How to make a SECURE HIDDEN BASE in Minecraft!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
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    Today we take a look at how to make a Hidden Base in Minecraft making use of Piston doors, locks, traps, killing mechanisms and hidden storage! It's epic!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo  2 years ago +3975

    The latest in all hidden bases, this one is filled to the brim with hidden security systems!

    • Karin Tanner
      Karin Tanner 16 days ago

      Mumbo could you please make a minecraft door that you stand on top of press the button and then fall into a pool of water

    • Killer Porkchop
      Killer Porkchop 23 days ago

      14:28 You said piston instead of furnace

    • ReadyYes9
      ReadyYes9 23 days ago

      @Mumbo Jumbo what if someone breaks the blocks then places a block to replace the missing block at the item security system? 🤔

    • MoonStar 2007
      MoonStar 2007 23 days ago +1

      Which seed and location was it. I would really like to build something alike what you did in the video at the same place! :)

    • benjamin Maclaine Pont
      benjamin Maclaine Pont 26 days ago

      Noah Spice
      No one cares about the judgement of someone who can’t speak proper English and uses emoji’s to send a message. Just shut up, no one gives a shit.

  • Valdemar Backman

    "You have to be pretty quick"
    My controller batteries: I'm about to end this man's whole career...

  • Racoon Army
    Racoon Army Day ago

    This is f ing trash I wasted 3 hours on this and it didn’t work

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones Day ago

    I never knew pistons could smelt

  • TheMegaGamer
    TheMegaGamer Day ago

    Mumbo called furnaces a piston reeeeee

  • Ya Boii Baked Potatos

    Anyone else think he should put the seed of the world in the description so we can all do it perfect like him

  • Q gregorian
    Q gregorian Day ago

    There are two different types of redstoners. Normal people and mumbo.

  • 博愛 石谷
    博愛 石谷 Day ago

    But literally, does it work?

  • 博愛 石谷
    博愛 石谷 2 days ago

    Is anyone looking at the comments if it worked. LOL

  • Rory Cunningham
    Rory Cunningham 2 days ago

    Please do this online

  • stef g
    stef g 2 days ago

    Your redstone door does not work

  • skullmax 108
    skullmax 108 2 days ago

    Hey what texture pack do u use mumbo???

  • Ryan McGrath
    Ryan McGrath 2 days ago

    Love this

  • Mist
    Mist 2 days ago

    What if they break the roof?

  • RM
    RM 2 days ago

    How I’m tf do ppl think of this😂

  • Auntie Sullivan27
    Auntie Sullivan27 3 days ago

    Your actually brilliant at this stuff mate well done

  • craillx d
    craillx d 3 days ago

    Jus mine down into the base

  • Logan Christianson
    Logan Christianson 3 days ago

    This doesn't work in 1.14

  • MGSxSlice
    MGSxSlice 3 days ago

    Question, how the hell do you get out?

  • MLG killer super
    MLG killer super 3 days ago

    help the pistens at the beginning are not bringing back the pistens that block the door

  • Bobert 13
    Bobert 13 3 days ago

    At 13:31 there’s a big opening there

  • Arianna Morris
    Arianna Morris 3 days ago

    14:39 Did you mean furnaces, not pistons?

  • KillerInstinct _Playz

    I know how to get past security systems, find it by accident when digging some dirt.

  • Un Real
    Un Real 4 days ago

    Built the hidden door exactly like shown in 2:28, doesn't work. Only the top block is pushed outward into the wall. How do I fix this?

  • kookyshook
    kookyshook 4 days ago

    plot twist: they go into spectator mode

  • Angel Gabe
    Angel Gabe 4 days ago

    Base: "Exists"
    Random guy: " *Wow this looks like the perfect place to start mining.* "

  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond 4 days ago

    Is red stone different on Xbox cause this doesn’t work

  • Broccoli Human
    Broccoli Human 4 days ago

    I’m trying to do this in survivor and I have everything but slime blocks so I can’t make the sticky piston

  • Aiden Porter
    Aiden Porter 4 days ago


  • Blake Cacini
    Blake Cacini 4 days ago

    Those are furnaces

  • Brian ZZ644
    Brian ZZ644 4 days ago

    Something I find works good is have a Button hidden under a Block, so all you need to do is have a Sign or a Marker where the Button is and people will never find your Base unless they happen to dig up that Exact Block

  • despayeeto
    despayeeto 4 days ago

    my monkey brain cannot understand this redstone witchcraft

  • Soviet Kid
    Soviet Kid 4 days ago

    Looks at furnace
    This piston....
    When the piston has the fire in the bottom...
    And the piston can give a signal....

  • Awesome Finley
    Awesome Finley 4 days ago

    Does anyone know the seed

  • Islam Ghobryal
    Islam Ghobryal 4 days ago

    I don’t really know what’s going on I just really like the out come

  • Shanti Kumara
    Shanti Kumara 4 days ago

  • Dale Gamdy
    Dale Gamdy 4 days ago

    14:25 Furnaces are now pistons

  • Samu Miner
    Samu Miner 4 days ago

    How can you place blocks near the hopers while flying?

