The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars

We talk about all the potentially challenging situations autonomous cars could get into but not about how human drivers are not very good. Tens of thousands die on the roads every year in collisions, most of which could be prevented by autonomous vehicles.
Sponsored by BMW

I wanted to make a video about autonomous cars for some time but I hadn't had the opportunity. The self-driving technology is already at a state where it can save lives if only it were more widely implemented.

Links to original clips:
TED-Ed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixIoDYVfKA0
BBC Newsnight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FypPSJfCRFk&t=172s

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Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Edited by Trevor Carlee

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Автор MyChico333 ( назад)
People don't care about being safe, people care about feeling safe.

Humans are morons by nature

Автор Soryykah Wilson ( назад)
The moral dilema of "Where to swerve" can be fixed by a cloud system between the cars themselves. The car senses the impending danger in the road ahead, and it sends this signals to all the cars around it, who are also getting their own input. The cars determine the best, safest way to react and the entire roadway moves in brilliant synchronization to avoid disaster.

The only problem here is, if the entire roadway is connected, how does this open up cars on a network to being hacked and used? It's a whole new business of cyber security.

Автор EElectric_M ( назад)
The solution? Don't make self driving cars and invent teleportation. No need to thank me.

Автор TL M ( назад)
How about technology were the car's computer doesn't start because it detects alcohol on your breath. Or when you get in the vehicle your phone automatically goes into lock mode while the vehicle is in drive. Are you tired or sleepy? Computer says sorry get some rest, I detect heavy eye lids, this vehicle will not start. I believe technology can actually make us better drivers if we allow it to.

Автор Fennec Besixdouze ( назад)
My favorite study about self-driving cars is one that shows Google cars have an astonishingly high accident rate, about as bad as senior citizens and slightly higher than teenagers. Except that wasn't what the study decided to highlight, instead they judged "at fault" using some fairly questionable metrics, and declared "when Google cars get in accidents, human drivers are to blame".

In other words, self-driving cars are unpredictable to humans, they don't behave in human ways, which causes humans around them to get into accidents that, under some stringent technical definition is "the human's fault", but under common sense is obviously the Google car's fault because the average human wouldn't have such a high accident rate.

If you want to lower the overall accident rate, you want to lower everyone's accident rate. Google cars increase the accident rate, and yet they're defended because of some tricky accounting to blame their atrociously high accident rate on other human drivers. This is an anti-scientific absurdity: confirmation bias of literally the highest order. Self driving cars are not decreasing accident rates, they are increasing them, and there is no reason whatsoever to believe as more and more manufactures adopt makeshift versions of this software and put them under the guidance of wider and wider segments of the population, that this will improve, and every reason to suspect it will lead to more accidents.

A shocking reality most people don't understand is that self-driving cars are most successful by COPYING THE HUMAN DRIVERS AROUND THEM. Fleets of self-driving cars, despite the common misconception that they would all act in magical harmony with each other and eliminate all traffic hams--are actually horrendously poorly behaved at the moment.

Unfortunately this healthy skepticism, which is actually well accepted in the research community, is associated by the public sub-consciously with anti-science movements like anti-vacc nonsense or climate change denialism, meaning people react instinctual in a negative way to someone pointing out self-driving cars are not working. And even though researchers have a better understanding and are more skeptical, they can't really share that with the public because the public is also notorious for not funding anything they don't believe in with all their soul (despite the fact that all good science comes out of studying things that AREN'T a sure bet, and a good science funding program will fund more duds than successes because you have to bet wide to win big in science). The confirmation bias feeds in on itself to the point where policy and scientific practice merge into a bastardized conflagration of self-confirming idiocy.

Автор Underscore Zero ( назад)
The trick the companies need to play it as: make the user _feel_ in control, and like they're doing most of the work, when in reality very little is controlled by the user. I mean they should make cars basically be in 'easy mode', you could say.

Автор Morph Verse ( назад)
Can't wait for this future soon enough..

Self driving cars will likely go full scale when the 5G internet becomes widespread..

Автор GeorgeIsYourMan ( назад)
Nailed it!

