Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?

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  • Silicone oil droplets provide a physical realization of pilot wave theories.
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    The standard theory of quantum mechanics leaves a bit to be desired. As Richard Feynman put it, "I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics." This is because observations of experiments have led us to a theory that contradicts common sense. The wave function contains all the information that is knowable about a particle, yet it can only be used to calculate probabilities of where a particle will likely turn up. It can't give us an actual account of where the particle went or where it will be at some later time.

    Some have suggested that this theory is incomplete. Maybe something is going on beneath the radar of standard quantum theory and somehow producing the appearance of randomness and uncertainty without actually being random or uncertain. Theories of this sort are called hidden variable theories because they propose entities that aren't observable. One such theory is pilot wave theory, first proposed by de Broglie, but later developed by Bohm. The idea here is that a particle oscillates, creating a wave. It then interacts with the wave and this complex interaction determines its motion.

    Experiments using silicone oil droplets on a vibrating bath provide a remarkable physical realization of pilot wave theories. They give us a physical picture of what the quantum world might look like if this is what's going on - and this theory is still deterministic. The particle is never in two places at once and there is no randomness.

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  • John Bracciano
    John Bracciano 1 час назад

    So how would one explain that the particles stop forming an interference pattern when it is known through which slit they went through with the pilot wave theory?

  • Chris Becke
    Chris Becke 3 часа назад

    My problem with the copenhagen interpretation has always been that it appears to make
    interactions that are are ultimately seen by a human as special. There are many incidental "fields" that cover a double slit experimental apparatus, and the electrons / photons / whatever don't seem to care about all the other interactions they must surely have over the course of their macroscopic journey. Surely the mere act of having your path, ever so slightly, bent by gravity should cause the electrons wave function to collapse in the copenhagen interpretation?

  • RobertMStahl
    RobertMStahl 21 час назад

    history history history
    check out Randell L Mills
    huge huge huge
    in physics

  • David R
    David R 1 день назад

    I always preferred the pilot-wave model specifically because it is deterministic.
    Beautiful demonstration of de Broglie's idea.

  • Martín Funes
    Martín Funes 1 день назад

    You are a sexy intelligent young man. This was enlightening.

  • AMotoVlogger
    AMotoVlogger 1 день назад

    I stopped listening when I heard the liberal say which method you "prefer"
    don't liberalize Science bub

  • Francesco Di carlo
    Francesco Di carlo 1 день назад

    I will always believe that even quantum mechanics are deterministic no matter what.

  • Earl Fechter
    Earl Fechter 1 день назад

    Copenhagen theory is stupid

  • Uwera Tryb
    Uwera Tryb 1 день назад

    i just watched this because i love the big bang theory

  • Prathik Diwakar
    Prathik Diwakar 1 день назад

    The pilot wave theory seems too good to be true

  • Tahuti townsend
    Tahuti townsend 1 день назад

    does the pilot theory work with the delayed choice double slit experiment ??

  • Gv Subrahmanya
    Gv Subrahmanya 2 дня назад

    This what I exactly thinking. I think even photon is a particle and I believe it is the most fundamental particle of the nature. These particles just create the distortion in the space time.

  • Bruce Daniel
    Bruce Daniel 3 дня назад

    Do you have a good source of instructions for how to setup one of these systems? I'd like to build this at home.

  • Toderel Adrian-Aurel
    Toderel Adrian-Aurel 3 дня назад

    Almost but the model is a little misleading. Is no separation between sphere droplets and vibrating substrate because we have 3D quantum particles in 3D space. This means that the sphere droplets vibrate 3D by spinning, shrinking and growing with great speed as a result of its internal luminiferous aether movements and interactions not as result of an external mecanical wake like cause.

  • free lance
    free lance 5 дней назад

    but the droplets are a part of the wave ...

  • Sharing Solutions
    Sharing Solutions 6 дней назад

    Louis de Broglie & the pilot wave theory. Thank you for explaining it so well.

