My First Boyfriend Emotionally Abused Me

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • What if your first boyfriend was manipulating and emotionally abusing you without you even knowing it? Unfortunately, this happens more than you think. Emotional abuse is very different than physical and does not have to happen in a relationship (boyfriend/ girlfriend). It can happen with a parent or friend with only their words.
    Emotional abuse is not to be taken lightly. It is important to know that emotional abuse is not when someone breaks up with you, yells or raises their voice. Often times, the person being abused doesn't even know it. They believe all problems are their fault, even when it's not, and mold themselves to what their partner wants them to be changing who they are and often times, isolating them from friends and family members.
    Emotional abusers will criticize and manipulate someone to do things they want.
    They will shame and blame someone with verbal abuse often yelling with hostility.
    They will name call, refuse to communicate and isolate someone from their closest relatives and friends.
    These are just a few small examples of emotional abuse. It may seem small, but if you know someone going through this, please reach out and help them by supporting and encouraging them to seek help. The best thing you can do, is support them.
    If you have any stories you feel can help others, please submit them to If we choose your story, we will draw and animate it so that you can also help others out there with your words and experiences. Be sure to subscribe so you can see your story appear in the next launch.
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  • The Graveyardbabe

    I spent 3 years with a person like this. He even cheated on me. It destroyed me because I always thought everything was my fault. I'm still afraid of doing something wrong.

  • Mamta Phatak
    Mamta Phatak 2 days ago

    1like = For the girl
    Comment = How do feel about Jake.

  • betani queen
    betani queen 4 days ago

    Like now if you never had a boyfriend.

  • Bibi Banana
    Bibi Banana 5 days ago

    1 like=bad luck for jake

  • Fluffy Boi
    Fluffy Boi 6 days ago

    Can she be my therapist pls

  • Shorty Remix
    Shorty Remix 7 days ago +1

    Fuck the “bond” at 2:27, break up with him!

  • Randall Scott
    Randall Scott 9 days ago

    My friends say I’m innocent and kind and outgoing

  • I am a pretty beautiful Banana

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  • Anais Soliz
    Anais Soliz 13 days ago

    Boys these days🙄

  • Mohammed ElBeialy
    Mohammed ElBeialy 13 days ago +1

    the title would be much better if it's ' my boyfriend is a bad clown '

  • Malak El Mansouri
    Malak El Mansouri 13 days ago

    My 3rd boyfriend aka my first adult boyfriend emotionally abused me too .

  • FarhanBD
    FarhanBD 16 days ago +1

    Someone fix the voice recording

  • Hantsuww :3
    Hantsuww :3 17 days ago

    I thinked i’m only one.. 😭

  • Chloe Atkinson
    Chloe Atkinson 18 days ago

    One like= One kick it the face for "JAKE"

  • bluemountain555
    bluemountain555 19 days ago

    I have absolutely no sympathy or pity whatsoever for women who are battered by their boyfriends or husbands. They showed extreme stupidity to have gotten involved with their abusive men in the first place.

  • Kendal Gorka
    Kendal Gorka 20 days ago

    I... ive been in this situation... he still yells at me saying that everything is my fault... over time I’ve learned that ignoring him was the best solution... he will get super mad that I ignor him...

  • Haneem Dalway
    Haneem Dalway 20 days ago

    It's so true...people judge from the outside but don't understand '. I myself understand since I was physically ,emotional and verbally abused by my mother soon turned into a routine and fear ...I understand and I'm still recovering

  • Kawlnu Chothe
    Kawlnu Chothe 20 days ago

    I was emotionally abused by my ex .. I would apologise after every fight so that I could save the relationship.. things become worse .. whenever he was angry he would verbally abused me .. I always cry myself to sleep at night .. it went on for 3 years ..that’s when I started reacting without apologising.. that’s when he jump into new relationship with a new girl .. I begged and cry .. he didn’t listened .. after 5 months he came back saying he was sorry .. I forgive him because I loved him .. this year towards the end of March .. I was just angry .. he started abusing me verbally again .. I said we r done .. he said okay .. I left without any reply .. fast forward to 3 weeks I found out that he was already rekindling with his ex from 7 years who was always trying to come in between us .. he deleted me from his Facebook and unfollowed me on Instagram .. i texted him just to make sure he was moving on already .. instead he started mocking me and being mean and rude to me .. still I don’t even say any disrespectful words towards him .. I apologised and finally I left ... It is hard to move on.. But I will never ever make myself go through a hell like life again..

