Top 10 Funny Pranks Compilation || JukinVideo Top Ten

  • Published on Oct 26, 2016
  • Halloween is near and the season of pranks is upon us. From scare pranks to practical jokes, here are some of the best pranks of the year so far! GOT EM.
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    Original Links:
    10. Wait For It...:
    9. Big Fish:
    8. Air Raid:
    7. Surprise!:
    6. JV Spook Fest: We filmed this in our office
    5. Egg Pranked:
    4. Shattered: sammy.taylor.1044/videos/1618712778363257/
    3. Startled: N/A
    2. Roach Prank: N/A
    1. Urine 4 A Scare:
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Comments • 143

  • werewolfes mamoths

    I believed that condom prank is fake..

  • DerpyDevil Studio's

    Ok so.. ya probs know bout this (and I was alseep so THANK GOD!) but here in Maui (or just Hawaii) someone either pranked us or accidentally put on a all over missile siren! (Ya know the one where we FREAKING GET NUKED!) and it went on the phones (NOT A DRILL REPEAT NOT A DRILL MISSILE IN BOND) shit like that idk I was asleep at the time and everyone was waiting for the sirens then we all got a false alarm (sounded funnny and terrifying as shet)

  • DerpyDevil Studio's

    Wats air raid siren? A siren for when a bomber is comin?

  • nugraha teknik
    nugraha teknik Year ago


  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez Year ago

    That guy at 4:38 fell for wearing crocs. Smh. Let’s raise awareness of this epidemic .

  • Yeeterson Junior
    Yeeterson Junior Year ago

    2:48 what kind of computer is that

  • Celaozica
    Celaozica Year ago

    Zuera Master 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • StealthinDaBetter
    StealthinDaBetter 2 years ago

    2:09 you take it all in.....then you scream.

  • YourMomsApartment 710
    YourMomsApartment 710 2 years ago

    Lmfao dude caught a massive black wanker

  • Nour Rezk
    Nour Rezk 2 years ago

    :47 guy was just bout to say " got eat it " lmaooo is

  • osbely
    osbely 2 years ago +3

    That iPhone bug prank is the best.

  • Cas
    Cas 2 years ago

    Please di the outtro agian

  • TGArcher
    TGArcher 2 years ago

    I feel sorry for that Czechish guy

  • Caleb Nicholls
    Caleb Nicholls 2 years ago

    That last guy almost ripped his dick off

  • Julian Ploeg
    Julian Ploeg 3 years ago

    number 5 is from Holland wat he say first was dutch

  • mcbutton1988
    mcbutton1988 3 years ago

    These are legit the top 10 most funniest pranks. like really. saw a lot more hilarious clips of pranks on youtube but when it comes to top 10 funniest, these videos are it. i am still laughing my ass of right now. omg so funny.

  • Pandała
    Pandała 3 years ago


  • Mike Yakumaru
    Mike Yakumaru 3 years ago

    dildoing not fishing

  • dirk v.e
    dirk v.e 3 years ago

    congratulations on hitting 1.4 million subscribers jukinvideo!!!

  • Cheef KO
    Cheef KO 3 years ago

    Air raid siren. Turmoil and confusion. And all those IDIOTS look to their phones for help.

  • Carlos Henrique
    Carlos Henrique 3 years ago

    Whattttt Fuck

  • Peter Tam
    Peter Tam 3 years ago

    So my question is am I the only one who saw the knife on the table in the office ?

  • jhin ñ tonic
    jhin ñ tonic 3 years ago

    4:40 thats what he gets for wearing crocs

  • Le Cobra
    Le Cobra 3 years ago

    8 is a prank for now, but when Hillary will go to the white house it's gonna be a reality, expect ww3.

  • Ankur Kini
    Ankur Kini 3 years ago

    socks and Crocs. yup. i think ive officially seen everything

  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner 3 years ago

    "Oh My God! I think some shit is going down, I better text someone."

