Irish People Try Weird Whiskey Mixes

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - Irish People Try Whiskey with...pickle juice?! Oh no...
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    We all love whiskey - have we mentioned that? Who doesn't! So to mix things up, we decided to get a variety of drinks to mix up with whiskey, and see how 'weird' each of our Irish People thought these concotions we were...
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Comments • 2 193

  • Rex Holes
    Rex Holes 15 hours ago

    Boiler Maker is whiskey and beer

  • Chris Ondrovic
    Chris Ondrovic 21 hour ago

    Ciara is my favorite

  • Anastasia Steele

    Whiskey and pickle juice sounds like heaven. :)

  • iForsakenHD
    iForsakenHD 2 days ago

    Lolsy is fucking amazing.

  • Richard Putz
    Richard Putz 2 days ago

    My grandmother used to drink what she called a Boiler Maker.Put a shot glass full of vodka into the freezer and try to freeze it for about 1hour.Pour a glass of beer,only fill it half way.
    Now put the beer glass on the table and drop the whole shot glass,bottom first of course,into the beer glass,clean up the extra foam,and enjoy on a hot summer evening.

  • G Mobile
    G Mobile 2 days ago

    Pickle juice in whiskey no no no no

  • DieYuppieScum91
    DieYuppieScum91 3 days ago

    You drop a shot of whiskey into the beer and chug it. It's called a boilermaker.

  • Dallen Studholme
    Dallen Studholme 3 days ago

    The whisky and carling is when your running out of drink and start walking around the party pouring drinks into drinks

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random 5 days ago

    i NEED ciara with leather jacket guy together in a drinking video

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts 5 days ago

    Shannon is freaking hilarious.

  • boodecarlo
    boodecarlo 5 days ago

    -Won't get to mad if you bang his wife Hahaha

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 6 days ago

    Ciara is a hot chic with the soul of a rugby player......she’s fucking hot ...and I’m

  • SvenTviking
    SvenTviking 6 days ago

    Whiskey in coffee is not weird. Rum in coffee is even better.
    Irish coffee was not invented in a town, it was invented in Shannon airport.

  • Slayer Vla
    Slayer Vla 7 days ago

    Here in mizoram india we really like whisky with beer😂

  • Issac Newton
    Issac Newton 8 days ago

    Fucking fuck fuck! lol!

  • AMerican Exotics
    AMerican Exotics 8 days ago

    Sorry Irish people a Whiskey in beer is Known as a Boilermaker and its a good one

  • deathcon ultra
    deathcon ultra 9 days ago

    Ciara is my ideal wife lol if I was gunna die of alcohol poisoning I'd want it to be drinking with her

  • Grey Shard
    Grey Shard 9 days ago

    Ciara making a comment about low tolerance is like the sun saying it's a bit chilly in here, can someone turn up the thermostat.

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 9 days ago

    Lolsy's drinking face.

  • Hawkwinter01
    Hawkwinter01 9 days ago +1

    I'm a simple man, I see Ciara, I click and like. 💖

  • Lost Cosmos
    Lost Cosmos 11 days ago

    Donegal is where he's from.

  • Rich McLeer
    Rich McLeer 11 days ago

    I had to look up "on a stag" A bachelor party

  • Жека Ибрагимов

    Ciara looking extra ravishing today!

  • poohjayk
    poohjayk 12 days ago

    Need more drinking and singing

  • we don't judge
    we don't judge 12 days ago

    Ciara is like me, not an alcoholic, just a high tolerance to alcohol.

  • Michael Minnick
    Michael Minnick 12 days ago

    Funny, they ask who would drink whiskey mixed with beer. In America we call those boilermakers and they are quite popular. The last one they tried we call a pickleback, it's very popular here in Texas.

  • Michael Law
    Michael Law 13 days ago

    Internet: "Ciara, you're an alcoholic"
    Ciara: "I prefer the term 'empty bottle collector' thank you"

  • N A V
    N A V 13 days ago +1

    No One:
    Literally not even a single soul:

  • Reverend Pain Hernandez

    Here in Austin Texas, we shoot the whiskey and have a pickle back ( mini shot of pickle juice) as the chaser. Love it.

  • Smag
    Smag 13 days ago

    So were all the drink mixes added to Bushmills?

  • Marcel Jeannin II
    Marcel Jeannin II 14 days ago

    this was awesome!

