This is Overwatch Top 500 In 2019...

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
    TWITTER: FroggerOW
    INSTAGRAM: froggerow
    Jump = Right Click
    Space = Crossfade (hold to crossfade on)
    Boop = Mouse5
    2 SENS 1600 DPI.
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  • Frogger
    Frogger  Month ago +49


    • 3rik fresh generation
      3rik fresh generation Month ago

      Yes sir

    • Just Julez
      Just Julez Month ago

      So it's Sunday, 15th of December, 12PM PST? I'm in Europe and kinda confused when this tournament is gonna start 😶

    • Twitch sn33k42
      Twitch sn33k42 Month ago

      I’m surprised that nobody replied

  • Steak Bake
    Steak Bake 11 days ago

    What does frogger use for push to talk? Or has anyone got good suggestions for good keybinds to use for push to talk?

  • TimryGames
    TimryGames 16 days ago

    Speed song: Mr. Fahrenheit (specifically the part where it says “travelin at the speed of liiiiiiiight!”) and for healy boy: everybody hurts or staying alive by the beegees. Make the songs appropriate, ya know?

  • Myles Ellis
    Myles Ellis 16 days ago

    Yeah that noise is god dam annoying

  • Shadow Spartan
    Shadow Spartan 16 days ago +1

    Ngl I didn’t know what you meant by like the sound them you continued to play and do your thing omg it’s horrible

  • Kamitsurugi
    Kamitsurugi 18 days ago +1

    Imagine "Gas, Gas, Gas" as a remix for speed mode on lucio omg

  • James greene
    James greene 18 days ago +1

    I just imagine lucios brass section's chops after all those crossfade trills. Damn

  • Enigma
    Enigma 18 days ago

    Never put in that skin again please

  • Gavin Tarling
    Gavin Tarling 19 days ago +3

    The jazz skin is unironically my favorite. I love it so much.
    However I am a jazz musician..,

  • its a me mario :d
    its a me mario :d 20 days ago

    one of your best videos

  • Jendra
    Jendra 21 day ago +1

    Lmao I'm one of the losers that is immune to the skin.

  • Jacob Goldberg
    Jacob Goldberg 21 day ago

    I can’t climb as dps as well as I can as tank. I always feel like I’m tensing up and getting nervous during a match and it affects my aim and decision making dramatically pls help. Idk what to do

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 21 day ago

    This man is playing music in the background ON TOP OF THE ANNOYING LUCIO MUSIC frogger how dare you

  • CU Frankie
    CU Frankie 21 day ago

    He really said to put sicko mode as one of the lucio soundtracks smh 😔

  • xXjocabXx
    xXjocabXx 21 day ago

    use it more :)

    XGN FTW 21 day ago

    i made it to 5:18 and could not take it anymore

  • SFPC_ PhiccPhishPhingers
    SFPC_ PhiccPhishPhingers 22 days ago +1

    Unranked to top 500 jazzy skin only

  • Robert Carmody
    Robert Carmody 23 days ago +2

    Damn I loved that skin but never played with it on. Never knew it had those obnoxious noises. Sounds like you're being stalked by a skull trumpet.

  • Skepta
    Skepta 24 days ago

    I've palyed with this skin for a long time and I just noticed the fact that he has different sounds? 😅

  • elijahnt
    elijahnt 24 days ago

    i love this skin tho

  • Mitchel64
    Mitchel64 25 days ago

    I made it to 3 mins....Sorry. Dropped a like at least

  • 『Yuki 雪』
    『Yuki 雪』 25 days ago +5

    They are frickin madlads for playing Brig and Lucio in 2019

    • alp :/
      alp :/ 23 days ago +1

      I wish that brig would feature in more vids he was chill

  • Kimberly Loomis
    Kimberly Loomis 25 days ago

    I have three goals in overwatch. 1. Reach top 500 of mercy or Brigitte (not likely but I'll still try lol) 2. To play with you 3. To play with therealkenzo. You are actually how I learned to play Lucio because I had no clue before. I'd just stay on the ground, switching to healing and I thought shooting at teammates healed them 😩. Yes, I actually thought that.

  • kakeup
    kakeup 26 days ago

    i didn't even notice the sound until you pointed it out!! SCIENCE DAMN YOU!!!!

