My Horibal Speling

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    #1on trending

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    At my school we had to read 30 books and also battle was to violent so it was bring on the books

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    Well, I'm both good at maths AND reading, but of course I fall into the weird category anyway because I'm the most socially awkward student in my year, perhaps my school.

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    Link Alternatif MikirPoker:

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    Congratulations on 1 on trending

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    I'm good at maths, and I'm bad at English hate
    Can't stand English tbh 😂😂
    I'm good at spellings tho
    But that's it 😂😂😂

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    5:23 (tick, tock, clock)

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    Anyone else have dejavú when he started talking about his love for audio books

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    congrts on nembar one on twending james

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    James congratulations on doing #1OnTrending

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    #1 Tredning in UK

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    Congrats! #1 on trending! Woah. Your spelling is so bad it's trending. Reasons why you're my favorite RUclipr

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    holy shit i did battle of the books hahaha i loved it. but it was way different.

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    100 Likes and im making a DISS TRACK on JAMES!

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    This shit is 1 on trending lmao😹

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    French actually ins't that difficult to learn, the spelling is pretty simple... (says the Canadian whom has been around French most of her life)

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    Fantastic video. Found your channel on the trending page. I feel ya. I have been both a terrible & lazy speller as well. Never knew until later in life about why. Sub button pressed... 👍

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    Omg your on #1!!

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    ♩Wain drops keep fallin' on my head♩

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    I have terrible spelling

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    This is almost the story of my life

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    wain drops.

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    Yeah don’t make him take his meds MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

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    Yet another video on #1 on trending. GG James.. Gg..

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    I menu probley

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    Wow #1 on trending

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    THIS IS 1# ON TRENDING! CONGRATZ ODD! I love how you say raindrop as a kid 😋

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    You shouldve mispelled stuff in the captions

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    Wow number 1 on trending for two days so far

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    bees scary ]:

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    Congrats on trending James

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    4:26 oh noes

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    #1 ON TRENDING BOIIIII!!!!!!!!

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    Teacher* 0:02
    Wierd* 0:36
    Boy* 0:39

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    omg this vid is number 1 on trending

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    BATTLE OF THE BOOOOKS !!!!!! Earape

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    Dude, I’m almost 38, I’ve dealt with this dyslexia shit for decades. I was tested so I for sure am dyslexic. I too was in AP science but they put me in LD English with all the ghetto gangster kids with crackhead moms. I’m so pissed at the public school system. I didn’t learn REAL English until college LoL. I got much better. As I get older the more my “brian” gets more better. Thank god for smartphone ;-)

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    Hou to u spel fihs

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    Do u even engleth bro. J k.😃

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    1 on trending again congrats james

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    Yiay book, very very nice

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    I remember when you had about 20k subs now about 5.5M sub good job

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    Yessss #1 On Trending

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    I can spell please

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    *wain dwops, dwop top*

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    Read the titles 4:54
    The yiay book
    Little bobby is drunk again
    Ultimate fidget spinner guide
    Grandpa voted for trump

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    Jams. Games. Numbar won own tredning! Gud jab!

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    Audiobooks are de best

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    Ya know I am horrible at spelling to you problem did not read this

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    Yay he is finally #1 trending AMAZING

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    You hit 1 on trending... again, AND YOU DID'NT PLAGIARISE JAIDEN WELL DONE!!!!!!

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    I'm making a pokemon card out of you.

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    Wain Dwop, Dwop top!!😁

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    I just laughed this video is funny

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    We all know it had to happen eventually.(Trending)😁😁😁

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    Me:can’t spell

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    #1 on trending ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    6:36 it's OK James. Everybody has one.

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    I also love audiobooks! I borrow a ton of them from my local library and listen to them while driving or at work. Right now, I'm listening to Jim Butcher's "Codex Alera" series. It's FANTASTIC, BTW, I highly recommend it. ;)

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    This is my favorite video ever.

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    #1 on trending! Good job!

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    How was youtube rewind?

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    woh ot llep elborroh [Read Backward all letter]
    how to spell horrible

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    haha the tj bit

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    #1trending congrats

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    TR3NDING NO.1 !!!

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    Nor only "old-timey", James. Everything up to 1923 and everything out of copyright since then.

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    #1 on trending

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    That ending was beautiful 👏🍕

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    #1 On Trwending, Alot of people Wore teh sweatbelts

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    If you spoke Finnish, you wouldn't have such problem because in Finnish every letter is pronounced in only one way and there's only one way of spelling everything. In Finland we don't even have any spelling tests because everyone who can just write, can spell any word

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    great james your on fire yeah #jamesnumber#1ontrending

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    Great job number one on trending

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    I agree, I don’t want to get hugged by a bee either

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    Good job on nuber 1 on trendng

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    Next video: My terrible upload schedule

    Coming this March

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    you no you cul read the blurb or whatever in class

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    Number one on trending!! Cool!!

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    I used to have a speech impediment when I was little too. I couldn’t say my “others”. So when I said “Brother”, I would say “Brudder”.

    6 year old me: “Brudder.”
    “Do you mean brother?”
    6 year old me: “HECK YOU I CAN SAY BRUDDER IF WANT.”

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    Please do minecraft series’s

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    No. 1 on trending in the UK 🇬🇧

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    Bruh #1 trending nice! And same I suck at spelling and your videos are amazing keep up the great work!

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    you only had to read 4 books we had to read about 12!

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    Good job for being 1 on trending!!! ❤❤❤ love your videos