  • Marko Thompson
    Marko Thompson 15 days ago

    Ciara is my wife😍😍

  • Annie Ramsaran
    Annie Ramsaran 16 days ago

    Shannon is so funny an hillarous

  • alrestauro
    alrestauro 16 days ago

    Ciara is one sexy alcoholic!

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler 17 days ago

    Alcohol Trys should just be LJG and Ciara.....

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 17 days ago +1

    I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! FANTASTIC Video...huge fan

  • Thomas Gorski
    Thomas Gorski 17 days ago +3

    You did pickle back all WRONG!!!!

  • danmanryan17
    danmanryan17 18 days ago +3

    5:11 is the only time in my life that i've heard scallywagg said to someone outside of a pirate movie

  • tm eafd
    tm eafd 18 days ago

    ciara does have a point an alky gets drunk real fast

  • Omar Correa
    Omar Correa 18 days ago +3

    Your supposed to chase the whiskey with the pickle juice. That's how we do it in Texas

  • Carlos Menendez
    Carlos Menendez 18 days ago

    Lolsys reactions to Donals jokes is awesome! But he hates burping sounds. Lol so it's a bad pairing

  • Uldihaa
    Uldihaa 19 days ago +2

    You know they had to have been generous with the whiskey in those Irish coffees to get a 'wooo' out of Ciara.

  • Rachel Lambert
    Rachel Lambert 19 days ago

    Foynes! to Brian... i Googled it.

  • John S
    John S 19 days ago

    Feel like turning the first 7 seconds of this into a ringtone.

  • Terrath
    Terrath 19 days ago

    Jameson shots and follow it with a shot of pickle juice is amazing. Together though? Nah

  • Dan Bruno
    Dan Bruno 19 days ago

    Try beer with champagne 🔥🔥

  • Gomer Pyle
    Gomer Pyle 19 days ago

    from Canada. Bushmills is awesome!

  • CciIcCo
    CciIcCo 19 days ago

    I fell in love with Ciara she is so beautiful

  • Jabril Anderson
    Jabril Anderson 20 days ago

    Supposed to use the pickle juice as a backer not mixed in with the whiskey
    Trust it’s way better

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo 20 days ago +32

    Ciara: Im not an alcoholic.

  • Patrick McCloskey
    Patrick McCloskey 21 day ago

    Lager and whiskey is a " boilermaker". Been around for centuries.

  • JS M
    JS M 21 day ago

    My "go to': Jack and pineapple

  • Joseph Threefingers
    Joseph Threefingers 23 days ago

    Ciara, I'm such a fan, yes I hate the beer too. Only way I can drink that broken water is chasing it with the hard stuff.... I'm pretty sure I need help.

  • Gyde Oneal
    Gyde Oneal 23 days ago

    In America we call beer and lager a Boiler Maker and it's served with Budweiser

  • Brooke Harmon
    Brooke Harmon 23 days ago

    Is the whiskey and coffee what an alcoholic drinks in the morning?

  • maddogtannen69
    maddogtannen69 23 days ago

    lol Ciara

  • Kim Hunt
    Kim Hunt 23 days ago

    Ciara is beautiful!

  • quavo hoe310
    quavo hoe310 24 days ago +1

    I need drinking buddies like these

  • Time Travel
    Time Travel 24 days ago

    LJG is the alcoholic.

  • TheSerjorGamer
    TheSerjorGamer 24 days ago

    5:00 best irish reaction ever

  • Retro Skull
    Retro Skull 24 days ago

    my best friend 5:28 when you say you have one of the best ideas ever

  • Jake Garner
    Jake Garner 24 days ago

    I dont understand what is weird about an Irish coffee. I used to drink them daily

  • bigdog33bad
    bigdog33bad 24 days ago

    I need to drink with Ciara. Bucket list.

  • John Rife
    John Rife 24 days ago

    A cute blond brunette and redhead

  • J. B.J.
    J. B.J. 25 days ago

    Do the Everclear 190 Vodka and an egg shot... It's the best! I think you had your ratio of pickle juice and Whiskey off, it should be 2 shots pickle juice and 1 shot Whiskey. Love your Videos!

  • Richiepacman
    Richiepacman 25 days ago

    Irish coffe was invented in shannon airport Co. Clare

  • Robert Hager
    Robert Hager 25 days ago

    Can any of these people carry on a conversation without swearing and using the F word?

    GFS GFS 26 days ago

    Ciara is a dream women not an alcoholic a dream

  • Zach Fechtner
    Zach Fechtner 26 days ago

    A little frustrating that they did picklebacks wrong.

