Manchester United 4-3 Real Madrid - UEFA CL 2002/2003 [HD]

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • 23 April 2003 | UEFA Champions League | Quarter-final, 2nd Leg
    United had lost the first leg 3-1 to Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu on 8 April. A Raul double plus a Luis Figo strike was answered by a Ruud van Nistelrooy finish which grabbed Ferguson’s team a precious away goal.
    David Beckham, whose relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson had waned since the manager kicked a boot at his head following an FA Cup defeat to Arsenal two months before, was dropped to the bench in favour of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
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  • Steban Herrera12
    Steban Herrera12 3 hours ago

    Why Beckham was on the bench?

  • nadjibe
    nadjibe 10 hours ago

    €200 millions a week some players get now for rolling on the floor

  • Lâm Đỗ
    Lâm Đỗ 12 hours ago

    8:26 ass hole hit head ronaldo

  • Khalis Saeed
    Khalis Saeed 19 hours ago

    Old days football was beautiful to watch and of course R9 too

    DJ RICHIE 1 Day ago

    Chelsea v liverpook

  • Нариман Сағындық

    Великие играки!

  • Peter Hampton
    Peter Hampton Day ago

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇪🇸 👍

  • Andreas Fricke
    Andreas Fricke 2 days ago

    Oh my god, i dont know how many times i watch this game😅
    it was my this time i was 14..
    i miss this time so much...real players not like the pussys today...

  • s3ood alotibi
    s3ood alotibi 2 days ago

    زيدان ، بيكهام ، رونالدو ، ريبرتو كارلوس ، فان نستروي ، فيقو ، قيقس ، اساطير اجتمعوا في مباراه ❤️

  • platinious
    platinious 2 days ago

    Helguera's faults and Casillas' reactions to these. :)
    Helguera bey napıyorsunuz? :)

  • Roberto Fu
    Roberto Fu 3 days ago

    Ese puto de Helguera

  • bicho barca
    bicho barca 3 days ago

    اسماء كبيرة في داك الوقت

  • Izall 569
    Izall 569 3 days ago

    team history lmao

  • Milan Peric
    Milan Peric 3 days ago


  • S1
    S1 3 days ago

    so many legends in this game.. football's best days

  • Cesar Camacho
    Cesar Camacho 3 days ago

    Sir Alex... United miss you soo much

  • تحسين علاء العقابي

    المباراة آلتي استحقت المانيو الفرز بها و التاهل كذلك لولا الحظ
    المانيو المرعب كان بوقتها

  • quang dong xuan
    quang dong xuan 3 days ago

    Mày bị điên AK. Mà hôi tiếc. Tao có sống một nửa lần thì tao cứ làm theo ý của tao đấy. Mày làm sao

  • putra mori fishing
    putra mori fishing 4 days ago +1

    Magnum effec shoot

  • charles djoldie wrigley

    United will never get back to this way of winning

  • pockets sensei
    pockets sensei 4 days ago

    En esta epoca quisiera ver a ronaldo y a messi ganando balones de oro como si fueran dulces

  • Pög'z
    Pög'z 5 days ago

    thierry merci 🙏🏻

  • Bernd V
    Bernd V 5 days ago

    When football was football..

  • Cevher EVGI
    Cevher EVGI 5 days ago

    Alex ferguson best manager

  • Ėl Grįnğo de ņařda

    Ronaldo before Injuries and Maradona before Kokain are THE BEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME !!! AMEN !!

  • fvresonanator
    fvresonanator 6 days ago

    If scholes was playing it would have been different

  • Diego X
    Diego X 6 days ago +1

    Esto si es fútbol en su máxima expresión

  • dz united 4ever
    dz united 4ever 6 days ago

    2019 .🇩🇿🇩🇿🏆🏆🏆🇩🇿🇩🇿👏👏👏

  • Hans 07
    Hans 07 6 days ago

    My idolla DB7 super hero to mu

  • Tran Van Anh
    Tran Van Anh 6 days ago

    Two own goal !

  • Rishabh Gupta
    Rishabh Gupta 6 days ago +2

    If David Beckham have played for full 90 , the Scoreline would've been different. ❤️🇮🇳

  • cesar sanhueza navarro

    uno de los mejores partidos de la puta vida!!

  • Agung Perdana Official

    Beckcam legend

  • Steff
    Steff 6 days ago

    The best MU and RM

  • Hamde Ahmed
    Hamde Ahmed 6 days ago

    مانشيستر manshestar dragon

  • Pablo Dansk
    Pablo Dansk 6 days ago


  • x yz
    x yz 7 days ago +2

    Casillas much superior to Barthez. Ronaldo much superior to Solksjaer.

  • mirrr velll
    mirrr velll 7 days ago

    So many years passed that I followed football, when it was on its best like this matches. But good thing, I learned how to correctly spell: Solskjaer . My Riddle is uncovered this night this moment. I can peacefully leave all sports events forever.

