Top 10 Extreme Sports

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For this list, we're looking at recognized extreme sports that involve a bit of skill, technique and intelligence.

Special thanks to our users Katerina Giann, mac121mr0 and Leo Lazar Jakšić for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest

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Автор Sam Richardson ( назад)
surprised like downhill longboarding wasn't atleast an honorable mention.

Автор Tristan Radeka ( назад)
Oh boy this is gonna suck

Автор Aj Parker ( назад)
what about parkour hahaha

Автор macoct1406 ( назад)
How did ice climbing outdo big wave surfing?

Автор Chris Coates ( назад)
down hill mountain biken is the best

Автор Jr Mr.unknown ( назад)
Cant even do that on gta xD

Автор The Traveller ( назад)
Where's Bungy Jumping? 😀

Автор ETF Z ( назад)

Автор Marc Albert TS ( назад)
zi lo entiendo to :v

Автор Roma Struk ( назад)
давай 5 пацан!

Автор Qin Yuhan ( назад)

Автор Giovanni ( назад)
Music 7:54?

Автор Kai Harvey ( назад)

Автор DLR Adventures ( назад)
I do motocross

Автор ChuBatJade ( назад)
Where is MMA and UFC?

Автор Said Martinez ( назад)
I practice motocross n kayaking

Автор Talon Belski ( назад)
you should re make this video

Автор Logan Ellis ( назад)
One of the most exciting sports, motocross, and you are focused on vanilla ice being a state champ??are you not going to mention how exciting and worldwide motocross is??? seriously cmon!

Автор Roy Gemüse fan ( назад)
And Parkour !?

Автор Deez Nuts ( назад)
American rider? shit bull riding was invented by mexicans

Автор Esra ( назад)
7:10 efsane

Автор Yiling Liu ( назад)
Bull riding... won't they be afraid of hurting penis???

Автор Quartz Apatre ( назад)
This list was dare I say Xtreme !!!

Автор theClimber'sBulli ( назад)
this is NOT Freeclimbing! It's called Free-Solo.
Free Solo: climbing without a rope, harness and safety gear.
Freeclimbing: To climb something free means, that you are secured with a harness, rope and gear. But you arent't allowed to fall during the route. When you are at the top and didn't fall, you've done this route free.

Автор LongFeng Yuan ( назад)
Wow, it looks very amazing, I often take my Mini sport Camera(https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01FQMOZO8) to record anything on the way.

Автор MarceloFG ( назад)
Motocross is me😈😈😈

Автор Joris Slavickas ( назад)
where is dh

Автор Action All Day ( назад)
where's freeride mtb and downhill

Автор Clifton Crevier ( назад)
Freestyle motocross should of been separated from motocross, it's a completely different ball game lol. In my opinion, fmx should be number 1.

Автор MrJacker3000 ( назад)
Cmon Freeskiing

Автор Nikita Flynn ( назад)
parkour, BMX, Motocross

Автор Mr. Serban ( назад)
But Downhill bikeing?

Автор Jason Stewart ( назад)
what about freediving?

Автор Jack Burke ( назад)
Chess is pretty extreme

Автор Merijn ( назад)
Bullriding is just silly and I hate the people that do it. It is so sad for the bulls.

Автор Ness Haddy ( назад)

Автор Valkiria Extreme ( назад)

Автор SashaNH PRANKS ( назад)

Автор Eddie Bello ( назад)
What about parkour

Автор bernhnic2 ( назад)
paragliding, speedflying, base, back-country skiing, DH........... what a retarded list

Автор Matt Bershinsky ( назад)
Iiiiiiin case anyone wanted to know, big mountain/backcountry skiing is the single most dangerous popular sport. Period. You go fly off 100 foot cliffs on 55 degree slopes with avalanches chasing you down, and then you can bitch about "motocross"

Автор 17MuG ( назад)
There is a difference between free climbing, free soloing and deep water soloing..

Автор TheDapper Monkey ( назад)
Free soloing, rock climbing, bouldering, base jumping and downhill mountain biking are my main sports, I also snowboard and surf occasionally.

Автор KorradoXan ( назад)
top 10 ways you can legally suicidally flirt with death. seems like russian roulette would be cheaper, but less majestically douche-baggy.

Автор Leland John ( назад)
Some of these aren't even real sports

Автор basjon ingold ( назад)
Where is the Isle of Man TT!?

Автор zGirphius ( назад)
ma veramente avete inserito cose come lo skateboard omettendo i veri sport estremi come downhill e parkour

Автор zGirphius ( назад)
parkour or downhill is the most extreme sport

Автор Gavin Rickerson ( назад)
Where is ski jumping???

Автор Jun jun ( назад)
What about hang gliding

Автор Entity ( назад)
dont really down hill mountain bike but down hill mtb is the most extreme

Автор justin colburn ( назад)
let me stop you right there. pbr riders are thee biggest bitches you will ever meet hands down. ok continue

Автор Tom Lawson ( назад)
climbing up scaffolding is not an extreme sport, even without a rope and harness. I'm not interested in that shit as it really doesn't require much technique, strength of bottle to climb up ladders. Soloing up a mountain face is what I'm interested in and I'm sure those mad dogs out there that do solo up sheer mountain faces aren't interested in some fools who climb up simple cranes for likes and shares. It's called 'rock climbing' and not simply 'climbing' for a reason.

