    28:43 - Has work culture changed after Me Too?
    29:51 - Trump’s “grab ‘em by the pussy” comments
    33:10 - Dating culture after Me Too
    34:53 - Consent in relationships
    36:14 - Are trans-women helping the women and gender equality movement?
    37:59 - Do traditional gender roles have a place in society?
    39:48 - Are there ways women are privileged?
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Comments • 22 283

  • VICE
    VICE  7 months ago +894

    This is the second extended "roundtable" conversation we held in the VICE office, this time focused on women's rights. Watch the shorter version here:
    You can also watch our previous debate, exploring how black conservatives and black liberals view American politics, right here:

    • the list
      the list Month ago

      @demigodzilla who cares we have laws protecting women and you can't have it both ways so either women are equal or women are fragile and like a endangered species we have to protect women and make laws like domestic violence or abortion or alimony or divorce or child custody or child support so ohhh wohhhmen are fwwwagile

    • Enema Fissure
      Enema Fissure 2 months ago

      White privileged only existed when the democrats were in the kkk but after civil rights
      White privileged no
      Longer exist.
      You all remember the democrats started the kkk and white privileged

    • Bob
      Bob 2 months ago

      The only normal person in the bunch is the black girl in red.

    • Bobby
      Bobby 2 months ago

      VICE 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

    • Laura Chatfield
      Laura Chatfield 2 months ago

      One of Miss Texas's friends was one of the first women in the Navy? How old is she? WAVES have been around for over a hundred years

  • Monick
    Monick Minute ago +1

    Bullshit! not fair debate

  • Landon Y
    Landon Y 4 hours ago

    When I first heard the "grab 'em by the pussy" thing I was outraged because I bought into what the media was saying about him making an excuse to rape women. However, once I actually watched the FULL clip of him saying it I realized it was blown way out of proportion. He was referring to groupies who literally fallow celebs around and throw themselves at them as a way to get some of that fame or wealth or whatever. We all know what groupies do through Television and cinema. So Trump was talking about how these groupies literally throw themselves at him because of his wealth and how he could literally reach out, grab them by the pussy, and fuck them because the previously mentioned groupies would have no issue with it. He wasn't talking about finding a woman against her consent or any of the shit the media was saying about him, but the media essentially changed the whole story around ti fit their narrative and make it a woman's issue which is so biased and essentially an attack on women's fears about rape. Much like Trump users our fears against terrorism and drug trafficking to get Americans to become more Nationalistic and to desire a wall to be built, the Left side did the exact same thing by making "Anti Trump" a woman's issue and it's disgusting.
    That being said, I'm male and I've been repeatedly told that I'm not allowed to have an opinion on Women's Rights and then I repeatedly see "Man's Rights" activists labeled anti-women, sexist, bigots, racists, and etc for talking about issues pertaining to men. So I guess what people really mean is that men aren't allowed to speak at all 0.0

  • Zechs M
    Zechs M 5 hours ago

    Feminism is cancer. It creates more divide, self-hate, and confusion. I'm all for women empowerment, but the ideals some of these women hold are not realistic

  • Jordyn Aden
    Jordyn Aden 6 hours ago

    This was much better than the cut and edited version that previously went out. It was nice to hear full conversations instead of small decisive soundbites. Check on your editor, I think they may have some issues lol

  • Michael Diamantino
    Michael Diamantino 7 hours ago

    Bachelor degrees .... haha haha

  • Urbro Dooli
    Urbro Dooli 7 hours ago

    Imma share what I think of each one: yellow shirt - aggressive, purple shirt - submissive, pink shirt - funny, black shirt - loud, brown jacket - yikes, red tips - smart, red jacket - down to earth, purple hair - shocker, grey sweater - no comment...

  • Trex bra
    Trex bra 17 hours ago

    they lost me when they brought in IDENTITY POLITICS judge people by the content of their character and not by their skin colour or gender and when you force people out of jobs that they worked hard to get for a lesser qualified individuals for the sake of representation u lost me there fam....