  • Anthony Muscio
    Anthony Muscio 7 дней назад

    This is a great illustration of an approach I have taken in attempting to deeply understand the double slit experiment. The idea is that the motion of the particle and its position in space is larger than the tolerances of the experiment, in this case, the wave motion outside of the droplet is greater than the difference between the two slits. It explains why the distribution of outcomes seems to be directly related to the two slits even if the "particle" passes through one slit only and also why the observer can affect the outcome because if an observer is near one of the two slits they become part of the experiment. It seems to me to be the application of okams razor to say the phenonium of the two slit experiment is due to an extended yet unseen field around the particle that is affected by both slits than it is to describe it as a superposition. I think that a particle will also appear to behave differently in a vacuum, a gas or in a liquid or solid because this "external" wave will be affected differently. When striking the plate at the back this external and wave-particle "collapses" to what appears to be a point perhaps because the particle is now in the presence of many more particles in the same volume the solid screen. We eject a particle towards the two slits and measure it at a point on the destination screen and ignore the real nature of the wave/particle in transit.

  • Z4chst3r
    Z4chst3r 8 дней назад

    Pilot wave theory doesn't work, read this book and the chapter on Bohmian mechanics

  • Plaar
    Plaar 9 дней назад

    How does this explain the collapse of the wavefunction on observation?

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V 9 дней назад

    There is no such thing as physical distance. What physicist confuse with distance is really just the relationship of time and energy. Take the inverse square law of energy, the closer you seem to get to something is really just a logarithmic increase of force relative between two fields over a period of time. The clap you hear when your hands seem to 'come together'* is purely based on the sensitivity and bandwidth of your ears from what is being radiated as the the two field's inertia increases to a critical frequency and amplitude.

    I know... "come together"?, how is this possible if there is no such thing as distance? Well the simple answer is that the universe must be infinitely small. What is perceived as distance is purely psychological, as our brains must reinterpret sensor information that's being received through transducers that we call our senses. Then this information is changed to something that we can actually use. This is exactly how all your electronic devices work also. Nothing new under the sun here.

    This can also reveal the inherent issues in understanding the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang happened every time a sentient being has been given the ability to realize (sense) the universe around them. Where this infinitely small Universe literally explodes in size as our senses reinterpret the information through our psychological being. If you really think about this, you'll find out what a dirty little joke the name "Big Bang" is.

    If this is still confusing, ask yourself two questions: What size would the Universe be if you were born without any senses at all? What is the size of what makes Gravity or a Magnetic field?

    But I live in a physical Universe and how do my Eyes see distance? Your eyes, like all the sensors, have a bandwidth and sensitivity. Therefore, they are also filters. So when you see a wall, your eyes are actually filtering out everything between you and the wall that is outside of the bandwidth of your sight, and this is what we call distance.

  • James and Pat Carlisle
    James and Pat Carlisle 10 дней назад

    very clear. The de Boglie interpretation is convincingly demonstrated here. What demo might show its limitations in explaining quantum phenomenon?

  • The Artificial Society
    The Artificial Society 11 дней назад

    Important Questions!! Someone with knowledge answer please!!: So for single slit there is an interference pattern even if individual particles are launched one at time. So if you had multiple wavelength particles, is it true that there would be an interference pattern from the multiple wavelengths in addition interference pattern from the single wave length particles? When you have multiple wavelengths, let's say two for argument sake, will superposition take place resulting in different wavelength particles being detected other than the original two wavelengths? If the wavelengths change, then if the particles are shot one at a time, do the detected particles transmute their wavelengths and not just their probability positions of detections? So for the wavelength transmutation question, in superposition of wavelengths, is superposition changing the probabilities of particle position detection or the wavelengths of the source particles also changing at detection?

  • TW0T0M
    TW0T0M 11 дней назад

    interesting but how does this account for observation changing the results?

  • Li Alkalo
    Li Alkalo 12 дней назад

    so how does pilot-wave theory explain that the patterns one observes in the double slit experiment depend on whether or not one measures through which slit the particle went? would a measurement then "destroy" the pilot wave, leaving the particle flying on a straight trajectory, which would lead to two separate detection regions instead of an interference pattern?

  • Fernando Gurgel
    Fernando Gurgel 12 дней назад


  • Schnook Schnoops
    Schnook Schnoops 13 дней назад

    Are both the mechanics of the oil droplet on the wave and the phenomena of quantum mechanics both reducible to the same equation? Or rather: are all quantum mechanical phenomena replicable by this oil droplet experiment? Or stated otherwise: Is the oil droplet experiment a fitting representation of Bohmian Mechanics? Please, I need an answer because I always thought the quantum force in Bohmian Mechanics as being quite "obscure" - a weird, unintuitive force just to coincide with the Copenhagen Interpretation. But in case Bohemian Mechanics is totally replicable with this experiment it (Bohemian Mechanics) would seem to me more natural, so to speak.