  • ThOMaS left TeNK EnGInE

    To bad it doesn't work for ps4

    AUTO_TOONS OFFICIAL 5 days ago

    Tbh i think i could actually do all this only cause of his tutorial

  • Insanity
    Insanity 5 days ago

    Your vids make me so happy and I love watching the Minecraft king play, you have tought me so much stuff and thank you.❤️❤️

  • Joergen
    Joergen 5 days ago

    People make these secure bases... all you need is a pickaxe and you are already in
    I am joergen. I know

  • TanakaBanana
    TanakaBanana 5 days ago

    I'm on Windows 10 minecraft and my lower pistons won't go off. I've been having this problem for a while. Not sure if they updated it or if it's just some glitch or Windows 10 version.

  • jaikomodo
    jaikomodo 5 days ago


  • OOFPRO_3.0
    OOFPRO_3.0 5 days ago

    Fire resistance anyone? Enchanted apple? What if they place water? I'd make a pit with the walls too far to place water and hoppers on the floor.

  • Rares P.
    Rares P. 5 days ago

    instead of lava, you can make a super deep hole and put some carpets and under the carpets some hopers that goes to a chest to get their items. or yours (:

  • Tyler Cox
    Tyler Cox 5 days ago

    Cook some chicken with that piston

  • themost veryyes
    themost veryyes 5 days ago +1

    Wait what’s happening?

  • WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess

    When you walked down from it I saw the button

    • C2O Alcatraz
      C2O Alcatraz 4 days ago

      WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess Great Response. Totally answer the question and clearly uses my own wording 😂 Genius.

    • WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess
      WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess 4 days ago

      And I was saying I saw I didn’t look for it

    • WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess
    • C2O Alcatraz
      C2O Alcatraz 5 days ago

      WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess No one should need to ask this but if your genuinely running towards a goal why are you looking at the ground!? I mean be my guest its your own save, but please answer this question if you’re running across a field, and you run down a hill why are you looking at your feet. Keep in mind this hill is small this isn’t a cliff you could die from everyone knows it takes 6blocks just to start damage. Yeah just curious unless you don’t and just wanted to be special for a comment. Cause like why? We all saw it. We know its there lol.

  • J Pasto
    J Pasto 6 days ago

    Mumbo: Eagle Eyes
    Chicken: Walks down hill

  • Ciara Doyle
    Ciara Doyle 6 days ago

    Instructions unclear I ended up wae a rolling pin up my bum

  • OPS- random numbers
    OPS- random numbers 6 days ago

    How to know what block you want to choose for the item dropper thing

    • C2O Alcatraz
      C2O Alcatraz 5 days ago

      OPS- random numbers Try naming a map or note. Like a keycard he did that recently. This is 2 years ago haha

  • 3hxs6w fortnite
    3hxs6w fortnite 6 days ago

    Mumbo :piston send updates while firing
    Furnace :wtf u called me

  • John Patrick Canlas
    John Patrick Canlas 6 days ago

    Okay, got the switch camouflage. Now, what?

  • Reaper 217RG
    Reaper 217RG 6 days ago

    I know one way someone can get through the redstone it's called tnt

  • KennethTheGreat
    KennethTheGreat 6 days ago

    Wow redstone looks ugly in opd version lol

  • It’s Just Mia
    It’s Just Mia 6 days ago

    legit came here just to figure out this red stone door lmao i tried tutorials but they didn’t work for me

  • apollo dilla
    apollo dilla 6 days ago

    I was so smart in redstone last year i forgot i remebered i was able to make a slime redstone car becoming a robot its small when i upgraded it with tnt cannons it repeats to much and the water disapeared and my tnt destroyed my robot i forgot and i gave up

  • SunnyAGDolls
    SunnyAGDolls 7 days ago

    The guy in the painting at 14:00 is about to die. 😂

  • Gavin
    Gavin 7 days ago

    i tried to do this but i couldn't even get the thing to get out of the dropper to go into the hopper ima bot

  • Logan long Adventures

    Does not work

  • Kong Zilla
    Kong Zilla 7 days ago

    Doesn’t work

  • the destracto of mc gameplay and more

    He is so obsessed with pistons that he mistaked furnaces for them

  • William Collins
    William Collins 7 days ago

    As Elegard possessed you?

  • Phailox
    Phailox 7 days ago

    Am i an idiot?
    All these are in preparation if someone finds the hidden entrance.
    If a player finds entrance, couldnt they just dig in from the side, top or bottom to avoid all this shit?

