Kim & Kanye and the Kardashians Clash! All the CRAZIEST MOMENTS!!! | Celebrity Family Feud

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • Check out all the DRAMA, the LAUGHTER and the ACTION as Steve Harvey hosts one of the biggest Celebrity Family Feud episodes EVER... Kim & Kanye Vs The Kardashians!
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Comments • 4 698

  • marcinho
    marcinho 21 hour ago

    love how kylie is not here she is her own person

  • Yasmin Sapna Mohammed

    Man.. I have never seen Kanye this happy and bright. He really has got an infectious smile:)

  • NoneWhatsoever
    NoneWhatsoever 2 days ago

    Lmao Kanye's in heaven.

  • Sun Ivanka
    Sun Ivanka 2 days ago

    Kanye the only one clapping when the rest of em just standin there smilin

  • Kaorhys Love
    Kaorhys Love 3 days ago +1

    Jonathan made it hahahahaha

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  • Ryan Eysele
    Ryan Eysele 5 days ago

    Best episode bits, I really loved the West's answers and Steve's reactions❤️😂

  • jeon kookie blackjack

    18:45 Khloe was soo cute lol

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce 5 days ago +1

    When my grandpa wears Gucci

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce 5 days ago +2

    When you say a joke then another person says a better joke

  • ben Radashyam
    ben Radashyam 6 days ago

    Kanye is the best version of him

  • Kaye IDEAS
    Kaye IDEAS 6 days ago +4

    I love kris jenner when she's sober but i lover her more when she's drunk

  • Kaye IDEAS
    Kaye IDEAS 6 days ago

    Ive been smiling 25 minutes because kanye smile infected me

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown 6 days ago

    I really don’t like how nasty and perverted and childish Steve is being. They need to find a new host I’m pretty sure nobody when be mad about it

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown 6 days ago

    Steve Is annoying

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown 6 days ago +6

    When the camera is on Kim her hair looks crazy 🤣

  • Daniel Al
    Daniel Al 7 days ago

    Republican freed slaves

  • Ashley Sims
    Ashley Sims 8 days ago

    25000 is nothing compared to what they have I don't get why the prize was so small

  • mini nim
    mini nim 10 days ago

    Why is Jonathan even on FAMILY FEUD on team Kardashian !

  • Julio Peralta
    Julio Peralta 10 days ago


  • Samuel Romero
    Samuel Romero 11 days ago +4

    Man... Steve wasn't really tryna pay any attention to my boy Johnathan.

  • Little tinkerbell
    Little tinkerbell 11 days ago

    What’s that cross thing they do

    THE ENTERTAINER TRA 14 days ago +1

    hard for ignorant people 😂 😂 😂 who heard that.

  • miss Dee
    miss Dee 15 days ago

    Most I've ever seen Kanye smile lol

  • Jonathan Watson
    Jonathan Watson 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does it look like Khloe kardasian’s pregnant

  • Liss Martinez
    Liss Martinez 16 days ago

    Love the Kardashians , Jenner's , and Kardashians West

  • why are you reading my comment ?

    I usually hate kanye but
    here he such sweetheart

  • Gatefold Lovers
    Gatefold Lovers 18 days ago

    Society 1989

  • Moncef Bayoudh
    Moncef Bayoudh 18 days ago +2

  • hail snail
    hail snail 19 days ago +1

    16:23 The face of complete love and admiration for Steve Harvey

  • hail snail
    hail snail 19 days ago

    "I gotta go with ya swag Steve"
    8:27 Kim's face: Ya fucked up

  • LordsMobile gang bang
    LordsMobile gang bang 19 days ago +2

    13:40 . Donald trump . best answer ever omg

  • Diamond Sparkle
    Diamond Sparkle 19 days ago

    His daughter looks just like him💗💗

  • Diamond Sparkle
    Diamond Sparkle 19 days ago

    Why is Jonathan there??
    He is sooooo ANNOYING😤😤😤

  • 907Ronald
    907Ronald 19 days ago

    Kanye in that sunken place.

  • Get Spammed
    Get Spammed 21 day ago

    They didn’t want to play for the Ford Fusion?

  • Cristina Pimenta
    Cristina Pimenta 21 day ago +1

    Kanye is looking like he smoked weed or happy😂😂

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 25 days ago +5

    Kim seemed very uncomfortable the whole time

  • Cunty Hunty
    Cunty Hunty 26 days ago

    Kanye got the show to change rules cause he wAnTeD To PlAy FaSt MoNeY.. sounds like a man child to me...

  • Ilemona James Atuluku
    Ilemona James Atuluku 27 days ago

    I thought he was about touching her breast... When she said he has a sexy bald hair

  • President Donald J. Trump

    Kim, that was a good answer, but Beyonce had one of the best answers of all time.

  • President Donald J. Trump

    Can someone please buy the Kardashians and the Wests a box of condoms, thanks.

  • Babo Rawrz
    Babo Rawrz 28 days ago

    Donald Trump 😂😂😂

  • Karissa Manuel
    Karissa Manuel Month ago

    Yayuuurrr THE K FAMILYYYY!!!!🤘

  • Heather Corinne
    Heather Corinne Month ago

    Kim they are surveying the public not asking about yourself.

  • Asdu Tshazi
    Asdu Tshazi Month ago

    3rd oldest and 5th beautiful. good ranking mother

  • Reuben Ler
    Reuben Ler Month ago

    This thing awkward af

  • Dirty Mike And The Boyz

    This was the most awkward episode ever. Cringed watching it SMFH

  • M Wairkar
    M Wairkar Month ago +2

    who is here after the episode of family feud on kuwtk?

  • K.D
    K.D Month ago +2

    This is definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Kanye is into this oh my god 😂

  • Saint C.
    Saint C. Month ago

    Time to start a arguement, I honestly find Kanye's music terrible because it's just not my thing, also I find the Kardashians overrated like I hate to say it but the truth is if you are wanting to be a model you need money to even start usually.

  • Law sux
    Law sux Month ago +18

    $25,000 for the children's hospital? How generous of those wealthy and famous multimillionaires.

  • Esther Kamwa
    Esther Kamwa Month ago

    I love Kris like CRAAAZZZYYY

  • Dracarys Dracarys
    Dracarys Dracarys Month ago

    Cringe ! OMG! change the host OMG he is so not funny....

  • Niyathi NR
    Niyathi NR Month ago

    Why we can't see kylie in any such shows :(

  • Lorna Wong
    Lorna Wong Month ago

    He is really not happy that Jonathan came on the show hahahahah understandable

  • Sebastian Żabiński

    what do you do?

  • Theodor Andrei
    Theodor Andrei Month ago +2

    Which one
    of them cousins stole his laptop?

  • Jade Gosling
    Jade Gosling Month ago

    Johnathan looks like someone has cummed all over his face and not cleaned it off 🤢🤢🤢

  • Moyo Alasade
    Moyo Alasade Month ago

    Wow. Kanye's family is actually attractive.