  • Swegn
    Swegn 26 days ago +1

    "I'm not an alcoholic" beer in whiskey is her way to drink beer lol

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 27 days ago

    Ciaras face is pointy.
    But pointy. 😀

  • lumpheadthump
    lumpheadthump 27 days ago

    Whiskey and beer is an old recipe called a boilermaker.

  • C L Moore
    C L Moore 28 days ago

    Ciara is the type of woman Marines take to a bar. After she drinks their ass under the table she has the good manners to make sure they get home safe.

  • Puff E. Upagus
    Puff E. Upagus 29 days ago

    So, I'm high as hell. Did she say, "Scallywag?!"

  • Squirtle Is The Best Pokemon

    2:11 'This has a yolk... hang on are these egg whites?'
    Isn't the entire point that egg whites have the yolks taken out?

  • Shona McKenzie
    Shona McKenzie 29 days ago

    Melon vodka is now a thing. Lmao tasty though x

  • James DeMarco
    James DeMarco 29 days ago

    The real question is: How green were Brian's eyes by the end of this shoot?

  • calvin
    calvin Month ago

    What about my favorite codeine and whiskey

  • skeets
    skeets Month ago

    Beer and Whiskey,,, a boiler maker here in the US

  • Charles Quick
    Charles Quick Month ago +1

    1. Irish coffee is good...
    2. Coconut water... Hell no.
    3. Lagger...mmm ok ( boilermaker) ..ok but not best.
    4. Pickle juice in whiskey... That's sacrilegious!
    I have a mix for you... It's good whiskey mixed with more good whiskey!

  • rob Hall
    rob Hall Month ago +2

    Ciara makes me happy. She is my drinking spirit animal...

  • JAF30
    JAF30 Month ago

    There is one that went around the trendy crowds in America a couple of years back, whiskey and hot tea.

  • Leonardo Willi
    Leonardo Willi Month ago

    Ciara may have missed her calling as a "Sommelier of the Distilled" She studies it the most ^5

  • Kendria Jones
    Kendria Jones Month ago

    Foynes airport

  • Kaitlynn Carter
    Kaitlynn Carter Month ago +1

    Don't mix it. Pickle back it. Class!

  • Dewayn
    Dewayn Month ago

    I regulary drink beer with spirits, but honestly, not for the taste. Buuuuuuuuuuuut its a thing at least. Picklejuice though...

  • samppa
    samppa Month ago +1

    what's the name of the song he was singing in the intro about whisky and cigarettes and the lord saving his soul ? I couldn't find it... or did he make those lyrics up?

  • samppa
    samppa Month ago

    beer and whisky.. the good old Canadian tuxedo

  • Eric brett
    Eric brett Month ago

    Brian's comments about "you evil people" is correct. Some people, like the people who come up with this shit to drink, are pure evil.

  • Totally Not a Ninja

    They don't have Boilermakers in Ireland?

  • sman7290
    sman7290 Month ago

    "Shouldn't be doing whiskey-beer. That's not a thing. Nobody drinks that."
    It's called a Boilermaker.

  • fireballjames10
    fireballjames10 Month ago

    Ciara, the literal legend of these videos.

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger Month ago

    The whiskey beer is wrong. It is supposed to be a glass of beer with a shot of whiskey still in the glass dropped into it. That way the whiskey stays in the glass until you finished almost half the beer and then you're hit with the whiskey. It isnt supposed to be mixed in together, no wonder they didn't like it.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson Month ago

    If y’all like Big Macs y’all trash

  • Jason Batteiger
    Jason Batteiger Month ago

    i'm surprised irish aren't aware of boilermakers

  • Arabella Maria
    Arabella Maria Month ago

    Okay I came for their reaction on what I thought was a pickle back but they just said fuck it and mixed the two in a cup 😂😭. Tbh pickle backs are amazing because when you take the shot of pickle juice after the whiskey shot you don't taste anyyyyyythingg

  • Sean Myers
    Sean Myers Month ago

    Love Caria

  • Rhonda Brown
    Rhonda Brown Month ago

    I so need to add Ciara

  • Jack Dr.Freak
    Jack Dr.Freak Month ago

    Ciara you’re a beautiful Irish lady🌹🌹😱😱

  • HotaruZoku
    HotaruZoku Month ago

    Sometime for one of these drinking ones I want the entire crew in one room at a giant around table.