  • john papple
    john papple 3 years ago

    Wow. #8 was fucking brutal. What an epic prank.

  • silenthillstrangler
    silenthillstrangler 3 years ago

    Faking a terrorist attack...real fucking funny, try that at the airport. Morons.

    • john papple
      john papple 3 years ago

      Who said it was a "terrorist" attack. Terrorists usually don't allow any opportunity for a warning... Blaring a siren at an airport is a serious stretch from pranking some people on a video call. Calm down bro.

  • Jackie Vaille
    Jackie Vaille 3 years ago

    FailArmy and JukinVideo. Why own two channels about funny videos if you post the same stuff.

  • mareir
    mareir 3 years ago

    Those were fantastic. 😂

  • Chance Rigley
    Chance Rigley 3 years ago

    Intro song???

  • tomas irii
    tomas irii 3 years ago

    Fail army was here

  • redsn0
    redsn0 3 years ago

    Stop fucking posting compilations. Unsubbed form this bullshit. no one gives a shit about your compilation.

    • sugams2s
      sugams2s 3 years ago

      redsn0 1 million+ people seem to

  • grecomic
    grecomic 3 years ago +2

    0:22 Just another fishing trip off the coast of Dildo, Newfoundland.

  • Ronaldo Villa
    Ronaldo Villa 3 years ago

    Cute 05:15

  • InternetDude
    InternetDude 3 years ago

    So many retarded people shooting vertical video. Like how fucking stupid are you?

  • Enticing Earlobe
    Enticing Earlobe 3 years ago

    stop recycling clips from fail army

    • Enticing Earlobe
      Enticing Earlobe 3 years ago

      @ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ you dont even know who that is, stop flexing like youre some type of soldier

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
      ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 3 years ago

      stop searching for fat old man on youtube

  • Agustin Bravo
    Agustin Bravo 3 years ago

    Che alguno me dice que pasa en el minuto 3:15?

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 3 years ago +4

    What happens with the eggs?

    • Kaya van den Bosch
      Kaya van den Bosch 3 years ago +8

      He said that if he smashed 3 eggs on his head, the other person gets 30 euro's, but he smashed only 2 of the eggs, so the other guy gets nothing.

  • ZomBrii
    ZomBrii 3 years ago

    The egg one was just...lame

  • JaegerMax
    JaegerMax 3 years ago

    I think Nr.10 is Nr.1

  • Alexandre - Prod.
    Alexandre - Prod. 3 years ago

    Il y a des français ici ? Je suis tout seul ?

  • brent lewis
    brent lewis 3 years ago

    The air raid one triggered the Jews lol

  • Jesse Kitabjian
    Jesse Kitabjian 3 years ago +6

    An actual prank video without gone wrong or gone sexual in the title... THANK YOU

  • Matthias Schmitt
    Matthias Schmitt 3 years ago +3

    So people in the US actually react to those "air raid sirens"? those things go off so often in germany, no one even gives a shit anymore. Which obviously makes them completely useless and redundant

    • Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff
      Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff Year ago

      Some small towns use them for things like voluntary fire departments. I worked in a town that had it. That's how you knew a fire happened.

    • HerbertThePlant
      HerbertThePlant 3 years ago

      Saraz Lol not racist tho

    • Let's be equally poor
      Let's be equally poor 3 years ago

      DropKickedGrandma Racist fuck that makes no sense

    • john papple
      john papple 3 years ago

      In the US you don't actually hear those "air raid sirens". At least I have never heard one. I don't know what the sirens sound like on the coasts for tsunamis, as we don't even get tsunamis, but tornado sirens don't sound like that and I've heard them many times. Air raid sirens would mean VERY bad news because we don't even have air raid drills, as far as I know. I have never had one anyways. But the reason they reacted was because the people were acting like an attack was happening. The air raid siren just completed the scene they were trying to create.