  • Shatto
    Shatto 17 hours ago

    Sorry to the muslim girl but as a lesbian, if our entire movement is due to two trans people, than I can't say we really deserved or fought for same sex marriage. You're dismissing hundreds of people to cherry pick two trans examples.

  • Malik King
    Malik King Day ago

    I'm in law enforcement and I can tell you Women lie a lot when it comes to sexual assault and sexual misconduct which plays against the real victims

  • Tai Jay
    Tai Jay Day ago

    That redhead said #metoo should be judged as guilty until proven innocent SMH

  • sarah regez
    sarah regez Day ago +1

    I like Diamond

  • Robert Stephens
    Robert Stephens Day ago

    Can you be a feminist without having stupid colored hair?

  • Yax
    Yax Day ago

    People saying the girl in red was the smartest and argued the best... Seriously guys?!
    Her energy was cool but she said alot and said nothing at the same time.

  • Akaiya Smyth
    Akaiya Smyth Day ago

    Purple shirt and red jacket (I’m sorry for not using names) 👍

  • Private Private
    Private Private Day ago

    7:30 there's a conflation of patriarchy and men. Pro black vs anti white issue. The thing with the "progressive left" is that they progress. People think conservatives jump to conclusions and "panic" when the left does something then 10 years later it happens. The left moves further and further left and the right "holds their ground" (means inching to the left at a snails pace in attempts to compromise with the left.
    examples of right "freak outs" coming to reality:
    Abortion: There was a time when abortion was viewed as abuse of women - that women should be able to keep their babies and the fathers should pay for the baby. then it was (not long ago ie Hillary Clinton) abortion should be safe legal and RARE and it was considered a tragedy. now there are people pressing for full term abortions and celebrating abortions with cakes.
    GLB: They want gay marriage: then they become predatory on trying to remove tax exempt status from churches who do not agree to marry two men (by the way some churches will not marry two straight people if they are not the same denomination or if one is divorced) and take some baker to the supreme court and ruin his lifelong business over a wedding cake.
    Transgender: (NOT THE SAME AS GLB - one is who you are attracted to and one is what you say you ARE) the left mock the right "they are perverts coming for our KIDS!!! 10 years later: drag queen story time and elementary school boys doing drag strip shows with transgender men and women cheering. people trying to remove the "stigma" from pedophillia and men going into women's bathrooms.
    Islam (I have NO IDEA how they have attached themselves to you other than the cult of islam seeks to recruit by convincing people they are marginalized then converting them. Islam +Dems is WEIRD - look at the net effect of islamic countries: beating, acid attacking and killing atheists, insubordinate women(raping your wife is still legal), and gays. Islam comes in "we're not a political ideology we're a religion" (religion is about self-control vs political ideologies seek to control others ) now they are setting up sharia law courts in TX and MI. France, Australia etc have sharia no-go zones where women cannot go. "progressive"
    Xenophobia gets grouped into actual sins like homophobia and racism and sexism. Xenophobia is a criticism of another culture. NOT ALL CULTURES are equally good. look up Ayaan Hirsi Ali feminism video.
    Calling the right fascists while literally changing dictionary definitions to suit your political agenda (Orwellian fascism right before our eyes) look up gender in your print dictionary - it's synonymous with sex. Watch soon fetus will no longer be called "unborn baby"
    changing "pro-life" to anti-choice as if conservatives believe in rape and think women shouldn't have a choice who and when they procreate.
    Conservatives are about stability and "conserving" left wants to tear it all down or "progress" itself into self- destruction.
    self destruction:
    removing the stigma of aids and abortion while putting a stigma on virginity and traditional marriage.
    fighting for women to have equal opportunities then putting transgender (born male) athletes against cis women effectively putting women back in the kitchen
    opening the door for muslims when their religion tells the silent reasonable majority "do not be moved with compassion" when a gay, jew, christian, atheist or unmarried sexually active woman etc is stoned to death. HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK THEY GO A WHOLE COUNTRY TO BE MUSLIM??? Were they so convincing of a religion that the gays went straight??
    it's bad to say fat is unhealthy, it's bad to say that sleeping around is unsafe and can give diseases and it's bad to be conservative.
    sex ed includes abortion as a form of birth control but there is no class for equipping someone if they want to keep the baby because it's offensive (if you want to protect the baby somehow you must hate women)
    #metoo movement that refuses to name names (so men get to rape and no one names names, meanwhile the woman suffers and the baby gets killed)
    Also illogical:
    If you criticize islam you are a "racist" (islam is not a race) or xenophobic but it's hilarious if someone makes fun of Christians.
    It was men and whites who fought with black men and gave their lives for the civil war to free slaves and white people who hid escaped slaves in their homes and white men who passed laws to allow the vote. Men invented birth control and tampons and the washing machine and the microwave - all things that freed women from "oppression" of motherhood that their BIOLOGY imposed on them. but today it's ok for a leftist politician to say "white men" are evil - if you couldn't replace it with any other race or gender then why is it ok to be racist against white men??
    Why when a black man has conservative ideas he's an uncle tom but rap record labels can own stock in private prisons and it's ok??
    Why when a black republican (like thomas sowell or larry elder) says they want inner city parents to have equal access to private schools and that the schools should go to a voucher system so all families have a choice where they send their children the black community calls them uncle tom (who btw was the hero)
    The left makes NO SENSE