  • KneeGear
    KneeGear 7 days ago

    Please stop using that texture pack

  • Dillan Rae
    Dillan Rae 7 days ago

    My hopper isn't capping out so everything gets in my right item chest can anybody help if so please comment

  • Cole_isME
    Cole_isME 7 days ago +2

    When I use the sticky pistons the piston doesn't grab the stone I am using

  • Shared Johnston
    Shared Johnston 7 days ago

    Pick axe and determine d kid

  • Louzt
    Louzt 8 days ago

    This don't work on console

  • Mr Kitty
    Mr Kitty 8 days ago

    My little sister dug straight through the left side

  • Maker Bayfield
    Maker Bayfield 8 days ago +2

    have you ever thought about being an engineer lol

  • Cupric lizard6
    Cupric lizard6 8 days ago

    This doesn't work. Once I place the torch it creates some sort of burn out clock

  • AIRLESS Canvas 28
    AIRLESS Canvas 28 8 days ago +2

    Me: finally finished it.
    Mind: what about the bed.
    Mob: let's kill him
    Me dies

  • AIRLESS Canvas 28
    AIRLESS Canvas 28 8 days ago +2

    How does the bottom piston work ? I putted the video on picture mode and bottom piston don't work

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson 8 days ago +1

    Mumbo: this is going to be easy
    Me trying to do it after two hours of failure: define “easy”

  • HALF D3AD69
    HALF D3AD69 8 days ago +2

    what if the player starts digging from the top

  • Cupric lizard6
    Cupric lizard6 8 days ago

    Mumbo: piston
    Me: ummm that's a furnace XD

  • Tiemango Gaming
    Tiemango Gaming 8 days ago +2

    Mumbo: you extend the redstone pulse and put pistons here and blah blah blah
    Me: What language is that???

  • JOHNyoloGUY
    JOHNyoloGUY 8 days ago +1

    My brain

  • Mog of War
    Mog of War 8 days ago

    And all it takes to foil it is a notch apple or a potion of fire resistance... A machine gun trap would work better.

  • Ender man007
    Ender man007 9 days ago

    14:30 did mumbo mean furnace?

  • Josh Clausen
    Josh Clausen 9 days ago

    Petition for live action Minecraft movie

  • balph xd
    balph xd 9 days ago

    this bullshit dont work on pe

  • Alger De Gula
    Alger De Gula 9 days ago

    studying Redstone is like studying Pre Calculus and Algebra

  • Lem0nBr33zy
    Lem0nBr33zy 9 days ago

    I thought it was called a jeb door.

  • Lem0nBr33zy
    Lem0nBr33zy 9 days ago

    Your voice is so calming to listen to

  • Bleu
    Bleu 9 days ago +37

    levels of redstone:
    1. unidentified
    2. amateur
    3. beginner
    4. apprentice
    5. explorer
    6. professional
    7. master
    8. legend
    9. mumbo jumbo
    10. his moustache

  • Cameron Deeks
    Cameron Deeks 9 days ago

    Doesn’t even work

  • [LAW] Cuttlefish
    [LAW] Cuttlefish 9 days ago

    Whats the seed for this world?

  • Dan Lockhart
    Dan Lockhart 9 days ago +1

    Why didn't the hopper thing work for me?

  • waterking 101
    waterking 101 9 days ago

    What is the seed

  • A friendly communist

    What texture pack??

  • DRgamer Zauers
    DRgamer Zauers 9 days ago

    Who else noticed he messed up the last circuit?

  • sean the sock
    sean the sock 9 days ago +4

    me building this: heh heh no one will find this.
    me remembering that i have no friends: 😑

  • George Korytko
    George Korytko 9 days ago

    No one :
    Mumbo : redstone dast

  • Kyleen Drake
    Kyleen Drake 9 days ago

    I would like to see someone dig out a 12x12 chunk. Then around the 12x12 chunk that goes to bedrock to sky, dig out another chuck surrounding the 12x12 chunks. (That's 12 chunks wide, on all sides, not 12 blocks.) The surrounding chunks, fill in with obsidian. One chunk deep, surrounding the 12 x 12 area. Take it above ground level. Now use that to make a hidden base. Player breaking in, takes fall damage. And has a hell of a time getting out without a diamond pickax. Hope that pick is enchanted so as not to break, lol. Surround the ground to floor layer exterior in a lava flow. After digging it out, dress it up. Czar's palace? Space that large you'd have room to build anything you want on multi floors.
    Someone could get lucky and break one of the dirt blocks on the side, then just come though the wall on this build. It's not impenetrable what you've built here Mumbo. It's good for ideas, but not thief proof.

  • Riley Meg
    Riley Meg 9 days ago +3

    4:19 how do You know an intruder will put something in

  • CodyGaming181 yay
    CodyGaming181 yay 10 days ago +2

    Mumbo: makes lots of redstone
    Also Mumbo: calls a furnace a piston.

  • Tyler Kuykendall
    Tyler Kuykendall 10 days ago

    this doesn’t work for me