• Published on Dec 11, 2018
    Here is a collection of household and kitchen hacks that will totally ease your life!
    These incredible household hacks will save you a fortune and time:
    -Keep your fingers safe while cooking by making the guard. Follow our instructions!
    -Cover remote control with plastic wrap to keep it clean
    -Create a cool door stopper out of empty paint tube. Grab your glue gun and start creating!
    -Transform an empty lipstick container to stylish USB flash driver. It looks really cool!
    -It’s really hard to clean stove filter, so we share a fast and inexpensive way to do it! Soak stove filter in cola and leave for 20 minutes
    -Cola is a good and inexpensive cleaner for ceramic tile in your kitchen
    -Your makeup sponge is too dirty? No problem! Fill the bowl with water, add liquid soap, put the sponge and microwave
    After watching this video, you will learn cool kitchen hacks for lazy people!
    These kitchen hacks may come in handy every given day:
    -Microwave tomatoes before peeling them
    -Super easy recipe of cookies: mix egg whites with powdered sugar and microwave. Enjoy!
    -Check out how to prepare Choco pie correctly
    -Wash herbs you like, cut and microwave for 60 secs. Now you have dry herbs and you don’t need to go to the store!
    -Prepare super tasty chicken wings! Add the mix of Cola and onions to meat, leave to marinate for a couple of hours
    -Have you ever cooked cola cake? You will need cake mix and cola!
    -Cook cinnamon rolls in a cup. Prepare dough and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Roll up and put in a mug. Microwave for 90 seconds. Ready!
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    00:09 Genius plastic bottle hacks
    03:59 Creative door stopper
    06:45 How to clean stove filter
    07:59 2-ingredient cookies
    08:57 Microwave herbs
    10:00 Cinnamon roll in a cup

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    80 DELETE 5 hours ago +1

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    Ken Miles 18 hours ago

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    Medium Pro 9 days ago

    1:20 Your wasting the environment

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    David Eisemann 9 days ago

    Timothy Leary was right !

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    Olive HEWITT 23 days ago

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    Olive HEWITT 23 days ago

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    HannahBanana 333 24 days ago

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    Shaggy has Cancer 24 days ago

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    Kitchen tips

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    Get the giant bottle with no water (unless you open it) that will go through the hole and the bottle holder. BOOM you got yourself a hanging sink thankyou

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    Will Palgan Month ago +1

    My favorite part is somewhere at 11:10 :)

  • Cricket lover
    Cricket lover Month ago

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    oh my god i need to wash my hands ill just fill up my water bottle at a tap and put a hole in it, also could of washed my hands at the tap. theses aren't life hacks they are ways to waste time

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    MGaming Month ago

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    Melissa Verdin Month ago

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    Cole Leishman Month ago +1

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    Me: Oh, there is some mouldy water zip tied to the wall in the kitchen

  • iProsty Gamer XXX Channel

    8:24 I thought he was making slime

  • Quitting AJ
    Quitting AJ Month ago +8

    11:36 You must really want my house to burn down. Cooking popcorn takes like 2 minutes.

  • Quitting AJ
    Quitting AJ Month ago +10

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    Martin Anastacio 2 months ago

    First one... gluing a plastic bottle's neck to a soda can so a bottle sprayer can be used on it. Its better if you just pour the soda into the bottle sprayer... no need to cut and glue a bottle neck.
    Or just do it like on time 6:09

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    *Leave for 20 min*


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      (High pitch voice) oh but what if I unexpectedly need to wash my hands at a random time.
      Me. Okay well it's up to you to slug that around.

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