  • Mister Gee
    Mister Gee Day ago +1

    The lady in the red who equate sexual assault to smoking weed is considered the smartest person on the panel according to most in this comment section. WOW SMH....the educational system here is worse than most realized.

    DUTY FREE Day ago +1

    Damn Girl in the red Jacket Dropping Knowledge

    DUTY FREE Day ago

    Lol there's a few frogs and toads in this panel someone get the cage

  • Zoë Lafantaisie
    Zoë Lafantaisie 2 days ago

    Only men can be transwomen, ergo transwomen are men. It's quite a set up to put women in a group with a man and then put them on the spot. Trans identified men are degrading women's rights to speak, to compete with each other and increasing men's ability to colonize the spaces of women and girls.

  • mrtran22 t
    mrtran22 t 2 days ago

    wait, the host’s name is Dee Nasty?

  • Rebecca Sheckelstein

    Girl in RED is smart as fuck and people KEEP trying to dismiss her - because they get terrified at the sight of her intelligence and slightly right wing opinions. She’s the only one making solid points.

  • jswinson86
    jswinson86 2 days ago

    "I'm listening and I'm learning." I love this woman! If more could learn to listen and learn we would be in a much better place in this world.

  • lyman outloud
    lyman outloud 2 days ago

    hey uh the table isn't round..... jk this was very vry interesting. cant wait to show this to my gf if she hast seen it yet

  • April Taylor
    April Taylor 2 days ago

    Like I said before why was the transgender women here. They didn’t have anything to say about women!

  • April Taylor
    April Taylor 2 days ago

    So you have a transgender woman on a panel with other families and they say there a feminist I don’t understand at all!

  • Slavic Soldier
    Slavic Soldier 3 days ago

    The white girl in purple and the black one in red were very smart. The blonde one in pink is hot as fuck but very bitchy. I think she has daddy issues or something but truth be told she`s so revolting on the inside that I don't know if I`d fuck her even if I had the choice.