  • Leonita Carag
    Leonita Carag 20 days ago +1

    1 like= 1000 slaps for Jake

  • xo Leslie xo
    xo Leslie xo 23 days ago +2

    I don't have a bf😂 who here is a single pringle???🤣😂

  • Tiffany Matthews
    Tiffany Matthews 23 days ago +1

    This is happening to me rn😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Princess Stewart
    Princess Stewart 24 days ago +2

    HE should have been the one who apologized and go tell someone that you where Emotional Abuse.

  • hi sisters 0
    hi sisters 0 27 days ago +2

    Pretty but doesnt have a heart
    Ugly but has a tremendous heart

  • Nawal Khashan
    Nawal Khashan 27 days ago +2

    Who finds it satisfying when the paint the drawings in their vids lol 😂

  • emmy bell
    emmy bell 28 days ago +1

    This video hit deep for me I’m sorry you went threw this

  • Life with me Channel
    Life with me Channel 28 days ago +1

    1 like=10 punch’s for jake I feel so bad cause if I saw this happening I will get a belt and start whooping his A*s with a belt it is the African in me

  • Gerson Cuevas
    Gerson Cuevas Month ago +1

    She should have faced him and then tie him to a bed and teach him his place and to who he belongs ;)

  • ღ Anime Angel ღ
    ღ Anime Angel ღ Month ago +1

    I too was in an emotionally abusive relationship. This girl made me feel like everything was my fault. Just because I had reactions to what she said. She put me down so I defended myself. I also told her that she was being rude. I was with her for 2 years. She always made me feel like shit. She too did the same thing as your ex did. "I'm the only one who is trying to make this relationship work." That's what she said. It wasnt true. I took her words to heart, I cried every night. However I stayed. I stayed because I loved how she used to be. She dumped me. I'm thankful she did. I would have never have dumped her. I would forever be stuck in that emotionally abusive relationship. She dumped me in January. It is now April almost May. I am the happiest I have ever been. It would be a lie, if I said I never think of her. I do a lot. I miss what we used to be.

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry Month ago +1

    This girl should know that there are plenty of fish in the sea this girl should find another man

  • Sailor Star
    Sailor Star Month ago +1

    What I would do is make sure karma burns him and he gets what he deserve

  • Richa Sharma
    Richa Sharma Month ago +1

    my story

  • Kate The artic wolf
    Kate The artic wolf Month ago +1

    One like = 2, 986,987 slaps for jake

  • Any Rodziewicz
    Any Rodziewicz Month ago +1

    Like people always say young and dumb to young to date

  • 365 D 525,600 M
    365 D 525,600 M Month ago +1

    Jaden Animation newest video right now Relation shops take care of your self

  • Shy Crazy
    Shy Crazy Month ago +1

    He looks like Dean from wizards of waverly place

  • Melania Quill
    Melania Quill Month ago +1

    I wish I had a dollar every time she said "I"

  • Bibiana Blarasin
    Bibiana Blarasin Month ago +1

    One like: one less person like Jake

  • Qanita Hussain
    Qanita Hussain Month ago +1

    I really love the illustration, it's so good! 😍

  • Kliyah's Life
    Kliyah's Life Month ago +1

    Tips on 1st bfs

    Never date the class clown

    Never date anyone with lots of problems

    Never date anyone who thinks your ugly or that things something is ugly or gross about you.

    Date someone understanding

    And know even though he doesn't look like your dream guy, he might just treat you like your dream guy.

    I will update this, 1 like = 😅

  • Cherry ,
    Cherry , Month ago +1

    I was too but there is more in life stay strong❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ina Ric
    Ina Ric Month ago +1

    She did the right thing

    FREEDOM OF THE RAIL Month ago +1

    how come all of these videos have some kind of person abusin them?

  • Gwen :P
    Gwen :P Month ago +1

    This is like my relationship with my bff. We always fight and expects me to apologise

  • AstroCanceled Bean
    AstroCanceled Bean Month ago +2

    His Eyebrows be thicker than Kim Kardashian

  • Nightcore Bagel
    Nightcore Bagel Month ago +2

    I hope I never find a Jake

  • Extremely Low Quality Content

    He me too

  • Nora Keer
    Nora Keer Month ago +1

    why was she dating kevboyperry

  • simply Arleny
    simply Arleny Month ago +4

    Who is the pretty person read the first word

  • Nikki L
    Nikki L Month ago +2

    I had the same problem because of my ex he said that I was good enough but when I finally had enough of him and I decided to finally break up I found out that he cheated on more then ones and I don’t regret breaking up with I am much happier I which this had came up when I was still with him then I would have realised sooner.

  • • Cloudy Chan •
    • Cloudy Chan • Month ago +1

    Man, her voice is asmr

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe Month ago +1

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT ONE OF MY FRIENDS DID TO ME! I had a breakdown one night after a fight and I sought help through one of my friends and they told me she was manipulative and I stopped being her friend, but I'm friends with her again. If she so much as tries to manipulate me again, I'm cutting everything off right then and there.