Автор tenacious645 ( назад)
Free climbing is absolutely nuts. My hat's off to the guys and gals who do it, and good luck to you. It gives me anxiety just watching it. I'm not afraid of heights either (I've been skydiving and had a lot of fun doing it considering it was my first time in an airplane) it's just the endurance required for free climbing is insane. There is not quitting half way. What if you get a cramp! Or what if you get sleepy and fancy a nap?

Автор tenacious645 ( назад)
I wonder if that bull rider knows he looks like a sissy.

Автор Flyin knight ( назад)
you forgot Downhill A.K.A mountainbiking

Автор Colin German ( назад)
I know it's dumb to advertise my account on other peoples but I think you guys should check out my account and subscribe! I do some pretty crazy trampoline tricks

Автор MaHmOuD H ( назад)
watching WATCHMOJO is so extreme to me :)

Автор Ashlyn Aguirre ( назад)
you should have included clips of bull riding in Spain. that's where it originated and it's much more hardcore than the lame ass rednecks

Автор Alec Olguin ( назад)
what about down hill longboarding

Автор MegaRedfox101 ( назад)

Автор Justin Daugherty ( назад)
Ummm where's rugby

Автор Plot Twist ( назад)

Автор Georgiaftw ( назад)
Well, i saw only 1 extreme sport here and it's free climbing

Автор Casinora ( назад)
I will do motocross or wing suiting

Автор BedsideTexas ( назад)
No BMX? :(

Автор Michaeljeferson ( назад)
Is walking to the fridge is an extreme sport?

Автор Del ( назад)
how the hell is extreme bowling not on this list?

Автор Charles Gable ( назад)

Автор Cihan Cebe ( назад)
Bu ne ya ? 11 milyon abone var ama izlenme sayısına bak !

Автор Cole Lazzarini ( назад)
Where's downhill biking?

Автор Noah James ( назад)
snowboarding definitely should have been on there

Автор Angel Valdovinos ( назад)

Автор Erin Michelle ( назад)
Love the commentary line "you need a hefty set of balls or a sturdy set of ovaries" Ha!

Автор asdf fdsa ( назад)
You're compleatly mistaken with the climbing terms. Freeclimbling means climbing without using anything but the rock to hold/stand on. But you can use a rope and so called quickdraws to prevent a fall to the ground. What you showed is Free Soloing, where you climb without any protection. And the same story with the Highlines. You can (and you actually showed some footage) use a rope to protect you from falling to death although a few (actually realy realy few) Highliners do it without the rope.

Автор fgsdfs dvsdvs88 ( назад)
parkour should have been here

Автор callisen ( назад)
No freediving??

Автор Jose Quesada ( назад)

Автор yoshyoka ( назад)
Skylining, skating downhill and Vulcano surfing? Are you serious? The first is just a side-note to climbing. The second would be extreme down a glacier but in a controlled environment and with protections I don't see it as extreme. Vulcano surfing is just snowboarding on sand and small rocks down a slope, which is safer than actual freeriding.
I'd substitute with downhill/freeride/trials mountain biking, para/hang gliding and kite surfing.

Автор zachary garland ( назад)
snowmobiling. #cainsquest

Автор Red WinterPB ( назад)
were the hell is paintball on this list that definitely an extreme sport!!!

Автор Frank Hammond ( назад)
the isle of man road racer didn't make the list because watchmojo didn't want to show their huge brass balls

Автор Micky Nicks ( назад)
Where's parkour and freerunning?

Автор Sir Meows Alot ( назад)
I highwalkd once

Автор Sir Meows Alot ( назад)
I've done bull riding, it's very intense

Автор Sir Meows Alot ( назад)

Автор Matt Edwards ( назад)
No speed riding?

Автор VeniVidi Vici ( назад)
What about gaming ? :))

Автор Wilson Roño ( назад)
The motherfucker on the snowmobile just rode of a cliff... I get scared just being in the balcony.. fuck that.

Автор Josiah Moreng ( назад)
You missed Cave diving!!!

Автор cummerou1 ( назад)
I skydive but most of the shit on this list scares the absolute shit out of me!

Автор Evan Thiessen ( назад)
For once I'm actually happy with WM's #1 pick.

Автор Pj Shaw ( назад)
What about down hill mountain biking

Автор David Ha ( назад)
You forgot fixed gear track racing is extreme and dangerous because they have no handlebar brakes and they got at very high speeds.

Автор Adam Wolff ( назад)
free running should be on this list..on honorable mention at least

Автор Martin Cruz ( назад)

Автор Parker Milbrath ( назад)

Автор PandaGaming89 ( назад)
i have never eve heard of #4 the down hill ice skating thing XD lol

Автор Kyle Go Hawks ( назад)
as a #6 I do agree with the top 5

Автор Koopa Troopa ( назад)
extreme ironing better be an honorable mention.

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