  • Farah Saleh
    Farah Saleh 3 days ago

    I wish the woman with the purple sweater talked more, she is so attractive and hit a lot of good points

  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 3 days ago +1

    feminists are dangerous propagandists, do not listen to them

  • Gerardo Torres
    Gerardo Torres 3 days ago

    13:14 the faces the girls around her made had me DYING

  • 256dj
    256dj 3 days ago +2

    The trans monster thing doesn't really get a say in this b/c he/she/it...whatever, is not a real woman. It's a man pretending to be one

  • Ava Lundin
    Ava Lundin 4 days ago

    can we just call it equality? feminism is the crazys. I support equality, not this weird ass third wave feminism

  • Brendan Smith
    Brendan Smith 4 days ago

    Why not be a secular humanist? By which I mean equal rights and understanding that you gender should not grant you benefit. But, understand that with a persons sex come certain roles that best suit them. Why do so many fail to understand the biological differences and except the evolutionary divide? It's not about brain power, but muscle mass and physical strength as an average. Being a mother is not the toughest job in the world and giving birth is not the most painful thing a person can go through. I think that having a field medic trying to fix up what is left of your leg supersedes that. I think having a heart attack supersedes that. There are so many jobs that men do that create chronic pain. Being a mother is not a hard job when you look at people working on an oil platform, roofing in 95 degree weather or having to work 18 hour days to insure your family is provided for. If you want to be a good person, than be a good person. Don't use your life choices as a crutch.

  • Sarah Rochelle by HorseFeathers Inc.

    when she said Obama smoking weed is " a crime with no victim"?!!!! WHAT ?! What about all the young men and women IN PRISON FOR DOING THE SAME THING, and Obama was in a place of power and privilege to ease that burden on others, and he didn't do it. That's bullshit.

  • Laura McNeill
    Laura McNeill 4 days ago

    Love these debates

  • A.Z. B.
    A.Z. B. 4 days ago

    The fact: The less feminist and liberal a girl is, the prettier she gets

  • NeighborhoodTolerance

    Ummm, am I watching the same thing as you people in the comments? Purple sweater, Muslim girl, Red Head, tan jacket and purple hair were very sensible.
    1. Red jacket was annoying, though she made valid points, they were easily contradicted. Especially with the business comment.
    2. Conservative with the black jacket, seriously she also had good points but her voice... swallow. And my gosh girl, you’re not the victim. She acts like a liberal killed her dog.
    3. I did not care about the girl from Texas being from Texas.
    4. Trans Woman was silent most of the time. Really disappointing. I wanted to know what she felt about a lot of things. Especially, since she is a minority with a cis-dominated conversation.

  • Layla Grace
    Layla Grace 4 days ago

    whether i agree with most of these women or not i’m glad everyone got at least a word in. we need more talks like this. it’s not one sided and everyone gets to share their own logic for their opinions and it breaks the line between liberals and conservatives and i think it’s really needed. we need more of this

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 4 days ago

    See how quickly they turn on the 3 people that said they voted for trump.
    Trump has hired more women and people of color then obama has ever done and trump promotes a lot of women too high positions in his company.

  • rob u
    rob u 5 days ago +12

    Not fair: someone in that group was born with a prostate.

    • Benne Y
      Benne Y 2 days ago

      I would even claim that there are 5 who were born a dude.

  • Jonny Enough
    Jonny Enough 5 days ago +2

    Country has gone to hell since women got the vote

    ONE TWO 5 days ago

    Front and center (yellow) dropped the "privilege" bomb first. I was waiting for that one. The women who brought up "grab her pussie" could never outline all the economic achievements of Trump.

  • Reilly Dulin
    Reilly Dulin 5 days ago

    Love the thing the girl with the purple hair said about abortion

  • Chiara
    Chiara 5 days ago +4

    I'm italian and I can say after all the videos I saw that the victim mentality in the USA is huge wow...
    Like for real being a minority doesn't mean you are right or have more rights over others (that Is too privilege).

  • Chiara
    Chiara 5 days ago +1

    3:25 She did not answer the question. She just brag about how hard her life is that's just fucked up..
    Hate people like that for real. Also stop bitching every people that just think in a different way than you.
    Reminds me of Regina George.
    Sorry for my bad english I'm italian

  • I am Violator
    I am Violator 5 days ago

    Bitches be crazy

  • E C
    E C 5 days ago

    Kids knowing what abortion is before a pap smear is when parents are failing, not the government.