  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming Month ago +1

    Jake look like the evil side of Robin hood

    BISHISTAX Month ago

    This Proves that Jake Paul Is A Jerk

  • Unicorn Love333
    Unicorn Love333 Month ago +1

    That same thing is happening with me and a friend... Wow

  • Fox Love
    Fox Love Month ago

    I have a similar relationship with my mom but it’s both mental and physical abuse what do I do I’m only 12 and my dad doesn’t have legal parental control over me neither does my moms boyfriend help

  • Coffee Eats food
    Coffee Eats food Month ago

    Jake from State Farm
    "It's real free a-state"

  • i hate everything
    i hate everything Month ago

    jake kissed you
    liked to undo.

  • Chicken Salad
    Chicken Salad Month ago

    Ok I’m 12 and even though I’m young, I still understand all of this and can’t under stand how someone much older than me can’t notice the signs of a manipulator. I know people could be weak and not want to cause conflict but they would notice the behaviour would be very strange right? I feel like every parent should talk to their child about this because people only start talking about it when it actually happens.

  • Rylee R.M.B
    Rylee R.M.B Month ago

    Are you lying to me ( probably.) ?

  • big smoke
    big smoke Month ago

    same :(

  • cool bees
    cool bees Month ago +1

    My first boyfriend emotionally abused me too. I was 16 and I was too excited that a guy liked me for the first time to realize that he was a complete trash bag. He made fun of my anxiety and preyed on me because I was shy and vulnerable. He purposely pretended to be mad at me so I would apologize and almost cry. He then would say “just joking you’re so weak.” He made me stop being friends with a guy, insulted my mom and called me names like “ugly bitch”. I broke up with him on my birthday and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Now 7 years later I’m happier than ever and I grew from my bad experience. Moral of the story is, it’s your right to feel safe and loved in a relationship.

  • Candy Jewel
    Candy Jewel Month ago

    I have a friend like jake.....She sucks and I hate her now. But it’s hard to leave her because I’m easily fooled by her fake smiles.

  • Gacha Marie
    Gacha Marie Month ago

    This happened to me too 0.0

  • shalu virdi
    shalu virdi Month ago

    2:15 he could advantage of me oh tell me how's it feel sitting up there-without me

  • shalu virdi
    shalu virdi Month ago +1

    Let's call him Jake Paul 😝

  • Sadik Meah
    Sadik Meah Month ago

    And what's his side of the story?

  • xXNightshadeLivesXx

    Sounds like he has NPD, narcissistic Personality Disorder. My father has this too, so I can see the same stuff that happened with my mother.

  • Val
    Val Month ago

    why does jake look like kevboyperry

  • Nidhi Pratheesh
    Nidhi Pratheesh Month ago

    I went through the same thing 😭 it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me

  • Vhantot ketchie
    Vhantot ketchie 2 months ago

    This is eye opening

  • Hearth4days
    Hearth4days 2 months ago

    0:24 MOTO MOTO

  • samantha.p
    samantha.p 2 months ago +1

    turns out, ive been emotionally abused by most people in my life, especially my family 🤨

  • Lola Nicolau
    Lola Nicolau 2 months ago

    Omg i couldn't end the video because of the sound of her tongue and saliva. Gross.

  • Vasilina Cat
    Vasilina Cat 2 months ago

    Рашиан люди, хэлоу))

  • baby yeonjun
    baby yeonjun 2 months ago


  • Fuzzy playz
    Fuzzy playz 2 months ago +1

    My first boyfriend was the same this story reminds me so much of that one
    I always also felt like it was my fault

    • Fuzzy playz
      Fuzzy playz Month ago

      +Hearth4days want me to send an invite link?

    • Hearth4days
      Hearth4days Month ago

      +Fuzzy playz Oh, we are. Cool. I'm 16 in January

    • Fuzzy playz
      Fuzzy playz 2 months ago

      +Hearth4days well i am almost 16 😅

    • Hearth4days
      Hearth4days 2 months ago +1

      +Fuzzy playz lol we're probably not even in the same age range

    • Fuzzy playz
      Fuzzy playz 2 months ago +1

      +Hearth4days wish we could be friends we'd get along

  • CryMyself_ ToSleep
    CryMyself_ ToSleep 2 months ago

    I know the feelin.


  • sophia roa
    sophia roa 2 months ago +4

    Kick Jake 100 times = like down below

  • Jaelyn Caballero
    Jaelyn Caballero 2 months ago

    This is littered what happened to me too

  • MiniCookiez
    MiniCookiez 2 months ago

    I went through this and I wished I'd have known exactly what was going on but I didn't or I was blinded. Watching this now really hits it home for me. It's honestly hard to know until after you look back on it when everything is over.