Автор matt orton ( назад)
Machines should be programmed to be safe and not have a need for self preservation. Face the facts: your car will kill itself and you before killing another. Once this is removed from the programming we have real AI to deal with.

Автор Andrew Marx ( назад)
Fascinating! A haptic adaptive interface...and we're a hundred years ahead of time!

Автор Tristan Johnson ( назад)
why dont those stupid cars drive themselves on the road

Автор Nordkiinach ( назад)
Think deeply about the answer I am giving you... This is why - this answer is the only fact.


Автор Marko ( назад)
1:42 , even car itself knows how to be typical BMW driver and park right on white parking line. What a time to be alive

Автор OriginalPiMan ( назад)
To the question of the motorbike or the SUV, the answer is SUV because they are less likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash.
Of course, a good self driving car should be far enough back from the next vehicle that it could stop in its own lane.

Автор Achmed ( назад)
Self-driving cars don't have to be perfect, they just have to be better than human drivers. Which is a very easy target to achieve.

Автор 556johny556 ( назад)
So BMW, a brand who insists to still be concerned about building fun driving machines, sponsors a video talking about getting rid of driving. Interesting. Other than that the response to the "real moral dilemma" is that autonomous cars are not yet capable to be safe outside of highways. And sometimes not even on them. So as much as many manufacturers like to wave 2020 as a year when revolution happens, we might need to wait a little more to purchase something that gets us from point A to point B without other input than what points A and B are.

Автор Gary Generous ( назад)
My issue with "driverless" vehicles is not so much an issue with the type of vehicle shown and would likely buy one when affordable. The type of driverless car I have issue with is the type such as what Tesla is suggesting where there is NO command console (steering wheel, gas, & breaks) with which I can control the vehicle. First the technology is too new to be truly comfortable with, and more importantly there is the question of who is legally responsible.

If I am in a vehicle that is completely driving itself and something goes wrong (ie black ice at highway speeds causing my vehicle to crash into another vehicle killing one or more passengers in that vehicle) who is legally responsible? The car manufacturer who made the vehicle and maintains the self driving software or me as the owner of the vehicle in which I had absolutely no control over events.

On the one hand it would seem that it should be the manufacturer who is responsible not me but insurance and legal codes currently do not allow for this sort of scenario and thus I would likely be liable for an incident which I could not have stopped or altered in any way.

On the other hand, in the example used in the video of self driving elevators the owner of the building is liable for any incidents which occur on their premises not the manufacturer unless it can be proved that the manufacturer knew about an issue and did not correct it. In the current car situation I as the owner of the vehicle am liable for any damages which occur due to my vehicle even if I am not the person driving, or even in the car. so we can see that currently liability would fall squarely in the owner of the vehicle even though that owner would not have any control or way of controlling the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Until this gets worked out in a way equitable to all parties, and while I will definitely use driving and safety aides, y'all will only get my steering wheel out of my cold dead hands.

Автор A Dude ( назад)
Mistitled video; should be "A Moral Dilemma in delaying the implementation of Self-Driving/Autonomous Vehicles" because there are many other moral dilemmas. For example, what do you do with the hundreds of thousands of people directly employed to drive vehicles around, most of whom would no longer be employed?

Is saving 10,000 lives a year - many of whom are killed due to their own error - worth the entire elimination of 100,000 to 1,000,000 (to many more, if you want to include industries that rely on drivers as a main source of customers, like restaurants, coffee shops, etc. particularly in rural to small urban centres between the large urban centres) fairly well paying jobs?

Is the unknown (and potentially unknowable, prior to implementation) risk of catastrophic failure of a driving network greater than the known risk of driving today? ie: someone finds a way to take control of cars remotely? Vault 7 release from Wikileaks already indicates that the CIA may have the ability to take control of cars remotely; imagine if Putin had that power and could take control of the cars driving around Congressmen or their families. Or someone connected to ISIS. Or just some random 400lb jerk in his basement out for shiate and giggles. Or a debt collection agency can simply drive a car from your lot to their lot.

