The Cast Devil and Harmony Puzzles

  • Опубликовано: 27 янв 2017
  • This week I cover two puzzles, to demonstrate a common solution tactic.
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    The Cast Devil and Cast Harmony Puzzles are both available in a variety of places, but here is one:
    I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:
    Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
    Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ
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  • FLEB
    FLEB  10 месяцев назад +12

    -[opposite of good]

  • Dragon Angel74
    Dragon Angel74 26 дней назад

    You should do the laby metel maze puzzle

  • Eric P
    Eric P 4 месяца назад

    That’s a good motto for life.
    “Find the piece that’s blocking you, and move it out of the way”

  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 6 месяцев назад

    I have this devil cast one 😁

  • Jellyfish Swag
    Jellyfish Swag 8 месяцев назад

    Thanks I had the harmony one and I had no idea how to solve it XD

  • Samuel Basterash
    Samuel Basterash 9 месяцев назад

    those are easy

  • Tudor Duma
    Tudor Duma 9 месяцев назад

    lol,i have the first puzzle,its so easy

  • Leigh Coy
    Leigh Coy 9 месяцев назад

    My 5th grade teacher had a lot of puzzles, including the cast devil puzzle. She would let us try and solve them during study breaks or recess. She was probably the reason I love puzzles. I only ever solved one of hers but I still tried

    • FLEB
      FLEB  9 месяцев назад

      That's awesome! Now you can solve it, right? :)

  • J.M. Zimmer
    J.M. Zimmer 9 месяцев назад

    I found the harmony solution directly.

  • Patrick Wei
    Patrick Wei 10 месяцев назад

    haha I own one of these and I didn't realize its a puzzle
    I thought it was some weird component of some machine( this isn't unusual my dad works as a metal refiner)

  • Bert Romet
    Bert Romet 10 месяцев назад

    i have the devil thing

  • divedeepinside
    divedeepinside 10 месяцев назад

    nice job

  • MayaTheLocalTrashbin
    MayaTheLocalTrashbin 10 месяцев назад

    Anyone else thinks these videos are satisfying or is it just me?

  • Amber Faux
    Amber Faux 10 месяцев назад

    oh man, those two puzzle pieces are both satisfying and complicated!! where do you get them??

  • Cenia Candra
    Cenia Candra 10 месяцев назад +1

    i got the cast devil from my brother last year , it took days for me solved it '_')

  • birb ovo
    birb ovo 11 месяцев назад

    I have the cast devil!!

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho 11 месяцев назад

    Me, having zero experience in these puzzles, went out and bought the Cast Quartet! Which is level 6 difficulty.. to put you into perspective, the Harmony is at level 2, and the Devil is at level 4!
    No I'm not even close to solve it

    • FLEB
      FLEB  11 месяцев назад

      Good luck!

  • Ry-7hym [thijmnesoy]
    Ry-7hym [thijmnesoy] 11 месяцев назад

    I want these puzzles

  • Jane Doe Deer
    Jane Doe Deer 11 месяцев назад

    imo the devil is easy

  • Betsabeth Mendez
    Betsabeth Mendez 11 месяцев назад

    *pats self on the back *

  • Averagely Cubing
    Averagely Cubing 11 месяцев назад

    I still don't understand how he did the first puzzle, he went too fast

  • BasisFazer
    BasisFazer 11 месяцев назад

    Surprisingly I have the cast devil at my house, but I never knew what the two pieces were. Thanks!

  • Chris
    Chris 11 месяцев назад

    am I the only one that reads his name "fleeb" like the fleeb from rick and morty

  • Viel Francisco
    Viel Francisco 11 месяцев назад

    wow i actually solved the Cast Devil before even knowing your channel :)

  • DaddyLongLegs
    DaddyLongLegs 11 месяцев назад

    Damn now I need to buy some puzzles. Even though I'm not the one salving the puzzle these videos always relax me and make me feel intelligent.

  • hanah chang
    hanah chang 11 месяцев назад

    i only know how to solve the cast devil puzzle, i dont have the harmony one

  • LightishRedGummi
    LightishRedGummi 11 месяцев назад

    I remember the cast devil being in my elementary school GT classroom! The other students and I would always be trying to figure it out, I'm pretty sure on multiple occasions one of us figured it out but weren't sure how we did it XD

  • Baron Von T.
    Baron Von T. 11 месяцев назад +2

    0:39 HNNNNNNNGH that note has a flag and a hole

  • Grace With Friends
    Grace With Friends Год назад

    At our school we did it at PBL ( Project Base Learning) I go to a 21st central school

  • Emaly Rodriguez
    Emaly Rodriguez Год назад

    I have the cast devil when I was 3 my parents taught me to solve it and then showed their friends who were like how?

  • Klein Antonio
    Klein Antonio Год назад

    Hey did you just get engaged?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +3

      I'm actually married! My first anniversary is in a few weeks!

