The Cast Devil and Harmony Puzzles

This week I cover two puzzles, to demonstrate a common solution tactic.

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The Cast Devil and Cast Harmony Puzzles are both available in a variety of places, but here is one: https://www.puzzlemaster.ca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEBpuzzles

I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

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Автор Emaly Rodriguez ( назад)
I have the cast devil when I was 3 my parents taught me to solve it and then showed their friends who were like how?

Автор Klein Antonio ( назад)
Hey did you just get engaged?

Автор CLAIRE sellnow ( назад)
My dad was able to solve the cast devil in about 15 minuets

Автор CrazyKid 52 ( назад)
I love this because I'm a musician and I love puzzles :D

Автор joannaz ( назад)
My math teacher used to call these kinds of puzzles, "tavern puzzles" :D

Автор David's Favorite Videos ( назад)
Not a 'Happy hacking' this time?

Автор Establishment ( назад)
i have the cast devil!!

Автор GingerBreadSed ( назад)
I got the Cast Devil with a set of 6 similar puzzles! The first time I solved it was while absentmindedly pushing the pieces around since I couldn't find the solution for so long 😅 Love the feel of it!

Автор Juanito Macho Protegido ( назад)
These are the only puzzles you presented I was able to solve haha

Автор Parpy ( назад)
the cast devil is really easy once u know the trick! i have one too

Автор that_guy_in_a_bowtie ( назад)
My dad bought me the cast devil on a road trip around Australia. He said that if i could figure it out by the time we got to townsville, he would get me an ice cream. Kept me thinking for a while, but i figured it out pretty quickly! very fun!

Автор dried nut ( назад)
i have the cast devil somewhere... it was fun to solve when i was a kiddo.

Автор Cup of Saltyness ( назад)
I have the cast devil one and few more

Автор Hays Dixon ( назад)
These puzzles are very beautiful in look, which I enjoy.

Автор reezdog ( назад)
I found three of these at the Dollar Store. they are fun. I got two other wooden ones but can't put one of them back together. way to hard.

Автор Oiiioi ( назад)
I had a Cast Devil puzzle as a kid... I may have tried to force it the wrong way so many times it became permanently warped...

Автор Extys ( назад)
I feel very clever when I find the solution in the first look. :^)

Автор Dana Ondráčková ( назад)
It looks so easy! Yet I would rather break it after many tries :D once I was playing with the "hedhehog in the cage" and not knowig it was a puzzle (I was a kid) I somehow managed to take it out of its cage and I run to my family crying that I broke it :D

Автор Sean Le ( назад)
i want to give that cast harmony puzzle to my band instructor

Автор John Doe ( назад)
my father brought me 'the cast devil' when I was 13... i solved it but i didnt know how, until now.. 9 years later lol, im glad i saw this and know its name..

Автор *DJ-* *PonG* ( назад)
I solved the cast devil by just flinging it around because i want bored lol

Автор PiggyMC ( назад)
my classmate had a cast devil and brought it to school, she gave it to some friends and they couldn't beat it.... then she gave it to me and i did it in like 10 seconds....

Автор Chase Theodorides ( назад)
Omg I did those in 8th grade so easy :P

Автор Riiko Karppinen ( назад)
i have the cast devil i did in like 10 mins

Автор Bartosz Olszewski ( назад)
I just hate the smell that metal leaves on your fingers after you fiddle too long with these puzzles

Автор Adrian ( назад)
I solved a miniature devil one when i was 6(i at least hope it was the same)

Автор vcblueworld123 ( назад)
You did good youtube....you did good.

Автор Mindboggler123 ( назад)
I was able to figure out that harmony puzzle just by looking at it, not the devil one though

Автор JettFox ( назад)

Автор JettFox ( назад)
Legend has it, if you're a musician, he will pin AND favorite your comment!

Автор dpkeys ( назад)
The music one is just like when my keys get all tangled up.

Автор Nagem1617 ( назад)
I have the harmony one. I got it because it was music notes lol. figured it out pretty quickly

Автор clasherultimate1603 ( назад)
How is this channel not subbed more? Awesome stuff. Keep going. Subscribed.

Автор Keiran Wilmot ( назад)
You should play your "spoiler break" at the start of your video because it is really just your intro

Автор Alex B ( назад)
It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video.

Автор Alex B ( назад)
It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video. 😬😂

Автор Alex B ( назад)
It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video. 😬😂

Автор Russell Profant ( назад)
There is this really cool twisted nail puzzle plz review it I will link a pic

Автор Two Duy ( назад)
Is there any puzzles that beginners should start with?

Автор Henji96 ( назад)
Wow they were both very easy. Glad the solution I had imagined in my head was the real solution for both puzzles.

Автор Jonah Matthews ( назад)
i love these videos so much. he is so passionate about the puzzles that it makes it really entertaining

Автор Jordan Whittle ( назад)
do you have any more like the "xbox puzzle"?

Автор JPK314 ( назад)
Heyyy, I actually have both of these :D

Автор Utsuro Hako ( назад)
Feel like the Japanese are the best at these puzzle making

Автор Dragon Fox ( назад)
No offense but duhhh

Автор Michael White ( назад)
really enjoy your videos Fleb!

Автор Numnum ( назад)
Solved them both in my head immediately

Автор TheNintendoFan37 ( назад)
I always look forward to your videos!

Автор Trailer Park Mom ( назад)
Scott k are you there. I am back

Автор DJ Scribbles ( назад)
I love puzzles

Автор GOLD 1515 ( назад)
I only have the enigma puzzle since Christmas and I haven't solved it yet. :(

Автор Nexxscorn ( назад)
I love this channel.

Автор Pedro Scoponi ( назад)
So elegant, both in shape and solution! I like it :D

Автор Manzanella ( назад)
these videos always make me smile :)

Автор thenewgoddamngambit ( назад)
Oh right! I now remember i subbed to this channel a few months ago!

Автор dreadpiratekiel ( назад)
nice to see you cover one I actually own. the got the devil one some time ago and it has been one of my favorite for it's deceptive simplicity. cool to learn a little of its history as well. love the channel, keep up the good work.

Автор constantin craciun ( назад)
Ok. I really love your videos and I would like to see more. Saw one of your videos on reddit. Thank you.
Btw FLEB is not your real name right? :)

Автор Jason M ( назад)
You should do a collab with Oskar van deventer, maybe even create a puzzle together

Автор pipo plus ( назад)

Автор PompeyDB ( назад)
Another brilliant puzzle. Thank you.

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