What is the risk to losing that essential skill - driving - to our society, which is so dependent on goods and services moving around with precise timing? If there is a hiccup in the system (and EVERY computer system has hiccups) that causes trucks to be unable to drive, there is a real possibility that people may die due to lack of critical needs (perishable medicines for the most part) at critical times. The longer society is used to vehicles that drive themselves, the more people there will be who are unable to drive a vehicle "manually" (in this case meaning driving as we know it today, not driving a manual transmission vehicle). As an example of essential skills being lost, most people in the West today could not reliably grow their own food if their lives literally depended on it - the majority of people in the West would starve to death if they were forced to suddenly grow their own food. Particularly in places with a winter that stops any plants from growing.

Etc., etc. Etc. So the idea that this is "The Moral Dilemma" is just plain wrong. It is A moral dilemma. I would argue that it is not even the most important moral dilemma, personally, though I could be convinced otherwise. But it is not THE Moral Dilemma. Thumbs down for that arrogance.

Автор m3gadork ( назад)
I'm gonna ask the obvious question about the holographic screen at the beginning...why wouldn't they just use a touchscreen?? It's super cool and futuristic, but why???

Автор Ste Richards ( назад)
2:47 - Does he hire an old short Japanese lady to hold the camera?

Автор Mike Boulrice ( назад)
Because of government regulation and liability.

Автор James Edward ( назад)
I you want to make a real moral choice to stop needless death you would stop eating meat.

Автор chocolate man ( назад)
i hope you die you money hungry cunt

3:30 + 420

Автор Jonah Kirk ( назад)
Ah yes, I recall learning about the industrial revolution and how everyone was making philosophical debates about the ethics of factories and engines as well as with tangential jobs that were put in place. Then again, a lot of those jobs were boring and highly dangerous at the time. Still more profitable than others around. Now with these "Self-driving cars" There's less of the boring and safety concerns as this technology is implemented to lessen boredom of driving and increase safety... You know what? We'd be better off living by a lake. Come on People!

Автор Bartosz Buliński ( назад)
Where is joy and pleasure of driving ?

Автор Chris Thomas ( назад)
I need one because im always wanting to go places but my vision isnt good enough for driving.

Автор Remi Caron ( назад)
The real problem is why haven't we banned cars altogether since they are the most inefficient way to move people or things?

Автор Carson Landry ( назад)
Could have mentioned Teslas...

Автор Edhi Kurniawan ( назад)
I think because of disparity of self-driving car population vs man driven ones.
If all the cars on the street are self driven, and there is a perfected expert system that can sense abnormalities that could lead into accidents then regulate the entire driving network, like move the right car faster, so it would be save to swerve to the right. It would be perfect, at least for what i think.

Автор Hutchens ( назад)
Yeah, I'll just stay in control of my own vehicle and not text and drive.

Автор Jappleng University ( назад)
If you don't give the driver a moral choice configuration, very few people will opt to go in a self driving car. Someone jay walking / running across the street unexpectedly should not be the fault of the driver should the only choice be their death or your death regardless of age. People value their own lives more than other people's lives usually and that means pedestrians and cyclists better learn to watch for self-driving cars when they become common place. I don't think there's a moral dilemma if an accident happens and the road laws are followed and there was no software bug. Notice that there hasn't been a self-driving vehicle accident that was caused by the self driving vehicle, only by those around it breaking the road rules / law which caused said accidents. Again, if they expect people to buy them, cars will need to do everything they can to protect the passengers inside the vehicle and other cars on the road will have to try to do the same. If the risk of driving a motorcycle means getting hit by a self driving car in an unusual circumstance, then so be it, it would be the same if a human driver were involved anyways except humans are less likely to avoid such situations. To avoid 99.9% of accidents with self driving cars or to keep going with the 50%~ chance of getting into an accident by human error? Not much of a dilemma there.

Also, stay about 300ft away from vehicles carrying anything, it's a pretty common rule to follow, perhaps a law. No self-driving vehicle would stay close to that vehicle in real life.

Автор daddyleon ( назад)
Inspired by CGPGrey on HI?

Автор Michael Hutchinson ( назад)
People aren't thinking of the bigger problem this solves... insurance. Rear-end collusions will no longer be your fault will they?