  • Sarah j
    Sarah j 2 months ago

    Her story is very close to how it was for me and my ex boyfriend he was verbally abusive and physically abusive alway blaming me for everything that went wrong I was his punching bag nothing I did was good enough I missed my period twice while with him thank god they were false alarms but unlike this story I can't find a way to smile I haven't fully smiled in 2 and a half years since he cheated and left me all I wanna hope is that the other girls he dated after me are ok 😭

  • Salmah Mamood
    Salmah Mamood 2 months ago

    angel wya

  • Ch1py & Ch1py
    Ch1py & Ch1py 2 months ago

    She dated…

    Read More

  • Непонятное Существо

    Я не понимаю, она украла стиль эрики хантер, или наоборот!!?? 😕😕🙁😦😡😠😾🙀🤷🤷🤷🤷👀👁️💨💢💢❣️💔🐯🐅🐆🐅🐕🐩🐺🦊🐱🐮🌯

  • Mai Chan
    Mai Chan 2 months ago

    Minute videos this one was 6:15 minutes long

  • A P H R O D I T E
    A P H R O D I T E 2 months ago +1

    That's just me in the screen. I can't believe that someone else has also went through the phase just like i did. I overcame it. But it devasted everything. It took long long long timeeee to overcome :)

  • Jake Fanslau
    Jake Fanslau 2 months ago +4

    My brother cheated on his girlfriend!

    ACTUALLY HAP- oops wrong yt Chanel

  • Srishti _crafts
    Srishti _crafts 2 months ago

    It is the same story as mine...I m still going through this..Nd could not find courage to leave him...I don't know what to do 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Julieth Mora
    Julieth Mora 2 months ago

    I recently broke up with my abusive boyfriend. We were long distance. He always made sure he knew where I was and who I was with. Im bisexual so it worries him even if Im with a girl. He used to tell me things like "What kind of girlfriend does that?" Or "What the fuck is wrong with you?". It was always my fault when it came to fights. He wouldn't be the one to apologize. If I wanted things to end I had to apologize, not him. We were on and off, talking about how we could get better to just give it another try. I told myself that each and every time we would fight. I kept telling myself that maybe when we meet it will be better and that he isn't really like that. We were together for almost 3 years now. And honestly my world revolved around him. I had a bed time that he had set for me. I would have to be in bed at around 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. or else we wouldn't be able to talk on the phone (it was the closest I could ever be with him so I tried to get the most out of it) he lived an hour ahead of me. So I would always have to lose and hour or two of my day to simply talk to him. And even then when we did talk he never was the one to make me laugh and giggle like a lover should. No, he was the one who made me cry and scream my guts out because I "never had time for him". Or because "I needed to grow up and deal with it". I thought this was normal. I thought well he is older he knows better (we started dating when he was 16 and I was 14. Now im 16 and he's 18). It never occurred to me that we were toxic because he manipulated me into spending time with him because "he matters more than my siblings". Im very close to my brothers so I would talk to them constantly and he would cry and shout at me all because family won't always be there but he will. So pay attention to me because I'll never leave you. Well guess what Rowe, I left because I opened my eyes to your manipulating ways. And im no longer apologizing for something you did to fix "us". If you're still here, thank you for being patient and reaching out to at least read it. Best of wishes~ Julie.

  • Rap Bot
    Rap Bot 2 months ago

    Omg guys so sad get a like for Alexa to play despactio

  • Dusky Dawn
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  • UmiNagasaki
    UmiNagasaki 2 months ago

    i love the drawing style soooooo much

  • Dark villain
    Dark villain 2 months ago

    The Song Reminds Me Of Arms Around You

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    Dirty John

  • baby_ tiger24
    baby_ tiger24 2 months ago

    This should have a lot more views

  • Queen Rainbow
    Queen Rainbow 2 months ago +1

    At my school we sometimes me and my friends tease and well roast them if you may but only as a joke and we are just messing around the person that we are teasing knows that but we Ana Me will never bully anyone but sometimes I get scared because next year I am going to be in middle school but I am so different

  • Hade Abad
    Hade Abad 2 months ago

    Do you guys post every story submitted? or just some of them? Just asking, thanks!

  • Anna may Foster
    Anna may Foster 2 months ago

    I went through this. your not alone x

  • HeyItsLiyah
    HeyItsLiyah 2 months ago +1

    Why do all of them have cameltoes 💀💀💀 5:41

  • Inaya Ikram
    Inaya Ikram 2 months ago +1

    This is so annoying just break up with him ugh!