  • soccerhomie07
    soccerhomie07 13 дней назад

    Those aren't the same kind of waves bro.

  • Subhajit Dey
    Subhajit Dey 15 дней назад

    awesome videos never seen!

  • Rönny kh
    Rönny kh 15 дней назад

    What the fukk just happened ? o.O

  • Bryan H
    Bryan H 15 дней назад

    Pilot wave theory + Gravity: It seems to me that pilot wave theory should be easy to combine with gravity (relatively, physics is hard). You just have to think about gravity a little differently. Instead of working directly on the particle to attract it, gravity (mass) repels the particle’s pilot wave, pushing the wave out from under the particle and causing the particle to bounce toward the gravity source. I imagine the pilot waves would tend to move similarly to gas, in that gas moves from high-pressure areas to areas of lower pressure, and so the pilot waves would move from areas of high mass density to areas of lower mass density. If this is how gravity works, it will definitely behave differently than Einstein predicts at extreme levels, like repelling particles or even exerting no force at all at certain levels. It could explain why matter at the edges of galaxies seem to move too fast, and could also help explain why the universe seems to be expanding. Unfortunately, I don’t have the math expertise to even start developing the equations, but it seems like a plausible idea, and it might be worth looking into for someone much stronger with the Phorce than I.

  • Guilherme Garcia
    Guilherme Garcia 16 дней назад


  • Justin Love
    Justin Love 16 дней назад

    This is much more satisfactory for the lay science fan! The copenhagen sounds like sci fi, it offends my common sense - this I have no trouble understanding instantly. I am a great believer in personal perception of things i can see myself. I shall adopt this model until I reason to change. I don't believe the universe is determined though, as a determined universe cannot exist. In my humble opinion the basic fuel of all existence is uncertainty. Time is really a measure of uncertainty, there are many possible futures, as they approach the present, these possibilities begin to collapse into each other and the energy they releases is enough to power full reality, but only for a tiny amount of time. This is all that is needed though, because in the instant of the present, uncertainty is used up and there is no reason why it should continue to exist.
    The universe is like a dragon chasing its own tail and when it catches it time will end.

  • omnme1
    omnme1 16 дней назад

    If the pilot theory is true, shouldn't that mean quantum computers wont work?

  • Michael De Rita
    Michael De Rita 17 дней назад

    cute gay man...

  • Ken Murphy
    Ken Murphy 18 дней назад

    Best double slit demonstration Iv ever seen and the most accurate for what is really going on. It actually shows how the electron ends up at different locations.

  • pepe6666
    pepe6666 18 дней назад

    the blob going backwards blows my mind. that is amazing. i would love to see more of this. how fiddly was it to do?

  • Schnecken reiter
    Schnecken reiter 19 дней назад

    If quantum particles are like the drops, I would be disappointed

  • youhakin
    youhakin 20 дней назад

    Pilot Wave Theory

  • Gabriel Moore
    Gabriel Moore 21 день назад

    The pattern built from the chaotic motion of the droplet looks eerily like the milky way galaxy to me.

  • Kevin Niemi
    Kevin Niemi 21 день назад

    pilot waves makes sense to me

  • Catalan Totanian
    Catalan Totanian 21 день назад

    my whole existence was a lie . how come i never heard about this wave riding droplets ?

  • ginnyjollykidd
    ginnyjollykidd 21 день назад

    Work = energy with often the same units applied to it. This would not be the first time a theory was built on analogy and the same results indicated interchangeability.

  • Kamal Birda
    Kamal Birda 22 дня назад

    pilot wave ftw

  • Varios
    Varios 22 дня назад

    Your videos' BSO is very similar to the one in FTL videogame. I love it.

  • BigBoatDeluxe
    BigBoatDeluxe 22 дня назад

    You have really nice teeth :D

  • jmitterii2
    jmitterii2 22 дня назад

    Since they both work, and Copenhagen just gives up and says who cares, just do the mat, its which ever math is easier for whatever you're doing.
    Equally same for the pilot wave, since chaotic motion, only way to predict is via the same distribution curves.
    So again, which ever mathematics is most convenient.