  • Quinntyn Noa
    Quinntyn Noa 26 days ago +12

    “ So far *bonk* this skin isn’t *bonk* that bad *bonk* “

  • Joris Tammes
    Joris Tammes 26 days ago

    That sound is good for a clown lucio.

  • Joris Tammes
    Joris Tammes 26 days ago

    When he said mei ult I thaught he said mayo.

  • Joris Tammes
    Joris Tammes 26 days ago

    Love the intro.

  • Meli
    Meli 26 days ago

    Am I the only person who doesn't mind the crossfade music for this skin at all?

  • MesaDrag08
    MesaDrag08 27 days ago

    My song for heals would be africa
    And my song for speed would be bitch lasagne

  • Robin
    Robin 28 days ago

    idk as a lucio player the trumpets are like.................. i dont hear them anymore

  • Dar5k16
    Dar5k16 28 days ago +1

    I got this skin in my first ever loot box and it’s the reason I’m a lucio main

  • zac hannaman
    zac hannaman 29 days ago

    Well only like 500 people still play overwatch.

  • DatVocals!
    DatVocals! 29 days ago

    the worst thing about this skin is, that lucio actually doesnt fucking crossfade but just restart each song when swapping em. what a fucking crappy DJ.

  • Maybe JaKa
    Maybe JaKa Month ago

    Is that coconut mall from mariokart wii!! Quite nostalgic

  • Elevate
    Elevate Month ago

    I lasted 3mins before falling out of my chair and moaning in agony. wbu?

  • P LEE
    P LEE Month ago

    He's top 500 using a piss poor switching strategy... the mouse clicking really boosts Plat players, huh?

  • Hippo Dinosaur
    Hippo Dinosaur Month ago

    Go agane jazzy skin

  • Antonio
    Antonio Month ago

    I had to stop watching because of the skin

  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott Month ago

    how do u get it so the heal and speed are blue?

  • JustPandaBear
    JustPandaBear Month ago

    I had to mute this video.....fuck that skin.

  • Eelis Hänninen
    Eelis Hänninen Month ago +1

    Ahhh a person who hates mei's aswell. I see your a man of culture

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller Month ago

    whenever you get beat it plays the song that you get when you get the star, ad slowly fades away

  • tall dude
    tall dude Month ago +1

    Me watching this at 2 am before my exams
    Frogger pressing [space] 🙃

  • IcewolfBrett
    IcewolfBrett Month ago

    you were right i love the skin but for a reddit lucio it is god awful

  • Sierra kimmerly
    Sierra kimmerly Month ago

    Coconut mall for speed (final lap) and peach beach for heals(specifically for lucios summer games skins)

  • b00st10 6
    b00st10 6 Month ago

    They should add an option for just the normal sound on the jazzy skin. It’s one of my favourite skins but it’s so annoying.

  • Latark 63
    Latark 63 Month ago +1

    All stars skin next plz baby 😘

    SAMEER COLBERT Month ago

    Frogged: if you can watch the video then you are a legend
    Me: mutes volume

  • Elayx
    Elayx Month ago

    Omg you were so right

  • UltimaPowers
    UltimaPowers Month ago

    The jazzy skin audio cues are awful and the legs makes him look like a fat C3PO.

  • Sleepy Crie
    Sleepy Crie Month ago +2

    am I the only one hearing mariokart sounds

  • 67fofo
    67fofo Month ago

    Whats the song that he lays while lookin at brig?

  • KorbyPuff uwu
    KorbyPuff uwu Month ago

    Shut up, jazzy is the best Lucio skin 😤

  • puRa !
    puRa ! Month ago

    Pepega type beat.

  • josue gonzalez
    josue gonzalez Month ago +5

    Me before this video : Lucios best skin is the Jazzy
    Me after this video: The Lucio Jazzy skin must be destroyed

  • mmm mmm
    mmm mmm Month ago

    please just make a clown lucio skin and give him that cursed sound pl ea se

  • Zachary Gudmundson
    Zachary Gudmundson Month ago

    You should make a video on Mario kart wii

  • Animator Reaper
    Animator Reaper Month ago

    If you get annoyed and complain about the sound, sorry but you truly a lil bitch

  • Maximoose 2005
    Maximoose 2005 Month ago

    Been using this skin since day 1