Автор Dead Zone ( назад)
"How much can you trust an autonomous car?"
Well, let's see.
A major hack attack could send millions of cars off the road.
60,000,000 cars on the road can already be remotely controlled by hackers, and the CIA/ NSA.
Blue screen of death.
The self driving vehicle could value the life of say a j walking homeless man over my own life and slam me into a wall and kill me instead in order to save him.
I guess I have to say, I don't trust self driving or heavily electronic cars very much at all...

Автор Blast King ( назад)
i expect trolls in the future to troll those self-driving cars

Автор orlando garcia ( назад)
my problem of this as a car guy is not the safety, it is about the driving experience, if i wantet to go from A to B i will take a taxi or buy an autonomus car that isnt too powered because i will not driver the car

Автор SnakeEngine ( назад)
Sorry no, I will never trust an auto-car, just too many factors where it can go wrong. May be as an emergency solution it will be a great aid, when driver falls asleep or a threat is getting obvious that has to be avoided, but other than that a computer can never be as robust as a biological system.

Автор The Pot Scientist Reports ( назад)
Also, there's the moral dilemma of organ donations! Without all those auto accidents, fewer organs will be available to save lives of those who need them!

Автор Salt & Pepe 69 ( назад)
Or you could just have urban sprawls non existent and have walkways like Japan that go over streets. Lmfao problem solved

Автор Mixlop ( назад)
What's with all the dislikes

Автор Man Lamp ( назад)
If every car were to be self driving, there would be no accidents. Sensor = ez

Автор Man Lamp ( назад)
If every car were to be self driving, there would be no accidents. Sensor = ez

Автор JayJay Jones ( назад)
It's the nect best thing after a flying car!

Автор G Eduardo Bicelis G ( назад)
I suppose autonomous driving is an option to be added, not the only way to commute. Is that what is been programmed? Thanks for your educational videos.

Автор Brandon Marvel ( назад)
so when a BMW drives it's self does it also refuse to use the blinker?

will the BMW self driving car still drive like most BMW drivers?

Автор Dan Baker ( назад)
You are a fool.

Автор zippy ( назад)
It is going to be a lot longer then you think before we have delivery drones and driverless cars. They just don't have the tech. yet.They tried it in Cal. and there were Too many accidents. Not for 50 years.

Автор No Name Provided ( назад)
Bigger moral dilemma: Anybody who gets their hands on cia exploits can self-drive you right into a tree!

Автор T Kevin ( назад)
This video isn't supported by Audible.

Автор Klaudius Harsch ( назад)
Hey Veritasium, you are one of the only youtubers were I give an thumb up, before watching the video. Heven't seen a bad video from you. I really appreciate what you are doing here. Never stop doing that!

Автор Paskaloth ( назад)
Doesn't seem so complex. Make it's moral compass an option to be set up or changed, frees the car manufacturer from blame and keeps the moral dilemma where its always been and in my opinion where it should always be, with the driver.

Автор Sebastian Ramadan ( назад)
OTOH, how many people died in 9/11?

Автор Richard Servello ( назад)
A completely autonomous highway wouldn't need to consider that dillema. With a 100% autonomous system. All cars on the left would speed up or slow down to allow the endangered vehicle in. Autonomy isn't an issue for the cars involved. All cars will communicate and one persons danger could be averted by a collaborated effort on MANY cars to seemlessly avoid several accidents at one time.

Автор Michael Aldridge ( назад)
wow a self driving car!

who else wanted to see more of the holographic touch screen that was way cooler

Автор S.M. grimbldoo ( назад)
People are out here complaining about speeding tickets like they're a minor annoyance, and we're over here scaring ourselves by dreaming up unlikely scenarios. Seriously, what kind of scenario is that? Swerving puts the occupants at more risk than just breaking. Cars are designed to absorb impact most effectively on the front and rear. Hitting something directly front would make use of the car's design, swerving into something would add a whole bunch of unpredictable variables.

Автор awareco ( назад)
So drivers will just need to meticulously maintain all the sensors in their self driving cars.  Anyone else have a check engine light always on because a sensor failed?