  • baldboy2
    baldboy2 22 дня назад

    This is just the excuse Derek runs with to play with droplets 🤓

  • Edwin Castrillon
    Edwin Castrillon 23 дня назад

    One day i hope to be as smart as you.....

  • LT
    LT 23 дня назад

    I'd be very interested to know what kind of people are watching these videos? for example I'm a tradesman from Australia with no scientific or even academic background what so ever.

  • Cristopher Lake
    Cristopher Lake 23 дня назад

    You just blew my mind. I've always had a gut feeling that mainstream quantum theory was misinterpreting the double-slit experiment and not being able to come up with an alternative explanation made me shy away from it as a discipline. You have to suspend belief of a lot of classical physics to make my previous understanding of quantum physics work which should be a red flag in my opinion. It seemed like mathematicians playing at physicists. The pilot wave theory makes total sense to me and seems at least as viable a theory as the mainstream theory if not more. Which doesn't mean anything, but makes me feel like less of an idiot when it comes to quantum theory. I hope the community is designing experiments to compete the two theories!

  • vrmkk
    vrmkk 24 дня назад

    in the beginning ... the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters

  • Michael Tapson
    Michael Tapson 24 дня назад

    I would like to see the double slit experiment done with horizontal slits as opposed to vertical slits. Just to isolate gravity or magnetic field as factors.

  • eddiegaltek
    eddiegaltek 25 дней назад

    Always preferred Pilot Waves to Copenhagen - never liked Copenhagen.

  • Lawrence Worrell
    Lawrence Worrell 25 дней назад

    How does the pilot wave interpretation account for observer interaction, so when it is being observed why does the pilot wave behave differently to when it is not being observed? Also how does the pilot wave interpretation account for the delayed quantum eraser experiment? Does it mean that if the pilot wave interpretation is right, that it could be possible to clone something exactly? I understand that the reason things cant be perfectly cloned is because you cannot clone the superposition.

    • eddiegaltek
      eddiegaltek 21 день назад

      The particle and the wave are interacting with each other. When you observe the particle you change its position and momentum in relation to the pilot wave. So after observing it (the particle) it will head off in a slightly different and|or with a slightly different momentum.

    • Lawrence Worrell
      Lawrence Worrell 22 дня назад

      This is what I am sort of trying to figure out or asking about with the pilot wave interpretation, such that if you observe the particle, it doesn't seem to necessarily follow that you observe the pilot wave/s.  So what is it that affects the wave when you see the particle, and what is it that makes the wave realise it is being observed and then acts in accordance with "behaving itself" i.e. no interference pattern.

    • eddiegaltek
      eddiegaltek 25 дней назад

      You can't 'Observe' a quantum particle without 'Interacting' with that particle.

  • John Rooney
    John Rooney 25 дней назад

    I vote for pilot waves.

  • Alexander Schestag
    Alexander Schestag 25 дней назад

    I personally prefer the idea of a conscious observer who is necessary to determine the location of a particle for example. This is a very rare interpretation which is not supported by many scientists, but there are still a few.

  • Lady Dog and Me
    Lady Dog and Me 26 дней назад

    holy chit...

  • Dave B
    Dave B 26 дней назад

    This totally proves the Earth is flat. See how the puddle of oil is a disk and not a sphere? Now scale that up to the size of the ocean and it's not round, it's flat. Open your eyes you people, it's just a conspiracy to help the corporations that profit from you thinking the world is flat, like travel agencies that book tours of the south pole, which as we all know if you tried to step over it you would fall off. Look at the stock price of companies that make round globes, it went down on sept 11 and went up because of Trump creating jobs, while killing job killing regulations that mandate safe drinking water and clean air or seat belts and safety glasses. Flint Michigan's water is polluted because God told their government to punish them because they have gay marriage. This also PROVES god exists. If you disagree I will call you names and attack your character, not your argument so don't even try to debate, my mind is closed up like fort knox, that is full of FAKE gold that the new world order stole when obama was born in Kenya. Need PROOF go to wwx.realnewsnotfakenewsthattheywantyoutobeleive.con/harvardMITrealscientists.htnl. If you want to argue copy and paste the following text for my response: UR STOOPID, UR SO DUMB, TRUMP 2020, WRONG DUMB ASS, UR AN DUM ASS.