  • CLAIRE sellnow
    CLAIRE sellnow Год назад

    My dad was able to solve the cast devil in about 15 minuets

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1


  • CrazyKid 52
    CrazyKid 52 Год назад +1

    I love this because I'm a musician and I love puzzles :D

  • joannaz
    joannaz Год назад

    My math teacher used to call these kinds of puzzles, "tavern puzzles" :D

    • joannaz
      joannaz Год назад

      +FLEB Ohh...glad you clarified for me!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      These aren't tavern puzzles, but that is a class of puzzle! Tavern puzzles are take-offs of the horseshoe puzzle and are usually made of much thicker metal.

  • David's Favorite Videos
    David's Favorite Videos Год назад

    Not a 'Happy hacking' this time?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      What do you mean?

  • Establishment
    Establishment Год назад

    i have the cast devil!!

  • GingerBreadSed
    GingerBreadSed Год назад

    I got the Cast Devil with a set of 6 similar puzzles! The first time I solved it was while absentmindedly pushing the pieces around since I couldn't find the solution for so long 😅 Love the feel of it!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +2

      I do to! There's a reason it's a classic!

  • Juanito Macho Protegido
    Juanito Macho Protegido Год назад +1

    These are the only puzzles you presented I was able to solve haha

  • Parpy
    Parpy Год назад

    the cast devil is really easy once u know the trick! i have one too

  • that_guy_in_a_bowtie
    that_guy_in_a_bowtie Год назад

    My dad bought me the cast devil on a road trip around Australia. He said that if i could figure it out by the time we got to townsville, he would get me an ice cream. Kept me thinking for a while, but i figured it out pretty quickly! very fun!

  • dried nut
    dried nut Год назад

    i have the cast devil somewhere... it was fun to solve when i was a kiddo.

  • Queen Of Destruction
    Queen Of Destruction Год назад

    I have the cast devil one and few more

  • Hays Dixon
    Hays Dixon Год назад

    These puzzles are very beautiful in look, which I enjoy.

  • reezdog
    reezdog Год назад

    I found three of these at the Dollar Store. they are fun. I got two other wooden ones but can't put one of them back together. way to hard.

  • Oiiioi
    Oiiioi Год назад

    I had a Cast Devil puzzle as a kid... I may have tried to force it the wrong way so many times it became permanently warped...

  • Extys
    Extys Год назад

    I feel very clever when I find the solution in the first look. :^)

  • Dana Ondráčková
    Dana Ondráčková Год назад

    It looks so easy! Yet I would rather break it after many tries :D once I was playing with the "hedhehog in the cage" and not knowig it was a puzzle (I was a kid) I somehow managed to take it out of its cage and I run to my family crying that I broke it :D

  • Sean Le
    Sean Le Год назад

    i want to give that cast harmony puzzle to my band instructor

  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад

    my father brought me 'the cast devil' when I was 13... i solved it but i didnt know how, until now.. 9 years later lol, im glad i saw this and know its name..

  • Lucoa
    Lucoa Год назад

    I solved the cast devil by just flinging it around because i want bored lol

  • PiggyMC
    PiggyMC Год назад

    my classmate had a cast devil and brought it to school, she gave it to some friends and they couldn't beat it.... then she gave it to me and i did it in like 10 seconds....

  • Riiko Karppinen
    Riiko Karppinen Год назад

    i have the cast devil i did in like 10 mins

  • Bartosz Olszewski
    Bartosz Olszewski Год назад

    I just hate the smell that metal leaves on your fingers after you fiddle too long with these puzzles

    • Lucoa
      Lucoa Год назад

      Bartosz Olszewski why the fuck do you smell your finger after using these

  • Adrian
    Adrian Год назад

    I solved a miniature devil one when i was 6(i at least hope it was the same)

  • vcblueworld123
    vcblueworld123 Год назад

    You did good did good.

  • Mindboggler123
    Mindboggler123 Год назад +1

    I was able to figure out that harmony puzzle just by looking at it, not the devil one though

  • Mira
    Mira Год назад


  • Mira
    Mira Год назад +3

    Legend has it, if you're a musician, he will pin AND favorite your comment!

    • Mira
      Mira Год назад

      FLEB glad to help

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +2

      Cool! I didn't know that feature existed!

    • Mira
      Mira Год назад

      FLEB yes, just tap on the "options" button right next to the comment and tap "pin"

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      I can pin comments?

  • dpkeys
    dpkeys Год назад

    The music one is just like when my keys get all tangled up.

  • Nagem1617
    Nagem1617 Год назад

    I have the harmony one. I got it because it was music notes lol. figured it out pretty quickly

  • clasherultimate1603
    clasherultimate1603 Год назад

    How is this channel not subbed more? Awesome stuff. Keep going. Subscribed.