  • Jack
    Jack 7 days ago

    Cuando el manchester daba miedo

  • Tuấn Lê
    Tuấn Lê 7 days ago

    Lượt về thua phải k ad

  • lee jones
    lee jones 7 days ago

    I forgot that rene from "allo allo" managed madrid

  • Benjamin Tanuwira
    Benjamin Tanuwira 7 days ago


  • chan Jeong
    chan Jeong 7 days ago +1

    Tokyo 2020
    The Radioactive Olympic???

  • Oesman
    Oesman 7 days ago

    The actual ronaldo. The better ronaldo. He was just a privilege to watch i swear.

  • Samuel L. Uribe
    Samuel L. Uribe 8 days ago

    No entiendo q Barthez fuera el portero de este gran equipo, más malo no podía ser.

  • David
    David 8 days ago +1

    How much would pre injury Ronaldo fenomeno be worth in today’s crazy market lol

  • Шифр Инкогнито

    В этой игре Фергюсон поступил как настоящий ПИДАРАС.


    Pizzagate Isso aí ! Inscreva em meu canal, assino o teu, união faz a força! agradeço

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 9 days ago

    Ronaldo is good and all but Casillas was the star of this game. MU could’ve easily potted 4 or 5 goals if not for his spectacular saves

  • Sándor Tóth
    Sándor Tóth 9 days ago

    Mekkora meccs! What a game!

  • TDE - Lamar 7
    TDE - Lamar 7 10 days ago

    Back when teams feared us 😭 #GGMU

  • Tricky
    Tricky 10 days ago +2

    I was there. Legendary game.
    Ronaldo was next level.

  • Stan S.
    Stan S. 10 days ago

    Какой же классный вратар был Касилиас!

  • JackRick
    JackRick 10 days ago

    Pure gold

  • Joe S
    Joe S 11 days ago

    still think barthez can do better for ronaldos first and third goals. We missed a lot of chances too

  • Rian Inter
    Rian Inter 11 days ago


  • Sheriffen
    Sheriffen 11 days ago

    God Manchester Uniteds goals were horrible, except the free kick tho

  • turino ik
    turino ik 11 days ago +1

    When i 15years... i miss thats time

  • Rajendra Nadarajan
    Rajendra Nadarajan 12 days ago

    Roman Abramovich fell in love with football after watching this match and bought Chelsea soon after

  • Salvador Huerta
    Salvador Huerta 12 days ago

    and who was the UCL champiion ?? AC MILAN

  • Felipe Melo
    Felipe Melo 12 days ago

    When football was played bij class players, now football is like athletics a lot of run and ahtletic players

  • Mister Rose
    Mister Rose 13 days ago

    Legends.... Legends everywhere

  • La Roja
    La Roja 13 days ago +30

    Gold generation of football. I can never forget these legendary players.

    NOBODY 13 days ago

    lol helguera

  • 세계최강리버풀
    세계최강리버풀 13 days ago

    호돈신 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  • UrAverageBDeshi
    UrAverageBDeshi 14 days ago +2

    The match Beckham decided to turn into Kevin Durant after ..

  • Iskandar Buxorov
    Iskandar Buxorov 14 days ago

    Beckham 👍🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • Martin Wyllie
    Martin Wyllie 14 days ago

    Different gravy Ronaldo the real Ronaldo

  • michael williams
    michael williams 15 days ago +7

    The day casillas was born and the day Beckham United career ended and the day we realised how poor barthez could be lol

  • Damikano Fakikano
    Damikano Fakikano 15 days ago +4

    Barcelona,Real Madrid,Manchester United and Bayern Munich are best clubs of history i am saying Big Four.

    • Damikano Fakikano
      Damikano Fakikano 14 days ago +1

      Kumar Aman they are good team but their league is very bad.

    • Kumar Aman
      Kumar Aman 14 days ago


    • Damikano Fakikano
      Damikano Fakikano 14 days ago +1

      Bogdan Voloshchuk they have 18 league and juve have 36 this big four is biggest clubs ever.

    • Bogdan Voloshchuk
      Bogdan Voloshchuk 14 days ago

      Ac Milan ?

    • Damikano Fakikano
      Damikano Fakikano 15 days ago +1

      I really hate real madrid but they are the biggest club second is barça third is united and fourth is bayern munich.

  • Eka Darsana
    Eka Darsana 15 days ago

    If the keeper is not Barthez......

  • aaa
    aaa 15 days ago

    The present players can never match the intensity and emotions these legends created

  • denis ,thtpf
    denis ,thtpf 16 days ago

    It was real People, cool

  • Joey Milner
    Joey Milner 16 days ago

    Dumb question but is this Christiano Ronaldo?

  • Rizky suci ziyyan bita

    Masih ganas2 nya pemain bola tahun segitu