  • Dave B
    Dave B 26 дней назад

    The only way the pilot wave can go faster then light would be if it's wave function (probability wave? light cone? ) is everywhere in the universe at one, its the size of the universe to begin with, just as a quark has a finite size, it doesn't take time to grow to that size at the speed of light it's just that size. Now to figure out a way to look at particle waves at a distance and take some sort of reaction to it at point in space time outside its light cone.

  • Leonardus Bagus
    Leonardus Bagus 26 дней назад

    still can't explain quantum entanglement I guess

  • Paula Atkins
    Paula Atkins 26 дней назад

    heyyy I got that same crappy amp

  • Albert Rodenius
    Albert Rodenius 27 дней назад

    Man I'm so impressed with your thoroughness. Great range of science in your videos, from angular momentum to quantum mechanics.

  • santiago diez
    santiago diez 27 дней назад

    Hi there!
    I feel the same way about having more than one way or one theory that tries to explain a phenomenon. It's actually excelent! It helps science by having more than one eye or perspective :)
    But I also think you shouldn't just work with the theory you feel more comfortable with, but try to understand all of them in order to increase your chances for discovering new concepts and making steps forward!
    I really liked your video though Thumbs-up!!

  • Geoff Ozzy
    Geoff Ozzy 27 дней назад

    I do like pilot wave theory, the Many Worlds interpretation is imagination inspiring but... well, that wasn't one of the choices. So many interpretations of quantum mechanics...

  • Brianpo Kpo
    Brianpo Kpo 28 дней назад


  • richard cero
    richard cero 28 дней назад

    the walking dead.

  • Keith Maskell
    Keith Maskell 28 дней назад

    Such a walking contradiction,....... this guy is teaching us about quantum mechanics yet he thinks we landed on the moon!!! Scientist is a sad thing!

  • Felix Heald
    Felix Heald 28 дней назад

    I mean, De Broglie just stole Einstein's work and made a comment on it, really...

  • Dr Inchinati
    Dr Inchinati 29 дней назад

    Man, I'm so ignorant.

  • TheCiccio1981
    TheCiccio1981 29 дней назад

    what happens if you move the surface? May that explain constant speed of light (alias the no aether conclusion)? If the parallelism is clear :)

  • Temenoujka Fuller
    Temenoujka Fuller 29 дней назад

    Well, this is a very cute experiment, explained about 400 years ago by Christiaan Huygens' (1629 - 1695). The key to the explanation of your experiment is called Huygens' Principle of Diffraction: However, the beauty of quantum reality is that, in the case of this video, the bubble itself is a wave, and the bubble should behave like a wave even in a totally empty space.

  • Milan Pintar
    Milan Pintar 29 дней назад

    hidden global variables

  • David S
    David S 1 месяц назад

    I am not for or against either theory (although pilot wave seems more logical) I wonder about quantum computing and qbits? What are you thoughts?

  • Goldsun
    Goldsun 1 месяц назад

    thats a nice way to understand the wave/particle nature of the fotons!

  • Platinum Dragon Productions
    Platinum Dragon Productions 1 месяц назад

    Being a fan of Occam's Razor, this seems to make more sense to me.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 1 месяц назад

    Hey, French native speaker here 🇫🇷
    This isn't well-known apart from us, but I thought that you should know that "Louis de Broglie" is actually pronounced "de Breuil"

  • kellypaws
    kellypaws 1 месяц назад

    Well it's the first presentation of an explanation of Quantum behaviour I've seen that actually makes complete sense to me, and does not ask me to abandon what I already accept as true about Physics. So, I vote for the Pilot Wave theory. Utterly beautifully presented.

  • nolanryan1234
    nolanryan1234 1 месяц назад

    I want to start a band called The Copenhagen Interpretation

  • Coloradicalman
    Coloradicalman 1 месяц назад

    I studied Physical Chemistry at Penn State for 3 semesters and never learned about this. I'm upset that this was never a part of our discussion. What if the particle isn't bouncing in a 3-d sense but in a 4th dimension. What if they are coming in and out of existence like a 4D object though out 3D space? like how if a sphere (a 3D object) moving though a 2D space would look like a circle growing from nothing and then shrinking back to nothing...

  • Elto Desukane
    Elto Desukane 1 месяц назад

    This video is well done and interesting, but it has nothing to do with quantum mechanics, despite some superficial analogy.