  • E C
    E C 5 days ago +1

    All these “victims” except the lady in the red sweater.

  • Kyleigh White
    Kyleigh White 5 days ago

    Didn’t the girl in the yellow play on PLL

  • Kezia
    Kezia 5 days ago

    "Liberals are the most intolerant people." That says everything. Boom!
    That woman in the mustard jacket is a bully.

  • Steven M
    Steven M 5 days ago

    How many of you identify as feminist? *more than half the group puts up a hand*
    Me: Oh good, another politically biased organization conning youtube viewers.

  • bigmagic66
    bigmagic66 5 days ago

    all aboard the trump train ! AMERICAN EAGLEs,

  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner 5 days ago

    Look at Shaq in drag rolling his eyes lol. How the fuck is HE sitting on the stage anyway??

  • Levi ammerman
    Levi ammerman 5 days ago

    the man in the dress has no idea what he's talking about. the woman in the bottom left was talking about conservatives getting attacked by the left for no reason. "black people die,like they actually die" no shit Sherlock. the man in the dress, the chick in the pink and the whore in the tan jacket are just attacking people in the group they had no facts to back up their statements.

    SWIFTY_WINS 5 days ago +1

    Well I'm a maleanist now. If everything's equal and fair then as a maleanist I shouldn't be called a male chauvinist or harassed at all. But of course, that won't happen due to classic double standards. Here's another great example I thought of recently. If it's ok to have the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), then let's start up the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People). I mean if NAACP isn't racist and is socially acceptable, then surely the NAAWP wouldn't be racist either and should be totally acceptable too right? I'm not pro white and I don't get any jollies from thinking I'm somehow better because I'm white, but I do thoroughly enjoy the sweet irony of double standards being thrown back into an SJW's face. You know NAAWP would drive people bat shit crazy, but there is nothing they could do because it's totally ok for NAACP to exist soooooo... Also, white people across the world were subject to periods of slavery too at various times just like the chinese or any other race, so there's one potential NAACP defense shot down right there because you know someone would try to argue that NAACP is ok and NAAWP wouldn't be because.. slavery. Nope, next? Well what about white privilege huh!? Colored people don't have that, so we're just trying to compete after being held down so long by "the man"! Well, If white privilege is a thing, then why are there so many poor AF white people who are homeless, barely scraping by in trailor parks, etc.? Why are the vast majority of serial killers and mass shooters white if we have so much of that supposed "white privelage"? Everyone knows that when Beyonce throws up the black power fist at a concert or if a colored person talks bad about white people, it's seen as perfectly acceptable and even funny in some cases. That is literally racist but it's all good until a white person does the same thing. Beyonce could say to an audience "We african americans need to stand strong and stand together!" and the crowd would hoot and holler in support, but if Eminem or any other white artist said literally the same thing "We whites need to stand strong and stand together!" and somehow that's not ok and their career would be destroyed overnight and they're a huge racist. These double standards in society are not ok and more of us people of any race need to call shit like that out for what it is. It's not just white people that are capable of being racists, but you wouldn't even know that based off the way our society acts lately.

  • FighterSuper
    FighterSuper 6 days ago +2

    The moderator is so damn fine...

  • chapeau62
    chapeau62 6 days ago

    If you want sex from women you cannot be weak, nor can you be a feminist as a man. I have my whole life of over 60 years of experience to back this up!!

  • chapeau62
    chapeau62 6 days ago

    How is that equality??

  • chapeau62
    chapeau62 6 days ago

    What about MALE reproductive rights. What about my sperm if you steal it I am not required to pay child support??

  • chapeau62
    chapeau62 6 days ago

    Feminism makes me MORE angry at women.