Автор Cordyceps1111 ( назад)
*S* *T* *U* *D* *I* *E* *S* *S* *H* *O* *W*

I've lost all faith in you :P

Автор PrinceCollinXXX ( назад)
I don't know automous driving means that I no longer have the freedom to choose and problem solve. The human mind can make many calculations in real time as efficiently if not more than a CPU so if a problem occurs humans are more likely to fix the error without someone being hurt. But not all humans can say that so I guess autonomous cars would help the stupid people who care more about distractions than driving.

Автор N Hansen ( назад)
My primary concern over self driving cars is that the present technology is set that if the computer doesn't know what to do, it hands control of the vehicle over to the driver with little warning. The computer needs to be capable of safely bringing the vehicle to a stop, in a relatively safe location if it finds it's unable to comprehend a situation handed to it. A computer that hands control over to a human who isn't ready to take control will just lead to more accidents.

Автор ConceptHut ( назад)
That is NOT the real moral dilemma. You noted it and then breezed past it.

Making machines fix human stupidity only enables humanity to stay stupid and become stupider. It fixes the problem of accidents, not the problem of terrible human beings which is the real problem.


Автор Sorio Kein ( назад)
As a peson who hates driving i fully wecome my wheels taking the wheel

Автор Don't Blink ( назад)
Couldn't it be argued that to have autonomous cars is different to planes? Cars have to deal with much more traffic on an everyday basis than planes do and have to make many more sudden stops, which planes hardly ever have to do.

Автор Aki Ren ( назад)
I do not Care about People's feelings we need self driving cars :)

Автор YouCanDoIt! ( назад)
Self driving cars are not a good idea because of the simple truth of Ecclesiastes 9:11, that is that time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all. I believe that automated systems, while improving every year, cannot simply account for every unforeseen event on the highway, and the AI does not always make the best judgement call in all situations, although it does make better decisions than some people sadly.

Автор Jesper Nygaard ( назад)
3000 traffic fatalities due to phone??? I believe that, but why the h€#" don't someone force Apple and Google to implement a blocking that disables all non-essential functions of the phones, when it moves more than 10 MPH and (and this is key) have no bluetooth connection to the car or an other smartphone (a passenger). Should be easy to implement and would make it much safer for all of us....

Автор Федор Гребенников ( назад)
This episode was sponcored (paid) by bmw ... what do you want to hear here? that bmw concepts arent cool? =)

Автор Go Away ( назад)
There should always be a way for humans to immediately take control by doing nothing other than braking or turning the steering wheel.

Beyond that, those of us that are actual responsible, good drivers, sometimes enjoy driving and as such, there will likely always be atleast some market for "normal" cars, atleast in the performance or "sport" categories.

Автор fredlink9 ( назад)
Mr. Veritasium. It is not a distraction from the problem, safety is exactly why those cars are not yet on the road. The car could make a choice to crash into a barrier ahead of you simply because swerving on the left or right would kill more people.

Автор StuDaddy82 ( назад)
I will take one the minute they're safe/proven and affordable. Can't wait for this...
Though there's probably something lost in not maintaining an ability to drive? Will our offspring loose something important without the ability to operate machinery at all? Or are we just changing what it means to "operate" machinery? Thinking when this applies to forklifts, cranes, etc. when construction workers need to learn to program machines to do what they used to.

Автор Solis190491 ( назад)
even being totally conscious about the problem, still dont like it.....its pretty simple: most of the people have their cars to get them to work, someone else's house (from point a to b), but people like me, i just like driving, i could perfectly go to work on foot, but there's something in driving that makes me feel so good

Автор Table ( назад)
this is the undeniable truth: elevators will become alike skynet

Автор El-Genius Media ( назад)
من فضلك .. قم باإضافه ترجمه اللغه العربيه في الفيديوهات القادمه :(

Автор John Puccetti ( назад)
Silly idea. Disable cell phones. will solve more issues. The huge issue with EMF in radio controlled cars is making people sick.

Автор Aaron Chang ( назад)
Another ethical dilemma for you'll to think about. You and your loved one are in an autonomous car. A child suddenly runs into the middle of the street next to a bridge. Your only options are to swerve into the bridge or to run over the child. What should the car do?

