How to make a SECURE HIDDEN BASE in Minecraft!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
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    Today we take a look at how to make a Hidden Base in Minecraft making use of Piston doors, locks, traps, killing mechanisms and hidden storage! It's epic!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo  2 years ago +4644

    The latest in all hidden bases, this one is filled to the brim with hidden security systems!

    • Lad
      Lad 3 months ago

      The 2.4k people who disliked this video got caught in your traps

      LMGSPRINGTRAP08 3 months ago

      Mumbo Jumbo what if they use TNT?

    • MCNingus
      MCNingus 4 months ago


    • Emíls Ruginis
      Emíls Ruginis 5 months ago

      Thanks mumbo jumbo for so much redstone things

  • KodiacPlayz
    KodiacPlayz Day ago +1

    Mumbo:Doesn’t use colored wool.
    Me: There’s something wrong, I can feel it.

  • UnicornUnicorn
    UnicornUnicorn 2 days ago

    That texture pack tho

  • Rory R.
    Rory R. 2 days ago

    my piston door isn’t working. i did all the red stone like he did but only the top piston that is holding the stone extends. the bottom one just gets pushed out and doesn’t extend

  • kokonut twins!
    kokonut twins! 2 days ago

    @Mumbo Jumbo the piston that powers the delayed trap on the bottom when u enter the box keeps opening and i sent down the iron block and it doesnt open i checked all my redstone and still it keeps happening

  • Gorohe4ek puk puk
    Gorohe4ek puk puk 7 days ago


  • i am venomous
    i am venomous 8 days ago

    Minecraft was hideous in 2017
    But now that game is gorgeous

  • Mitchell Ginn
    Mitchell Ginn 11 days ago

    Me: Furnace vs Tree. Tree used Razor Leaf! Not very effective. Furnace used Flamethrower! A critical hit! It’s super effective!

  • Faye Hunt
    Faye Hunt 13 days ago +1


  • Fahrel Ibra
    Fahrel Ibra 13 days ago

    How To Be An Redstone Master?

  • Rafael Nanni
    Rafael Nanni 14 days ago +1

    Tim kitikins lichitikin lirinflins

  • I’m cRaZy BTW
    I’m cRaZy BTW 15 days ago

    If I manage one trap I will feel like a god

    FUZE ANTATIC 15 days ago

    Me: *Randomly just wanna clear of the hills and mountains woth TNT~*

  • Denver John Pedroches
    Denver John Pedroches 16 days ago

    Super cool

  • Zachary Prather
    Zachary Prather 16 days ago +1

    They could just break intj ur house by breaking on top of ur house ,🤦‍♂️

  • Natalie Mahoney
    Natalie Mahoney 17 days ago

    Girl : No!
    Boy : do u love me?
    Girl : yes a lot!
    Boy: have u ever cheated on me?
    Girl: What?! NO!
    Boy: will u marry me?


  • Tobias Svensson
    Tobias Svensson 17 days ago

    Do you edit your videos by your self or do you have a editer

  • Fuel Glue
    Fuel Glue 17 days ago

    It's more difficult then maths

  • Kamil Chamoun
    Kamil Chamoun 18 days ago

    Why you do not set a profile photo

  • Electric Toaster
    Electric Toaster 18 days ago

    Note to self: don't enter Mumbo's bases

  • homer rivera
    homer rivera 19 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • EndedOf Time
    EndedOf Time 19 days ago

    Mumbo's channel does not have a profile pic

  • Simone Wilkinson
    Simone Wilkinson 21 day ago

    Your so smart

  • Robert Nixon
    Robert Nixon 21 day ago

    I always have the intro music stuck in my head after watching your videos!

  • krysh marcellana
    krysh marcellana 24 days ago

    Finally a video of mumbo about redstone that I/we can understand

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 25 days ago

    1:49 PopularMMOS: Impossible? Hold my human fingers

  • Ayden Colon
    Ayden Colon 27 days ago

    What is the name of the texture pack you use in your Redstone videos

  • insomniacsband1
    insomniacsband1 27 days ago


    assuming your base is big enough

  • Remex
    Remex 28 days ago


  • Krishna Fating
    Krishna Fating 29 days ago

    Your redstone is confusing make step by step videos

  • Flora Barreto
    Flora Barreto 29 days ago

    Sorry Mumbo jumbo but none of the redstone
    Builds you do work on my iPad
    Mumbo: so you place this redstone dust and a repeater there
    Me: how do I do this?

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M Month ago

    At 14:28 you say piston instead of furnace

  • Fergus Wood
    Fergus Wood Month ago

    Spent 3 hrs building this on bedrock and it didnt work😩

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man Month ago

    You can add a secret button in the lava if u fall so it releases water and u r saved

  • Central RC
    Central RC Month ago

    I'm surprised he didn't make a self destruct mode

  • William Hando
    William Hando Month ago

    I tried it on the wii'u but the trap system didn't work

  • jo2k
    jo2k Month ago

    Holy cow, this is elaborate! And I'm still trying to figure out how to open 2 wooden doors with a single button push...

  • Natashaa UwU
    Natashaa UwU Month ago

    Trying to use redstone is like trying to understand math

  • natasha truter
    natasha truter Month ago

    you should put item hoppers under the first trap so that if you aren't fast enough your items will still be there (and you will get the items of any intruders)

  • david paley
    david paley Month ago

    You keep calling the flipping Furness a piston

  • hippos_gaming 548
    hippos_gaming 548 Month ago

    What texure pack is this?

  • Limitless Beast
    Limitless Beast Month ago

    Hey @mumbo Jumbo do you know where the saying mumbo jumbo came from?
    If not let me know I will update this comment with a link to a video explaining it, I recently found out and it is pretty funny. Also great video! (:

  • Raging Inferno88
    Raging Inferno88 Month ago

    OMG those doors are so bulky in bedrock!!😰

  • Steve Starkie
    Steve Starkie Month ago


  • itsmeZombopolyn :D
    itsmeZombopolyn :D Month ago

    I don’t even no how to make a 2x2 piston door

  • Toxic 20
    Toxic 20 Month ago

    The only type of player that can get in is a player that watched this video

  • jayden scott
    jayden scott Month ago

    This does not work I tried for hours

  • Ringi Hrangate
    Ringi Hrangate Month ago +1

    Tnt:shall I do the openning ceremony?

  • ImTrash
    ImTrash Month ago

    i used a iron door with a code and i am NOT telling telling the code

  • Mystery Channel
    Mystery Channel Month ago

    What if someone was digging

  • Derpy_david !
    Derpy_david ! Month ago

    Usually for my hidden bases ill have a block that will pull me into the base when I stand on it.

  • Caius Aquino
    Caius Aquino Month ago

    Dude it doesent work i thought your good at teaching but your not your just a piece of ****

  • UserZ
    UserZ Month ago +2

    1:29 "You would have to have eagle eyes.."
    Chicken: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  • ThunderWolf_Gaming 18
    ThunderWolf_Gaming 18 2 months ago

    What seed did you use

  • Bliz Bliz
    Bliz Bliz 2 months ago

    Only macro😟😟😕

  • Plantey S
    Plantey S 2 months ago

    He calls the furnace for a piston

  • megarobin123
    megarobin123 2 months ago

    Why you SAY Piston instead of furnece?

  • DasH Matrix
    DasH Matrix 2 months ago

    I’m loving the texture pack what is it and where did u get it

  • orsalia
    orsalia 2 months ago +1

    *me who is not listening to science class*
    Also me: *can you repeat that again?*

  • Alexander Hufnagel
    Alexander Hufnagel 2 months ago

    Called a furies a piston