  • Keiran Wilmot
    Keiran Wilmot Год назад

    You should play your "spoiler break" at the start of your video because it is really just your intro

  • Alex B
    Alex B Год назад

    It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video.

    • General Milky
      General Milky Год назад

      Not that weird. What else would he put there? He has a pause so if people who don't want spoilers for the puzzle are watching they can click away.

  • Alex B
    Alex B Год назад +17

    It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video. 😬😂

    • Y O I N K
      Y O I N K Год назад +65

      Alex B It's a spolier break. If you don't want to watch the solution then you have a warning and time to leave the video.

  • Alex B
    Alex B Год назад

    It's so weird that he basically just announces his intro in his videos, as if it were some sponsored advertisement. And in like the very middle of the video. 😬😂

  • Nerf Nerve
    Nerf Nerve Год назад +5

    There is this really cool twisted nail puzzle plz review it I will link a pic

    • Rhyme Bito
      Rhyme Bito Год назад

      I have a variation of that with 3 nails, it's the exact same solution but slightly more overwhelming.

    • Katie Jones
      Katie Jones Год назад

      I have that one! my grandmother gave it to me and I love twisting it around in my hands even though I already solved it

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +4

      That's a classic puzzle! There are a number of interesting variations on it, I think I have one around here somewhere...

    • Nerf Nerve
      Nerf Nerve Год назад +1

      There is multiple ways to solve and scramble it and it's really fun

    • Nerf Nerve
      Nerf Nerve Год назад +1

  • Two Duy
    Two Duy Год назад

    Is there any puzzles that beginners should start with?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I have a strange electronic puzzle from the 90's. That might be closer to what you're talking about!
      Otherwise I have a number of multiple step puzzle boxes. Not sure when I'll cover them, but I'm hoping to soon!

    • Two Duy
      Two Duy Год назад

      FLEB those puzzle that have more than one step like the avengers box those are cool but seem diificult

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      What kind of puzzles are you interested in? The world of puzzles is huge and vast!

  • Henji96
    Henji96 Год назад

    Wow they were both very easy. Glad the solution I had imagined in my head was the real solution for both puzzles.

  • Jonah Matthews
    Jonah Matthews Год назад

    i love these videos so much. he is so passionate about the puzzles that it makes it really entertaining

  • Jordan Whittle
    Jordan Whittle Год назад

    do you have any more like the "xbox puzzle"?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      In what way? Lots of the puzzles I've covered are similar to the Xbox puzzle. Specifically what are you interested in?

  • JPK314
    JPK314 Год назад

    Heyyy, I actually have both of these :D

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад


  • Utsuro Hako
    Utsuro Hako Год назад +1

    Feel like the Japanese are the best at these puzzle making

  • Dragon Fox
    Dragon Fox Год назад +2

    No offense but duhhh

  • Michael White
    Michael White Год назад +6

    really enjoy your videos Fleb!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +2

      Thank you very much!

  • TheNintendoFan37
    TheNintendoFan37 Год назад +6

    I always look forward to your videos!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      Thank you!

  • Nervous 2x0
    Nervous 2x0 Год назад

    I love puzzles

  • GOLD 1515
    GOLD 1515 Год назад

    I only have the enigma puzzle since Christmas and I haven't solved it yet. :(

    • GOLD 1515
      GOLD 1515 Год назад

      +FLEB I haven't given up yet, though! I'm still trying! :)

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      The enigma puzzle from Hanayama? That's probably the most difficult puzzle they sell. It's not easy!

  • Nexxscorn
    Nexxscorn Год назад +11

    I love this channel.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +6


  • Pedro Scoponi
    Pedro Scoponi Год назад +123

    So elegant, both in shape and solution! I like it :D

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +49

      I think both are really cool puzzles. They're deceptively simple!

  • Manzanella
    Manzanella Год назад +50

    these videos always make me smile :)

  • thenewgoddamngambit
    thenewgoddamngambit Год назад

    Oh right! I now remember i subbed to this channel a few months ago!

  • dreadpiratekiel
    dreadpiratekiel Год назад

    nice to see you cover one I actually own. the got the devil one some time ago and it has been one of my favorite for it's deceptive simplicity. cool to learn a little of its history as well. love the channel, keep up the good work.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Thanks! I'm glad I could cover one that you own!

  • constantin craciun
    constantin craciun Год назад +3

    Ok. I really love your videos and I would like to see more. Saw one of your videos on reddit. Thank you.
    Btw FLEB is not your real name right? :)

  • Jason M
    Jason M Год назад

    You should do a collab with Oskar van deventer, maybe even create a puzzle together

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      That would be cool! He seems like a nice guy.

  • Roger Lapeyra
    Roger Lapeyra Год назад


  • Portsmouth FC
    Portsmouth FC Год назад +27

    Another brilliant puzzle. Thank you.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +9

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!