Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Published on Sep 1, 2012
  • Music video by Taylor Swift performing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. ©: 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Comments • 201 598

  • Ghita Leleczi
    Ghita Leleczi Hour ago

    Super Sing

  • Matrix YEET
    Matrix YEET 2 hours ago

    2019... i'm listening to this now to say goodbye to childhood.. ;-;

  • nman4k
    nman4k 3 hours ago

    1:55 = Best part

  • Pharmacist Sarah
    Pharmacist Sarah 3 hours ago

    I'm 25 and i still love this song

  • lynn alt
    lynn alt 4 hours ago

    I liked when she sang country not this new pop stuff

  • GrubWarp
    GrubWarp 6 hours ago

    i still remember the week this song came out and when they first played it on the radio. now i feel old..

  • Tenley S Hanson
    Tenley S Hanson 7 hours ago

    my history teacher is making us watch this bc of the declaration of independence lol

  • Caitlin Bernardo
    Caitlin Bernardo 8 hours ago

    best song evaaaa!1!!!1111!!XD

  • kiyaa babyy
    kiyaa babyy 9 hours ago

    No One:

    Me wen I was like 8:


  • mariam el toukhy
    mariam el toukhy 11 hours ago

    *ngl the animals used to scare me*

  • 1000 subscribers without a video

    0:58 idk but i kinda hate him/her

  • Sweety Marine Pearl Kharnari

    Nice song

  • Kings Princess
    Kings Princess 16 hours ago

    Taylor Swift her songs will live forever!

  • - Krystal subs
    - Krystal subs 16 hours ago

    Gonna miss 2010s :c
    My childhood

  • RM
    RM 17 hours ago

    I'mJapanese!! This song is the best!!

  • Weed Wilson
    Weed Wilson 20 hours ago +1

    Who is this song about seriously?

  • Majestic Owl
    Majestic Owl 23 hours ago


  • Samantha Traub
    Samantha Traub Day ago


  • Arunava Bal
    Arunava Bal Day ago

    This music video still makes me laugh🤣😂💙💙💙

  • Selah Cabiness
    Selah Cabiness Day ago +1

    I like bad blood and blank space

  • A gryffinpuff green soul

    2:40 rip that guy who fell near the painting

  • blue xray
    blue xray Day ago +1

    So she wrote a song about mysterio

    • blue xray
      blue xray 12 hours ago

      @A Who She wrote that song about jake gyllenhaal the actor who plays mysterio in the new spiderman

    • A Who
      A Who 12 hours ago


    • A Who
      A Who 12 hours ago


  • hăřšh ķãňâųjïä

    i wanna say one why are your friends are dressed up in animals costume ???

  • LBPhoenix
    LBPhoenix Day ago

    442oons gang rise up

  • egghausted
    egghausted Day ago +1

    Jake gyllenhal welcome to your tape

  • Sasha Khanu
    Sasha Khanu Day ago +2

    December 2019 ... One more year to this song ♥️

  • Melissa Clavijo Naula

    Estoy aquí despues del hilo de tuiter sobre los novios de Taylor. Y YA VI LA BUFANDA

  • Züleyha Savğa
    Züleyha Savğa Day ago +2

    Ortaokulum be her şeyim benim 💘

  • リーガルハイ3 project

    My favorite music!

  • Sity Hassan
    Sity Hassan Day ago +1

    Who else is here in 2019

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    Who is better
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  • David Gould
    David Gould Day ago

    I actually wrote this song . Does anyone know much about songwriting credits . The thing is I put all these songs under fake names like Shellback , Jack Antinoff , Max Martin and Liz Rose . I want them to correct the credits to my name and Taylor's name . Can anyone help me ?

  • norlens noel
    norlens noel Day ago

    What song was it that country music stopped playing Taylor Swift’s songs?

  • Bre Cleveland
    Bre Cleveland 2 days ago

    *anybody remember when she was on teenickTop10?*

  • 野沢雅子
    野沢雅子 2 days ago


  • Johnny Donny Cage
    Johnny Donny Cage 2 days ago


  • hayat
    hayat 2 days ago

    Love u tay

  • Lita Riski
    Lita Riski 2 days ago +1

    My childhood

  • Tấn Đạt Ngô
    Tấn Đạt Ngô 2 days ago +1

    I love this song

  • Stupid Kid
    Stupid Kid 2 days ago +17

    Anyone else just came here for some nostalgia before 2020?

  • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Best Fusion

    7 years later and I still think Taylor looks gorgeous in all her outfits, and I still really wanna join that party at the end

  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh 3 days ago


  • さんひみつ
    さんひみつ 3 days ago


  • Annie Tran
    Annie Tran 3 days ago

    *Just re-listening old songs in December b4 the decade is over yk?*

  • John Benson
    John Benson 3 days ago +2

    The origins of Furries.

  • Ivy Feld
    Ivy Feld 3 days ago

    My favorite part of this video is the tiger guy

  • alex ramos
    alex ramos 3 days ago


  • Suzette Cadle
    Suzette Cadle 3 days ago

    I love this song😊

  • Khalid Juaksan
    Khalid Juaksan 3 days ago +1

    600M views very soon cause swifties won't stream this.

  • Gail Gamer
    Gail Gamer 3 days ago +1

    We are never ever geting back the lama😂

  • A Little Bit Of Lucy

    Doesn't anyone miss the comment section NOT been an advent calendar??

  • Lucia Carlon-Tozer
    Lucia Carlon-Tozer 3 days ago

    the perfect loop


    I love you Taylor

  • Angku Kamdek
    Angku Kamdek 3 days ago

    Anyone 2019 December

  • さくらんぼ
    さくらんぼ 3 days ago


  • Fid TGS
    Fid TGS 3 days ago

    Is this actually filmed in one shot ? cuz that would be awesome if they did

  • idk heart
    idk heart 3 days ago

    oh yeah

  • HydroXine
    HydroXine 4 days ago

    Just searching playlists of pop musics in 2012 then this song just suddenly showed up, so amazing!

  • Léa Miranda
    Léa Miranda 4 days ago

    her dress are awesome

  • Varsha Patibandla
    Varsha Patibandla 4 days ago

    Is it just me or does it sound different? Like what is that strange arpeggio between guitar riffs?