  • Mark McCoy
    Mark McCoy 1 месяц назад

    If you were able to theoretically build a computer that knows the position of every particle (and its corresponding momentum) that interacts with earth and earth itself, would it be possible to accurately predict the movements (using the computer) of the particles and their future position relative to each other. Because you are predicting the future position of the particles, would this mean that theoretically you could predict the future position of a larger scale object and therefore predict the future...?

  • Zom Bee
    Zom Bee 1 месяц назад

    I have seen a lot of (the same) presentations of the double slit experiment, but I have NEVER seen that presentation! That seems very appealing to me, the wave interactions attracting the particle to the interactions...

  • Matthew Isbell
    Matthew Isbell 1 месяц назад

    Cool explanation... But if the waves are 3d in the world (instead of 2d as in the experiment) and the particle is 3d, then is the standard quantum particle a 4d object bouncing in a 3d volume?

  • damienkurast
    damienkurast 1 месяц назад

    Wow, this video blew my mind!

  • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya
    Ginanjar Putu Wijaya 1 месяц назад

    This ia interesting.

  • Iris Breda
    Iris Breda 1 месяц назад

    What about the Wheeler's delayed choice experiment?

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 1 месяц назад

    can the pilot wave be replicated NCO gravity

  • sean harrigan
    sean harrigan 1 месяц назад

    according to pilot wave theory, how would actively changing the state of one entangled particle change the state of the other, a great distance away?

  • Robert K
    Robert K 1 месяц назад

    Schools should really supplement text books with YouTube videos!

  • David Heggli
    David Heggli 1 месяц назад

    If you liked this deterministic explanation of quantum reality: check out - a new very promising ToE going viral :-)

  • vaudevillian vicarious
    vaudevillian vicarious 1 месяц назад

    The only problem with the pilot wave theory from what I understand; is the fact if you try and see what slit the particle goes through before hand. You will get two distinct patterns instead of many.

    Pilot wave theory works well with larger objects that have X amount of mass. Pilot wave theory also works really well on galactic scales.

  • Jimmy Butt
    Jimmy Butt 1 месяц назад

    I have a growing interest in quantum physics but have no background. Congratulations! Even I can understand and follow what you're talking about! It also makes me wonder if some of the quantum world is not as strange as we think...maybe it just LOOKS strange in our limited ability to perceive.

  • Ross Heintzkill
    Ross Heintzkill 1 месяц назад

    I know I'm late to the party with this video, but you know which theory I like? That I know about them! I like knowing they exist, and that because of you I understand them!
    You're rad, Derek.

  • IveHearted1
    IveHearted1 1 месяц назад

    How do we know there is actually a physical particle involved in the double slit experiment? What's to say it couldn't be virtual?

  • Bartosz B
    Bartosz B 1 месяц назад

    I'm not at all educated in these fields but I am a fan. I like to read and watch about it.

    Somehow I refuse to believe that anything is really random. If an outcome of an experiment seems random I'll say that it's obviously the experiment/measurement that's flawed. Or we just don't see the pattern.

    I have no clue but could the pilot wave mean electrons riding light-waves like that?

  • soijirou seta
    soijirou seta 1 месяц назад

    How about the phenomena where the measurement eliminates the interference pattern? How does pilot wave theory explain that?

  • James Livingston
    James Livingston 1 месяц назад

    so... they are particles that move in a wave pattern??

  • Stefania Smanio
    Stefania Smanio 1 месяц назад

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

  • Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze 1 месяц назад

    You haven't mentioned the objections to Bohmian mechanics: it introduces non-locality.

    Interestingly, although Einstein is famous for his "God does not throw dice" objections to the non-determinism of the Copenhagen interpretation, he was far more bothered by non-locality.

    One reason non-local hidden variable theories haven't gotten much attention is because von Neumann published a false proof claiming to show that hidden variable theories are impossible. This argument was simply false, and shown to be false by Grete Hermann. But Hermann's refutation of von Neumann was largely ignored, and so hidden variable theories were ignored despite de Broglie-Bohm being perfectly consistent, only introducing limited non-locality while maintaining realism and determinism.

    Another reason is ESSW, which again has been massively influential despite being 1. completely misunderstanding Bohmian mechanics and 2. completely refuted by experimental observation that confirms the predictions of Bohmian mechanics.