    • HerbertThePlant
      HerbertThePlant 3 years ago

      Matthias Schmitt maybe bc germany always attacks?

  • Marcelo Freire Faria
    Marcelo Freire Faria 3 years ago +3

    4:36 everybody wearing crocs

    • osbely
      osbely 2 years ago

      Marcelo Freire Faria it must be the employee break room.

  • 19teutoberger63
    19teutoberger63 3 years ago


  • Please Ask Me If I Care.
    Please Ask Me If I Care. 3 years ago +4

    ... Didnt fail-army do the same thing, just like a day or so ago? ... Damn, Jukin, yet another plagiarized video from Failarmy

    • john papple
      john papple 3 years ago +1

      They're basically the same people doing two different channels man. calm down.

    • 1234567890cats _
      1234567890cats _ 3 years ago +2

      Please Ask Me If I Care. It's really funny because they work together

    • Tanner Klipp
      Tanner Klipp 3 years ago

      do you care?

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 3 years ago

    the father called his child a rat hahahaha
    you break everything xD oh no awesome thanks for sharing

  • FutureDelica
    FutureDelica 3 years ago

    Wait for Ricardo prank comp.

  • This Is Happening
    This Is Happening  3 years ago +65

    For once I actually pranked people in this office.

  • Piusa
    Piusa 3 years ago

    3.00 that was awesome😂

  • regular everyday normal modafuka

    air raid sirens are scary ... mesmerising... hypnotic... that long sound gives me goosebumps... i love it

    • M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333
      M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333 3 years ago

      My nan still stands up in fight mode if one goes off on t.v

    • Le Cobra
      Le Cobra 3 years ago

      Here in France every first wednesday of the month the siren is tested, if it happen any other day it's because something really fucked up happens, it happened in Paris last month and in another cities last week, nobody seemed to react to it expect 10 people on twitter...
      They tested our reaction, we didn't reacted. Expect ww3 to be bloody with us sheep.

    • OblivionShadow
      OblivionShadow 3 years ago

      In Hawaii you also have sirens for Tsunami's although those are tested every month or so.

    • DAVID P
      DAVID P 3 years ago +2

      Well if its somewhere between the Rockies and Appalachians, then its tornado sirens. Scary when they are blaring AND there's a nasty looking sky overhead.

    • Luca
      Luca 3 years ago

      @DAVID P I think they are used as general warning sirens, like "get your as* in front of the radio and do what we tell you or you're gonna die"

  • Stop Spamming
    Stop Spamming 3 years ago

    5:43 rip 2 inch penis (cause of death: caught in the zipper)

    ОВСЮК 3 years ago +1

    лайк за бориса

  • Bitchface Malone III
    Bitchface Malone III 3 years ago

    what did he say at the egg thing? what is with the 3rd one?

    • FALCONo9i
      FALCONo9i 3 years ago +1

      he put it back to the fridge

    • Bitchface Malone III
      Bitchface Malone III 3 years ago

      yeah but what happend to the 3rd one?

    • Ali Ibrahim
      Ali Ibrahim 3 years ago +1

      David K. He said that if he smashed 3 eggs on him,he will give him 30 bucks...but he inky smashed two😂

  • Venkat Ramana
    Venkat Ramana 3 years ago

    0:48-1:56 Best

  • Strange Days
    Strange Days 3 years ago


  • Veppa Music
    Veppa Music 3 years ago +7

    You break everything! 3:58

    • Veppa Music
      Veppa Music 8 months ago +1

      Legend says she's still breaking everything.

  • Nou Xiong
    Nou Xiong 3 years ago +1

    I did not understand the egg prank.

    • Funny Kids World
      Funny Kids World 3 years ago


    • Nou Xiong
      Nou Xiong 3 years ago

      I thought that too but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks!

    • James Porter
      James Porter 3 years ago +7

      He only smashed 2 eggs on his head, so the guy's not getting the $30