Автор Daffa Reyhan ( назад)
just use a train

Автор Torben Rudgaard ( назад)
I cant wait for this.. I HATE DRIVING! Its a waste of time -. I rather be watching youtube videos instead of being stuck in traffic having to pay attention to the car in front of me.

Автор Cornflower ( назад)
This will be perfect! With something like this in a couple decades, I will be able to travel freely without having to rely on anyone for transportation. I can't drive because of some medical issues that I have. I'm really excited for a lot of other people who could have never driven either. I guess this will be a win-win for everyone.

Автор CyberLeaf ( назад)
People are not the problem,
its how they been thought that is. Every Car school should be strict and only give out license to those who score high

Автор jeff smith ( назад)
So when an accident occurs, who's to blame? The driver, BMW or insurance company covers it? Especially if there's a fatality. That's a big lawsuit for anyone. I just don't see this technology working out.

Автор Pierce Singletary ( назад)
The vehicle would press the brakes! No swerving is necessary.

Автор Harrison Oliver Link ( назад)
I feel as though if there were more self-driving cars, there would be less moral circumstances

Автор IntarwebUser ( назад)
Why not? Because I don't want long distance hackers taking over my car and stopping it in the middle of the highway or kidnapping me.


Автор jimihenrik11 ( назад)
I've heard all of these argument so often, but Ii still can't imagine an algorithms to be a better driver than me. Well I'm sure it would be a better driver than my neighbor, or my mother, or that stupid SUV driver that cut me yesterday.... You get it.

Автор SKMC69 ( назад)
Good luck getting govt to maintain infrastructure for this to work all the time. They're too worried about handouts for votes. That costs a lot of money.

Автор 猫我蜜糖 ( назад)
This is an element of opinion.

Автор J.R. Campbell ( назад)
Man, I would to just jump in the back of my car and take a nap while it drives me to work or something. Hell yeah!

Автор Jake Kim ( назад)
CGP Grey must be whispering in your ear at night.

Автор A. Saleh ( назад)
Just few years ago I've seen many people who ridiculed the idea of autonomous cars and how such technology is impossible. But today it's a reality, and tomorrow it might be the *only* legal car you can use in roads.

Автор Hem57i ( назад)
Millions of people will be out of work once driverless vehicles are the norm. Transport industry employees tens of millions of people worldwide. Most will be out of work once the vehicles can drive themselves. Not just the drivers, but there will be a flow on to the office staff at transport companies. Sure jobs will be created like programming these vehicles and maintaining them, but that number will be tiny compared to the amount of job losses.

Автор Alonso Eduardo Viladomat Jasso ( назад)
I would trust a thousand times to a car driven by a computer rather than a car driven by a person, at least if I die it would not be because of somebody's stupidity, but because it was what it was going to happen to me.

Автор Kjoergoe ( назад)
But you also have to consider that humans give in more and more independence. Shouldn't we someday stop letting machines decide everything for us? Because if we don't we'll probably end up just being a bunch of meat being fed by robots. Of course this like the end of the road where it could go but we are already making huge leaps in that direction.

Автор Rsngamer ( назад)
On the thing in the Ted video presented, there would be a third option: If all cars involved are autonomous, the main car could tell the SUV to move out of the way

Автор fatih nararya ( назад)
Autonomous car is safer until you factor in hackers.

Автор Austin Hernández ( назад)
Here's the answer: just throw in some kind of adjusted manual mode and try to watch out for danger. Simple.

Автор CynicalDriver ( назад)
I don't hate the idea of autonomous cars because of safety... I hate the idea because I *LIKE* driving.

Автор An Evolving Ape ( назад)
I'm only cool with autonomous cars if everyone is using one.

Автор Samuel Price ( назад)
another dilemma is about the number of jobs that are going to be lost and the broader question of ever increasing autonomy of machines and relegation of humans to obsolescence in the workplace.

Автор John Puccetti ( назад)
The reality is we are living in a microwave soup. All the devices will have overlap with disastrous consequences. Plus the health of the occupants of the car.

Автор Dylienne Every ( назад)
Reduce the rate of car use in overall...

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